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Package Manager Improvement


* Improved Liota installer
  * Refactored Liota code mainly IoTCC
  * Package Manager Improvement
  * Added Certification Revocation check
  * User packages added for reference


* MQTT added as Transport layer
  * Filtering Capabilities in Liota
  * Test Case
  * Bug Fixes
  * README Updates
  * New Packages for MQTT and IoTCC
  * Security Fixes


* Liota Major Code Refactor
  * Package Manager Functionality
  * More Examples Added


* Liota Initial Release
  * Base Code structure checked-in.
  Little IoT Agent (liota) is an open source project offering some convenience for IoT solution developers in creating IoT Edge System data orchestration applications. Liota has been generalized to allow, via modules, interaction with any data-center component, over any transport, and for any IoT Edge System. It is easy-to-use and provides enterprise-quality modules for interacting with IoT Solutions.