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plus other bug fixes.

- Added mask_string parameter to lime_text, allow user to control how tokens are masked.
- Fixed bug in truncnorm sampling where min == max

- Added sparse support for LimeTabularExplainer (thanks imatiach-msft)
- Changed undiscretize function for LimeTabularExplainer, now using truncated normal
- Minor fixes: re.split in python3.7, submodular pick on non-binary tasks, others

- LimeTabularExplainer accepts statistics rather than a dataset now
- various small fixes

Minor fixes.

EntropyDiscretizer did not work due to imports.

- bug in LimeImage
- bug where predict proba doesn't show

Added regression, other minor changes.

minor only

kgullikson88 added Recurrent Tabular Explainer and example.

Fixed some things in tutorials, added images.

- Added more discretization options
- Tutorials work with newest version of sklearn
- Default value of kernel_width scaled by number of columns in training data
- Minor changes

Fixed a bug in save_to_file related to encoding.

I'll start tracking releases more carefully from now on, and keeping this consistent with pypi releases.
This is the first release : )