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*  Limit ``typing_extensions`` dependency to Python < 3.8. Thanks mgorny.


*  Add ``typing-extensions`` as dependency and pin ``mypy`` version. Thanks nicarl.


* Add automotive provider for ``nl_NL``. Thanks MarcelRobeer.


* Add Typing. Thanks MarcelRobeer, nicarl.


*  Change to secondary address format in ``en_AU`` locale to reflect the common usage. Thanks deboraelkin2.


* Add ``currency``, ``automotive``, ``company`` and ``bank`` providers for ``el_GR``. Thanks nikosmichas.


* Add ``color`` and ``date_time`` provider for ``el_GR``. Thanks nikosmichas.


* Add currency provider for ``nl_NL``. Thanks MarcelRobeer.


* Fix ``pydecimal`` returning ``min_value`` or ``max_value`` too frequently. Thanks zivkovic.


* Change default email generator to use safe domain names. Thanks errbufferoverfl.


* Add ``date_time`` provider for ``nl_NL``. Thanks MarcelRobeer.


* Add ``bg_BG`` color provider. Thanks iradonov.


* Fix bug in ``pydecimal`` when returning max/min. Thanks wilbertom.


* Fix `pydecimal` precision. Thanks joidegn.


* Add datetime provider for ``bn_BD``. Thanks jabertuhin.


* Change ``fi_FI`` Provinces to Regions. Thanks LKajan.


* ``uk_UA`` address provider - fix streets and cities names, added regions. Thanks o-vasyliev.


* Fix missing underscores in ``mac_platform_token``. Thanks iamkeyur.


*  Remove period/fullstop from ``en_GB`` prefixes. Thanks stephengruppetta.


* Add missing diacritics in ``fr_FR`` ``person`` provider. Thanks laowantong.


* Added non-geo numbers and services phones format for ``pt_BR``. Thanks leogregianin.
  * Add datetime formats in ``pt_BR``. Thanks leogregianin.
  * Add currency formats in ``pt_BR``. Thanks leogregianin.


*  Add ``nic_handle``. Thanks pishchalnikov.


* Remove potentially offensive surname in ``it_IT``. Thanks lordgordon.


* Return list instead of tuple in ``choices_distribution``. Thanks svisser.


* enable faker instances to be unpickled (1480). Thanks fcurella.


* Add ``ar_AE`` (UAE) phone numbers. Thanks sshishov.


* Skip UnsupportedFeature's on the command line. Thanks therefromhere.


* Add RIPE ID. Thanks pishchalnikov.


* Avoid collision for ``date`` in ``datetime`` provider. Thanks mattshin.


* Fix ``left_digits`` ignored if ``min_value`` is given. Thanks OJFord.q


* Add ``iana_id``, IANA Registrar ID. Thanks pishchalnikov.


* Add tlds for ``th_TH`` internet provider. Thanks bact.


*  Add ``aba()`` method to generate ABA routing numbers. Thanks mstellon.


* Fix  deepcopy for Faker instances.


*  Add  ``image`` provider. Thanks n1ngu.


* Add license plates and language names for ``he_IL`` locale. Thanks AndreyRub.


*  Add colors for ``he_IL``. Thanks AndreyRub.


*  Add few more names in ``en_IN`` person provider. Thanks Felix-Raj.


*  Add ``city_name()`` and cities to ``support .city()`` for ``th_TH``. Thanks bact.


* Support distant past dates on Windows. Thanks prescod.


* Fixes 1439: Cast Path to a string for `pkgutil.iter_modules` (1441). Thanks fcurella.


* Fix company suffix typo for ``th_TH``. Thanks bact.


* Remove ```` from ``en_GB`` email Provider. Thanks bact.


* Extend ``pl_PL`` Pesel To support greater range of dates. Thanks IlfirinPL.


* Fix CLI only giving 10 possible outputs. Thanks andrewdotn.


* Fix faker module loader to use strings rather than Paths. Thanks mgorny.


* Make sure `pyfloat` fails when asked to produce more digits than the system supports. Thanks rossjones.


* Ensure ``pytuple`` returns the correct number of items. Thanks rossjones.


* Fix ``ro_RO`` phone numbers generation. Thanks feketemihai.


* set ``uk_UA`` address street titles to proper language. Thanks fessua.


* Add ``address`` provider for ``ro_RO``. Thanks feketemihai.


* Fix a problem with ``pyfloat`` where it can return ``sys.epsilon`` when ``right_digits=N`` and ``positive=True``. Thanks tomage.


* Replace ``es_MX`` ``RFC`` name initials when they are forbidden words. Thanks briferz.


* Add ``address`` provider for ``de_CH``. Thanks andre-dasilva.


* user_agent: bump platform versions. Thanks gsilvan.


* Add ``cs_CZ`` lorem - word list. Thanks jakubno.


* Add ``sk_SK`` automotive provider. Thanks matusvalo.


*  Add current_country, current_country_code and administrative_unit. Thanks prescod.


* Add Taiwanese and Palestinian time zones. Thanks prescod.


* Rename ``fr_QC`` to ``fr_CA``. Thanks prescod.


* Fix ``pyfloat`` returning zeros when positive=True. Thanks sciencectn.


* Add currency names for ``th_TH``. Thanks bact.


* Add new currency provider ``pricetag()``. Thanks eumiro.


* Update ``th_TH`` Lorem text provider's punctuations, reduce size of word list (1376). Thanks bact.


* Synchronize ``cs_CZ`` and ``sk_SK`` address provider and split postcodes (1174). Thanks eumiro.


* Enable parallel coveralls builds (1382). Thanks fcurella.


* Fix coveralls (1374). Thanks joke2k.


* Fix transliteration for ``ru_RU`` ``person`` provider. Thanks valestel.


* Add ``address``, ``bank``, ``geo`` and ``person`` provider for ``en_IE``. Thanks NiL.
  * Add ``person`` provider for ``ga_IE``. Thanks NiL.


* Fix lorem provider ``sentence`` method.


* Add elements caching and other optimizations. Thanks prescod.
  * Add ``use_weighting`` parameter for improved performance. Thanks prescod.


* Remove empty string from  ``ar_AA`` Person Provider.


* Add ``da_DK`` address provider. Thanks JoseNavy.


* ``json`` and ``fixed_width`` now allow for strings to be fixed or pinned to a static value by prepending `. Thanks johnbrandborg.


* Add ``en_IN`` address + phone number provider. Thanks pulkitgupta2k.


* Add ``en_IN`` person provider. Thanks pulkitgupta2k.


* Remove invalid surname in `nl_NL`. Thanks TheoSinnige.


* ``th_TH`` ``strftime``: normalize output for unsupported directive on ``musl``-based Linux. Thanks bact.


* Drop support for Python 3.5. Thanks cclaus.
  * Add support for Python 3.9. Thanks cclaus.


* Add ``date_time`` and ``bank`` providers for ``th_TH``. Thanks bact.


* Correct spelling errors in city names for ``de_DE``. Thanks AnjaGer.


* Add name pairs to get matched representation in ``ja_JP`` person provider. Thanks yu-ichiro.


* Add SSN, company name, address, and license plate providers for ``th_TH``. Thanks bact.


* Add postcode format, country names, person prefix weights, and update phone number format for ``th_TH``. Thanks bact.


* Fix generation of names ending with spaces. Thanks edomora97.


* Add relative frequencies for japanese last names. Thanks TianyiShi2001.


* Add Swiss bank provider locales. Thanks mondeja.


* Split first names into male and female on ``pt_PT`` provider. Thanks gplgps.


* Geo provider added for ``tr_TR`` locale. Thanks iamnotagentleman.


* Add ``sk_SK`` Job provider. Thanks pipozzz.


* Add ``date_time`` provider for ``pt_PT``. Thanks gplgps.


* Add ``.unique()`` for unique values. Thanks coiax.


* Add automotive provider for ``tr_TR``. Thanks molcay.


* Add province list and add 2 new district to ``ne_NP``. Thanks iamsauravsharma.


* Add Currency provider for ``sv_SE``. Thanks frangiz.


* Add ``pt_PT`` credit card provider. Thanks rubenandre.


