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- Add git to BuildRequires (now required by tests)
  - Use coveralls to report coverage results
  - Adjust Tree.node() implementation, extend tests
  - Get metadata for unique id [fix 67]
  - Use the fedora-all target in packit config (72)
  - Define the full fmf identifier [fix 52]
  - A minor cleanup of the concept documentation
  - Always ignore special system directories
  - Filesystem root and inaccessible dirs [fix 70]
  - Rename the 'testsets' directory to 'plans'


* Mock is not needed for docs, fix missing new line
  * Provide a public static method Tree.init()
  * Support custom conjunction like 'or' in listed()
  * Update smoke testset to the latest L2 spec
  * Fix build conditional default for englocale
  * Use raw strings for regular expression patterns
  * Update the list of supported Python versions


* Update spec to build Python 3 packages only
  * Move unit tests into a separate directory
  * Move testsets, include a super simple smoke test
  * Initial set of stories and tests
  * Enable beakerlib smoke test in the testing farm
  * Add a simple beakerlib test for command line help
  * Clean up the docs build folder directly
  * Enable packit


* Add advanced python filtering [fix 55]
  * Drop explicit locale setting during build and install
  * Drop Python 2 subpackage on Fedora 30+ (1647798)
  * Better handle yaml errors [fix 50]
  * Support reducing attributes using the "-" suffix
  * Prevent extra new lines in the show() output
  * Adjust FullLoader to load all strings as unicode
  * Suppress yaml warnings by specifying the loader
  * Support Tree.find() for non-leaf nodes as well


- Ignore directories with no metadata defined
  - Give a nice error when .fmf file exists [fix 37]
  - Ignore metadata subtrees [fix 43]
  - Support for direct deep dictionary value retrieval
  - Separate exception for missing tree root [fix 42]
  - Move data merging into a separate method [fix 41]
  - Ensure that data or parent are provided for Tree
  - Test coverage for yaml syntax and finding root
  - Do not walk through the whole directory hierarchy
  - Example typo, handle yaml parse errors [fix 38]
  - Require the same version of the rpm package


- Add support for subcommands [fix 32]
  - Define metadata tree root [fix 26]
  - Enable regular expressions in --filter [fix 35]
  - Support merging dictionary values as well
  - Build Python 3 package for pip as well
  - Add more detailed logging for easier debugging
  - Correctly handle deep inheritance [fix 31]
  - Load all strings from YAML files as Unicode
  - Prevent data modification in filter [fix 30]
  - Fix inheritance of scattered files [fix 25]




* Remove the unreliable syntactic sugar [fix 2]
  * Add a simple example of a BeakerLib test
  * Improve the output, fix the encoding issue [21]
  * Add sources as value for string formatting
  * Show source files in debug mode [fix 15]
  * Allow deeper one-line hierarchy [fix 17]
  * Update the list of supported Python versions
  * Use name 'root' for directory where Tree is rooted
  * Fix the full path custom format example
  * Move documentation to the fmf rpm package
  * Remove entry_points, custom format merged into fmf
  * Add a few custom format examples
  * Update docs with the custom format support
  * Run both Python 2 and Python 3 tests locally
  * Make eval() work with with Python 3 as well
  * Integrate custom formatting into base & cli
  * The first draft of output formatting
  * Enable python3 tests, python3 executable in Fedora
  * Python 3 compatibility changes
  * Show nothing if there are no metadata [fix 12]
  * Clean up before preparing the source files
  * Make setup methods compatible with older pytest


- Build a separate fmf package for the executable
  - Add docs example for setting up storage
  - Improve command line test coverage
  - Smoke tests for logging and coloring
  - Tests for pluralize, listed and split
  - Include a simple example of python code
  - Separate base tests, forgotten asserts, cleanup
  - Several adjustments for the attributes adding
  - Adding ability to add value to parent attribute
  - Fix Tree.get() to correctly return data
  - Make the spec do python2 & python3 and EPEL & Fedora
  - Ignore hidden files and directories when searching
  - Add test coverage for the filter function
  - Extend the list of examples, fix hierarchy typos
  - Enable Travis Continuous Integration


Initial release of the Flexible Metadata Format.