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29 Apr 2019

- Fixed a crash that could occur when attempting to load tests from files that
Green lacks permissions to access.  Contributed by jrabbit in 205.


25 Apr 2019

- Added `-m/--minimum-coverage` to print a message and exit nonzero if a
certain coverage percentage isn't met. Resolves 135.
- Added `-g/--cov-config-file` to pass through a custom coverage config file
location.  Note that if you do not specify this option, coverage already
looks for its config files in the standard locations, this just adds the
option to specify a specific, custom config file. Resolves 168.


11 Apr 2019

- Added `-j/--junit-report` to generate an JUnit/XML test report.
Contributed by fchauvel in 204. Resolves 104.


4 Apr 2019

- Add an .encoding attribute to the wrapped sys.stdout so that things like
z3 which expect it to be present don't crash. Resolves 203.


21 Mar 2019

- Removed a redundant optional dependency that was already a required
dependency.  Thanks to AndreGuerra123, GjjvdBurg, and yelectric for
researching this.  Resolves 202.


15 Mar 2019

- Added `-U/--disable-unidecode` to disable using unidecode to convert test
output from unicode to ascii on Windows. Note that this conversion was
done to work around some difficult-to-debug crashes on Windows, so using
this option has a possibility of re-introducing those crashes. Resolves 201.


11 Feb 2019

- Tested Green with Django 2.1.5 -- it seems to work just fine. Something
must have changed between Django 2.0.0 and 2.1.5 that eliminated the
problem we were having.

- Properly close the version file after reading it so it doesn't leave the
file handle open for the duration of Green running. Contributed by
Nickolas Grigoriadis in 200.

- Drop official support for Python 3.4, though Green will probably continue to
work for Python 3.4 for some years before something actually breaks.

- Remove code supporting Python 3.3. We dropped official support in 2015.

- Drop termstyle dependency in favor of using only colorama. Contributed by
Ogaday in 199 to resolve 186.

- Show number of processes used in test summary. Contributed in 198 by Ogaday
to resolve 85.

- CI fixes/improvements - the world keeps changing.

- Some typo fixes in and help output


5 Oct 2018

- Add `-e/--no-tracebacks` to omit traceback output for failures and errors.
Resolves feature request 191.

- Fixed travis builds

- Documentation updates (readme, release doc), one by Nattaphoom Chaipreecha
in 192.

- Fix example in ``. Contributed by Yong Joseph Bakos in 188.

- Tooling fixes, including using python3, twine and keyring to do releases.


25 Feb 2018

- Switch from python-termstyle (apparently abandoned) to termstyle.  We should
drop termstyle altogether in favor of colorama (see also 186). Contributed
by Robert Schüts in 182

- Fix bug that prevented `python --help-commands` from working
properly.  Contributed by Martin Larralde in 184.

- Move the config file documentation to the readme file. Contributed by Yuri
Shikanov in 179.

- Update the TravisCI config and some self-testing procedures to pass updated
macOS VM builds.


7 Dec 2017

- Coverage is now required!  Python packages do not support the idea of an
optional dependency, and having a de-facto optional dependencies was causing
coverage functionality to be broken for packages who want to use green with
coverage during `python test`.  Resolves 174.
- The `test_versions` utility for testing green itself now deduplicates the
versions of Python it finds, so it only runs one test for Python 2.7, for
example.  It uses the one it finds first in the $PATH.


15 Nov 2017

- Fixed temp files not getting properly cleaned up on Windows and Linux in
Python 3 (problem persists for macOS). Contributed by Martin Larralde in 173.


25 Oct 2017

- Fixed bug causing several django testing options to be unavailable when using
green as the test runner for django.  Resolves 172.


10 Aug 2017

- SubTest context manager support introduced in Python 3.4 is now explicitly
supported.  In previous versions of Green the SubTests would run correctly,
but not get reported...sanely.  The bulk of this work was contributed by
VladV in 167.  Resolves 111.


8 July 2017

- Green can now be used as a `` test runner.  See `green --help` or the
main readme for details.  Contributed by Martin Larralde in 165.  Resolves
enhancement request 158.

- Lower prices on training course.  Choose your own price.


