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NEW: gitSignTags and gitIdentity environment support


NEW: "deploy set webmount" for extended .webcfg.mounts configuration




FIXED: GVM installer updates to support non-default locations


CHANGED: major redesign of environ handling not to affect the running CID instance
  CHANGED: major change to CID-in-virtualenv situation (proxy call to outside CID)
  FIXED: SDKMAN tool handling issues due to its changes
  FIXED: to use rcpupdate=false for SDKMAN setup
  FIXED: to use webpack-cli due to changes in webpack
  FIXED: Maven Central to use HTTPS
  NEW: FTN16 v1.3 .spaRoutes support


FIXED: devserve to properly enforce "dev" env type
  NEW: puppet tool can act as RMS for Forge upload


FIXED: to support new bundler vendor folder layout


FIXED: to work with system nginx at Ubuntu


FIXED: to obey prepare overrides in ci_build


FIXED: SDKMAN_DIR to be set in environment setup


FIXED: unwanted side-effect after search config behavior change


CHANGED: bower/bundler/composer/npm/yarn tools not to remove development deps on non-root-dir packaging
  CHANGED: .tool and .toolTune deployment config behavior to merge instead of override
  CHANGED: revised config search behavior
  FIXED: Python 3 exception on sanitization of unknown config variables
  FIXED: to package futoin.json when non-default .package is used
  NEW: Golang version update in misc.releasetool
  NEW: tar .toolTune.compressor to select package format
  NEW: experimental AWS CLI & S3 RMS support


FIXED: to set name and instanceId on service-exec (puma regression)


CHANGED: to export .env variables from deploy/user/global config files


CHANGED: tag command not to auto-install deps
  NEW: experimental Erlang/Elixir/Mix/Phoenix support


CHANGED: Go to use 3 version components
  FIXED: issues with Go version management
  FIXED: "cte" to setup full environment when run in project
  NEW: "cte" acts also as "cid run" alias
  NEW: missing "futoin.json" is searched in parent folders now
  NEW: "cte" placeholder support in custom actions


CHANGED: default listen address to all interfaces except for internal services
  CHANGED: node, phpfpm, puma and uwsgi to be marked as internal services by default
  FIXED: gradle version detection with 'all' instead of 'bin' reference
  FIXED: PHP support on MacOS after Homebrew changes
  FIXED: IPv6 listen address handling in various places


FIXED: ruby setup on Debian Buster
  NEW: PHP v7.3 support


FIXED: ruby stack installation issues after RVM/Ruby updates
  NEW: ruby 2.5 & 2.6 support


FIXED: build-dep command without parameters
  FIXED: cmake build without prepare (regression in v0.8.18)


FIXED: PHP extension installation issues on Debian/Ubuntu
  NEW: PHP extension setup through .toolTune


CHANGED: cmake to be triggered also in prepare step


FIXED: ignore of project .tools versions when tool is invoked directly


FIXED: gitTool to support submodule use case
  NEW: CTEST_OUTPUT_ON_FAILURE=1 is set for ctestTool by default
  NEW: cmakeTest supports project version update in CMakeLists.txt


NEW: ctestTool to automatically run CMake tests


NEW: "cte" alias as standalone CLI command for "cid tool exec"




CHANGED: default uWSGI memory requirements
  FIXED: uWSGI worker memory limits with fork CoW in mind
  FIXED: false resource allocation when minMemory+connMemory > maxMemory
  NEW: "deploy reset" command


FIXED: to pip to ignore externalSetup callback as it has to be updated inside virtualenv


FIXED: to include package name as prefix of default tar-based packages


CHANGED: upgraded to require pip>=9.0.3 in runtime
  CHANGED: to use --strip-components=1 for tar in RMS deploy
  NEW: added FTN16 v1.2 .writable support


NEW: added support for markdown changelogs in futoin.cid.misc.releaseTool


NEW: env.syslogTag support in PHP-FPM and uWSGI


FIXED: npm to work with scoped package upload


FIXED: security issue of os.path.join() behavior with components starting from /

0.8.4 not secure

FIXED: devserve to work without valid vcsRepo/rmsRepo
  FIXED: gzip to compress only webcfg.mounts where staticGzip != False
  NEW: gzip compresses also *.md by default