* Added Company Provider for ``tr_TR`` locale. Thanks iamnotagentleman.


* Add job providers for ``tr_TR``. Thanks molcay.


* Implement color provider for ``sk_SK`` locale. Thanks pipozzz.


* Fix ``hu_HU`` color provider inheritance. Thanks n1ngu.


* Bigger zipcode ranges for VA, TX and MD in ``en_US``. Thanks Antetokounpo.


* Add new style ``pt_PT`` automotive plates. Thanks gplgps.


* Remove duplicate jobs from the ``pt_PT`` provider (1282). Thanks gplgps.


* Use "Belarus" instead of "Vitryssland" for ``sv_SE``. Thanks Majsvaffla.
  * Added bank provider for ``tr_TR`` locale. Thanks iamnotagentleman.
  * Improve VAT generation for IT provider. Thanks LordGordonQ.
  * Use non-zero number for first digit of Swedish postal codes. Thanks Majsvaffla.


* Add ``es_ES`` autonomous communities (Spanish regions). Thanks mondeja.
  * Add JSON and Fixed Width argument group and parser support. Thanks johnbrandborg.
  * Update ``zh_CN`` ssn provider to support gender. Thanks mapoor.
  * Fix typo in ``de_DE`` job provider. Thanks datadominik.
  * ``or_IN`` Odia person's name added. Thanks soumendrak.
  * Remove ``datetime_safe`` shim subclass in favor of native Python ``datetime.datetime``. Thanks samcrang.


* Extend Person Provider to support non-binary suffixes and prefixes. Thank you crd.
  * Add ``safe_domain_name`` generator. Thanks crd.
  * Fix max_value/positive ``pyfloat`` interaction. Thanks coiax.
  * Update ``bban_format`` for ``fi_FI`` locale. Thanks ALMP-SallaH.
  * Fix ``person.ja_JP`` kana and roman characters. Thanks yameholo.
  * Add ``json`` and ``fixed_width`` generators. Thank you johnbrandborg.
  * Add SWIFT code provider methods: ``swift``, ``swift8`` and ``swift11``. Thanks malefice.
  * Add ``es_ES`` internet provider. Thanks mondeja.
  * Update ``bban_format`` for ``fr_FR`` locale. Thanks r3gis3r.
  * Update ``fr_FR`` ``job`` provider. Thanks mondeja.
  * Add ``es_ES`` ``barcode`` provider. Thanks mondeja.
  * Add parser argument support. Thanks johnbrandborg.


* Add ``date_time`` providers for ``cs_CZ``, ``de_AT``, ``es_ES``, ``it_IT``, ``sk_SK``,
  ``tr_TR``. Thanks eumiro.
  * Add prefix support to BarcodeProvider. Thanks yu-ichiro.
  * Fix company format for ``hy_AM`` provider. Thanks mdantonio.
  * Add .uk email providers and TLDs for ``en_GB``. Thanks craiga.
  * Add ``language_name`` generator. Thanks ikhomutov and mondeja.
  * Add ``pytimezone`` generator returning ``tzinfo`` objects. Thanks OJFord.
  * Add ``es_ES`` currency provider. Thanks mondeja.


* Add ``pytest`` plugin. Thanks malefice.
  * Fix phone numbers for ``es_ES``. Thanks pablofm.
  * Fix ``uuid`` provider to return a ``uuid4`` object when ``cast_to`` is set to ``None``. Thanks rodrigondec.
  * Update names for ``es_ES`` person provider. Thanks mondeja.
  * Add provider for ``sk_SK`` ``birth_number``. Thanks eumiro.
  * Add ``day_of_week`` and ``month_name`` for ``de_DE`` provider. Thanks eumiro.


* Fixed ``MSISDN`` for ``pt_BR``  to return only mobile numbers. Thanks rodrigondec.
  * Added Domain Generator Algorithm by date. Thanks pishchalnikov.
  * Fixed issue where ``pydict`` provider was not returning the correct number of elements. Thanks mstellon.
  * Added support for Indian Aadhaar numbers. Thanks curiousElf.
  * Added ``company_vat`` for ``it_IT``. Thanks alitaker.
  * Improved autodocumentation of providers. Thanks malefice.
  * Added provider for ``es_ES`` license plates. Thanks mondeja.
  * Implemented ``__dir__`` method to Faker proxy for better autocompletion. Thanks douglasfarinelli.
  * Uppercased HEX colors for all localized color providers. Thanks mondeja.
  * Added bank provider for ``es_ES`` locale. Thanks mondeja.
  * Added support for UK counties. Thanks neilav.
  * Added color provider for ``no_NO`` license plates. Thanks bjorskog.
  * Made ``value_types`` a keyword argument in ``python`` provider. Thanks slafs.


* Add more data for ``ko_KR`` address provider. Thanks alstn2468.
  * Improved ``pt_PT`` locale for address and bank. Thanks mustakarhu.
  * Add ``port_number`` method to internet provider. Thanks pishchalnikov.
  * Add color provider for ``fa_IR`` locale. Thanks abtinmo.
  * Add formatting options for ``pt_BR`` postcodes. Thanks perssonsimon1 and klaraesr.
  * Add ``country_calling_code`` to ``phone_number`` provider. Thanks perssonsimon1.
  * Fix leap year issue. Thanks mmcmahon.
  * Add ``AutomotiveProvider`` for ``fr_FR`` locale. Thanks clarissedescamps and perssonsimon1.
  * Fix ``cellphone_formats`` in ``pt_BR`` ``PhoneNumberProvider``. Thanks rodrigondec.


* Provider improvements for Russian locale:
  * added city suffixes, regions and country list
  * regions converted into states for now
  * street address formats and states expanded
  * lists for street titles changed
  * Fixed errors in Automotive Provider
  * Fixed errors in Address Provider
  * Bank Provider expanded:
  * BIC added)
  * Added list of banks
  * Improved Company Provider
  * Credit Card and Person Provider improvements
  * Currency Provider improvements
  * Date-Time Provider improvements
  * translit fix
  Thanks valestel.
  * Add Birth Number to czech locale. Thanks Jengah.
  * Add persons provider for ``fr_QC``. Thanks Lionesk.


* Breaking change: Remove support for end-of-life Python 2.7.


**NOTE**: This is the last release to support Python 2.7.x.
  * Add provider methods ``zip`` and ``tar`` for generating zip and tar files.
  Thanks malefice.
  * Add ``en-CA`` ``postcode_in_province()`` method. Thanks oeuftete.
  * Update Address and Automotive provider for Russian locale. Thanks valestel.
  * Add provider methods for dsv files: ``csv``, ``tsv``, ``psv`` and generic
  ``dsv``. Thanks malefice.
  * Remove parenthesis from city name in ``de_DE`` ``address`` provider. Thanks
  * Add ``NIP`` generator in ``pl_PL``. Thanks IlfirinPL.
  * Fix ``Faker.random_number`` intermittent exceptions. Thanks Jengah.


* Breaking change: Add support for multiple locale data generation.
  Thanks malefice.


* Add Iranian credit card. Thanks abtinmo.
  * Improve color provider. Thanks malefice.
  * Add counties (concelhos) for locale ``pt_PT``. Thanks tng10.
  * Change NY zipcode range. Thanks arielkaluzhny.
  * Fix pyfloat out of min/max range. Thanks bryan-brancotte.


* Drop python 3.4.
  * Fix master card number generator. Thanks nkthanh98.
  * Add provider for Finnish IBAN numbers. Thanks sitomani.
  * Add color in Thai language. Thanks mesodiar.
  * Split first names into male/female for ``person/de_AT``. Thanks Jayday.
  * Extend data for ``de_AT`` and ``it_IT`` person providers. Thanks Jayday.
  * Add ``ta_IN`` support. Thanks jcopps.
  * Add ``*_PH`` locales. Thanks malefice.
  * Add Thai lorem. Thanks mesodiar.
  * Add job in ``ja_JP``. Thanks shmokmt.
  * Optimize IPv4 address generation. Thanks malefice.
  * Increase bban_format length for ``en_GB``. Thanks Necrathex.
  * Fix occasional errors in ISBN provider. Thanks malefice.
  * Add more phone numbers to ``fa_IR`` locale. Thanks abtinmo.
  * Add support for token-based string generation. Thanks malefice.
  * Improve barcode provider. Thanks malefice.
  * Fix for pyfloat empty randrange. Thanks jcardali.


