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  - `8083 <>`_: Allow pixelated UA not interfere with Thunderbird operation.
  - Cast local identity (version string) to bytes, avoid TLS transport raising exception.


  - `7656 <>`_: Emit multi-user aware events.
  - `4008 <>`_: Add token-based authentication to local IMAP/SMTP services.
  - `7889 <>`_: Use cryptography instead of pycryptopp to reduce dependencies.
  - `7263 <>`_: Implement local bounces to notify user of SMTP delivery errors.
  - Use twisted.cred to authenticate IMAP/SMTP users.
  - Verify plain text signed email.
  - Validate signature with attachments.
  - Use fingerprint instead of key_id to address keys.
  - `7861 <>`_: Use the right succeed function for passthrough encrypted email.
  - `7898 <>`_: Fix IMAP fetch headers
  - `7977 <>`_: Decode attached keys so they are recognized by keymanager.
  - `7952 <>`_: Specify openssl backend explicitely.
  - Fix the get_body logic for corner-cases in which body is None (yet-to-be synced docs, mainly).
  - Let the inbox used in IncomingMail notify any subscribed Mailbox.
  - Adds user_id to Account (fixes Pixelated mail leakage).
  - Change IMAPAccount signature, for consistency with a previous Account change.


o Expose generic and protocol-agnostic public mail API.
  o Make use of the twisted-based, async soledad API.
  o Create a OutgoingMail class that has the logic for encrypting, signing and
  sending messages. Factors that logic out of EncryptedMessage so it can be
  used by other clients. Closes: 6357.
  o Refactor email fetching outside IMAP to its own independient IncomingMail
  class. Closes: 6361.
  o Adapt to new events api on leap.common. Related to 5359.
  o Discover public keys via attachment. Closes: 5937.
  o Add public key as attachment. Closes: 6617.
  o Parse OpenPGP header and import keys from it. Closes: 3879.
  o Don't add any footer to the emails. Closes: 4692.
  o Add listener for each email added to inbox in IncomingMail. Closes: 6742.
  o Ability to reindex local UIDs after a soledad sync. Closes: 6996.
  o Feature: add very basic support for message sequence numbers.
  o Send a BYE command to all open connections, so that the MUA is notified
  when the server is shutted down.
  o Fix nested multipart rendering. Closes: 7244
  o Update SMTP gateway docs. Closes 7169.
  o Bugfix: fix keyerror when inserting msg on pending_inserts dict.
  o Bugfix: Return the first cdoc if no body found
  o Lots of style fixes and tests updates.
  o If the auth token has expired signal the GUI to request her to log in again
  (Closes: 7430)
  o don't extract openpgp header if valid attached key (Closes: 7480)
  o disable local only tcp bind on docker containers to allow access to IMAP
  and SMTP. Related to 7471.


o MessageCollection iterator now creates the LeapMessage with the
  collection reference, so setFlags will work properly.
  o accountaddMailbox can't allow empty mailbox names since it makes
  it impossible to create it later (mailbox__init__ will throw an
  error), which makes it impossible to getMailbox or even delete it.


o Footer url shouldn't end in period. Closes 4791.
  o Handle non-ascii headers. Closes 5021.
  o Soledad writer consumes messages eagerly. Fixes failing
  tests. Closes 4715.
  o Convert unicode to str when raising exceptions in IMAP server.
  Fixes 4830.
  o Remove conversion of IMAP folder names to string. This makes the
  IMAP server use twisted's transparent 7bit conversion. Fixes
  o Add a flag to be able to reset the session. Closes 4925.
  o Check for none in payload detection. Closes 4933.
  o Check for flags doc uniqueness before adding a message. Avoids
  duplicates of a single message in the same mailbox while copying
  or moving. Closes 4949.
  o Correctly process attachments when signing. Fixes 5014.
  o Fix bug in which destination folder sometimes was not showing
  messages after copy/append. Closes 5167.
  o Fix unread notifications to client UI. Only INBOX is
  notified. Closes 5177.
  o Fix bug in which deleted folder wouldn't show its messages
  inside. Closes 5179.
  o Keep processing after a decryption error. Closes 5307.
  o Enqueue unsetting of recent flag. this was holding the new mails
  from being displayed soonish.
  o Properly parse emails crafted by Fixes 5013.
  o Restrict adding outgoing footer to text/plain messages.
  o Sanity check on last_uid setter. Avoids incomplete fetches.
  o Stop providing hostname for helo in smtp gateway. Fixes 4335.
  o Only try to fetch keys for multipart signed or encrypted emails.
  Fixes 4671.
  o Add a flag for offline mode in imap. Related to 4943.
  o Flush IMAP data to disk when stopping. Closes 5095.
  o Signal the client when auth token is invalid for syncing Soledad.
  Fixes 5191.
  o Ability to support SEARCH Commands, limited to HEADER Message-ID.
  This is a quick workaround for avoiding duplicate saves in Drafts
  Folder. Closes 4209.
  o Use a memory store as write-buffer and read-cache.
  o Implement IMAP4 non-synchronizing literals (rfc2088), so APPENDs
  can be made in a single round-trip. Closes 5190.
  o Defer costly operations to a pool of threads.
  o Split the internal representation of messages into three distinct
  documents: 1) Flags 2) Headers 3) Content.
  o Make use of the Twisted MIME interface.
  o Add deduplication ability to the save operation, for body and
  o Add IMessageCopier interface to mailbox implementation, so bulk
  moves are costless. Closes 4654.
  o Makes efficient use of indexes and count method. Closes 4616.
  o Handle correctly unicode characters in emails. Closes 4838.