0.8.3 not secure

FIXED: NVM was never updating due to bug in latest tag search

0.8.2 not secure

FIXED: license disclaimers
  FIXED: JAVA_HOME/JRE_HOME setup with existing "javaBin" env

0.8.1 not secure

BREAKING CHANGE: nginx to use "least_conn" balancing without "max_conn" unless "queue" is configured
  FIXED: to use "fail_timeout=0" for upstreams by default

0.7.99998 not secure

BREAKING CHANGE: gzipTool is BuildTool now which crates *.gz files in webroot

0.7.99997 not secure

BREAKING CHANGE: added symlink of current/.env -> ../.env in deploy dir
  FIXED: previously broken tool auto-detection trigger

0.7.99996 not secure

CHANGED: macOS javaTool to better handling future version updates in brew cask
  FIXED: macOS javaTool 8/9 setup difference

0.7.99995 not secure

FIXED: generic exception in macOS

0.7.99994 not secure

CHANGED: to use 'lts/*' as default nodeVer

0.7.99993 not secure

FIXED: missing default tune values for some tools

0.7.99992 not secure

FIXED: force to allocate 48M for any instance
  - temporary solution until CID running is removed from systemd service startup

0.7.99991 not secure

FIXED: python3 "cid deploy set tools" error
  FIXED: Puma to chdir on reload
  FIXED: to force install "dirmngr" with "gnupg" on *.deb OSes
  CHANGED: added NO_UPDATE_NOTIFIER for npm-based tools

0.7.9999 not secure

FIXED: not to set text background color
  FIXED: to stable sort .deploy.autoServices instances items

0.7.9998 not secure

FIXED: phpbuild failure on upgrade without pre-installed tool when "phpBinOnly" is set
  FIXED: PHP-FPM catch_workers_output to be set in pool, but not php.ini
  FIXED: virtualenv setup with .env.externalSetup
  FIXED: uwsgi not using config tune settings
  CHANGED: increased PHP-FPM default connection memory to 16M
  CHANGED: doubled evil reload limit for uwsgi
  CHANGED: disabled default "reloadable" of uwsgi & increased default resources
  NEW: "cid deploy set entrypoint" to allow JSON as single tune parameter
  NEW: "cid deploy set tooltune" to allow .toolTune setup
  NEW: requirements.pip file name support

0.7.9997 not secure

FIXED: critical exception in custom action processing in some cases

0.7.9996 not secure

FIXED: handling of default in action overrides (affects "prepare", "tag")
  FIXED: not to install phpbuild in "phpBinOnly" env
  FIXED: "phpExtRequire" & "phpExtTry" to work in external setup
  FIXED: PHP extension name mapping (ext-xml, ext-sqlite3)
  CHANGED: not to initialize tools in "cid deploy set" (performance + usability in some cases)
  NEW: "cid deploy set tools" command
  NEW: "phpfpmErrorLog" for easier setup through env in deployment

0.7.9995 not secure

  BREAKING CHANGE: redesign of Puma support and generic concept of "bundler tools"

0.7.9994 not secure

FIXED: to automatically set HOME env, if one is missing
  FIXED: not to change permission of deploy dir, if not needed
  FIXED: failure on cfsystem::pretty_json inclusion in some cases
  CHANGED: improvements to generated nginx config
  CHANGED: not to fail on "cid service stop" on process kill failure

0.7.9993 not secure

FIXED: added yarn "install --production=false" workaround
  CHANGED: requests dep to be compatible with docker/docker-compose
  CHANGED: to show both stdout & stderr of meaningful commands like

0.7.9992 not secure

FIXED: to properly init NVM (even when nvmDir has no "/.nvm/" component)
  FIXED: npm upload to remove *.tgz artifacts, if matches product of build

0.7.9991 not secure

FIXED: to reset internal tool state on config reset
  CHANGED: to require specific minimal versions of urllib3 & requests
  CHANGED: tune defaults to take "env" as parameter
  - helps conditional variables
  NEW: improved handling of primary/pure static sites in nginxTool