* Use the provider's RNG instead of the random module in ``invalid_ssn``. Thanks luser.
  * Fix ``randomize_nb_elements`` ``max`` argument. Thanks jorrit-wehelp.
  * Add ``de_DE`` jobs. Thanks CodeAndChoke.
  * Add ``pt_PT`` automotive plates. Thanks rubenandre.
  * Add ``el_GR`` jobs. Thanks athaks.
  * Add police id for ``el_GR``. Thanks athaks.
  * Add jobs for for ``pt_PT``. Thanks rubenandre.


* Fix typos, misspellings. Add locations, names, dates in ``hi_IN`` providers. Thanks kathawala.
  * Bump required version ``text-unidecode`` to 1.3. Thanks moggers87.
  * Bug fix for ``pyfloat`` going over ``max_value``. Thanks fgs-dbudwin.


* Add nationalities for locale ``pt_PT``. Thanks tng10.
  * Add ``ios()`` and ``android()`` to ``user_agent`` provider. Thanks gsilvan.
  * Update ``zh_CN`` provinces. Thanks casen27.


* Breaking change: Only allow providers to use ``OrderedDict`` s, to avoid any more ``PYTHONHASHSEED`` problems. Thanks adamchainz.


- Add link to PHPStan extension to readme [\1834]( ([finwe](
  - Enhancement: Collect code coverage [\1824]( ([localheinz](
  - Enhancement: Use all columns when running tests [\1823]( ([localheinz](
  - Enhancement: Configure verbose output via phpunit.xml.dist [\1822]( ([localheinz](
  - Curly braces for arrays is deprecated in PHP 7.4 [\1843]( ([wimg](
  - Fix: Reduce visibility of setUp\(\) and tearDown\(\) [\1821]( ([localheinz](
  - Fix: Mark test classes as final [\1820]( ([localheinz](
  - Fix: Remove unnecessary class-level DocBlocks [\1819]( ([localheinz](


This will the last minor release in the `1.x` cycle.
  - Add all Iran's provinces land lines numbers [\1806]( ([kingofnull](
  - replace latin "B" to cyrillic "B" for uk\_UA locale [\1800]( ([FI-LIFE](
  - Add elgentos/masquerade to third-party library list [\1798]( ([erikhansen](
  - Add link to Gravatar provider repository [\1796]( ([ottaviano](
  - Add mobileNumber\(\) method for nb\_NO [\1788]( ([carestad](
  - Enhancement: Slightly clean up Company provider [\1783]( ([localheinz](
  - Added some more information for autoloading in the readme [\1780]( ([pimjansen](
  - Enhancement: Add issue template for bug report [\1779]( ([localheinz](
  - Add hslColor to ColorProvider [\1776]( ([icanhazstring](
  - Enhancement: Consistently use composer package name for link content [\1770]( ([localheinz](
  - Add Correct Thai words for streets,soi etc names and add Thai First a… [\1769]( ([pierrejoye](
  - Enhancement: Assert that postcode generated by Austrian Address provider matches format [\1766]( ([localheinz](
  - Enhancement: Update squizlabs/php\_codesniffer [\1763]( ([localheinz](
  - Enhancement: Assert that imageUrl can be used with gray flag [\1762]( ([localheinz](
  - Enhancement: Introduce build and help targets [\1761]( ([localheinz](
  - Enhancement: Disable Xdebug as early as possible [\1758]( ([localheinz](
  - Enhancement: Clean up .gitattributes [\1756]( ([localheinz](
  - Enhancement: Reference phpunit.xsd as installed with composer [\1755]( ([localheinz](
  - add id\_ID Color [\1754]( ([cacing69](
  - PHP 7.4 compatibility [\1748]( ([pimjansen](
  - Add lastName gender specific on ru\_RU locale [\1747]( ([aanfarhan](
  - Update README - Add a new faker. [\1731]( ([drupol](
  - Add faker-eddy-malou third-party library [\1717]( ([Metrakit](
  - \[de\_DE\] Company\JobTitle: list of common german job titles [\1716]( ([amacado](
  - Added 'red' to $safeColorNames [\1701]( ([xfudox](
  - \[pt\_PT/Address\] Add abbreviature to 'travessa' and 'largo' [\1606]( ([simaolemos](
  - Fix method name for en\_NZ provider in readme [\1595]( ([gdhnz](
  - Refactoring of the TextTest class [\1590]( ([stevegrunwell](
  - add gender variants for last name \[lt\_LT\] [\1586]( ([ikerasLT](
  - add .id TLD [\1566]( ([ad3n](
  - Add Color provider to es\_ES locale [\1559]( ([juananruiz](
  - Enhancement: Keep packages sorted in composer.json [\1551]( ([localheinz](
  - Portuguese providers for Companies and Internet [\1537]( ([promatik](
  - Improve Dutch company names [\1529]( ([koole](
  - Document randomDigitNot base formatter. [\1514]( ([shawnlindstrom](
  - Estonian names [\1461]( ([much-rebel](
  - add birthplace support for ID nik generator [\1451]( ([mikk150](
  - List of banks in Brazil added [\1427]( ([diegohenicka](
  - Remove last names from the male first names array \(et\_EE\) [\1799]( ([Mihkel100](
  - Update out-of-date currency codes [\1795]( ([Brindster](
  - Floor is not always returning an int [\1790]( ([pimjansen](
  - typo [\1789]( ([enumag](
  - Added batch inserts for doctrine orm populate [\1781]( ([pimjansen](
  - FIx: Avoid deprecation warning in newer CakePHP version [\1777]( ([icanhazstring](
  - Fix: Consistently link to GitHub repositories [\1774]( ([localheinz](
  - Fix: Name of package [\1772]( ([localheinz](
  - Remove BV and HM country codes. [\1767]( ([oliverpool](
  - Fix: Remove sudo configuration [\1760]( ([localheinz](
  - Fix: Allow nightly builds to fail [\1759]( ([localheinz](
  - Fix: No need to update composer itself [\1757]( ([localheinz](
  - duplicate first name and last name removal [\1729]( ([sagautam5](
  - Fix-Isreal--Israel [\1724]( ([GitEvil](
  - fix\(issue-1721\): add phpdoc method and properties annotations for php… [\1722]( ([lugus](
  - Typo in function PHPDoc [\1711]( ([Dzhuneyt](
  - Fix: Add allowed type DateTime to param annotation [\1697]( ([localheinz](
  - Calling a non static method as static not allowed. [\1696]( ([wilco-1985](
  - Bug Fix en\_SG mobile number generation [\1658]( ([ziming](
  - Update ja\_JP Address Provider [\1649]( ([atmngw](
  - Fixed realText on ja\_JP locale broken, /u missing [\1634]( ([mihit](
  - Removed comma and space from $firstNameMale for en\_IN [\1608]( ([phpspider](
  - Prevent Transliterator class autoloading [\1575]( ([MontealegreLuis](
  - building numbers in Germany never start with a zero or are zero [\1530]( ([fostam](
  - Fixing sk\_SK men last names set [\1459]( ([pavoltanuska](
  - Taiwan ID. The initial letter must be a capital letter. p-\>P [\1434]( ([slawa-dev](
  - Revert "Added 'red' to $safeColorNames" [\1778]( ([fzaninotto](
  - Added realText capability for fr\_CA [\1686]( ([bobanum](
  - Add Provider to the thrid parties [\1683]( ([xvladxtremal](
  - Add Undeclared Faker Instance to PhoneNumber Test in en\_NG [\1682]( ([thearsalan](
  - PSR-2 updates to readme [\1679]( ([b3none](
  - PHPDoc for `passthrough` function on Generator [\1678]( ([tabakhase](
  - Make en\_CA Phone Provider Extend the en\_US One [\1676]( ([darrylhein](
  - Add Valid National Code Generator to fa\_IR Person [\1675]( ([thearsalan](
  - Updated added a missing backslash [\1673]( ([aubryfr](
  - Add 'Faker\Provider\en\_US\Company::catchPhrase' to ru\_RU locale [\1668]( ([axklim](
  - Update deprecated \PHPUnit\_Framework\_TestCase with PHPUnit\Framework\TestCase [\1664]( ([thewhit](
  - Support populating Doctrine's immutable date types [\1639]( ([voronkovich](
  - add titleMale and titleFemale method to all Person classes [\1635]( ([RiverDanceGit](
  - Minor typo fix [\1631]( ([nhedger](
  - Add link to er1z/fakemock [\1622]( ([er1z](
  - Add Dutch \(nl\_NL\) job titles [\1618]( ([SjorsO](
  - Exclude files and folder from release archive [\1617]( ([ankurk91](
  - Update doc block [\1615]( ([ankurk91](
  - Suggest PSR-4 compliant autoloader in comment [\1614]( ([samnela](
  - Fix dateTimeBetween\(\) Argument on Generator phpdoc [\1583]( ([hisomura](
  - Fix Dutch typo [\1580]( ([gizburdt](
  - Old city names changed to new ones [\1578]( ([goszowski](
  - Correct documentation [\1571]( ([rquadling](
  - Make $suffix protected not private in nl\_NL\Person provider [\1561]( ([SpadXIII](
  - Add PicsumPhotos Provider to the thrid parties [\1560]( ([bluemmb](
  - fix austrian postal codes starting with invalid 0 [\1545]( ([mpge](
  - Restore a random seed when the Generator is destroyed [\1534]( ([lyrixx](
  - Add a swiss social security number \(AVS13\) generator [\1533]( ([nhedger](
  - Small tweaks [\1526]( ([carusogabriel](
  - fix ukraine first name person, delete space [\1525]( ([Yasuslik](
  - Removed unknown postcode [\1440]( ([ayanozturk](
  - Add more PhoneNumber options for es\_ES [\1219]( ([driade](
  - Fix duplication in uk\_UA male first names [\1214]( ([fre5h](
  - Added missing grayscale option/flag to Image provider [\928]( ([sebastianvilla](


