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  - remediation of memory and autostart for plan
  - remediation of disks and nets for plan
  - remediation of cpus of plan
  - containers:  kubernetes provider
  - containers: allow to specify a different containerclient for a given client
  - containers: allow to overrides containerclient on command line
  - containers: supports replicas overrides
  - kvm: allows deploying a vm without template when cloudinit is set to True
  - kvm: report error when trying to live reduce number of cpus
  - kvm: support for qemu:///session
  - kvm: browse through pools when deleting a template
  - kvm: fix console when no tunnel
  - kubevirt: allow to live migrate by default
  - kubevirt: use namespace from context if not specified
  - kubevirt: conditionally enable readwritemany
  - kubevirt: defaults to listing vm in current context namespace
  - gcp: update cpu/memory
  - gcp: fix scp as root
  - gcp: fix no rendering option in files section
  - gcp: support permanent ips when reserving dns
  - aws: add_disk
  - awd: delete_disk
  - aws: update cpu/memory
  - aws: minimal report
  - ovirt: update cpu/memory
  - ovirt: delete_disk
  - ovirt: delete_nic
  - ovirt: report pool
  - openstack: update cpu/memory
  - openstack, gcp, aws: update flavor
  - fake: generate a plan dir with all the assets
  - fake: automatically add fake provider in the config
  - make sure reboot is the last executed command if present
  - launch notifycmd prior to rebooting
  - use default parameter from current plan when its defined there and in baseplan
  - use value from vm when not using a parameter
  - snapshot of plan
  - support for basevm in plan
  - properly evaluate basedir when using baseplan/basevm
  - rename host to client and dnshost to dnsclient when used in plans
  - handle baseplan when using plan with url
  - provide information for remote plans and delete intermediary directory
  - fix paramfiles rendering and overriding parameters on command line
  - make name available when rendering files and scripts
  - fix custom dnsclient deletion
  - complete sample config file
  - throw a rendering error for undefined variables
  - move plan samples to kcli-plans repo
  - include default values when bootstrapping
  - handle in a simpler way plan info
  - all: notify support with push bullet tokens
  - secrets handling in dedicated file ~/.kcli/secrets.yml
  - complete product logic refactoring to ease use
  - support for file attribute in plan to use with plan of plans
  - improvements of plan using a url, downloading artifacts on the fly and properly cleaning after deployment
  - make sure that values at vm level have priority other profile
  - ovirt: download of image
  - ovirt:  allows to filter vms created by kcli, by user or with a specific filter tag
  - ovirt,openstack: handle download urls with bash special chars
  - ovirt: dont leak password as metadata
  - ovirt: add a default nic when creating a template
  - ovirt: properly gather vnic profiles by filtering by dc
  - ovirt: make sure to create only nics not in template and add_nic
  - kvm:  defaults to force dns update at deploy time
  - kvm: capture memory errors upon start
  - kvm: force reservedns when alias found
  - fix after refactoring the list function
  - kubevirt: switch to containerDisks
  - kubevirt: additional container disk images for ubuntu, debian, gentoo and arch
  - kubevirt: use namespace from context
  - gcp: only store metadata keys not already defined
  - web: cleaner refresh on creation
  - web: allow passing parameters when creating a vm
  - web: escape when hitting cancel on vm creation
  Also note that plans were moved to a dedicated github repo ( and out of the rpm)
  - switch to default jinja delimiters {{ and }} for rendering
  - capture incorrect jinja templating errors
  - all: delete_image support
  - all: conditionally store metadata as a file /root/.metadata in the vm with yaml info of the overrides
  - gcp: fix ssh credentials when using self made image
  - openstack: better report networks
  - openstack: aggregate subnets in list networks
  - openstack: improve ssh access
  - better message for missing rhn data
  - several updates in origin, istio, kubedev, and openshift multi plans
  Note that the change of delimiters will force an update for plans using the old [[ and ]] delimiters.
