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  + **Updated to make kRPC-rb compatible with kRPC server version 0.4.0**:
  + **Updated communication protocol in line with server changes** (for details see [krpc 325](
  + Updated `RPCError` handling logic, to properly handle `Error` protobuf message
  + Updated `core` service
  + Added `KRPC::Version` module, to support more granular version checks
  + Improved `Encoder` - strings are now transcoded to UTF-8 before being encoded as value of protobuf message field. This allows non-UTF-8 encoded strings to be passed to RPC methods, e.g.:
  ruby = "ยต-craft".encode('ISO-8859-1')
  + Improved reliability - added many new specs and refactored existing ones for better maintainability and performance
  + Many minor bug fixes, refactorings and performance improvements
  + *See also changes introduced in v0.3.2, which were backported from v0.4.0.beta3*


  + Changes introduced in this version are backported form v0.4.0.beta3
  + **Changes to `krpc` and `core` services**:
  + Renamed hardcoded `krpc` service to `core`
  + Allowed `krpc` service to be dynamically generated during services API generation
  + Updated `core` service
  + Started testing against Ruby v2.3 and Ruby v2.4
  + Turned runtime dependency on *hanna-nouveau* into development dependency
  + Cleaned up Git repository - moved generated HTML API docs, and TestServer binaries out of the repository


  + Fixed receiving of chunked responses
  + Updated protocol buffers schema


  + **Updated to work with kRPC server version 0.2.x** (6):
  + Using *google-protobuf* gem instead of *ruby_protobuf*, for protocol buffers version 3
  + Turned development dependency on *hanna-nouveau* into runtime dependency (Fix 5)


  + Static methods now require `KRPC::Client` instance as first argument (Fix 4)
  + Improved parameters default value handling
  + Improved collections encoding
  + Fixed few minor bugs


  + **Added Streaming support**:
  + Stream creation by calling method with `_stream` suffix
  + **Improved in-REPL experience**:
  + Added documentation content received from kRPC server to in-REPL documentation output
  + Improved `to_s` and `inspect` methods in `KRPC::Gen::ClassBase` and `KRPC::Streaming::Stream` classes
  + Arguments of `KRPC::Clientinitialize` method turned into keyword arguments
  + RPC methods are no longer bound to single `KRPC::Client` object (Fix 3)
  + Fixed arguments sometimes not correctly passed to RPC methods (due to Ruby 2.2.1 bug) (Fix 1)
  + Removed `required_params_count` parameter from `Clientbuild_request` method, and made that method public
  + `KRPC::TypeStore`'s methods changed, to be class level methods
  + Added dependency on *Nokogiri* and development dependency on *Pry* and *hanna-nouveau*
  + Minor improvements and fixes


  + Added `KRPC.connect` method
  + Added block argument to `Clientconnect` and `Clientconnect!` methods


  + Initial release