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* `HiromuHota`_: Remove ``data_model_utils.tabular.same_document``, which
always returns True because a candidate can only have mentions from the same
document under the current implemention of ``CandidateExtractorUDF``.

* `senwu`_: Fix the doc about the PostgreSQL version requirement.

* `HiromuHota`_: Add notes about the current implementation of data models.
* `HiromuHota`_: Add Featurizerupsert_keys.
* `HiromuHota`_: Update the doc for OS X about an external dependency on libomp.
* `HiromuHota`_: Add to unit test Classifier and its subclasses.
* `senwu`_: Add to unit test simple_tokenizer.
* `HiromuHota`_: Add to unit test spacy_parser.

* `HiromuHota`_: Assign a section for mention spaces.
* `HiromuHota`_: Incorporate entity_confusion_matrix as a first-class citizen and rename it to confusion_matrix because it can be used both entity-level and mention-level.
* `HiromuHota`_: Separate Spacy_split_sentences_by_char_limit to test itself.
* `HiromuHota`_: Refactor the custom sentence_boundary_detector for readability and efficiency.
* `HiromuHota`_: Remove a redundant argument, document, from Spacysplit_sentences.
* `HiromuHota`_: Refactor TokenPreservingTokenizer for readability.



* `lukehsiao`_: Fix Meta initialization bug which would configure logging
upon import rather than allowing the user to configure logging themselves.



* `senwu`_: update the spacy version to v2.1.x.
* `lukehsiao`_: provide ``fonduer.init_logging()`` as a way to configure
logging to a temp directory by default.

.. note::

Although you can still configure ``logging`` manually, with this change
we also provide a function for initializing logging. For example, you
can call:

.. code:: python

import logging
import fonduer

Optionally configure logging
format="[%(asctime)s][%(levelname)s] %(name)s:%(lineno)s - %(message)s",

session = fonduer.Meta.init(conn_string).Session()

which will create logs within the ``log_folder`` directory. If logging is
not explicitly initialized, we will provide a default configuration which
will store logs in a temporary directory.

* `senwu`_: Update the whole logging strategy.

.. note::
For the whole logging strategy:

With this change, the running log is stored ``fonduer.log`` in the
``{fonduer.Meta.log_path}/{datetime}`` folder. User can specify it
using ``fonduer.init_logging()``. It also contains the learning logs init.

For learning logging strategy:

Previously, the model checkpoints are stored in the user provided folder
by ``save_dir`` and the name for checkpoint is

With this change, the model is saved in the subfolder of the same folder
``fonduer.Meta.log_path`` with log file file. Each learning run creates a
subfolder under name ``{datetime}_{model_name}`` with all model checkpoints
and tensorboard log file init. To use the tensorboard to check the learning
curve, run ``tensorboard --logdir LOG_FOLDER``.

* `senwu`_: Change the exception condition to make sure parser run end to end.
* `lukehsiao`_: Fix parser error when text was located in the ``tail`` of an
LXML table node..
* `HiromuHota`_: Store lemmas and pos_tags in case they are returned from a
* `HiromuHota`_: Use unidic instead of ipadic for Japanese.
(`231 <>`_)
* `senwu`_: Use mecab-python3 version 0.7 for Japanese tokenization since
spaCy only support version 0.7.
* `HiromuHota`_: Use black 18.9b0 or higher to be consistent with isort.
(`225 <>`_)
* `HiromuHota`_: Workaround no longer required for Japanese as of spaCy v2.1.0.
(`224 <>`_)
* `senwu`_: Update the metal version.
* `senwu`_: Expose the ``b`` and ``pos_label`` in training.
* `senwu`_: Fix the issue that pdfinfo causes parsing error when it contains
more than one ``Page``.



* `lukehsiao`_: Removed the redundant ``get_gold_labels`` function.