  The following oneliner can be applied to update recursively all plans and their associated files:
  `find . -type f -exec sed -i -e 's/\[\[/{{/g' -e 's/\]\]/}}/g' -e 's/\[%/{%/g' -e 's/%\]/%}/g'  {} +`
  - kvm: fix info with snapshots
  - kvm: fix kcli list --plans with multiple host
  - kubevirt: detect cdinamespace more precisely
  - gcp: get correct user for vms missing template
  - update openstack plan
  - kvm: only list physical networks associated to bridges
  - kvm: fix scp (for download)
  - kvm: fix static ip reporting
  -  kvm: handle listing and deletion of plans when there are vms with no plan info
  - kubevirt: support for token auth
  - kubevirt: reservedns
  - kubevirt: autodetect if cdi is there
  - kubevirt: fix cdi import template
  - kubevirt: report
  - kubevirt: node port for ssh
  - kubevirt: custom networks even at index 0
  - use insecure for tunnel ssh
  - subscribe rhel8 to correct channel
  - plans: updated kubevirt and origin plans
  - plans: switch to k8s for kubevirt with multus
  - updated ubuntu disk images
  - fix kcli -C all list
  - properly handle lastvm within plans
  - fix host section in kcli plan
  - list_containers fix
  [release notes](
  - all: load balancing  feature (command line and plan)
  - web: hoover over vm name to get its info
  - kvm: also check the ip from reserveip entry
  - kvm: fix ignitiondata wrong copy command
  - kvm: don't launch reservedns with bridged nics
  - ovirt: force hostname to fqdn if domain is present
  - ovirt: fix filtering and dnshost
  - remove ansible modules from extras as they have their own repos
  - fedora29 and rhel7.6 download links
  - kvm: switch to domifaddr and drop detect_bridge_ips
  - only check client when makes sense, so config is loaded only once
  - support for dnshost allowing to create vms on a host, but have their dns records created on another
  - extend optional use of private key from .kcli dir to all ssh commands in kvm provider
  - kvm: force insecure mode in qemu uri if used from a container
  - kvm: fix ssh_credentials for static ips
  - fix utf8 issue when using kcli update
  - ovirt: filteruser
  - ovirt: set memory at creation time and with update
  - ovirt: properly report plan and profile and add plan to overrides
  - ovirt: fix plan deletion
  - ovirt: dont force dns
  - ovirt: inject additional keys
  - ovirt: spice and vnc console
  -  ovirt: handle thick disks
  -  ovirt: attach/detach iso
  - ovirt: boot from iso
  - ovirt: install guest agent in the beginning
  - ovirt: subscribe rhel vm before installing guest agent
  - ovirt: force guest agent to ignore docker0 and tun0 ips
  - ovirt: also create when setting noconf
  - aws: allow overriding user for kcli ssh
  - handle ovirt lack of dns in openshift multi plan
  - make sure kcli info can be used with stdout
  - refactor info so it can be used as basis for kvirt_info ansible module
  - extra container image for running ansible with kcli modules
  - only report network deletion when it really happens
  - fix kcli scp from container
  - defaults to insecure when run from container and no ssh or kcli conf has been supplied
  - use clients instead of hosts for listing
  - kvm: detect ips from bridges with helper scapy script (detect_bridge_ips feature)
  - kvm: improves kcli ssh speed by getting only ip from guest
  - gcp: fix multiple keys injection
  - expose rhn variables as parameters and use them in openshift multi plan
  - fix relative paths for files and scripts in plan
  - use override parameters for profile in kcli vm!
  - use pub and priv keys if found in the .kcli dir
  - remove duplicate code between plan and create_vm and reimplement overriding ips
  - Codeformatting. iranzo++
  - conditionally render files (render keyword)
  -  info on running on kubernetes/openshift
  - support rhnpool
  - kvm: fix stupid dns regression
  - kvm: use existing ignition files
  - aws,gcp,openstack: ignition support
  - ovirt: list_networks
  - ovirt: dont regenerate ssh keys
  - ovirt: ssh/scp allow forcing user
  - ovirt: capture exception when vm fails to create
  - ovirt: restart
  - ovirt: report isos
  - openstack: dont use domain when auth_url ends in v2.0
  - openstack:  report vms with blank images
  - gcp: capture exception when deploying from a wrong template
  - switch to alpine3.8 to avoid stack sizes with ovirt provider
  - better handling of kcli download with a custom url
  - handle prefix in list_networks
  - sample playbooks to use with ansible modules
  - switch to alpine3.8 to avoid stack sizes with ovirt provider
  - document how to use podman
  - handle vlan when creating network in plan
  - implement net_exists for remaining providers
  - remove old legacy plans and use rhnregister instead of
  - latest okd plan
  - document privatekey keyword
  - remove topology and scale as rendering plans provide the same functionality