23 June 2017

- Green now supports unittest's `load_test` protocol. Contributed by Martin
Larralde in 160.  Resolves 87.

- Add support for a `[green]` configuration section inside of `setup.cfg` in
the current working directory.  See the `CONFIG FILES` section of `green
--help` for a list of relative configuration file priority and how to use them.
Contributed by Martin Larralde in 161.

- Minor grammar/spelling fixes.


7 May 2017

- Work around Python's failure to skip tests in a consistent way -- in
particular, if SkipTest was raised in setUpClass(), then different versions
of Python did different things, none of them very sensible.  We take the
approach that Python _should have_ taken and skip each test as the SkipTest
exception is raised.  This results in one skip entry per test in the class
that was skipped. Resolves 159.

- Fixed the warning in Python 3.6 due to an inadvertent double-import issue.

- Fixed crash that could occur running self-tests on newer versions of Python
2.7 which expect to use an iterator with a next() function.


29 April 2017

- An unexpectedSuccess does not count as a failure for the test run as a whole,
so `-f, --failfast` has been updated so that an unexpectedSuccess no longer
triggers early termination. Using expectedFailure is discouraged.


27 April 2017

- Green now also searches the current working directory for a .green config
file.  This can be used as per-project configuration -- just place the .green
config file for your project in the same directory you would run your tests
from (usually the root of the project).  See `green --help` for the
resolution order of the various config files.  Resolves 116.


26 April 2017

- Added a page about the Udemy course
[Python Testing with Green](,
with lots of nice coupons and discount codes just for finding the Github
page.  Check it out!

- PyPy support is now best-effort for all versions of PyPy.  TravisCI's PyPy
installations are just...flaky.  They seem to work everywhere else, we just
don't fail due to failing PyPy builds anymore, because we just can't take the

- Fixed a condition where green could return failure to the calling shell if
only a small number of skips, expectedFailures, and unexpectedSuccesses were
run (and no passes, fails, or errors).

- Improved the help message for `-l, --logging`


24 March 2017

- Fixed a green crash that could occur when dealing with unicode literals in
raised exceptions under Python 2.


22 March 2017

- Fixed a corner-case where targets wouldn't be parallelized if you ran green
inside a directory containing only test modules (files) with no packages
(directories).  The result would be a single worker process would handle all
testing while the other worker processes sat idle.


19 March 2017

- Stop cleaning up the temporary directory on versions of Python other than 2,
since some things like multiprocess.Value in versions > 2 trigger an
auto-cleanup of the temporary directory that crashes if it has already been
cleaned up.  Resolves 154.

- macOS builds on TravisCI have been passing awhile.  Start counting them
towards global pass/fail.


2 March 2017

- When used as a Django test runner, we now inject a `--green-verbosity`
command-line argument that can be used to control green's verbosity level
from Django.  Contributed by Anomitra Saha.  Resolves 37 and 153.


20 February 2017

- Switched the release process to use python2 for everything, because python3
isn't installed in all TravisCI environments.


20 February 2017

- Fix some minor issues in help strings that I discovered while working on
"Python Testing with Green"
- Updated the release process so that instead of using a confusing mix of
python2 and python3 to test and release, we just use python3.


14 February 2017

- Fixed a bug that caused a strange extra test result to be output when your
test tried to access a member of an object that didn't exist. Fixes 150.


22 January 2017

- The `-R, --quiet-coverage` flag can be used to run coverage without printing
the coverage report to stdout.  Contributed by Martin Larralde. PR 149.
Resolves feature request 148.


20 December 2016

- Improved file object compatibility of GreenStream.  Code that now tries to
access the writelines() function on sys.stdout or sys.stderr should no longer
crash.  Fixes 146.

- Explicitly tell coverage to include missing line numbers to restore the
default behavior that changed in coverage 4.1 and later.


20 October 2016

- Fix crash that would occur on Python 2.7.0, 2.7.1, 2.7.2, and 2.7.3.
Reported by Christopher Gurnee.  Fixes 137.

- Fix print statements inside of tests on Windows with Python 2.7.  Contributed
by Christopher Gurnee.  PR 138.