0.7.999 not secure

FIXED: to only use "npm bin -g" folder for node-based tools
  FIXED: to use npm "--unsafe-perm" on AlpineLinux (global npm)
  CHANGED: to load tools on demand
  NEW: added service master resource usage statistics dump

0.7.998 not secure

FIXED: workaround for npm v5.3 bug
  CHANGED: changed to make sure actual PHP FPM is always available as "php-fpm" in path
  CHANGED: curl calls to use "FutoIn CID" user agent
  CHANGED: to set NODE_ENV, RUBY_ENV and RAILS_ENV in environment init
  NEW: added liquibase support
  NEW: added flyway support

0.7.997 not secure

CHANGED: "cid tool test" to show version on failure
  CHANGED: "cid tool env" not to auto-install required tool
  NEW: added "cid tool envexec" support
  NEW: extended README with more detilas
  NEW: added "CID_INTERACTIVE_SUDO" env support

0.7.996 not secure

BREAKING CHANGE: seriously refactored PHP support
  - changed to allow only binary installs by default
  - added auto-detection of avialable & installed/enabled extensions
  - added concept of phpExtRequire and phpExtTry
  - new logic with phpForceBuild and phpBinOnly envs
  - fine selection of source builds with phpSourceVer
  BREAKING CHANGE: new ruby logic:
  - changed to handle rubyForceBuild, rubyBinOnly and rubySourceVer
  BREAKING CHANGE: a single installer is detected per OS now
  - previously, it could happen that multiple installers are run e.g.:
  apt-get for OpenSUSE, rpm for ArchLinux, etc.
  FIXED: bug with implicitly broken chmodTree() after recent changes
  FIXED: pkg_resource import bug on some clean systems
  FIXED: not to exec fake "apt-get" on SUSE-like
  FIXED: missing yum/dnf repo enable sudoers entry
  FIXED: nginx setup on RHEL & OL
  CHANGED: updated for OpenSUSE 42.2 Leap for testing
  CHANGED: enabled OL & RHEL for regular testing
  CHANGED: to use RHEL/OL-specific repos for Docker
  NEW: added caching decorators for detect API and some other
  NEW: added IUS PHP 7.1 for RH-based
  NEW: added full SLES 12 support

0.7.995 not secure

FIXED: to run Yarn before other npm tools
  FIXED: fixed to use "npm pack", if npm is used as RMS
  CHANGED: added configutil.listify() and refactored code
  CHANGED: futoin.cid.misc.releaseTool to be more generic

0.7.994 not secure

FIXED: bug when action hook is set a string, but not list of strings
  CHANGED: to set GEM_SPEC_CACHE also under GEM_HOME
  CHANGED: changes rmTree()/chmodTree() API to support signle files
  NEW: added YARN package manager support
  NEW: added webpack support
  NEW: "cid vcs clean" command
  NEW: added "futoin" as namespace package to co-exist with others

0.7.993 not secure

BREAKING CHANGE: huge internal refactoring
  FIXED: to install libssl1.0.0 from Jessie for Debian Stretch and above
  FIXED: to reset GEM_PATH on top of RVM
  FIXED: to run brew with umask 0022
  FIXED: SCL ruby installation without pre-enabled SCL
  FIXED: scp to allow dots in host part & to support raw IP addreses
  CHANGED: raised default puma requirements
  CHANGED: lower nginx default memory weight to 10
  NEW: ondemand loading mechanism instead of imports

0.7.992 not secure

* FIXED: RVM ruby builds for Debian Stretch (and any with libssl1.0-dev Deb)
  * FIXED: added protection against HTTP_PROXY vulnerability
  * FIXED: false lchmod support on some Linux Python builds

