Changelogs » Foliantcontrib.includes

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-   When getting the included content by URL, take into account the `charset` parameter of the `Content-Type` response header field.


-   Add the `wrap_code` and `code_language` attributes to mark up the included content as fence code block or inline code.
  -   Prevent to create cache directory when it’s not needed. Improve code style. Refactor a little.


-   Add the `extensions` config parameter to process file types different from `.md`.
  -   Add the `url` attribute to include content that is available by HTTP(S) URL.


-   Support meta 1.3.


-   Support meta 1.2.


-   Allow to specify custom options for EscapeCode preprocessor as the `escape_code.options` config parameter value.


-   Escape regular expression metacharacters in starting and ending headings, IDs, modifiers.


-   Remove meta blocks from the included content.


-   Allow for the starting and ending headings to be 1-character long.


-   Allow to specify IDs of anchors in the `from_id` and `to_id` attributes. Support the `to_end` attribute.


-   Fix include statement regex pattern. Tags joined with `|` must be in non-capturing parentheses.


-   Support `escape_code` config option. Require Foliant 1.0.10 and escapecode preprocessor 1.0.0.
  -   Process `sethead` recursively.


-   Support Foliant 1.0.9. Add processing of `!path`, `!project_path`, and `!rel_path` modifiers (i.e. YAML tags) in attribute values of pseudo-XML tags inside the included content. Replace the values that preceded by these modifiers with absolute paths resolved depending on current context.
  -   Allow to specify the top-level (“root”) directory of Foliant project that the included file belongs to, with optional `project_root` attribute of the `<include>` tag. This can be necessary to resolve the `!path` and the `!project_path` modifiers in the included content correctly.
  -   Allow to specify all necessary parameters of each include statement as attribute values of pseudo-XML tags. Keep legacy syntax for backward compatibility.
  -   Update README.


-   Take into account the results of work of preprocessors that may be applied before includes within a single Foliant project. Rewrite the currently processed Markdown file path with the path of corresponding file that is located inside the project source directory *only* if the currently processed Markdown file is located inside the temporary working directory *and* the included file is located outside the temporary working directory. Keep all paths unchanged in all other cases.


-   Do not rewrite source Markdown file if an error occurs.


-   Don’t crash on failed repo sync (i.e. when you’re offline).


-   Require at least one space after hashes in the beginning of each heading.
  -   Add `inline` option to the `<include>` tag.
  -   Fix the bug: do not ignore empty lines after headings when using `sethead`.
  -   Fix the bug: allow to use less than 3 characters in the heading content.
  -   Do not mark as headings the strings that contain more than 6 leading hashes. If shifted heading level is more than 6, mark the heading content as bold paragraph text, not as heading.


-   Fix paths resolving in case of recursive processing of include statements.
  -   Allow revision markers in repo aliases.


-   Fix logging in file search method.
  -   Fix top heading level calculation.


-   Use paths that are relative to the current processed Markdown file.
  -   Fix `sethead` behavior for headings that contains hashes (``).


-   Fix the pattern for headings detection.


-   Allow hashes (`` characters) in the content of headings.


-   Fix inappropriate translation of image URLs into local paths.


-   Fix git repo name detection when the repo part contains full stops.