- Material missing in Faker::Commerce documentation [\901](
  - Tests fail that have nothing to do with my changes. What should I do? [\864](
  - uninitialized constant Faker::RuPaul [\856](
  - Faker::Internet.domain\_word returns empty string [\843](
  - unitilialized constant Faker::Demographic [\812](
  **Merged pull requests:**
  - Fix documentation [\972]( ([landongrindheim](
  - edit superclass [\971]( ([iz4blue](
  - adding important data for hipster to en.yml [\946]( ([dbwest](
  - Locale: update zh-CN cell phone formats [\934]( ([liluo](
  - Fixing special chars addition in passwords. [\926]( ([allam-matsubara](
  - Update commerce documentation [\907]( ([dv2](
  [v1.8.0]( (2017-07-09)
  [Full Changelog](
  **Closed issues:**
  - Zelda Location [\968](
  - Real passwords / passphrases [\962](
  - Generating fake link \[Feature Request\] [\955](
  - Clean-up Robin's "Holy Steam Valve" quote [\948](
  - Faker::Time.between produces times out of range [\894](
  - \[Feature Request\] Add User Agent strings [\880](
  - Faker::Omniauth is not deterministic and breaking the build [\876](
  - undefined method `name =' or undefined method `  =' [\871](
  - Faker::French Suggestion [\869](
  - Documentation not correct for Faker::Color.hsl\_color and hsla\_color [\866](
  - Faker::PhoneNumber.area\_code and .exchange\_code returning nil [\861](
  - Faker::RickAndMorty not available in v1.7.3 from RubyGems [\851](
  - Adding Faker to Create in controller, possible? [\842](
  - Faker 1.7.3 uses Ruby 2 features [\825](
  - Fillmurry = error [\823](
  - Base\numerify generating phone numbers and other number fields with a weird format [\741](
  - Markdown/HTML Support [\630](
  - Update WIKI and clean README [\588](
  - Can't overwrite locale elements using the .yml file [\424](
  - Faker::Lorem.paragraph raises I18n::MissingTranslationData without manual locale override [\278](
  - Generate unique values [\251](
  **Merged pull requests:**
  - Add [\969]( ([landongrindheim](
  - Added [\967]( ([aomega08](
  - Add translations for Malaysia [\965]( ([alienxp03](
  - Adds some new dutch names to the locales [\961]( ([stefanvermaas](
  - French traduction for Faker::Pokemon [\960]( ([Dakurei](
  - Add characters to the RickAndMorty database [\958]( ([roninCode](
  - \[Resolved\] Internet domain word issue [\957]( ([SagareGanesh](
  - Pokemon\moves [\954]( ([joel-g](
  - Remove extraneous text from Robin quote [\953]( ([jsteel](
  - Added Simpsons. [\950]( ([RaimundHuebel](
  - add default task test for rake [\923]( ([stephengroat](
  - Use the latest Rubies on Travis CI [\920]( ([hisas](
  - Add meaningful error message when country code not found [\916]( ([mrstebo](
  - Add Faker::HitchhikersGuideToTheGalaxy [\914]( ([pedroCervi](
  - Add Funny Name [\912]( ([jsonreeder](
  - Fix pt-BR city suffix [\896]( ([marcelo-leal](
  - Adds League of Legends summoner spells, masteries and rank [\892]( ([DonkeyFish456](
  - fix typo in test file [\890]( ([akintner](
  - Hobbit characters, locations, & quotes [\889]( ([ski-climb](
  - Added Omniauth Github faker [\888]( ([ahmed-taj](
  - Add locations to Faker::Zelda [\885]( ([thejonanshow](
  - add all setup and files for star trek faker [\884]( ([akintner](
  - improve german cell phone numbers [\882]( ([timoschilling](
  - Add How I Met Your Mother [\879]( ([jdconrad89](
  - Add League of Legends [\878]( ([Dpalazzari](
  - Add Faker::Robin [\868]( ([leanucci](
  - Fixed hsla and hsla\_color documentation. [\867]( ([mrstebo](
  - Add links to doc in README [\865]( ([taleh007](
  - Added bg locale [\858]( ([ppopov1357](
  - Add Faker::Overwatch [\857]( ([tomdracz](
  - Add Faker::HeyArnold [\855]( ([MatthewDG](
  - Fix India Postal Code format [\853]( ([dv2](
  - Fix typo in [\852]( ([martinbjeldbak](
  - Fixed regex pattern in TestLocale::test\_regex. [\849]( ([karlwilbur](
  - Faker::Compass [\848]( ([karlwilbur](
  - en.yml: demographic, demonym: add missing double quote before Fijian [\847]( ([PascalSchumacher](
  - Update Zelda with Breath of the Wild [\846]( ([lauramosher](
  - add RuPaul quotes [\845]( ([raphaeleidus](
  - Add example for Faker::Date.birthday [\844]( ([janpieper](
  - Adds Coffee [\840]( ([nathanjh](
  - WIP add dragon ball characters to faker [\839]( ([Cdunagan05](
  - Update [\836]( ([jbkimble](
  - Truncate Twitter screen\_name length [\834]( ([abraham](
  - Improve Faker::Twitter compatibility [\831]( ([abraham](
  - doc: Add length optional arguments [\830]( ([li-xinyang](
  - Matz [\829]( ([denys281](
  - Add norwegian organization number [\827]( ([leifcr](
  - \[Resolved\] Fillmurray image Fixnum match issue [\824]( ([SagareGanesh](
  - Rick and morty [\821]( ([JessCodes](
  - Fix i18n file load issue [\811]( ([jacknoble](
  - Create a Dessert faker [\791]( ([susiirwin](
  [v1.7.3]( (2017-02-05)
  [Full Changelog](
  **Closed issues:**
  - Creates invalid UK postcodes [\790](
  - remove first name Adolf [\788](
  - Config for adding format restriction. [\695](
  - How to avoid special characters in faker string field [\615](
  - Add Demographic Data [\585](
  - OmniAuth ready responses [\507](
  - US Zip Codes Sometimes Returns Non-Actual Zip Codes [\275](
  **Merged pull requests:**
  - Harry Potter [\820]( ([jaclynjessup](
  - Update readme [\819]( ([ktrant84](
  - en.yml: Typo Golum -\> Gollum [\816]( ([jtibbertsma](
  - Add Faker::Twitter [\815]( ([abraham](
  - Fixed Validity of UK postcodes [\814]( ([darkstego](
  - Fixed russian locale [\813]( ([fobo66](
  - Allow unique values to be cleared [\810]( ([dslh](
  - Friends info [\808]( ([ktrant84](
  - Update [\805]( ([vitaliy-fry](
  - adds Zelda [\800]( ([audy](
  - Remove the word 'fap' [\798]( ([probablycorey](
  - en.yml: fix typo in demographic race [\797]( ([PascalSchumacher](
  - Adds Faker::Demographic [\796]( ([baron816](
  - Typofix: nfinite -\> Infinite [\795]( ([mgold](
  - Update output for zip functions [\787]( ([yovasx2](
  - doc fix [\786]( ([ieldanr](
  - Refactors code in some Faker basic classes [\785]( ([tiagofsilva](
  [v1.7.2]( (2017-01-03)
  [Full Changelog](
  **Closed issues:**
  - Faker::Avatar error: read server certificate B: certificate verify failed [\763](
  - assert\(/.+\[^.\].+\.\w+/\) fails randomly [\737](
  - Incorrect HSL color format [\728](
  - Can we add the \Hacktoberfest label for pull requests this month [\717](
  - Faker::Boolean.boolean error [\714](
  - Faker::Food not found [\688](
  - Fix seed for random values [\684](
  - README alphabetical order of Usage [\660](
  - At which point do we break off functionality? [\653](
  - Time zone abbreviation  [\631](
