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- Update to Unicode 14.0.0
- Update to in-line type annotations
- Throw IDNAError exception correctly for some malformed input
- Advertise support for Python 3.10
- Improve testing regime on Github
- Fix Russian typo in documentation

Thanks to Jon Defresne, Hugo van Kemenade, Seth Michael Larson,
Patrick Ventuzelo and Boris Verhovsky for contributions to this



- Add type hints (Thanks, Seth Michael Larson!)
- Remove support for Python 3.4



- Ensure license is included in package (Thanks, Julien Schueller)
- No longer mark wheel has universal (Thanks, Matthieu Darbois)
- Test on PowerPC using Travis CI



- Python 2 is no longer supported (the 2.x branch supports Python 2,
use "idna<3" in your requirements file if you need Python 2 support)
- Support for V2 UTS 46 test vectors.



- Update to Unicode 13.0.0.
- Throws a more specific exception if "xn--" is provided as a label.
- This is expected to be the last version that supports Python 2.



- Update to Unicode 12.1.0.
- Prohibit A-labels ending with a hyphen (Thanks, Julien Bernard!)
- Future-proofing: Test on Python 3.7 and 3.8, don't immediately
fail should Python 4 come along.
- Made BSD 3-clause license clearer



- Update to Unicode 11.0.0.
- Provide more specific exceptions for some malformed labels.



- Update to Unicode 10.0.0.
- No longer accepts dot-prefixed domains (e.g. ".example") as valid.
This is to be more conformant with the UTS 46 spec. Users should
strip dot prefixes from domains before processing.



- Allows generation of IDNA and UTS 46 table data for different
versions of Unicode, by deriving properties directly from
Unicode data.
- Ability to generate RFC 5892/IANA-style table data
- Diagnostic output of IDNA-related Unicode properties and
derived calculations for a given codepoint
- Support for idna.__version__ to report version
- Support for idna.idnadata.__version__ and
idna.uts46data.__version__ to report Unicode version of
underlying IDNA and UTS 46 data respectively.



- Fix bug with Katakana middle dot context-rule (Thanks, Greg



- Restore IDNAError to be a subclass of UnicodeError, as some users of
this library are only looking for the latter to catch invalid strings.



- Fix bugs relating to deriving IDNAError from UnicodeError.
- More memory footprint improvements (Thanks, Alex Gaynor)



- Made some changes to the UTS 46 data that should allow Jython to get around
64kb Java class limits. (Thanks, John A. Booth and Marcin Płonka.)
- In Python 2.6, skip two tests that rely on data not present in that
Python version's unicodedata module.
- Use relative imports to help downstream users.



- Memory consumption optimizations. The library should consume significantly
less memory through smarter data structures being used to represent
relevant Unicode properties. Many thanks to Shivaram Lingamneni for this
- Patches to make library work better with Python 2.6. The core library
currently works however the unit testing does not. (Thanks, Robert
- Better affix all Unicode codepoint properties to a specific version.



- Added support for Unicode IDNA Compatibility Processing (aka Unicode
Technical Standard 46). Big thanks to Jon Ribbens who contributed this



- Use IDNA properties from Unicode 6.3.0. Internet Architecture Board (IAB)
issued statement recommending against the use of Unicode 7.0.0 until
issues relating to U+08A1 codepoint are resolved. See
- Identify some cases when label would be too longer to be a legal DNS name
and raise an exception. (Thanks, Ed Lewis)



- Update IDNA properties for Unicode 7.0.0.



- Fix issue with non-UTF-8 environments reading the README file
now that it contains non-ASCII. (Thanks, Tom Prince)
- Codec functions are useful, so they are separated into their own
module, rather than just existing for compatibility reasons.
- Add LICENSE file.



- Added for correct source distribution compilation.



- Filled out missing tests for various functions.
- Fix bug in CONTEXTO validation for Greek lower numeral sign (U+0375)
- Fix bug in CONTEXTO validation for Japanese middle dot (U+30FB)
- Improved documentation
- Move designation to Stable



- Minor improvements to Python 3 support, tests (Thanks, Derek Wilson)



- Update IDNA properties for Unicode 6.3.0.



- Fix trove classifier for Python 3. (Thanks, Hynek Schlawack)



- Ported to Python 3.



- Improve packaging.
- More conformant, passes all relevant tests in the Unicode TR46 test suite.



- First proof-of-concept version.



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