- Remove TravisCI builds for Xcode 7.1, since they no longer support those
builds.  Unfortunately, the other OS X builds on Travis are broken for some
reason that doesn't exist on real OS X.  If anyone has any ideas, please

- Remaining OS X builds on TravisCI are failing right now trying to execute
PyPy itself (library linking errors).  Since the tests work fine on actual OS
X installations, I'm going to ignore the failing builds and shake my hand
furiously at TravisCI.


30 June 2016

- Expose `green.version.__version__` as `green.__version__`. Reported by Bryant
Mairs. Fixes 128.

- Fix a crash that could occur if the test loader loaded an unrunnable object.
Contributed by Eli Skeggs. PR 125.

- Fixed a source of a double-submission bug that was being worked around
internally.  Contributed by Eli Skeggs.  PR 126.


31 May 2016

- No tests being loaded is now reported as an error, rather than a pass.  This
should help people more quickly discover when they have a typo in their
command-line resulting in no tests being loaded.  Contributed by Douglas
Thor.  Fixes 123.


26 May 2016

- On Windows we now mangle non-ascii output into ascii output,
because...Windows.  Contributed by MinchinWeb.  Fixes 119.

- We now run TravisCI builds for OS X 10.10 and 10.11.  We had already been
manually running tests on the latest OS X, but now TravisCI will do it for


19 May 2016

- The built-in unittest module (stupidly) reports crashes in setUpClass() in a
completely different way than any other failure or crash in unittest.  Now we
handle that way.  Fixes 121.


1 April 2016

- Added `-W/--disable-windows` to disable converting colors to windows format.
Useful for fake windows terminal environments that want the normal posix
color codes.  Contributed by Douglas Thor.

- Minor documentation update.  Contributed by Thijs Triemstra.

- Experimented with a coding style contributed by John Vandenberg.  Decided
we're not yet ready for that much structure.  Maybe someday in the future.


13 February 2016

- Added `-q/--quiet-stdout` output option.  Instead of capturing the stdout and
stderr and presenting it in the summary of results, discard it completly for
successful tests. --allow-stdout option overrides it.  Contributed by

- Fixed Windows build due to URL change for ``.  Contributed by


26 October 2015

- Python 3.5 support is now real, including automated builds for every commit.
We now compensate for Python 3.5's new behavior of creating a dummy TestCase
when failing to load a test target via a dotted name.  All tests now pass on
Python 3.5 for the first time!  Lets keep it that way.  I'm crossing my
fingers that this might fix 93, 96, or 98 (which I'll work on next if it
didn't).  Fixes 99.

- When the summary output of a test case is longer than the terminal width and
wraps to the next line, we now rewind the cursor back to the original spot
when rewriting in the final color.  This means no more "duplicate" lines in
verbose output with narrow terminal windows.  Fixes 84.


20 October 2015

- Intercept and handle coverage 4.x's new exception that occurs if there is no
coverage to report.


19 October 2015

- Fixed the new `-u/--include-patterns` to actually break apart the
comma-separated list into separate entries.  It was already working fine if
you only included a single pattern.


19 October 2015

- Removed official Python 3.4+ support on Windows, due to AppVeyor's
aggravating fail-4-times-out-of-5 behavior which I can't replicate at all on
real windows.  If someone wants to help find the problem so we can have
consistent builds, I would be happy to restore official Python 3.4+ support
on Windows.  In practice, everything functions fine on Windows as far as I
can tell, but this will drift in the future without builds to let us know
what breaks.

- Added `-u/--include-patterns` argument to pass through a list of include
patterns to coverage. See the help docs for more info.

- Fixed a crash during handling a crash in loader code due to incorrect string
formatting - contributed by jayvdb

- Green can now be run as a module with `python -m green` syntax - contributed
by krisztianfekete, fixes 91

- Fixed the text describing the ordering of the screenshots - reported by


18 September 2015

- Fixed help documentation for `-s/--processes` to account for changes made in
the 2.0.0 overhaul.  Fixes 83.


14 September 2015

- Green no longer follows symlinks during discovery, to avoid infinite


14 September 2015

- Green no longer ignores config files when run as through django.  Fixes 79
and 82.

- Green no longer crashes when run through django when no tests are present.

- Coverage output now appears before the summary, so that long coverage lists
don't make it difficult to tell whether tests passed or not.