0.7.991 not secure

* FIXED: not to fail if empty CID_SOURCE_DIR is set
  * FIXED: to properly create persistent folders in sub-paths
  * FIXED: to properly export .env into process env for subcalls
  * FIXED: to support tar/bzip2/gzip/xz setup on macOS
  * FIXED: brew not to fail, if run from not reachable cwd with user of brewSudo
  * FIXED: errors in external tool calls when run in python3 in some cases
  * CHANGED: build-dep lists available deps when nothing is supplied
  * CHANGED: to initialize project/deploy config only if required by command
  * NEW: extended "cid deploy set" commands

0.7.99 not secure

* BREAKING CHANGE: dropped --rmsHash in favor of "{package}{hash-type}:{hash}"
  * BREAKING CHANGE: "cid promote" format to support multiple packages
  * BREAKING CHANGE: fixed long standing deviation from spec for entry point "path"
  * FIXED: scpTool working with remote locations with extra configuration
  * FIXED: not to use pre-built Ruby on Ubuntu Zesty (1.9) & Debian Stretch (any)
  * FIXED: to properly handle cases when user/deploy/project configs overlap
  * FIXED: to close all FDs before exec (affects Python 2)
  * FIXED: to use tarTool instead of direct call on package/deploy
  * FIXED: added pylint & fixed issues found
  * FIXED: complex configuration reading in in deploy scenario
  * FIXED: to properly setup persistent data & permissions on deploy
  * FIXED: apt-get to run in non-interactive mode
  * CHANGED: "cid promote" rms_pool to support "src_pool:dst_pool" format
  * CHANGED: internally cid promote is split into rmsUpload & rmsPromote
  * CHANGED: update scpTool to fully support RMS requirements & misc. optimizations
  * CHANGED: Brightbox rubies support Zesty now
  * CHANGED: to use ${HOME}/.cache/futoin-cid for implicit file operations
  * CHANGED: to always reload plugins and make sure precedence is CID->Config->Env
  * CHANGED: "cid deploy rms" is explicit now
  * CHANGED: to force tools update on deployment to mitigate security issues
  * CHANGED: to allow actions reference other actions for chaining
  * NEW: added FTN16 .pluginPacks support
  * NEW: added family of "cid rms" commands
  * NEW: added scpTool port support
  * NEW: added dockerTag env support for build process, improved 'tool exec'
  * NEW: added sshStrictHostKeyChecking=yes variable to sshTool (and its deps)
  * NEW: implemented RMS-mode support for Subversion
  * NEW: implemented Artifactory Pro RMS support
  * NEW: added JFrog CLI tool support
  * NEW: implemented Sonatype Nexus v2 RMS support (raw/site)
  * NEW: implemented Apache Archiva support (raw WebDAV)
  * NEW: added generic network timeouts support
  * NEW: implemented network timeouts for curl & requests
  * NEW: added generic memory & cpu limit concept
  * NEW: added separate phpfpmTool for entry points
  * NEW: "cid deploy setup" command
  * NEW: "cid service" commands
  * NEW: "cid devserve" command
  * NEW: added nginxTool
  * NEW: added uwsgiTool
  * NEW: added pumaTool
  * NEW: "cid sudoers" command
  * NEW: added bzip2Tool, gzipTool & xzTool
  * NEW: AlpineLinux support
  * NEW: added default and cid .actions placeholder
  * NEW: concept of "cid build-dep"
  * NEW: brewTool & full support of macOS

0.7.3 not secure

* FIXED: merge failed message to distinguish aborted/left as-is cases

0.7.2 not secure

* FIXED: git & hg can clone empty repos now
  * FIXED: git branching on empty repository
  * FIXED: svn repo path auto-detection for trunk
  * FIXED: svn to properly handle empty tags and branches
  * FIXED: svn branch to create parents and use repo to repo copy
  * FIXED: svn branch to check if branch already exists
  * CHANGED: "cid vcs checkout" supports checkout of default ref
  * CHANGED: "cid vcs reset" to abort git merge only if one is detected
  * CHANGED: added standard --wcDir to vcs subcommands
  * CHANGED: reduce verbosity of read-only VCS helper commands
  * NEW: added "vcs ismerged" sub-command