  - ruby 2.3.1 rails 5 [\627](
  - Faker::Time::between doesn't respect requested period [\526](
  **Merged pull requests:**
  - IPv4: private and reserved [\784]( ([randoum](
  - Update bank method [\783]( ([swapnilchincholkar](
  - Refactors code in some base classes [\782]( ([tiagofsilva](
  - Refactors code in some base classes [\781]( ([tiagofsilva](
  - Refute blank [\707]( ([SherSpock](
  [v1.7.1]( (2016-12-25)
  [Full Changelog](
  **Closed issues:**
  - Getting "Segmentation fault: 11" when I upgrade last 3 repos to faker 1.7.0 [\780](
  - New release? [\767](
  **Merged pull requests:**
  - Added Faker::Fillmurray hotlink to usages list [\779]( ([Jedeu](
  [v1.7.0]( (2016-12-24)
  [Full Changelog](
  **Closed issues:**
  - Alphanumeric password. [\773](
  - Unique method is undefined [\771](
  - Request: Human faces? [\756](
  - Faker for images not working [\738](
  - Fixed seed [\724](
  - Company logo ,company buzzword, Date is not working rails 4  [\718](
  - Image issue [\704](
  - Faker::Hacker.say\_something\_smart [\691](
  - Faker::Commerce.promotion\_code Missing Translation [\689](
  - Generating real email addresses [\685](
  - Faker::GameOfThrones.character has too little items [\658](
  - Pokemon class not working [\645](
  - NameError: uninitialized constant Educator [\572](
  - Causing memory error if with integer argument [\478](
  - undefined method `Number' for Faker:Module [\153](
  **Merged pull requests:**
  - Refactors code in Faker::Color [\777]( ([tiagofsilva](
  - Add Faker::TwinPeaks \[fixed\] [\775]( ([pedantic-git](
  - Added wookie\_sentence method documentation to README [\772]( ([toddnestor](
  - Refactored finance.rb [\770]( ([Newman101](
  - ex-MX.yml: city\_prefix and city\_suffix: replace empty list with empty… [\769]( ([PascalSchumacher](
  - Correct HSL and HSLA color formatting [\768]( ([mwgalloway](
  - Adds wookie sentence generator [\766]( ([toddnestor](
  - Add Faker::Ancient [\765]( ([phoenixweiss](
  - Added Slovakian unit tests [\764]( ([Newman101](
  - added bank setup [\762]( ([RasMachineMan](
  - Added Russian unit tests [\761]( ([Newman101](
  - Add eSports data [\760]( ([FanaHOVA](
  - add lorempixel [\759]( ([senid231](
  - Added nb-NO locale unit tests [\758]( ([Newman101](
  - Added Japanese unit tests [\757]( ([Newman101](
  - Update educator.rb [\755]( ([huyderman](
  - Some Turkish Translations \1 [\754]( ([BatuhanW](
  - Add some german translations ... [\753]( ([Kjarrigan](
  - Add method for ensuring unique values [\752]( ([jonmast](
  - Delete unneeded line for Faker::Internet.password [\751]( ([bakunyo](
  - Add Mew to Pokemon::Name [\750]( ([kenta-s](
  - Update docs to make it clearer what args to Lorem.sentence and Lorem.paragraph do [\749]( ([ulyssesrex](
  - Add optional https urls [\747]( ([kaiuhl](
  - Creates tests for Address\zip\_code [\746]( ([tiagofsilva](
  - Creates Address\full\_address customizable by locale [\745]( ([tiagofsilva](
  - Improves readability of Hipster\resolve. [\743]( ([tiagofsilva](
  - Use Random::DEFAULT instead of / SecureRandom [\740]( ([smangelsdorf](
  - Added Korean unit tests [\739]( ([Newman101](
  - it.yml: name.suffix: replace list with empty string, to make it consi… [\736]( ([PascalSchumacher](
  - fix german university name generation [\734]( ([PascalSchumacher](
  - fr.yml: remove 13 after lille [\733]( ([PascalSchumacher](
  - Add Normal \(Gaussian\) distribution to Faker::Number [\731]( ([rabidaudio](
  - added indonesian locale [\730]( ([bprayudha](
  - Added dragons to the Game of Throne universe. [\729]( ([archbloom](
  - Tweak es-MX locale data for addresses [\727]( ([joiggama](
  - Add Game of Thrones quotes [\726]( ([rajivrnair](
  - adds [\725]( ([forresty](
  - Resolve warnings during tests [\722]( ([andy-j](
  - Add chords to music [\721]( ([andy-j](
  - Add major and minor keys to music [\720]( ([andy-j](
  - Fixed the inaccurate swedish organization number generator [\715]( ([hex0cter](
  - Fix typos in brazilian portuguese countries translations [\713]( ([Yaakushi](
  - Fix typo in 'Secondary' [\712]( ([edtjones](
  - Changed quotes in food.rb [\710]( ([Newman101](
  - Added type checks to PL unit test [\709]( ([Newman101](
  - Fix Faker::Educator "secondary" spelling [\708]( ([gadtfly](
  - adds meteorite to Faker::Space [\702]( ([kfrz](
  - fixed typo in secondary\_school [\701]( ([garyharan](
  - Improve Address.postcode example to reflect actual output [\700]( ([goulvench](
  - Fixed invalid name in pl.yml [\694]( ([Yobilat](
  - Fixed failing build [\683]( ([Newman101](
  - added south african locales [\682]( ([Letladi](
  - Add Food link for readme [\681]( ([martymclaugh](
  - Add updated en-nz locale data [\680]( ([geordidearns](
  - Fixed typo in dutch translation [\679]( ([nschmoller](
  - Add pokemon [\677]( ([bakunyo](
  - Food [\672]( ([martymclaugh](
  - Added charcaters and houses data for game of thrones in en.yml [\670]( ([vamsipavanmahesh](
  - add Faker::Commerce.promotion\_code [\669]( ([jGRUBBS](
  - Eliminate and prevent leading and trailing white space [\665]( ([retroGiant89](
  - Fix for memory overflow error Issue: \478 [\664]( ([anuj-verma](
  - Added unit tests to es-MX locale [\661]( ([Newman101](
  - Added default country test to en-AU locale [\656]( ([Newman101](
  - Fixed incorrect locale configuration [\655]( ([Newman101](
  - Add support for dutch university names [\654]( ([nysthee](
  - Added default country check to en-PAK unit tests [\652]( ([Newman101](
  - Added even method to Luhn algorithm [\650]( ([Newman101](
  - Add more names to pt-BR [\649]( ([haggen](
  - Add Nigerian locale to locales [\647]( ([oluosiname](
  - Refactor Luhn Checksum [\619]( ([Newman101](
  - Added en-SG unit tests [\618]( ([Newman101](
  - Improved de-AT unit tests [\614]( ([Newman101](
  - Changed quotes in color.rb [\606]( ([Newman101](
  [v1.6.6]( (2016-07-25)
  [Full Changelog](
  **Closed issues:**
  - gives undefined method `match' [\638](
  - Faker::Date.backward\(14\) [\632](
  - Shouldn't we capitalize the result of `Faker::Hacker.say\_something\_smart`? [\623](
  **Merged pull requests:**
  - Fixed Fixnum issue \638 [\639]( ([amoludage](
  - fix readme link for fakerpokemon [\637]( ([shinwang1](
  - Making pull request to add Pokemon names and locations to stumpy/faker [\636]( ([shinwang1](
  - Added shorthand for self-assignment on date.rb [\635]( ([Newman101](
  - Fixed a method call in date.rb [\633]( ([Newman101](
  - Add Game of Thrones faker [\629]( ([duduribeiro](
  - Add German translations for Commerce [\626]( ([laurens](
  - Solved Issue \623 [\625]( ([Newman101](