- Fixed a bug that would cause a crash if a python package with an invalid (and
thus un-importable) name existed within the discovery scope.

- Updated the readme: swapped the features and screenshots section, swapped the
positioning of the two screenshots.


27 August 2015

- Fixed a bug that was causing crashes when subclassing Twisted's version of


23 August 2015

- When you use Python 2.7 and your failing test has a traceback that refers to
a line that has unicode literals in it, green will now catch the resulting
UnicodeDecodeError raised while trying to format the traceback and tell you the
module it was trying to import and that it couldn't display the correct
traceback due to the presence of a unicode literal. Resolves 77.


20 August 2015

- Captured stdout and stderr is reported properly once again.  Regression in
2.0.0.  Resolves issue 76.

- Better capturing and reporting of exceptions that escape the testing

- Added screenshots to the readme file.  Resolves issue 78.

- Put the gitter badge inline with the other badges on the readme.

- Ignore build failures on the alpha OS X builders TravisCI suddenly (and
finally) turned on for us.  They don't even have python installed yet...

- Use a consistent tagline for the project everywhere ("Green is a clean,
colorful, fast python test runner.")


30 July 2015

- Handled the case where a module could be discovered by directory searching by
the main process but not by module name by the subprocess.  Instead of
crashing the subprocess and hanging, we now handle it and report it as an
importing problem.  One cause of this problem is forgetting your
Fixes issue 74.

- Improved some of our own unit tests to follow more best practices.  Fixes
issue 62.;


24 July 2015

- BREAKING CHANGE: Major overhaul of the multiprocessing system.  Tests always
run in a separate worker process, even when only one process is specified.
The default number of processes is now the number of logical processors
detected instead of 1.  Entire modules are now run in the same worker process
by default to avoid both the overhead of multiple processes loading the same
module and the overhead of running module and class setUp/tearDown multiple
times redundantly.  Classes or methods specified individually on the
command-line will still be run in their own worker process.  A ton of credit
for this feature needs to go to Sam Spilsbury, who put in considerable time
and effort to actually code up the initial pull request.  Fixes
issues 68, 70.

- BREAKING CHANGE: Due the fact that no one uses it that I can tell and I don't
want to maintain it, the `-m/--html` option has been removed.

- BREAKING CHANGE: `-o/--omit-patterns` now adds patterns to the default
coverage omit list instead of replacing the default list.

- `-O/--clear-omit` was added to clear the default coverage omit list.

- `-k/--no-skip-report` was added to suppress the skip report if desired.

- Added a gitter chatroom link to the readme.

- Support for acquiring and releasing arbitrary resources via the
`-i/--initializer` and `-z/--finalizer` options.  Use it to setup/teardown
things that an individual worker process will need exclusive access to apart
from the other worker processes.

- We're back at 100% self-test coverage again.  Yay!!!

- Twisted's skip functionality is caught and recorded as skips instead of
failures, if your `TestCase` subclasses `twisted.trial.unittest.TestCase` and
sets the class attribute `.skip` to `True`, or a test raises

- Better handling of outside-of-test exceptions that occur inside worker

- We now capture stderr that is emitted during tests and present it after tests
have run, just like we do with stdout.

- Capturing stdout in worker processes more consistently works (no known bugs

- The headers for stdout and stderr are now yellow, for better color scheme
consistency (and so they don't get confused with skip headers).

- Skip report headers now display the dotted test name in bold, just like other
headers do.  We are so consistent!

- Fixed the skip report so it goes to the stream instead of stdout.

- Disabled the annoying " warning: No data was collected." message
that started happening a lot, even though coverage was working just fine.

- Colors now work on AppVeyor builds, all hail the pretty colors!  (Ironically,
they don't support Windows ansi colors, they wrote their own interpreters for
posix-style color escape codes.)

- We now "close" the process pool instead of "terminating" it, which results in
much better behavior in pypy and Windows, especially for things like tearDown


18 June 2015

- Added support for pypy3.  Fiixes issue 63.

- Disabled the virtual-env aspect of test_versions when run in Travis-CI, which
is already in a virtualenv.


17 June 2015

- Virtualenv directories are now skipped during test discovery, so you can now
use discovery on projects that contain one or more virtualenv directories
inside of them.

