Changelogs » Glacier-flow-model

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  - Initial release of the **glacier-flow-model** on package; a python tool to model glacier flow.
  - Development setup:
  - :code:`poetry`: Managing dependencies and package build env.
  - :code:`pytest`: Framework for testing.
  - :code:`mypy`: Static type checking.
  - :code:`flake8`: Code linting.
  - :code:`sphinx`: Documentation of the package using :code:`numpydoc` docstring style.
  - Submodules:
  - model: The :code:`GlacierFlowModel` class.
  - internal: Base class and internals.
  - data: Stores example data, which can be accessed using the :code:`PkgDataAccess` class.
  - Scripts:
  - :code:``: Builds the package and installs it to the global python version.
  - :code:``: Automates checks and documentation build.