- Typo in readme [\1521]( ([jmhobbs](
  - Replaced Hilll with Hill [\1516]( ([MarkVaughn](
  - \[it\_IT\] Improve vat ID generated using official rules [\1508]( ([mavimo](
  - \[hu\_HU\] Address: Fix unnecessary new line in string [\1507]( ([ntomka](
  - add phone numer format [\1506]( ([Enosh-Yu](
  - Fix typo in fr\_CA Provider [\1505]( ([ultreson](
  - Add fake-car provider link [\1497]( ([pelmered](
  - create `passthrough` function [\1493]( ([browner12](
  - update Polish bank list [\1482]( ([IonBazan](
  - Update the parameters to check if the setter is callable [\1470]( ([rossmitchell](
  - Push the max date far into the future so the test can pass [\1469]( ([rossmitchell](
  - Update Address.php [\1465]( ([Saibamen](
  - Turkish identity number for tr\_TR [\1462]( ([aykutaras](
  - Fixing rare iin with 13-digits. [\1450]( ([vadimonus](
  - Fix Polish PESEL faker [\1449]( ([Dartui](
  - Adds valid 08 number formats for fr\_FR [\1439]( ([ppelgrims](
  - Add YouTube provider link [\1422]( ([aalaap](
  - Update PHPDoc of the DateTime provider. [\1419]( ([tomzx](
  - Normalize name of variable [\1412]( ([eaglewu](
  - Added "blockchain" to en-us company provider catchPhrase method [\1411]( ([samoldenburg](
  - Fix for Spot2 ORM EntityPopulator [\1408]( ([michal-borek](
  - TH color name [\1404]( ([Naruedom](
  - added Malaysia \[ms\_MY\] locale [\1403]( ([kenfai](
  - Implementation of the function that generates Brazilian area codes fixed. [\1401]( ([jackmiras](
  - VISA retired the 13 digit PAN moved to new cardParams [\1400]( ([hppycoder](
  - Remove unused variable inside closure [\1395]( ([carusogabriel](
  - .nz domain updates [\1393]( ([xurizaemon](
  - Add licenceCode method in the to es\_ES person provider [\1392]( ([ffiguereo](
  - allow `randomElements` to accept a Traversable object [\1389]( ([browner12](
  - Doc: rg remove formatting [\1387]( ([emtudo](
  - Add numbers with start 4 [\1386]( ([emtudo](
  - update th\_TH mobile number format [\1385]( ([earthpyy](
  - Translate country names for lv\_LV provider. [\1383]( ([ronaldsgailis](
  - Clean elses [\1382]( ([carusogabriel](
  - French vat formatter [\1381]( ([ppelgrims](
  - Replaces rtrim with preg\_replace [\1380]( ([ppelgrims](
  - Refactoring tests [\1375]( ([carusogabriel](
  - Added link in readme to provider FakerRestaurant [\1374]( ([jzonta](
  - Remove obsolete currency codes [\1373]( ([tpraxl](
  - \[ru\_RU\] Updated countries and added source link [\1372]( ([ilyahoilik](
  - Test against PHP 7.2 [\1371]( ([carusogabriel](
  - Feature: nl\_BE text provider [\1370]( ([rauwebieten](
  - default value for Payment::iban\(\) country code [\1369]( ([madmanmax](
  - skip test failing on bigendian [\1365]( ([remicollet](
  - Update Person.php [\1364]( ([majamusan](
  - Prevent errors on private methods [\1363]( ([petecoop](
  - adds rijksregisternummer [\1361]( ([ppelgrims](
  - Add secondary address to fr\_FR provider [\1356]( ([nicodmf](
  - Add company provider for tr\_TR [\1355]( ([yuks](
  - nb\_NO provider updates [\1350]( ([alexqhj](
  - only test available date range on 32-bit [\1348]( ([remicollet](
  - Bump PHPUnit version for namespace compatibility [\1345]( ([carusogabriel](
  - Use PSR-1 for PHPUnit TestCase [\1344]( ([carusogabriel](
  - Fix FR\_fr 07 prefix mobile number generation [\1343]( ([svanpoeck](
  - Update Text.php [\1339]( ([gulaandrij](
  - Add two new company type in the Swiss Provider [\1336]( ([pvullioud](
  - Change symbol 'minus' with code 226 to 'minus' with code 45 [\1333]( ([Negasus](
  - \[sl\_SI\] Created provider for Company [\1331]( ([alesvaupotic](
  - Update city name [\1328]( ([s9801077](
  - Fix \1305 realText in some cases breaks last character [\1326]( ([iamraccoon](
  - Real Dutch postal codes [\1323]( ([ametad](
  - Added male and female titles for the en\_ZA locale [\1321]( ([ViGouRCanberra](
  - Add German Email Providers [\1320]( ([Stoffo](
  - Fix "Resource temporarily unavailable" [\1319]( ([eberkund](
  - Introduced the ability to specify a default timezone... [\1316]( ([telkins](
  - South African licence codes [\1315]( ([royalmitten](
  - Fix with incorrect name city. [\1309]( ([zzenmate](
  - Fixed type-o in readme under section about Language specific formatters [\1302]( ([espenkn](
  - Update Person.php [\1298]( ([yappkahowe](
  - Allow children classes to access self::$suffix [\1296]( ([greg0ire](
  - Fix with namespace payment provider for uk\_UA [\1293]( ([zzenmate](
  - Update zh\_TW text provider [\1292]( ([s9801077](
  - Fix CURL status code in ImageTest.php [\1290]( ([Sanfra1407](
  - Tax Id for companies and new formats for es\_VE [\1287]( ([DIOHz0r](
  - Added idNumber for nl\_NL [\1283]( ([artorozenga](
  - Feature/en us company ein [\1273]( ([zachflower](


