Changelogs » Fastmat

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- Introduce pickle support for fastmat matrices
  - Introduce slicing syntax to retrieve rows, columns and elements
  - Introduce new documentation scheme using Sphinx (
  - Introduce NDFourier matrix class
  - Introduce ARM support (tested on ZYNQ SoC-platform)
  - Introduce inspection routines
  - Improve CG algorithm
  - Rework matrix properties, data types and performance profiling
  - Rework operator overloading
  - Major and Minor bugfixes in BlockDiag, Circulant, CG, Hadamard, Product, Toeplitz, SAFT Demos and normalization routines


- Introduce new classes: DiagBlocks, MLCirculant, MLToeplitz, MLUltraSound
  - Introduce new algorithm: FISTA
  - Introduce new API functions: internal memory strides for efficient slicing operations
  - Improvements in Fourier, Hadamard, LFSRCirculant, Toeplitz,
  - Introduce support for Mac OS X
  - Largely improved testing, continuous integration and deployment
  - Major and Minor bugfixes
  - Rework source code, improve readability
  - Improve, fix package dependency locks during install
  - Introduce wheels for x86 and amd64 architectures on linux, windows and mac OS X