- Green *always* runs tests in a separate process now, though by default it
still (currently) defaults to only *one* separate process, to maximize
compatibility with large suites that already assume tests are run sequentially.

- Green will now catch exceptions that the test framework doesn't handle and
report them as test failures.  Specifically, if your test case subclasses
`testtools.TestCase` from the popular `testtools` project, then `SystemExit`
exceptions will escape the TestCase.  Green will catch these exceptions and
report them as failures.  The one special-case is KeyboardInterrupt, which
Green catches and interprets as a desire to terminate testing, and stops the
test run.

- Changed the `-m/--html` help text to be a deprecation warning.  If you would
like this feature to stay, please create an issue stating so at


15 June 2015

- Added a deprecation warning for the `-m/--html` option.  Unless I get some
credible requests to leave the functionality, then I am going to proceed with
removing it under the assumption that no one uses it (and I don't want to
maintain complex, unused code).

- Investigated an issue with `SystemExit` and `KeyboardInterrupt` halting the
python process when your test subclasses `testtools.TestCase`.  Turns out
that that is a design decision made by the testtools devs that they want those
exceptions to stop everything.  So we won't interfere with their desires.  If
you don't like the behavior, either stop subclassing `testtools.TestCase` or
simply catch those two exceptions in your own tests.


7 June 2015

- Switched to cyan instead of blue on Windows only.

- Stubbed in the beginnings of support for designating initialization to run in
each process to obtain whatever resources might be needed by a single
process (like its own database, for example).


8 May 2015

- Fixed a regression that caused the `-a/--allow-stdout` cli option and
corresponding config option to be ignored.  Fixes issue 58.


13 April 2015

- Don't do the interactive print/reprint a test line behavior when we're not
connected to a terminal.  Contributed by Sam Spilsbury.  Issue 52.  Pull
request 53.

- Fixed a rather largeish bug that caused all configuration files to be
ignored.  Issue 56.  Thanks for Monty Hindman for finding and reporting the

- The `g` script has been improved so that wildcards are passed through without
local expansion.  `g` is is used by developers to try out changes to green
itself in-place without installing it.  Contributed by Monty Hindman.  Pull
request 57.

- Switch to Travis CI's docker builders for faster builds.  Contributed by Sam
Spilsbury.  Issue 54.  Pull request 55.

- Cleaned up the formatting of dates on this changelog file.

- Removed Python 3.3 builders on Linux, now that they're failing.  Official
support for Python 3.3 was dropped on 31 August 2014.  It may still work in
various use cases, but no guarantees.

- Fixed `test_versions` again.  The regex for non-Travis CI builds had broken,
so that only the default python was being tested on development setups.


8 April 2015

- BREAKING CHANGE: `--omit` was renamed to `--omit-patterns` for consistency
with how other pattern-related options are named.

- BREAKING CHANGE: `--pattern` was renamed to `--file-pattern` for consistency
with how other pattern-related options are named.

- Added `-n` / `--test-pattern` option to further refine which tests are
actually run.  Thanks to Monty Hindman for a pull request that got this
feature going.

- Tweaked Travis CI builds


1 April 2015 (Not a joke!)

- Fixed issue where command-line arguments could not override config
arguments to set options back to default values.  Reported by Monty Hindman.
Issue 47.

- Converted this changelog file to markdown format.


30 March 2015

- The tag to use for questions on StackOverflow was changed to python-green to
avoid being too generic.  The tag has a nice wiki entry and an initial
question to get things going.  Contributed by Mikko Ohtamaa.  Pull request 43.

- Added `-p/--pattern` option to specify the file pattern to search for
tests under instead of the default pattern `test*py`. Contributed by Monty
Hindman.  Issue 41.  Pull request 42.

- Green now supports nose-parameterized.  Contributed by Sam Spilsbury.
Issue 39.  Pull request 40.

- Fixed a crash that could occur in PyPy 2.5

- Fixed a crash that could occur during automated build testing with pip 6.x

- Colorama is now a dependency on all platforms (dropping python-termstyle as a
dependency is planned).


25 November 2014

- When run in completions mode (`green --completions`), import errors in
potential modules are ignored, so that the completions list is still
generated instead of producing crash output.