o Fail gracefully when failing to decrypt incoming messages. Closes
  o Fix a bug when adding a message with empty flags. Closes 4496
  o Allow to iterate in an empty mailbox during fetch. Closes 4603
  o Add 'signencrypt' preference to OpenPGP header on outgoing
  email. Closes 3878.
  o Add a header to incoming emails that reflects if a valid signature
  was found when decrypting. Closes 4354.
  o Add a footer to outgoing email pointing to the address where
  sender keys can be fetched. Closes 4526.
  o Serialize Soledad Writes for new messages. Fixes segmentation
  fault when sqlcipher was been concurrently accessed from many
  threads. Closes 4606
  o Set remote mail polling time to 60 seconds. Closes 4499


o Uses deferToThread for sendMail. Closes 3937
  o Update pkey to allow multiple accounts. Solves: 4394
  o Change SMTP service name from "relay" to "gateway". Closes 4416.
  o Identify ourselves with a fqdn, always. Closes: 4441
  o Remove 'multipart/encrypted' header after decrypting incoming
  mail. Closes 4454.
  o Fix several bugs with imap mailbox getUIDNext and notifiers that
  were breaking the mail indexing after message deletion. This
  solves also the perceived mismatch between the number of unread
  mails reported by bitmask_client and the number reported by
  MUAs. Closes: 4461
  o Check username in authentications. Closes: 4299
  o Reject senders that aren't the user that is currently logged
  in. Fixes 3952.
  o Prevent already encrypted outgoing messages from being encrypted
  again. Closes 4324.
  o Correctly handle email headers when gatewaying messages. Also add
  OpenPGP header. Closes 4322 and 4447.


o Add support for non-ascii characters in emails. Closes 4000.
  o Default to UTF-8 when there is no charset parsed from the mail
  o Refactor get_email_charset to leap.common.
  o Return the necessary references (factory, port) from IMAP4 launch
  in order to be able to properly stop it. Related to 4199.
  o Notify MUA of new mail, using IDLE as advertised. Closes: 3671
  o Use TLS wrapper mode instead of STARTTLS. Closes 3637.


o Do not log mail doc contents.
  o Comply with RFC 3156. Closes 4029.


o Improve charset handling when exposing mails to the mail
  client. Related to 3660.
  o Return Twisted's smtp Port object to be able to stop listening to
  it whenever we want. Related to 3873.


o Remove cleartext mail from logs. Closes: 3877.


o Make mail services bind to Closes: 3627.
  o Signal unread message to UI when message is saved locally. Closes:
  o Signal unread to UI when flag in message change. Closes: 3662.
  o Use dirspec instead of plain xdg. Closes 3574.
  o SMTP service invocation returns factory instance.


o Avoid logging dummy password on imap server. Closes: 3416
  o Do not fail while processing an empty mail, just skip it. Fixes
  o Notify of unread email explicitly every time the mailbox is
  o Fix signals to emit only string in the contents instead of bool or
  int values.
  o Improve unseen filter of email.
  o Make default imap fetch period 5 minutes. Client can config it via
  environment variable for debug. Closes: 3409
  o Refactor imap fetch code for better defer handling. Closes: 3423
  o Emit signals to notify UI for SMTP relay events. Closes 3464.
  o Add events for notifications about imap activity. Closes: 3480
  o Update to new soledad package scheme (common, client and
  server). Closes 3487.
  o Improve packaging: add versioneer, parse_requirements,


o Add dependency for leap.keymanager.
  o User 1984 default port for imap.
  o Add client certificate authentication. Closes 3376.
  o SMTP relay signs outgoing messages.