Changelogs » Humanbingo

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  Updated history file for version 3.0.0.


  Added the PDF writer.  Pass :code:`-F pdf` to explicitly write PDF files.
  Backwards-incompatible changes: YAML input and PDF output are now default.
  Improved refactoring and documentation.


  Added the ability to specify card sets with a YAML file instead of the
  old XML format.  Pass :code:`-f yaml` to :code:`humanbingo`.
  Lots of improvements to documentation.


  Pretty big refactoring into separate modules, in order to facilitate
  extensibility, practice dependency injections, etc.  But no functional
  change yet.


  Flesh out history file.


  Name change: "Name Bingo" to "Human Bingo".  The latter sounds
  more interesting and seems to be the more popular term.
  Morphing this script into a bona fide python package to upload to PyPI.
  Using the pypackage_ cookiecutter, add a :code:`` script so
  that it can be installed with pip_.
  .. _pypackage:
  .. _pip:
  Now :code:`pip install` will install an executable file :code:`humanbingo`,
  and the original :code:`` module/script is gone.  So this is a
  backwards-incompatible change.


  * Port from Python 2.7 to 3.5
  * Use the shell environment's python instead of a hardcoded one


  * parse script arguments with argparse_
  * get closer to POSIX compliant interface (print to stdout when only
  one card is needed)
  * add a README
  * upload to github
  .. _argparse:
  MPL converted the ColdFusion script to python as an exercise.
  Derek Bruff wrote the original "Name Bingo" script in ColdFusion.