.. note::

Rather than calling get_gold_labels directly, call it from the Labeler:

.. code:: python

from fonduer.supervision import Labeler
labeler = Labeler(session, [relations])
L_gold_train = labeler.get_gold_labels(train_cands, annotator='gold')

Rather than:

.. code:: python

from fonduer.supervision import Labeler, get_gold_labels
labeler = Labeler(session, [relations])
L_gold_train = get_gold_labels(session, train_cands, annotator_name='gold')

* `lukehsiao`_: improved performance of ``data_model_utils`` through caching
and simplifying the underlying queries.
(`212 <>`_,
`215 <>`_)
* `senwu`_: upgrade to PyTorch v1.0.0.
(`209 <>`_)

* `senwu`_: Improve type checking in featurization.
* `lukehsiao`_: Fixed sentence.sentence_num bug in get_neighbor_sentence_ngrams.
* `lukehsiao`_: Add session synchronization to sqlalchemy delete queries.
(`214 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Update PyYAML dependency to patch CVE-2017-18342.
(`205 <>`_)
* `KenSugimoto`_: Fix max/min in ``visualizer.get_box``



* `senwu`_: Support CSV, TSV, Text input data format.
For CSV format, ``CSVDocPreprocessor`` treats each line in the input file as
a document. It assumes that each column is one section and content in each
column as one paragraph as default. However, if the column is complex, an
advanced parser may be used by specifying ``parser_rule`` parameter in a dict
format where key is the column index and value is the specific parser.

.. note::

In Fonduer v0.5.0, you can use ``CSVDocPreprocessor``:

.. code:: python

from fonduer.parser import Parser
from fonduer.parser.preprocessors import CSVDocPreprocessor
from fonduer.utils.utils_parser import column_constructor

max_docs = 10

Define specific parser for the third column (index 2), which takes ``text``,
``name=None``, ``type="text"``, and ``delim=None`` as input and generate
``(content type, content name, content)`` for ``build_node``
in ``fonduer.utils.utils_parser``.
parser_rule = {
2: partial(column_constructor, type="figure"),

doc_preprocessor = CSVDocPreprocessor(
PATH_TO_DOCS, max_docs=max_docs, header=True, parser_rule=parser_rule

corpus_parser = Parser(session, structural=True, lingual=True, visual=False)
corpus_parser.apply(doc_preprocessor, parallelism=PARALLEL)

all_docs = corpus_parser.get_documents()

For TSV format, ``TSVDocPreprocessor`` assumes each line in input file as a
document which should follow (doc_name <tab> doc_text) format.

For Text format, ``TextDocPreprocessor`` assumes one document per file.

* `HiromuHota`_: Modify docstring of functions that return get_sparse_matrix
* `lukehsiao`_: Fix the behavior of ``get_last_documents`` to return Documents
that are correctly linked to the database and can be navigated by the user.
(`201 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Fix the behavior of MentionExtractor ``clear`` and
``clear_all`` to also delete the Candidates that correspond to the Mentions.

* `senwu`_: Reorganize ``learning`` module to use pytorch dataloader, include
``MultiModalDataset`` to better handle multimodal information, and simplify
the code
* `senwu`_: Remove ``batch_size`` input argument from ``_calc_logits``,
``marginals``, ``predict``, and ``score`` in ``Classifier``
* `senwu`_: Rename ``predictions`` to ``predict`` in ``Classifier`` and update
the input arguments to have ``pos_label`` (assign positive label for binary class
prediction) and ``return_probs`` (If True, return predict probablities as well)
* `senwu`_: Update ``score`` function in ``Classifier`` to include:
(1) For binary: precision, recall, F-beta score, accuracy, ROC-AUC score;
(2) For categorical: accuracy;
* `senwu`_: Remove ``LabelBalancer``
* `senwu`_: Remove original ``Classifier`` class, rename ``NoiseAwareModel`` to
``Classifier`` and use the same setting for both binary and multi-class classifier
* `senwu`_: Unify the loss (``SoftCrossEntropyLoss``) for all settings
* `senwu`_: Rename ``layers`` in learning module to ``modules``
* `senwu`_: Update code to use Python 3.6+'s f-strings
* `HiromuHota`_: Reattach doc with the current session at
MentionExtractorUDFapply to avoid doing so at each MentionSpace.



* `senwu`_: Added alpha spacy support for Chinese tokenizer.

* `senwu`_: fix non-deterministic issue from get_candidates and get_mentions
by parallel candidate/mention generation.