0.7.1 not secure

* FIXED: Hg to create local cache for "cid vcs" commands (is not local error)
  * CHANGED: "cid vcs" sub-commands tagslist->tags, revert->reset
  * NEW: "cid vcs branches"
  * NEW: added --cacheDir option

0.7.0 not secure

* FIXED: to detect RHEL more precisely
  * FIXED: to properly display non-string values in "cid tool env"
  * CHANGED: to pack list of project root items, but '.' by default
  * CHANGED: "cid tag" without <next_version> now always increments PATCH.
  * CHANGED: default packager to generate .package.checksums internally
  * CHANGED: default packager ignores only .git*, .hg* and .svn
  * CHANGED: to install Docker CE on RHEL & OL7 using CentOS packages
  * CHANGED: to install concurrent binary PHP:
  * Debian & Ubuntu: 5.6, 7.0 & 7.1 from
  * CentOS, RHEL, OracleLinux: 5.6, 7.0 from SCL
  * CHANGED: to install concurrent binary Ruby:
  * Debian & Ubuntu: 1.9, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 from Brightbox
  * CentOS, RHEL, OracleLinux: 1.9, 2.0, 2.2, 2.3 from SCL
  * NEW: added 'major', 'minor' and 'patch' modes for "cid tag"
  * NEW: implemented "cid vcs merge/branch/delete/export/taglist/revert"
  * NEW: added APT repository "codename fallback" feature
  * NEW: added Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty support

0.6.3 not secure

* FIXED: to properly use global & user env configuration
  * FIXED: pip-based tools to look only in virtualenv bin folder
  * FIXED: rustup tool update
  * CHANGED: default ci_build folder to include vcsRef
  * NEW: added "twine" as RMS tool for Python open source (experimental)

0.6.2 not secure

* FIXED: To use factual python major/minor version for default
  virtualenv dir. Issue introduced in 0.6.1
  * FIXED: not to run default packager, if custom packager fails
  * FIXED: to fail, if custom binary artifact is not found
  * FIXED: ant, cargo, gradle and setuptools to use proper pattern for package search
  * CHANGED: VCS tools to use CWD instead of wcDir state
  * CHANGED: to preserve VCS info on CWD change, if not provided
  as command line arguments
  * CHANGED: ci_build default --wcDir to "../ci_builds/{basename cwd}",
  if --vcsRepo is not provided (taken from current project checkout)
  * NEW: Added missing --wcDir parameter to ci_build
  * NEW: Added more info messages to show rename and CWD change
  * NEW: added version extraction from gradlew properties  for gradleTool


* FIXED: Fixed to setup Zulu JDK on Fedora
  * FIXED: To check for actual value instead of presence of var in env
  * FIXED: Fixed pythonTool not to overwrite pythonVer
  * NEW: Added info message on _rmTree() call
  * NEW: Added release date to automatic CHANGELOG.txt update

0.6.0 not secure

* FIXED: to properly search for ${HOME}/.futoin.json as defined in
  specs. Left fallback to ${HOME}/futoin.json, if ${HOME} is not
  working directory.
  * FIXED: to auto-detect tools listed in config.entryPoints
  * FIXED: broken auto-detection for Gruntfile.js
  * FIXED: setuptools to properly add generated packages to global state
  * FIXED: to allow "cid package" to complete, if VCS is not known
  * FIXED: to allow tagging with no automatic file changes
  * FIXED: to always dump "cid tool env" in sorted order
  * CHANGED: auto-detection mechanism to use pre-created set of
  project root files instead of using filesystem to support
  possible "remote" auto-detection.
  * CHANGED: ci_build command to allow operation without RMS
  * CHANGED: Revised error messages & fixed to use proper API instead of
  direct exceptions
  * CHANGED: to remove ci_build working directory, if unable to backup
  * CHANGED: vcs tools to allow commit & push without explicit arguments
  * CHANGED: vcs tests to run only vcs tests. Dropped pre-built tars.
  * NEW: Added better error checking of unknown tools
  * NEW: Added "cid tool detect"
  * NEW: Added tool version support as parameter to "cid tool *" commands
  * NEW: Added tool version sanitization to drop bug-fix/patch parts
  * NEW: Added automatically generated auto-detection info to "tool describe"
  * NEW: Added "cid vcs checkout" and "cid vcs commit" commands

