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This release introduces a set of changes to homogenize the command names and make them consistent. It also addresses:
  - Updates to examples and notebooks (more notebooks).
  - Several bug fixes on commands and pipes.
  - Consistency on inputs and output
  - Docker files for accessing a lite version and a dev version of KGTK.
  - Examples on how to execute KGTK in myBinder
  - Updates and improvements to documentation
  - New commands for creating canonical representations of tabular data


This version of KGTK fixes:
  * Updates installation instructions to add Docker support
  * Updates stats
  * Refines filter command
  * adds expand and explode commands
  * Refines the clean and validate command with additional options
  * Bug fixes in export to WD triples (additional support for custom ns prefixes)
  * new commands: lift, rename columns
  * ...


This release incorporates expands the previous set of commands for importing and exporting triples; curating and manipulating graphs (validating, cleaning, merging, filtering); and graph analysis (centrality, page rank, text embeddings). See the full documentation at


Intermediate release in preparation for the ISWC paper