* `lukehsiao`_: Add soft version pinning to avoid failures due to dependency
API changes.
* `j-rausch`_: Change ``get_row_ngrams`` and ``get_col_ngrams`` to return
``None`` if the passed ``Mention`` argument is not inside a table.
(`194 <>`_)



* `senwu`_: Rename ``span`` attribute to ``context`` in mention_subclass to
better support mulitmodal mentions.
(`184 <>`_)

.. note::
The way to retrieve corresponding data model object from mention changed.
In Fonduer v0.3.6, we use ``.span``:

.. code:: python

sent_mention is a SentenceMention
sentence = sent_mention.span.sentence

With this release, we use ``.context``:

.. code:: python

sent_mention is a SentenceMention
sentence = sent_mention.context.sentence

* `senwu`_: Add support to extract multimodal candidates and add
``DoNothingMatcher`` matcher.
(`184 <>`_)

.. note::
The Mention extraction support all data types in data model. In Fonduer
v0.3.6, Mention extraction only supports ``MentionNgrams`` and

.. code:: python

from fonduer.candidates import (

With this release, it supports all data types:

.. code:: python

from fonduer.candidates import (

* `senwu`_: Add support to parse multiple sections in parser, fix webpage
context, and add name column for each context in data model.
(`182 <>`_)

* `senwu`_: Remove unnecessary backref in mention generation.
* `j-rausch`_: Improve error handling for invalid row spans.
(`183 <>`_)



* `lukehsiao`_: Updated snorkel-metal version requirement to ensure new syntax
works when a user upgrades Fonduer.
* `lukehsiao`_: Improve error messages on PostgreSQL connection and update FAQ.



* `senwu`_: Add ``SparseLSTM`` support reducing the memory used by the LSTM
for large applications.
(`175 <>`_)

.. note::
With the SparseLSTM discriminative model, we save memory for the origin
LSTM model while sacrificing runtime. In Fonduer v0.3.5, SparseLSTM is as

.. code:: python

from fonduer.learning import SparseLSTM

disc_model = SparseLSTM()
(train_cands, train_feature), train_marginals, n_epochs=5, lr=0.001

* `senwu`_: Fix issue with ``get_last_documents`` returning the incorrect
number of docs and update the tests.
(`176 <>`_)

* `senwu`_: Use the latest MeTaL syntax and fix flake8 issues.
(`173 <>`_)



* `senwu`_: Use ``sqlalchemy`` to check connection string. Use ``postgresql``
instead of ``postgres`` in connection string.

* `lukehsiao`_: The features/labels/gold_label key tables were not properly
designed for multiple relations in that they indistinguishably shared the
global index of keys. This fixes this issue by including the names of the
relations associated with each key. In addition, this ensures that clearing a
single relation, or relabeling a single training relation does not
inadvertently corrupt the global index of keys.
(`167 <>`_)


* `lukehsiao`_: Added ``longest_match_only`` parameter to
:class:`LambdaFunctionMatcher`, which defaults to False, rather than True.
(`165 <>`_)

* `lukehsiao`_: Fixes the behavior of the ``get_between_ngrams`` data model
util. (`164 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Batch queries so that PostgreSQL buffers aren't exceeded.
(`162 <>`_)


* `lukehsiao`_: Fix attribute error when using MentionFigures.

* `lukehsiao`_: :class:`MentionNgrams` ``split_tokens`` now defaults to an
empty list and splits on all occurrences, rather than just the first
* `j-rausch`_: Parser will now skip documents with parsing errors rather than


* `lukehsiao`_: Fix the layers module in fonduer.learning.disc_models.layers.


* `lukehsiao`_: Add supporting functions for incremental knowledge base
construction. (`154 <>`_)
* `j-rausch`_: Added alpha spacy support for Japanese tokenizer.
* `senwu`_: Add sparse logistic regression support.
* `senwu`_: Support Python 3.7.
* `lukehsiao`_: Allow user to change featurization settings by providing
``.fonduer-config.yaml`` in their project.
* `lukehsiao`_: Add a new Mention object, and have Candidate objects be
composed of Mention objects, rather than directly of Spans. This allows a
single Mention to be reused in multiple relations.
* `lukehsiao`_: Improved connection-string validation for the Meta class.