0.5.5 not secure

* Cosmetic improvement to error/warning/info messages
  * Changed sys.exit(1) to RuntimeException handled in single place
  - Produces helpful callstack

0.5.4 not secure

* Minor corrections in README
  * Added previously not documented "cid migrate" command
  * Added CID_COLOR=yes|no environment variable support to
  unconditionally configure output coloring
  * Fixed composer not to disable scripts on package command
  * Updated php to also install sqlite module
  * Deployment procedure fixes:
  * Fixed to properly enable build in vcstag/vcsref mode
  * Fixed build to happen before read-only permissions are set
  * Fixed deployDir != '.' cases
  * Added safety feature to make sure deployDir is empty
  or already has deploy lock in it
  * Restored behavior not to fail, if already deployed - exit
  with success
  * Changed default CI build package name according to FTN16
  * Added info messages for operation in progress
  * Changed to allow deployment futoin.json to override
  project config settings
  * Added support for GZip static & checksums generation in
  default package logic
  * Added FNT16 changes for .packageFiles dynamic variable
  - Added new tool API _addPackageFiles()
  - Updated ant, cargo, gradle, maven, puppet and sbt to
  properly set binary artifacts for RMS upload
  * Fixed to properly exit with error status on exception

0.5.3 not secure

* Added nice handling of user abort (no default call stack)
  * Added preliminary and not yet tested support for macOS

0.5.2 not secure

* Added missing README for "cid init"
  * Added RHEL & Oracle Linux support
  * Minor improvements to Docker & DockerCompose support
  * Added nice colored output, if stdout is a terminal

0.5.1 not secure

* Removed python-version specific commands from
  (solves universal wheel entry_points)

0.5.0 not secure

* Bumped version to properly represent amount of changes

0.4.5 not secure

* Fixed to properly auto-add 'futoin' to existing config 'tools'
  * Added .entryPoints error checking
  * Fixed rustTool to inherit from RuntimeTool
  * Added experimental "cid run" command changes
  * Added dummy exeTool
  * Changed to run vagrant unit tests outside of sync folder
  * Added support for APT/DNF/Yum/Zypper custom repositories
  * Changed to use Zulu JDK instead of system packages
  - Still possible to override with custom install & jdkDir
  - changed jdkTool to support jdkDir instead of jdkBin
  - Added setup of JAVA_HOME & JRE_HOME for javaTool
  - Added setup of JAVA_HOME & JDK_HOME for jdkTool
  - ArchLinux & Gentoo still use system OpenJDK builds
  * Added feature of SubTool.envDeps() to automatically set version
  requirements for dependencies
  * Updated SDKMAN-based tools to properly require minimal Java version:
  - Gradle (8), Maven (7), SBT(8), Scala(8)
  * Added gcc and binutils tools
  * Added new "cid init" command as speced in FTN16
  * Implemented global tool management lock
  * Added Docker CE installation support

0.4.4 not secure

* Fixed to make GVM happy with toolchain deps even for binary installation
  * Added sanitization of futoin.json input variables:
  - Unknown variables are dropped for future compatibility
  - Known variables have basic type check with abort on error
  * Changed exception stack trace to more clean error messages
  * Fixed to auto-add futoin tool to project, if futoin.json is read from it
  - Solves problem of disabled auto-detection

0.4.3 not secure

* Changed "tool exec" to execute interactively instead of CID (not as child)
  * Added GVM and Golang support
  * Added Rust, rustup and Cargo tool support
  * Fixed invalid handling of "tools" in futoin.json. Now, it expects a map
  of tool=>version pairs as described in FTN16
  * Fixed bug when path was not properly prepended, affects java, jdk, php
  * Added --debug switch for builds
  * Improved CLI docopt definition

