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  Released on March 19 2016
  - workers can be sorted and filtered
  - tasks can be sorted, filtered by name, state, worker, runtime, etc.
  - tasks columns can be reordered and customized
  - tasks columns for worker, retries, revoked, expires, eta, etc.
  - pagination of tasks
  - GitHub Auth support
  - --max_workers option for limiting the number of workers
  - --unix_socket option for running with unix socket
  - bug fixes


  Released on March 22 2015
  - Google OAuth 2.0 support
  - tasks can be sorted by state, received and started times
  - tasks can be filters by time range
  - --conf option to change the default configuration file
  - --enable_events option to disable periodic `enable_events` commands
  - show time in natural format (e.g. 3 minutes ago)
  - format_task option to filter out sensitive information
  - exceptions are shown as a result for failed tasks
  - performance improvements
  - improvements in monitor page
  - improvements in docs
  - improvements in logging
  - bug fixes


  Released on May 25 2014
  - documentation
  - --basic_auth option accepts multiple basic http auth users
  - configuration options can be passed through `` file
  - --cookie_secret option for setting secure cookie secret
  - new task info api
  - --auto_refresh option allows to disable dashboard auto-refreshes
  - `received` and `started` time columns for tasks dashboard
  - man page


  Released on Nov 10 2013
  - Python 3 support
  - SSL support
  - new api docs
  - UI improvements
  - api error reporting and validation improvements
  - tasks api accepts `async_apply` options
  - --debug option sets logging level to DEBUG
  - tasks in RETRY state can be revoked
  - --xheaders option enables X-Real-Ip/X-Forwarded-For and X-Scheme/X-Forwarded-Proto headers
  - monitor update interval can be changed with `updateInterval` url param
  - --broker_api option is not required for Redis


  Released on Apr 23 2013
  - broker monitor for RabbitMQ and Redis
  - HTTP Basic Auth
  - --auth option accepts an email regexp
  - flower state can be saved with --persistent option
  - database name can be changed with --db option
  - number of in-memory tasks can be limited with --max_tasks option
  - task runtime graph
  - --url_prefix option allows to deploy flower on non-root URLs
  - flower detects inactivity and stops inspecting workers


  Released on Oct 16 2012
  - tasks can be invoked via REST API
  - inspect timeout can be changed with --inspect_timeout option
  - flower --address option allows to bind to specific IP address
  - tasks can be filtered by state
  - broker url is available on workers page
  - long args/kwargs are truncated on tasks page
  - Google OpenID authentication


  Released on Aug 14 2012
  - flower --inspect option for disabling worker inspects
  - websocket api for getting real-time task events
  - real-time monitoring graphs for succeeded and failed tasks
  - api for managing workers and tasks
  - tasks can be revoked and terminated
  - worker view shows autoscaler options
  - worker view shows worker's PID


  Released on Jul 24 2012
  - configuration viewer for each worker
  - improves UI
  - adds error pages
  - warns about unsupported transports
  - periodically enables events


  Released on Jul 09 2012
  - workers dashboard with auto refresh
  - worker pool control commands (restart, grow/shrink, autoscale)
  - worker pool options viewer
  - broker options viewer
  - active queues options viewer
  - consumer addition and cancellation
  - processed tasks statistics
  - active tasks viewer
  - scheduled tasks viewer
  - reserved tasks viewer
  - task options viewer
  - task limit control (rate limits, hard and soft timeouts)