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Changed or fixed

- Improved handling of partially-download or otherwise corrupted content databases
- Fixed regression where users could not change their passwords in the Profile page
- Improved PostgreSQL support
- Added fixes related to coach tools

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- Dynamic selection for CherryPy thread count based on available server memory

Changed or fixed

- Alignment of coach report icons when viewed in right-to-left languages corrected
- Fixes to loading of some HTML5 apps
- Lessons are now correctly scoped to their classes for learners

Internationalization and localization

- Added Gujarati
- Fixed missing translations in coach group management

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- Initial support for uwsgi serving mode.

Changed or fixed

- Fixed 0.12.0 regression in HTML5 rendering that affected African Storybooks and some other HTML5 content.
- Fixed 0.12.0 regression that prevented some pages from loading properly on older versions of Safari/iOS.

Internationalization and localization

- Added Burmese

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- Coach Dashboard - added regularly updating notifications and new information architecture for the coach interface, to provide actionable feedback for coaches about learner progress
- New capability for sandboxed HTML5 app content to utilize sessionStorage, localStorage and cookies, with the latter two restored between user sessions
- Support for enrolling learners in multiple groups in a class
- Management command to reorder channels to provide more customized display in learn

Changed or fixed

- Exams are now known as Quizzes
- Quizzes with content from deleted channels will now show an error message when a learner or coach is viewing the problems in the quiz or quiz report
- Lessons with content from deleted channels will have those contents automatically removed. If you have created lessons with deleted content prior to 0.12, learner playlists and coach reports for those lessons will be broken. To fix the lesson, simply view it as a coach under Coach > Plan, and it will be fixed and updated automatically
- Changes the sub-navigation to a Material Design tabs-like experience
- Make facility log exporting a background process for a better user experience when downloading large logs
- Allow appbar to move off screen when scrolling on mobile, to increase screen real estate
- Kolibri now supports for iOS Safari 9.3+
- Validation is now done in the 'provisiondevice' command for the username of the super admin user being created
- Disable import and export buttons while a channel is being downloaded to prevent accidental clicks
- Prevent quizzes and lessons in the same class from being created with the same name
- Update quiz and lesson progress for learners without refreshing the page
- Improved focus rings for keyboard navigation
- Coach content no longer appears in recommendations for non-coach users
- The Kolibri loading animation is now beautiful, and much quicker to load
- Icons and tables are now more standardized across Kolibri, to give a more consistent user experience
- Enable two high contrast themes for EPUB rendering for better accessibility
- Supports accessing Kolibri through uwsgi

Internationalization and localization

- Languages: English, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinyanja, Farsi, French, Fulfulde Mbororoore, Hindi, Marathi, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swahili, Telugu, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Yoruba

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- Support for RTL EPubs
- Support for Python 3.7

Changed or fixed

- Fullscreen renderer mode now works in Chrome 71
- Account sign up now works when guest access is disabled
- Navigating in and out of exercise detail views is fixed
- Misleading exam submission modal text is now more accurate
- Browsing content tree in exam creation is now faster
- Unavailable content in coach reports is now viewable
- Content import errors are handled better
- Added command to restore availability of content after bad upgrade

Internationalization and localization

- Added Fufulde Mboroore

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- Support for EPUB-format electronic books
- Upgrades to exam and lesson creation, including search functionality and auto-save
- New error handling and reporting functionality
- Channel import from custom network locations
- Setting for enabling or disabling guest access
- Basic commands to help with GDPR compliance
- Privacy information to help users and admins understand how their data is stored

Changed or fixed

- Improvements to rendering of some pages on smaller screens
- Improvements to search behavior in filtering and handling of large result sets
- Improvements to the setup wizard based on user feedback and testing
- Improvements to user management, particularly for admins and super admins
- Fix: Allow usernames in non-latin alphabets
- Fix: Drive listing and space availability reporting
- Auto-refresh in coach reports
- Added more validation to help with log-in
- Security: upgraded Python cryptography and pyopenssl libraries for CVE-2018-10903

