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  * Added TOTP generate_user_totp and remove_user_totp to Directory Client and verify_totp to Service Client


  * Add device ID list to `AuthorizationRequest` object
  * Update CLI to display device ID list upon authorization request


  * Bug fix to ensure that requests do not follow redirects
  * Bug fix to ensure that public key is cached using `kid` header of JWT found within a response header
  * Added Policies: ConditionalGeofence, MethodAmount, Factors, Legacy
  * Added Requirement enum
  * enum34 only required on python versions < 3.4
  * Deprecated: TimeFence
  * Deprecated: `ServiceSecurityPolicy`
  * Deprecated: `get_service_policy` method on `ServiceManagingBaseClient` class
  * Deprecated: `set_service_policy` method on `ServiceManagingBaseClient` class
  * Deprecated: `get_authorization_response` method on `ServiceClient` class
  * Deprecated: `handle_webhook` method on `ServiceClient` class
  * Added: `get_advanced_service_policy` method on `ServiceManagingBaseClient` class
  * Added: `set_advanced_service_policy` method on `ServiceManagingBaseClient` class
  * Added: `get_advanced_authorization_response` method on `ServiceClient` class
  * Added: `handle_advanced_webhook` method on `ServiceClient` class
  * Added: `AdvancedAuthorizationResponse` class
  * Added: `AuthorizationResponsePolicy` class


  * Added get_all_directory_sdk_keys method to Organization client
  * Added integration testing suite
  * Added device failure sensor type
  * Added auth_methods and auth_policy attributes to the AuthorizationResponse object
  * Added handle_webhook as well as DeviceLinkCompletionResponse into the DirectoryClient
  * Updated the OrganizationClient update_directory() method and Directory object to include a webhook_url kwarg / attribute
  * Added Webhook example app


  * Added example CLI to codebase
  * Added ttl parameter to the DirectoryClient link_device method
  * Added cancel_authorization_request method to the ServiceClient
  * Fixed bug in ServiceClient which prevented handling of session end webhook request data when presented as a bytearray


  * Updated HTTP transport to no longer use sessions due to a bug that was causing BadStatusLine exceptions on long lived connections.


  * Added tooling around code quality and ensured that CI build would fail without meeting expectations.
  * Added dynamic auth TTL and title functionality
  * Added dynamic auth push message body and title functionality
  * Added auth busy signal error handling
  * Added new auth response format
  * Added auth denial context functionality


  * Remove PyCrypto and replace with pycryptodomex that is already required by PyJWKEST
  * Fixed geofence missing name bug
  * Added more expected error conditions to pydocs
  * Removed version lock for pytz requirement
  * Added 3rd party push enhancements
  * Added tox config for local testing in multiple versions of Python
  * Added missing response validation
  * Added full webhook validation
  * Cleaned up error handling and raising for webhooks
  * Switch RequestsTransport to use session in order to provide connection sharing between requests


  * Added patch method for transports
  * Support for many new endpoints added involving Organization, Directory, and Service management
  * Moved all entity objects into their own submodule
  * Added UUID validation for factory entity IDs


  * Improved 401 error handling
  * Bug fix for SessionEndRequest object
  * Service PINs bug fix


  * Typo and manifest fixes
  * Added Unauthorized status code error handler
  * Nose version lock for test requirements


  * Complete revamp for new V3 LaunchKey API


  * Make tests run under Python 3.5+
  * Make PEP-8 compliant (deprecated some non-PEP-8 compliant functions)


  * Python 3 compatibility.
  * Ability to send policies in auth request.


  * Update manifest for new CHANGES file


  * Fix for bad build regarding


  * Remove references to LK Identifier as the API no longer returns it.