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IMP: append '*' to var's name truncated by dump_frames()
  FIX: var's name as returned by dump_frames()
  REWORK: getProperties() and setVariable() now runs in debugged thread context
  IMP: add globals in vars returned by dump_frames
  Rework evaluate() to accomodate python3 print() function and improve handling of statements vs functions
  FIX: Accomodate c9 evolution that automatically CGI escape evaluate output


IMP: pypi version check is now optional by default
  IMP: Refine is_debugged flag name in get_threads()


* IMP: Improve multithread debugging by debugging (tracing) only one thread and allowing to select debugged thread
  * FIX: Github 7 - suspend works only once


Add Python 3.7 support (debugger can now be invoked using the `breakpoint()` function).


IMP: correctly render exceptions having unicode messages
  FIX: 'terminated' status handling.
  FIX: avoid condition inequality in cloud9 plugin (PR5 courtesy of kzidane)


IMP: ikp3db now exits when debugged program terminates without sys.exit()
  IMP: Implement a debugger 'status' and reconnect
  IMP: add parameter --ikpdb-version to check version
  IMP: Refine pypi version check
  IMP: Add version check at startup
  REWORK: Render types in a more readable way.
  FIX: protocol now correctly send & receive unicode messages with special characters
  FIX: avoid condition inequality in cloud9 plugin (PR5 courtesy from kzidane)
  TYPOS: Correct various typos


FIX: improve robustness of vars dumping
  FIX: root frame detection in dump_frame()


FIX: stepOut - correctly enqueue request in command_loop.
  FIX: don't enqueue evaluate() requests when debugger is not started.
  FIX: prevent receive() to block waiting on socket when a complete packet is already available in buffer.
  FIX: Flush logger output immediately instead of buffering. (Merge pull request 2 from timjrobinson/patch-1)
  In ikpdb logging output is immediately pushed to stderr, while in ikp3db it is currently
  buffered until the process is terminated.
  This changes makes the output flush immediately to be consistent with ikpdb.
  DOC: Add 2018 to Copyright message