21 September 2014

- Output sent to stdout is now captured and then presented along with the list
of tracebacks.  This can be disabled with `-a/--allow-stdout`.  Issue 29.


10 September 2014

- Added `-f/--failfast` to stop executing tests after the first error, failure,
or unexpected successes.

- Simplified the usage line in the help output.


31 August 2014

- You can press Ctrl-C once while tests are running to cleanly terminate the
test run.

- Some internal refactoring.

- Python 3.3 is no longer supported on Windows.  It might work still--it's just
not supported.

- Windows CI with AppVeyor is now passing.


26 August 2014

- File handles are now explicitly closed in  Contributed by Simeon


26 August 2014

- Trying to import a module by name that raises an exception during import now
manufactures a test that reports an ImportError instead of just silently
ignoring the file.  Issue 31.


14 August 2014

- Automated generation of the CLI documentation.
- Improved the suggest command for Bash-/Zsh-completion integration.
- Improved the README file.
- Fixed a crash that could occur if an exception was raised during a test
case's setUpClass() or tearDownClass()
- We now explicitly terminate the thread pool and join() it.  This makes self
unit tests much easier to clean up on Windows, where the processes would
block deletion of temporary directories.
- Set up continuous integration for Windows using AppVeyor.  Thanks to ionelmc
for the tip!  Issue 11.


30 July 2014

- We now use the fully-dotted test name at the start of each traceback in the
error listing.  Issue 28.
- PyPy libraries are now omitted from coverage by default.
- More cleanup on internal tests.


30 July 2014

User Stuff

- Django integration!  Issue 21.  There are two ways to use green while
running Django unit tests:

1) To just try it out, use the --testrunner option:
./ test --testrunner=green.djangorunner.DjangoRunner
2) Make it persistent by adding the following line to your
(Use green config files to customize the output)

- Switched from using stderr to stdout.  This makes piping output to another
program much easier, and reserves stderr for actual errors running green

- Improved the exception output when a test module cannot be imported.

Internal Stuff

- Updated the Travis config to make use of the Makefile

- Updated the Makefile with more and better organized test targets.

- Added a test_versions script that can be run on developer clones.  It will
auto-detect all versions of python (in the form of pythonX.Y) in $PATH and
run many permutations of self tests on each version.
- Fixed a crash that could occur if discovery did not find any tests and
processes was set higher than one.

- Fixed lots of tests so that they would succeed in all environments.

- Internal refactoring of argument parsing and configuration handling.


23 July 2014

- Fixed the new tests that failed if you ran them in-place on an installed
version of green.  Forgot to check the build status before I did the last


23 July 2014

- Bash-completion and ZSH-completion support for options and test targets.
Issue 7.


20 July 2014

- Multiline docstrings (with -vv or -vvv) on test methods are now handled
correctly.  Initial whitespace is first stripped.  Then lines are combined
into one space-separated string until the first blank line.  Issue 26.


20 July 2014

- Implemented custom test discovery code instead of relying on built-in So far, the new implementation  mimics the built-in
behavior except for fixing issue 14 (which unblocks 7).  This enables working
on 25 and any other bugs or behavior that was locked inside of unittest's
quirky discovery implementation that we want to fix in the future.

- Fixed travis config to exclude the example project in builds.

- Reduced debug timestamp precision from microsecond- to second-based.

- Exclude colorama from coverage reporting for the sake of Windows users.

- Added some additional internal debug output.

- Centralized internal debugging output.

- "make clean" now cleans all `.coverage*` files in the project tree.

- Many new internal tests.


17 July 2014

- Configuration file support, originally contributed by Tom Barron - Issues
20, 23, 24


6 July 2014

- Color works on Windows - Issues 18, 19

- Self-tests run against installed versions automatically - Issue 10

- Installation process is now tested automatically - Issue 9

- Switched to "branch-based development"

- Added an "example" directory with an example project with unit tests

- Added the CHANGELOG (this file)

- Improved the file a lot based on feedback from reddit.


23 June 2014

- Fixed MANIFEST so that installation didn't crash


- There were lots of versions before 1.0 was released (54 published releases,
actually).  No one heard about it before 1.0 though, so we didn't bother
tracking individual releases.