0.4.2 not secure

* Fixed gemInstallArgs issue when exported in env

0.4.1 not secure

* Fixed SDKMAN tools (gradle, maven) uninstall & accidental install on "test"
  * Added support for SDKMAN tool {name}Ver environment variables
  * Added Ant support
  * Added Scala and SBT support
  * Changed CMake to build in dedicated folder and not to depend on make
  * Harmonized BuildTools to cleanup in onPrepare
  * Updated BuildTools tests
  * Changed default tool order to 0
  * Added "cid tool list" and "cid tool describe" commands
  * Updated README with better description of commands
  * Added basic documentation of supported tools

0.4.0 not secure

* Added "cid tool (prepare|build|check|package|migrate) <tool_name>"
  * Added new TestTool and MigrationTool bases
  * Split onCheck/onPrepare/onBuild/onPackage/onMigrate between
  BuildTool, TestTool and MigrationTool bases
  * Added related constraints for base checks
  * Fixed not to try execution of user-supplied overrides for "cid tool *"
  * Added missing pacman/emerge info in readme
  * Added _loadJSONConfig() internal API & minor refactoring
  * Fixed to ignore failure of missing config load (e.g. npm as dep of bower)
  * Implemented BuilTool unit tests and fixed: Bundler, CMake,
  Grunt (CLI install), Gulp
  * Added SDKMAN, zip and unzip tools
  * Added experimental Java JRE & JDK support
  * Added Gradle & Maven support

0.3.3 not secure

* Added experimental Gentoo Linux support
  * Added ArchLinux support
  * Fixed Git checkout logic to avoid loose of not pushed changes
  * Changed VCS tools not to have side-effects on CWD and always obey wcDir

0.3.2 not secure

* Fixed system gem to properly use --no-document vs --no-rdoc --no-ri
  depending on version (fixes Ubuntu Trusty)
  * Fixed system gems to installed into GEM_HOME with --no-format-executable
  (fixes OpenSUSE)
  * Added make and cmake support
  * Fixed "post deps" algorithm to properly unwind full tree again
  * Added cidTool & added cid as post dep for virtualenv to resolve
  issues with calling cid with virtualenv enabled
  * Updated unit tests to properly pip-install cid from sources before testing

0.3.1 not secure

* Fedora 25 support
  * Added DNF support (alias for Yum)

0.3.0 not secure

* Fixed to install epel-release before installing python34 in yum
  * Updated README/CHANGELOG to make setuptools check happy
  * Fixed gemTool to use custom GEM_HOME, if system Ruby is used
  * Added Ruby bundler support as bundlerTool
  * Added docker-composer support as dockercomposerTool
  * Extended internal API for _addEnvPath/_addBinPath
  * Refactoring:
  * added BashToolMixIn, GemToolMixIn, npmToolMixIn,
  pipToolMixIn and integrated into dependent tools
  * Added new "check" command from FTN16
  * Added predicatable tool execution ordering
  * Fixed to properly support externally passed {tool}Bin
  * Got rid of getType() API in favor of multi-role approach

0.2.4 not secure

* Fixed Python3 issue when running with custom plugins


* Re-release after package removal from PyPI
  * Fixed unit tests for released package


* Fixed setuptoolsTool to install docutils & allow check failure


* Added virtualenv and pip tools
  * Changed Python version 3 as default for pythonTool
  * Added bundled docopt and fallback to it, if docopt is not found
  * Fixed issues in setuptoolsTool
  * Added FTN16 project manifest-based plugins
  * Fixed to properly handle custom "actions"
  * Added CID self-release support
  * Changed Ruby & PHP tools to install epel-release when Yum is available
  * Implemented new deploy modes: vcsref & vcstag
  * Added proper error checking for rms & rms tool when required
  * Added deploy lock
  * Added prepare & build in deploy (optional for rms)
  * Refactoring of internal API:
  * use MixIns
  * make private and avoid classmethods
  * new API _rmTree() with workaround for read-only files
  * improved Git, Hg and SVN handling
  * extended vcsTool base class API
  * extended unit tests
  * Changed default wcDir to cwd for all commands,
  except ci_build where default is 'ci_build'
  * Added tarTool
  * Changed current working directory processing to be more consistent

0.1.1 not secure

* Initial PyPI release