* `j-rausch`_: ``Document.text`` now returns the modified document text, based
on the user-defined html-tag stripping in the parsing stage.
* `j-rausch`_: ``Ngrams`` now has a ``n_min`` argument to specify a minimum
number of tokens per extracted n-gram.
* `lukehsiao`_: Rename ``BatchLabelAnnotator`` to ``Labeler`` and
``BatchFeatureAnnotator`` to ``Featurizer``. The classes now support multiple
* `j-rausch`_: Made spacy tokenizer to default tokenizer, as long as there
is (alpha) support for the chosen language. lingual argument now
specifies whether additional spacy NLP processing shall be performed.
* `senwu`_: Reorganize the disc model structure.
(`126 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Add ``session`` and ``parallelism`` as a parameter to all UDF
* `j-rausch`_: Sentence splitting in lingual mode is now performed by
spacy's sentencizer instead of the dependency parser. This can lead to
variations in sentence segmentation and tokenization.
* `j-rausch`_: Added ``language`` argument to ``Parser`` for specification
of language used by ``spacy_parser``. E.g. ``language='en'.
* `senwu`_: Change weak supervision learning framework from numbskull to
`MeTaL <>_`.
(`119 <>`_)
* `senwu`_: Change learning framework from Tensorflow to PyTorch.
(`115 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Blacklist <script> nodes by default when parsing HTML docs.
* `lukehsiao`_: Reorganize ReadTheDocs structure to mirror the repository
structure. Now, each pipeline phase's user-facing API is clearly shown.
* `lukehsiao`_: Rather than importing ambiguously from ``fonduer`` directly,
disperse imports into their respective pipeline phases. This eliminates
circular dependencies, and makes imports more explicit and clearer to the
user where each import is originating from.
* `lukehsiao`_: Provide debug logging of external subprocess calls.
* `lukehsiao`_: Use ``tdqm`` for progress bar (including multiprocessing).
* `lukehsiao`_: Set the default PostgreSQL client encoding to "utf8".
* `lukehsiao`_: Organize documentation for ``data_model_utils`` by modality.
(`85 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Rename ``lf_helpers`` to ``data_model_utils``, since they can
be applied more generally to throttlers or used for error analysis, and are
not limited to just being used in labeling functions.
* `lukehsiao`_: Update the CHANGELOG to start following `KeepAChangelog
<>`_ conventions.

* `lukehsiao`_: Remove the XMLMultiDocPreprocessor.
* `lukehsiao`_: Remove the ``reduce`` option for UDFs, which were unused.
* `lukehsiao`_: Remove get parent/children/sentence generator from Context.
(`87 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Remove dependency on ``pdftotree``, which is currently unused.

* `j-rausch`_: Improve ``spacy_parser`` performance. We split the lingual
parsing pipeline into two stages. First, we parse structure and gather all
sentences for a document. Then, we merge and feed all sentences per document
into the spacy NLP pipeline for more efficient processing.
* `senwu`_: Speed-up of ``_get_node`` using caching.
* `HiromuHota`_: Fixed bug with Ngram splitting and empty TemporarySpans.
(`108 <>`_,
`112 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Fixed PDF path validation when using ``visual=True`` during
* `lukehsiao`_: Fix Meta bug which would not switch databases when init() was
called with a new connection string.

.. note::
With the addition of Mentions, the process of Candidate extraction has
changed. In Fonduer v0.2.3, Candidate extraction was as follows:

.. code:: python

candidate_extractor = CandidateExtractor(PartAttr,
[part_ngrams, attr_ngrams],
[part_matcher, attr_matcher],

candidate_extractor.apply(docs, split=0, parallelism=PARALLEL)

With this release, you will now first extract Mentions and then extract
Candidates based on those Mentions:

.. code:: python

Mention Extraction
part_ngrams = MentionNgramsPart(parts_by_doc=None, n_max=3)
temp_ngrams = MentionNgramsTemp(n_max=2)
volt_ngrams = MentionNgramsVolt(n_max=1)

Part = mention_subclass("Part")
Temp = mention_subclass("Temp")
Volt = mention_subclass("Volt")
mention_extractor = MentionExtractor(
[Part, Temp, Volt],
[part_ngrams, temp_ngrams, volt_ngrams],
[part_matcher, temp_matcher, volt_matcher],
mention_extractor.apply(docs, split=0, parallelism=PARALLEL)

Candidate Extraction
PartTemp = candidate_subclass("PartTemp", [Part, Temp])
PartVolt = candidate_subclass("PartVolt", [Part, Volt])

candidate_extractor = CandidateExtractor(
[PartTemp, PartVolt],
throttlers=[temp_throttler, volt_throttler]

candidate_extractor.apply(docs, split=0, parallelism=PARALLEL)

Furthermore, because Candidates are now composed of Mentions rather than
directly of Spans, to get the Span object from a mention, use the ``.span``
attribute of a Mention.

