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What's Changed
  * Support transcoding of clip previews mp4s to gif by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * Update builder workflow to run once per PR by allenporter in
  * Ignore an unreachable mypy warning for failures in 151 by allenporter in
  * Upgrade aiohttp and async-timeout by allenporter in
  * Update group:mypy by renovate in
  * Update dependency protobuf to v3.19.3 by renovate in
  * Update dependency identify to v2.4.3 by renovate in
  * Allow unused mypy `ignore` errors by allenporter in
  * Increase thumbnail size for image events (1600px) by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * Improved exception hierarchy by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * Fix bug in event filtering for image events by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * Add an serialized EventToken by allenporter in
  * Additional new event session APIs for media events by allenporter in
  * Support multiple event images per session by allenporter in
  * Return EventMedia when fetching content from tokens by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * Update dependency grpcio to v1.43.0 by renovate in
  * Update dependency google-api-core to v2.3.2 by renovate in
  * Publish relation update event messages via callbacks by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * Add test fixtures for device setup by allenporter in
  * Update dependency mypy to v0.920 by renovate in
  * Improve typing on event store by allenporter in
  * Add debugging for command responses by allenporter in
  * Test restructure by allenporter in
  * Split tests into separate files out of mono test file by allenporter in
  * Add support for transcoding images and clips by allenporter in
  * Update dependency tomli to v2 by renovate in
  * Update tests and remove dead code by allenporter in
  * Add simplified active event fetching API for EventMediaManager by allenporter in
  * Bump version to 1.0.0 by allenporter in
  * Remove transcoding API by allenporter in
  Breaking changes
  * Removed Device `active_event_image_contents` method
  * Removed `EventImageContents` class
  * Removed `active_events` method
  * Changed makeup of `EventImageType`
  * Removed `EventTypeFilterCallback`
  * Removed `RecentEventFilterCallback`
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What's Changed
  * Skip automatic event fetching for unsupported cameras by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * Fix bug where cameras should support events even without media traits by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * Fix events, for incremental events within the same session by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * Update dependency pyparsing to v3 by renovate in
  * Support for event threads for new camera types by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * Change order for expiration check by allenporter in
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Breaking Changes
  * Group camera clip events using sessions to improve battery camera events by allenporter in
  Other Changes
  * Only delete media if it exists by allenporter in
  * Skip fetching images that are expired by allenporter in
  * Update correct media content types for session based events by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * Fix regression with shared event storage by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * Update dependency types-protobuf to v3.18.1 by renovate in
  * Update dependency types-protobuf to v3.18.2 by renovate in
  * Rename Cache policy `prefetch` to `fetch` since by allenporter in
  * Add github action testing for python 3.10 by allenporter in
  * Update dependency typing-extensions to v4.0.1 by renovate in
  * Return only active or fetched events by allenporter in
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What's Changed
  * New Event manager API for caching and pre-fetching media clips for all camera types
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- Can now create and delete subscriptions


- Support for camera clip previews, an mp4 with 10 frame video for new battery cameras


- Battery camera support and WebRTC


- Additional static typing fixes


- Make some runtime type assertions more forgiving


- Introduced additional parent classes to simplify static typing in upstream libraries


- Address declaration of typed release


- Declare as typed library


- Full mypy static type checks and some runtime checks
  - Restructured testing library to make mypy adoption simpler


- Added static typing with mypy


- Re-release of v0.2.11 that contains improved error debugging messages


- Improvements to error message debug strings


- Patch to be more defensive against unclean shutdown