Internationalization and localization

- Languages: English, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinyanja, Farsi, French, Hindi, Marathi, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swahili, Telugu, Urdu, Vietnamese, and Yoruba
- Improved consistency of language across the application, and renamed "Superuser" to "Super admin"
- Many fixes to translation and localization
- Consistent font rendering across all languages

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Internationalization and localization

- Added Mexican Spanish (es_MX) and Bulgarian (bg)


- Upgrade issue upon username conflict between device owner and facility user
- Channel import listing of USB devices when non-US locale
- Counts for coach-specific content would in some cases be wrongly displayed

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- Performance improvements and bug fixes for content import
- Exam creation optimizations

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- Bug fix release
- Several smaller UI fixes
- Fixes for SSL issues on low-spec devices / unstable connectivity
- Compatibility fixes for older system libraries

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- Support for coach-specific content
- Content import/export is more reliable and easier to use
- Search has improved results and handles duplicate items
- Display of answer history in learner exercises is improved
- Login page is more responsive
- Windows-specific improvements and bug fixes
- New Kolibri configuration file
- Overall improved performance
- Auto-play videos
- Various improvements to PDF renderer
- Command to migrate content directory location
- Languages: English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinyanja, Farsi, French, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Burmese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Yoruba, and Zulu

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- Compressed database upload
- Various bug fixes

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- Various bug fixes
- Languages: English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinyanja, Farsi, French, Hindi, Marathi, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, Yoruba, and Zulu

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- Fixed regression that caused very slow imports of large channels
- Adds new 'import users' command to the command-line
- Various consistency and layout updates
- Exercises with an error no longer count as 'correct'
- Fixed issue with password-less sign-on
- Fixed issue with editing lessons
- Various other fixes
- Languages: English, Arabic, Chinyanja, Farsi, French, Hindi, Marathi, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Swahili, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu

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- Consistent usage of 'coach' terminology
- Added class-scoped coaches
- Support for multi-facility selection on login
- Cross-channel exams
- Show correct and submitted answers in exam reports
- Added learner exam reports
- Various bug fixes in exam creation and reports
- Various bug fixes in coach reports
- Fixed logging on Windows
- Added ability for coaches to make copies of exams
- Added icon next to language-switching functionality
- Languages: English, Arabic, Farsi, French, Hindi, Spanish, Swahili, and Urdu

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- Added support for assigning content using 'Lessons'
- Updated default landing pages in Learn and Coach
- Added 'change password' functionality to 'Profile' page
- Updates to text consistency
- Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, French, Haitian Creole, and Burmese
- Various bug fixes

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- Fix issue with importing large channels on Windows
- Fix issue that prevented importing topic thumbnail files



- Improvements and fixes to installers including Windows & Debian
- Updated documentation



- Completed RTL language support
- Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi, Swahili, Urdu, and French
- Support for Python 3.6
- Split user and developer documentation
- Improved lost-connection and session timeout handling
- Added 'device info' administrator page
- Content search integration with Studio
- Granular content import and export



- Consistent ordering of channels in learner views



- Many mobile-friendly updates across the app
- Update French, Portuguese, and Swahili translations
- Upgraded Windows installer



- Cross-channel searching and browsing
- Improved device onboarding experience
- Improved device permissions experience (deprecated 'device owner', added 'superuser' flag and import permission)
- Various channel import/export experience and stability improvements
- Responsive login page
- Dynamic language switching
- Work on integrated living style guide
- Added beta support for right-to-left languages
- Improved handling of locale codes
- Added support for frontend translation outside of Vue components
- Added an open-source 'code of conduct' for contributors
- By default run PEX file in foreground on MacOS
- Crypto optimizations from C extensions
- Deprecated support for HTML in translation strings
- Hide thumbnails from content 'download' button
- Automatic database backup during upgrades. 2365
- ... and many other updates and fixes







- Python dependencies: Only bundle, do not install dependencies in system env 2299
- Beta Android support
- Fix 'importchannel' command 2082
- Small translation improvements for Spanish, French, Hindi, and Swahili