.. note::
Fonduer has been reorganized to require more explicit import syntax. In
Fonduer v0.2.3, nearly everything was imported directly from fonduer:

.. code:: python

from fonduer import (

With this release, you will now import from each pipeline phase. This makes
imports more explicit and allows you to more clearly see which pipeline
phase each import is associated with:

.. code:: python

from fonduer import Meta
from fonduer.candidates import CandidateExtractor, MentionExtractor
from fonduer.candidates.matchers import (
from fonduer.candidates.models import candidate_subclass, mention_subclass
from fonduer.features import Featurizer
from metal.label_model import LabelModel  GenerativeModel in v0.2.3
from fonduer.learning import SparseLogisticRegression
from fonduer.parser import Parser
from fonduer.parser.models import Document, Sentence
from fonduer.parser.preprocessors import HTMLDocPreprocessor
from fonduer.supervision import Labeler, get_gold_labels



* `lukehsiao`_: Support Figures nested in Cell contexts and Paragraphs in
Figure contexts.
(`84 <>`_)



.. note::
Version 0.2.0 and 0.2.1 had to be skipped due to errors in uploading those
versions to PyPi. Consequently, v0.2.2 is the version directly after

.. warning::
This release is NOT backwards compatable with v0.1.8. The code has now been
refactored into submodules, where each submodule corresponds with a phase
of the Fonduer pipeline. Consequently, you may need to adjust the paths
of your imports from Fonduer.

* `lukehsiao`_: Remove the futures imports, truly making Fonduer Python 3
only. Also reorganize the codebase into submodules for each pipeline phase.
(`59 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Split models and preprocessors into individual files.
(`60 <>`_,
`64 <>`_)
* `senwu`_: Add branding, OSX tests.
(`61 <>`_,
`62 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Rename to Phrase to Sentence.
(`72 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Update the Data Model to include Caption, Section, Paragraph.
(`76 <>`_,
`77 <>`_,
`78 <>`_)
* `senwu`_: Split up lf_helpers into separate files for each modality.
(`81 <>`_)
* A variety of small bugfixes and code cleanup.
(`view milestone <>`_)



* `senwu`_: Remove the Viewer, which is unused in Fonduer
(`55 <>`_)
* `senwu`_: Fix SimpleTokenizer for lingual features are disabled
(`53 <>`_)
* `prabh06`_: Extend styles parsing and add regex search
(`52 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Remove unnecessary encoding in __repr__
(`50 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Fix LocationMatch NER tags for spaCy
(`50 <>`_)



.. warning::
This release is NOT backwards compatable with v0.1.6. Specifically, the
``snorkel`` submodule in fonduer has been removed. Any previous imports of
the form:

.. code:: python

from fonduer.snorkel._ import _

Should drop the ``snorkel`` submodule:

.. code:: python

from fonduer._ import _

.. tip::
To leverage the logging output of Fonduer, such as in a Jupyter Notebook,
you can configure a logger in your application:

.. code:: python

import logging

logging.basicConfig(stream=sys.stdout, format='[%(levelname)s] %(name)s - %(message)s')
log = logging.getLogger('fonduer')

* `lukehsiao`_: Remove SQLite code, switch to logging, and absorb snorkel
codebase directly into the fonduer package for simplicity
(`44 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Add lf_helpers to ReadTheDocs
(`42 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Remove unused package dependencies
(`41 <>`_)



* `senwu`_: Fix support for providing a PostgreSQL username and password as
part of the connection string provided to Meta.init()
(`40 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Switch README from Markdown to reStructuredText


.. warning::
This release is NOT backwards compatable with v0.1.4. Specifically, in order
to initialize a session with postgresql, you no longer do

.. code:: python

os.environ['SNORKELDB'] = 'postgres://localhost:5432/' + DBNAME
from fonduer import SnorkelSession
session = SnorkelSession()

which had the side-effects of manipulating your database tables on import
(or creating a ``snorkel.db`` file if you forgot to set the environment
variable). Now, you use the Meta class to initialize your session:

.. code:: python

from fonduer import Meta
session = Meta.init("postgres://localhost:5432/" + DBNAME).Session()

No side-effects occur until ``Meta`` is initialized.

* `lukehsiao`_: Remove reliance on environment vars and remove side-effects of
importing fonduer (`36 <>`_)
* `lukehsiao`_: Bring codebase in PEP8 compliance and add automatic code-style
checks (`37 <>`_)



* `lukehsiao`_: Separate tutorials into their own repo (`31



Minor hotfix to the README formatting for PyPi.



* `lukehsiao`_: Deploy Fonduer to PyPi using Travis-CI

For convenience, all username links for contributors can be listed here

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.. _senwu:
.. _prabh06:
.. _HiromuHota:
.. _j-rausch:
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