Changelogs » Gita



- fix `gita rm` traceback in v0.9.8


- add `gita rename <repo name> <new name>` sub-command to change repo name
- support git worktree folder
- add `show`, `show-branch`, `shortlog`, `whatchanged`

Note this release breaks the repo path format saved in `~/.config/gita/repo_path`. One can either delete it and add the repo paths again, or change the file content. For example


should change to



- fix a bug where gita hangs if user password input is needed for multiple repos
- rename/shorten a few sub-commands
- add sub-commands `reset`, `tag`
- disable asynchronous execution for `log` sub-command
- add more description to `gita ll -h`
- various speed improvement


- add `gita ll` which displays summary of all repos, i.e., the old `gita ls` behavior. Meanwhile, `gita ls` only shows names of all repos, which is used by the bash auto completion script. `gita ls <repo name>` still shows the repo path.
- change the superman mode to

gita super [repo-name(s)] <command/alias>

so that the command can be apply to any number of specified repos, or all repos if not specified.
- add bash auto completion script
- improve execution speed with async calls and by replacing all `os.system` calls with `subprocess` calls
- change the `pull` sub-command to have optional arguments

gita pull [repo-name(s)]

- add `allow_all` mode in the custom command configuration to apply the custom command to all repos if no repo is specified, like `gita fetch` and `gita pull`
- add a few sub-commands


* add a superman mode, with which one can execute any git command (or personalized alias) in one repo

gita super <repo-name> <any git command>

For example

gita super myrepo2 commit -am 'fix a bug'
gita super myrepo3 rebase -i upstream/master

* allow local repos with the same basename: the second repo will have its parent dir name in its name (hopefully there aren't repos with parent name clash)
* move the configuration files to `$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/gita/`
* add more default sub-commands


* support custom sub-commands via `~/.gita/cmds.yml`
* add various sub-commands
* fix `pyyaml` dependence bug in ``
* fix a bug where command delegation is skipped if branch has no remote
* fix a bug with empty config file `~/.gita/repo_path`
* increase test coverage over 90%


* display untracked file/folder with symbol `_`
* sort repo by name for `gita ls`
* add `gita status <repo(s)>`
* add versioning `gita --version`


* add `pull` subcommand
* bug fixes and refactors


* add `push`, `merge`
* add short commit message


*  add `fetch` option
* `gita fetch`: fetch all remote updates
* `gita fetch <repo-name>`: fetch remote updates for the specified repo
* add more color coding to the repo branch name


* `gita add <repo-path>`
* `gita rm <repo-name>`
* `gita ls`
* `gita ls <repo-name>`