- Added more Ukrainian banks [\1271]( ([iamraccoon](
  - Hotfix/failing unit tests [\1269]( ([zachflower](
  - Lock Travis-CI environment to Ubuntu Precise [\1268]( ([zachflower](
  - Added Ukrainian job title [\1267]( ([iamraccoon](
  - Add compliant en\_US SSN generator [\1266]( ([zachflower](
  - Added more Ukrainian streets and removed irrelevant names. Added more Ukrainian mobile formats [\1265]( ([iamraccoon](
  - Add Internet Format for ja\_JP. [\1260]( ([itigoppo](
  - rectify ISO 4217 codes [\1258]( ([eidng8](
  - Corrected of grammar of Ukrainian middlenames and test added [\1257]( ([vladbuk](
  - Update ISO 4217 active codes [\1251]( ([eidng8](
  - Update Composer File [\1248]( ([vinkla](
  - Set capitals to false [\1243]( ([Stichoza](
  - Use static instead of self [\1242]( ([Stichoza](
  - Add VAT french format [\1241]( ([baptistedonaux](
  - Add swedish job titles [\1234]( ([vinkla](
  - Name Simo shouldn't have comma in it [\1230]( ([simoheinonen](
  - Fix: Add method annotation for ValidGenerator [\1223]( ([localheinz](
  - Add real text for es\_ES [\1220]( ([driade](
  - Fix spelling errors [\1218]( ([driade](
  - Fix spelling errors [\1217]( ([driade](
  - Fixes typo [\1212]( ([skullboner](
  - Add Person::middleName for ru\_RU provider [\1209]( ([JustBlackBird](
  - Fix creditCardDetails type hint [\1208]( ([jejung](
  - Expand dictionaries for ru\_RU locale [\1206]( ([pwsdotru](
  - Fix ng\_NG to en\_NG [\1205]( ([raphaeldealmeida](
  - Add INN and KPP support for ru\_RU locale [\1204]( ([pwsdotru](
  - Remove break line on pt\_PT Address format [\1203]( ([raphaeldealmeida](
  - Fix syntax of phpdoc boolean property [\1198]( ([pavelkovar](
  - add en\_HK provider [\1196]( ([miklcct](
  - use secure https [\1186]( ([jpuck](
  - Add PhoneNumberFormat for ja\_JP. [\1185]( ([itigoppo](
  - Fix: Add class-level method annotations for DateTime provider [\1183]( ([localheinz](
  - Add ar\_SA Color Provider [\1182]( ([alhoqbani](
  - Added uk\_UA Payment provider with bank  name generator [\1181]( ([spaghettimaster](
  - Typos [\1177]( ([ankitpokhrel](
  - Fix XML document example [\1176]( ([ankitpokhrel](
  - Added Emoji to Miscellaneous [\1175]( ([thomasfdm](
  - Typos and doc block fixes [\1170]( ([ankitpokhrel](
  - Rewrote deprecated `each\(\)` usage [\1168]( ([hboomsma](
  - Refactor text method to remove duplication [\1163]( ([ankitpokhrel](
  - Generate valid individual identification numbers kk\_KZ [\1161]( ([YerlenZhubangaliyev](
  - Added Address and Company \[fa\_IR\] [\1160]( ([thisissorna](
  - Add Peruvian DNI generator [\1158]( ([jgwong](
  - Removed double semicolon [\1154]( ([pjona](
  - Add prefixes for nl\_NL [\1151]( ([hyperized](
  - Separated male and female names for sr\_RS locale. [\1144]( ([bogdanpet](
  - Add personal ID, VAT for zh\_TW [\1135]( ([Dagolin](
  - Updating ninth digit on whole country [\1132]( ([gpressutto5](
  - Indian states added to en\_IN locale [\1131]( ([jiveshsg](
  - Add Text provider for ro\_MD [\1129]( ([wecerny](
  - Add strict to randomNumber example [\1124]( ([leepownall](
  - Say Eloquent is supported [\1123]( ([guidocella](
  - Link Eloquent Populator [\1120]( ([guidocella](
  - Removed dead code from Luhn.php [\1118]( ([Newman101](
  - Improve Internet::transliterate performance [\1112]( ([dunglas](
  - fix typo [\1109]( ([johannesnagl](
  - \[cs\_CZ\] Fixed Czech phone numbers [\1108]( ([tomasbedrich](
  - Update MasterCard BIN Range [\1103]( ([andysnell](
  - Add biggest german cities [\1102]( ([Konafets](
  - Change postal code format for ko\_KR [\1094]( ([coozplz](
  - Introduced the ability to specify the timezone for dateTimeThis\*\(\) methods [\1090]( ([telkins](
  - Fixed Issue \1086 [\1088]( ([Newman101](
  - \[ja\_JP\]kana of Japanese name by gender. [\1087]( ([itigoppo](
  - Fix unused code [\1083]( ([borgogelli](
  - Amended permissions for en\_GB AddressTest.php [\1071]( ([Newman101](
  - Ensure unique IDs in randomHtml [\1068]( ([vlakoff](
  - Updated \[de\_DE\] city names [\1067]( ([plxx](
  - Update method signature in Generator phpdoc [\1066]( ([vlakoff](
  - Add Thai providers [\1065]( ([tuwannu](
  - \(Minor\) Fixed the default locale stated in the readme [\1064]( ([taylankasap](
  - \[nl\_NL\] Make person provider behave more realistically [\1061]( ([curry684](
  - Add allowDuplicates option to randomElements\(\) [\1060]( ([vlakoff](
  - Docblocks: Add some missing method tags [\1059]( ([Kurre](
  - \[fi\_FI\] Improve phone number generator [\1054]( ([Kurre](
  - Add personalIdentityNumber\(\) to fi\_FI/Person.php [\1053]( ([oittaa](
  - Issue \1041 [\1052]( ([daleattree](
  - Update Text.php [\1051]( ([gulaandrij](
  - Fix French phone numbers with 07 prefix [\1046]( ([fzaninotto](
  - \[Generator.php\] mt\_rand\(\) changed in PHP 7.1 [\1045]( ([oittaa](
  - Add 'FI' to Payment Provider [\1044]( ([oittaa](
  - Added id number generator to Person Provider for the en\_ZA locale [\1039]( ([smithandre](
  - \[Feature\] Add nigerian provider [\1030]( ([elchroy](
  - \[pl\_PL\] Handle state. [\1029]( ([piotrooo](
  - Fixed polish text - change '--' into '-'. [\1027]( ([piotrooo](
  - Update Text.php [\1025]( ([gulaandrij](
  - Adding Nationalized Citizens to DNI in Person.php [\1021]( ([celisflen-bers](
  - Add nik to indonesia [\1019]( ([Nuffic](
  - fix mb\_substr missing parameter error when generating japanese string with realText method [\1018]( ([horan-geeker](
  - IBAN Formatters for New Locales [\1015]( ([okj579](
  - German Bank Names [\1014]( ([okj579](
  - Adding countries for pl\_PL provider [\1009]( ([mertcanesen](
  - Adding Pattern Lab plugin to list of 3rd party libraries [\1008]( ([EvanLovely](
  - Korea top 100 lastName [\1006]( ([tael](
  - Use real Belgian postcodes instead of random number [\1004]( ([toonevdb](
  - Add bankAccountNumber implementations [\1000]( ([akramfares](
  - Generates a random NIR number \(fr\_FR\) [\997]( ([Ultim4T0m](
  - \989 Fix country typo [\996]( ([adriantombu](
  - adding back CNP [\988]( ([the-noob](
  - Fix phpunit tests fail on 64-bit systems \982 [\983]( ([Powerhead13](
  - Remove trailing dot in username if any [\975]( ([vlakoff](
  - HTML Lorem [\971]( ([rudkjobing](
  - Fix a mixup between male and female last names in Icelandic. [\970]( ([arthur-olafsson](
  - Remove duplicate [\969]( ([mijgame](
  - fix \[zh\_CN\]PhoneNumber illegal operator prefix [\966]( ([zhwei](
  - es\_ES: Generate VAT Number [\964]( ([miguelgf](
  - Update Image.php [\963]( ([gulaandrij](
  - Remove cnp formatter from RO\_ro locale \(fails tests\) [\962]( ([fzaninotto](
  - Adding valid en\_GB postcodes [\961]( ([the-noob](
  - Adding Text for ro\_RO [\959]( ([the-noob](
  - Minor: Fixed trailing space in DateTime provider [\956]( ([tifabien](
  - Remove 'Stripper' from en\_US job titles [\954]( ([amcsi](
  - fix 32bits issue [\953]( ([remicollet](
  - Fix EAN8 checkSum generator [\951]( ([MatthieuMota](
  - Fixed description and the use of early undocumented parameters. [\949]( ([andrey-helldar](
  - Pushing new mobile prefixes in philippines [\944]( ([napoleon101392](
  - Update Company.php [\943]( ([thiagotalma](
  - Fix to Issue \935 - German Locale [\936]( ([Newman101](
  - el\_CY Locale [\930]( ([softius](
  - Add phpdoc method dateTimeInInterval in Generator.php [\926]( ([KeithYeh](
  - Harmonize fr\_\*\Company [\918]( ([Max13](
  - Fix: fix invalid parameter of mb\_substr\(\) [\917]( ([tkawaji](
  - kk\_KZ Company/person identification numbers unit tests [\916]( ([YerlenZhubangaliyev](
  - ka\_GE: overall improvements to ka\_GE locale [\913]( ([hertzg](
  - Fix: Do not pick a random float less than minimum [\909]( ([localheinz](
  - Fix: Prefer dependencies installed from dist [\908]( ([localheinz](
  - Add a building number with letter to German speaking locales. [\903]( ([markuspoerschke](
  - \[RFR\] Remove parts of the hu\_HU address formatters [\902]( ([fzaninotto](
  - use Luhn to calculate ar\_SA id numbers. [\875]( ([FooBarQuaxx](
  - Fix Doctrine ODM Support [\489]( ([cbourgois](