- Update all user logging related timestamps to a custom datetime field that includes timezone info
- Added daemon mode (system service) to run ``kolibri start`` in background (default!) 1548
- Implemented ``kolibri stop`` and ``kolibri status`` 1548
- Newly imported channels are given a 'last_updated' timestamp
- Add progress annotation for topics, lazily loaded to increase page load performance
- Add API endpoint for getting number and total size of files in a channel
- Migrate all JS linting to prettier rather than eslint
- Merge audio_mp3_render and video_mp4_render plugins into one single media_player plugin
- KOLIBRI_LISTEN_PORT environment variable for specifying a default for the --port option 1724


- User experience improvements for session timeout



- Prevent session timeout if user is still active
- Fix exam completion timestamp bug
- Prevent exercise attempt logging crosstalk bug
- Update Hindi translations



- Fix bug that made updating existing Django models from the frontend impossible



- Fix various exam and progress tracking issues
- Add automatic sign-out when browser is closed
- Fix search issue
- Learner UI updates
- Updated Hindi translations



- Frontend and backend changes to increase performance of the Kolibri application under heavy load
- Fix bug in frontend simplified login code



- Fix for Python 3 compatibility in Whl, Windows and Pex builds 1797
- Adds Mexican Spanish as an interface language
- Upgrades django-q for bug fixes



- Speed improvements for content recommendation 1798



- Fixes for morango database migrations



- Makes usernames for login case insensitive 1733
- Fixes various issues with exercise rendering 1757
- Removes wrong CLI usage instructions 1742



- Class and group management
- Learner reports 1464
- Performance optimizations 1499
- Anonymous exercises fixed 1466
- Integrated Morango, to prep for data syncing (will require fresh database)
- Adds Simplified Login support as a configurable facility flag



- Turns video captions on by default



- Updated translations for Portuguese and Kiswahili in exercises.
- Updated Spanish translations



- Portuguese and Kaswihili updates
- Windows fixes (mimetypes and modified time)
- VF sidebar translations



- Add support for nested URL structures in API Resource layer
- Add Spanish and Swahili translations
- Improve pipeline for translating plugins
- Add search back in
- Content Renderers use explicit new API rather than event-based loading



- Add authentication for tasks API
- Temporarily remove 'search' functionality
- Rename 'Learn/Explore' to 'Recommended/Topics'
- Add JS-based 'responsive mixin' as alternative to media queries
- Replace jeet grids with pure.css grids
- Begin using some keen-ui components
- Update primary layout and navigation
- New log-in page
- User sign-up and profile-editing functionality
- Versioning based on git tags
- Client heartbeat for usage tracking
- Allow plugins to override core components
- Wrap all user-facing strings for I18N
- Log filtering based on users and collections
- Improved docs
- Pin dependencies with Yarn
- ES2015 transpilation now Bublé instead of Babel
- Webpack build process compatible with plugins outside the kolibri directory
- Vue2 refactor
- HTML5 app renderer



- SVG inlining
- Exercise completion visualization
- Perseus exercise renderer
- Coach reports


- Improved documentation
- Conditional (cancelable) JS promises
- Asset bundling performance improvements
- Endpoint indexing into zip files
- Case-insensitive usernames
- Make plugins more self-contained
- Client-side router bug fixes
- Resource layer smart cache busting
- Loading 'spinner'
- Make modals accessible
- Fuzzy searching
- Usage data export
- Drive enumeration
- Content interaction logging
- I18N string extraction
- Channel switching bug fixes
- Modal popups
- A11Y updates
- Tab focus highlights
- Learn app styling changes
- User management UI
- Task management
- Content import/export
- Session state and login widget
- Channel switching
- Setup wizard plugin
- Documentation updates
- Content downloading


- Page titles
- Javascript logging module
- Responsiveness updates
- A11Y updates
- Cherrypy server
- Vuex integration
- Stylus/Jeet-based grids
- Support for multiple content DBs
- API resource retrieval and caching
- Content recommendation endpoints
- Client-side routing
- Content search
- Video, Document, and MP3 content renderers
- Initial VueIntl integration
- User management API
- Vue.js integration
- Learn app and content browsing
- Content endpoints
- Automatic inclusion of requirements in a static build
- Django JS Reverse with urls representation in kolibriGlobal object
- Python plugin API with hooks
- Webpack build pipeline, including linting
- Authentication, authorization, permissions
- Users, Collections, and Roles