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* Bug fix to ensemble version of neighbourhood_quantile_fast for quantiles that are varying in space


* Bug fix to neighbourhood_quantile_fast for quantiles that are varying in space


* API changes:
  - Support for cartesian x/y coordinates (instead of just lat/lon)
  - A bilinear interpolator that works on all grid rotations
  - Easy cross-validation setup for optimal interpolation
  - Functions for computing distance to nearest points on grid
  - Functions for computing number of nearby points on grid
  - Function for computing neighbourhood quantiles with spatially varying quantiles
  - Function for gridding observations
  - Function for filling in missing values
  - Experimental method for optimizing a metric (metric_optimizer_curve)


* General changes:
  - Changed the licence from GPL-2 to LGPL-3
  - Exposed an API to a library of core gridpp functionality
  * Command-line changes:
  - Added window= to -c deaccumulate


* New features:
  Variables are referenced by their NetCDF variable name
  - Adds cmake compilation
  - Adds -c oi to perform optimal interpolation
  - Gradient downscaler can use temperature at model levels (instead of T2m)
  when computing gradient
  - Adds coastal regression in -d gradient
  - Adds -c coastal, a bias-correction scheme that weights land and sea
  tempatures from a neighbourhood
  - Variable names can be overridden by passing in a variable map file
  * Backwards-incompatible changes:
  - Gradient downscaler options are different. Use -d gradientOld to get
  previous behaviour.
  - Parameter text files must contain header
  - Parameter files are specified differently: -p <filename> type=<type>
  - The command-line interface to this version has changed significantly.
  - Names as they appear in the file are used to identify variables. I.e.
  use -v air_temperture_2m instead of -v T.
  - -c diagnose replaced by -c diagnoseHumidity and -c diagnoseWind


* Adds -d bilinear
  * Adds bilinear interpolation to -d gradient


* Adds -c diagnose for dewpoint temperature and RH
  * Diagnoses altitude from geopotential height for EC files
  * Fixes bug in Kalman Filter formulation


* Fixes bug with -c diagnose in multi-thread mode


* Adds -c mask


- Allows multiple input and output files
  - Faster calibration when parameter grid is different than output grid
  - -c altitude works for Ec file type


Adds even more carrige returns in NorcomQnh file format


- Adds carriage returns in NorcomQnh file format


- Gridded parameter estimation (gridpp_train)
  - Faster writing of Netcdf files
  - Improved flexibility of specifying kriging precip smoothing
  - Added -c altitude
  - Improved Kalman filter program
  - Smaller memory footprint for processing EC file types
  - Added -v TMIn and -v TMax


- Adds new calibrators and allows gridded parameter files
  - New features:
  - Calibration using Box-Cox distribution
  - Calibration using Gaussian distribution
  - Kriging of bias
  - Kalman filter program
  - Computes probability of preciptiation
  - Quantile-quantile calibration
  - Allows gridded parameter files
  - Uses libnetcdf instead of libnetcdf_c++
  - Backwards-incompatible changes:
  - Parameter files must be specified using -p






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First release for the MIST-2 project