* Removed


* Removed support for Ruby 1.9.3
  * Added Faker::ChuckNorris, Faker::Crypto, Faker::Educator, Faker::File, Faker::Music, Faker::Space, Faker::Vehicle, and Faker::Yoda
  * Fixed bug with credit card types
  * DST fixes in Faker::Time
  * Added Faker::Name.name_with_middle
  * Added Faker::Code.imei
  * Added Faker::Code.asin
  * Added Faker::Lorem.question and Faker::Lorem.questions
  * Added Faker::Internet.private_ip_v4_address
  * Added Faker::Company.australian_business_number
  * Other miscellaneous fixes and locale updates


* Fix for UTF problem in Ruby 1.9.3
  * Fix for Faker::StarWars.character
  * Updated sv locale


* Fix for locale-switching (Russian email addresses)
  * Added Faker::Beer, Faker::Boolean, Faker::Cat, Faker::StarWars, and Faker::Superhero
  * Added Faker::Color.color_name
  * Added Faker::Date.between_except
  * Fixed Faker::Internet.ip_v4_cidr and Faker::Internet.ip_v6_cidr
  * Added locales: ca, ca-CAT, da-DK, fi-FI, and pt


* Fix for locale issues in tests


* Lots of bug fixes -- most notably, a fix for email addresses and domains in non-en locales
  * Updated locales: de, en-AU, en-NZ, en-SG, en-US, en-au-ocker, en, es, fr, he, it, ja, nb-NO, pl, pt-BR, sk, and zh-CN
  * Updated classes: Address, Avatar, Book, Code, Commerce, Company, Hipster, IDNumber, Internet, Number, Placeholdit, Shakespeare, and Time


* Added logos
  * Added Slack Emoji
  * Updated image generators
  * Updated Dutch Locale
  * Added support for generating RGB values, HSL colors, alpha channel, and HSLA colors
  * Added locale for Uganda
  * Added basic Ukrainian support
  * Added university name generator
  * Updated documentation
  * Updated a variety of locales
  * Various fixes


* Updated Russian locale
  * Added EIN generator
  * Fixed Swedish locale
  * Added birthday to Faker::Date
  * Added Faker::App


* Added Swedish locale
  * README update


* Bugfix and cleanup


* Many enhancements and bugfixes


* Many enhancements and few bugfixes


* Many major and minor enhancements :)


* 1 minor change:
  * Fixed Ruby 1.8 compatibility


* 1 minor change:
  * Removed ja locale because of parse errors


* 1 major change:
  * Removed deprecated methods from Address: earth_country, us_state, us_state_abbr, uk_postcode, uk_county
  * Many minor changes (please see github pull requests for credits)
  * Added many localizations
  * Added range and array support for Lorem


* Rename ``pyint`` ``min`` and ``max`` to ``min_value`` and ``max_value``.
  Thanks francoisfreitag.
  * Remove some validations from Faker and delegate it to an external library,
  ``validators``. Thanks kingbuzzman.
  * Add an "Invalid SSN" generator to the ``en_US`` SSN Provider.
  Thanks darrylwhiting.
  * Include "Praia" as street_prefix in ``pr_BR`` address Provider.
  Thanks G5Olivieri.
  * Loosen version restrictions on ``freezegun`` and ``random2``.
  Thanks timokau.
  * Add SSN provider for ``es_MX``. Thanks mrfunnyshoes.
  * Add ``pwz`` generator for ``pl_PL``. Thanks torm89.
  * Add ``date_of_birth`` and ``sex`` argument to ``pesel`` Provider (`pl_PL`).
  Thanks torm89.
  * Fix datetime parsing on environments with negative offsets.
  Thanks bluesheeptoken.


* Remove dead url from ``image_placeholder_services``. Thanks Monstrofil.
  * Fix missing ``first_names`` in Romanian person provider. Thanks xlotlu.
  * Add Catalan, adds doi/nie/nif/cif to Spain ssn. Thanks kingbuzzman.
  * Add ``texts`` to generate list of texts. Thanks pishchalnikov.
  * Add provider for ``pl_PL`` automotive and Polish pesel number.
  Thanks adwojak.
  * Corrected behavior for ``pyfloat``. Thanks ariksu.


* Add missing commas to company/nl_NL provider. Thanks francoisfreitag.
  * Add bounds to ``pyint``. Thanks francoisfreitag.
  * Accept step argument in ``random_int()``. Thanks francoisfreitag.


* Add min and max values for ``pyfloat`` and ``pydecimal``. Thanks Lrcezimbra.
  * Add ``months`` and ``M`` to the syntax for ``start_date`` and ``end_date``.
  Thanks anneclairebrld.
  * Add support for ``PyInstaller``. Thanks arossert.
  * Add Dutch company names. Thanks MathynS.
  * Fix some invalid French phone numbers starting with ``+33 8x``.
  Thanks stephane.
  * Add Armenian locale ``hy_AM``. Thanks hovikman.


* Fix erratic test.


* Fix ``AttributeError`` in ``user_Agent`` provider. Thanks Mattwmaster58 for
  the report.
  * Update ``zh_TW`` ``person`` provider. Thanks TimeFinger.
  * Add street data & remove ``street_prefixes`` from ``id_ID`` address provider.
  Thanks codenoid.
  * Fix parsing of timedeltas in ``date_time`` provider. Thanks riconnon for
  the report.
  * Split name formats into ``formats_male`` and ``formats_female`` for ``de_DE``
  provider. Thanks petro-zdebskyi.
  * Pin ``more-itertools`` to a version compatible with Python 2.7.
  Thanks canarduck.
  * Fix ``fr_FR`` ``postcodes_format``. Thanks canarduck.
  * Fix hex code for ``yellowgreen`` color. Thanks hovikman.
  * Add Brazilian RG (identity card). Thanks davizucon.
  * Allow overriding of random generator class.


* Fix state abbreviations for ``id_ID`` to be 2-letters. Thanks dt-ap.
  * Fix format for ``city_with_postcode`` on ``de_DE`` locale. Thanks TZanke.
  * Update ``person`` providers for ``zh_CN``. Thanks TimeFinger.
  * Implement ``zipcode_in_state`` and aliases in ``en_US`` locale for generating
  a zipcode for a specified state. Thanks mattyg.
  * Group first names by gender on ``zh_CN`` provider. Thanks TimeFinger.


* Fix number of digits in ``phone_number`` provider for ``no_NO``.
  Thanks aleksanb.
  * Add categories to ``jp_JP`` company provider. Thanks shirakia.
  * Add trunk prefix for ``ru_RU`` phone numbers. thanks pishchalnikov.


* Breaking change: ``latlng``, ``latitude`` and ``longitude`` no longer return
  coordinates that are close the locale's country. Use the ``local_latlng``,
  ``local_latitude`` and ``local_longitude`` instead.
  * Add ``location_on_land`` provider. Thanks shacker.


* 1 minor bug fix:
  * Fixed YAML [Aaron Patterson]
  * 3 minor enhancements:
  * Added default rake task to run all tests [Aaron Patterson]
  * Removed shuffle method [Aaron Patterson]
  * Use psych if present [Aaron Patterson]


* 1 minor bug fix:
  * Stopped getting in the way of Rails' late locale loading


* Add ``cellphone_number`` method for ``pt_BR``. Thanks Newman101.
  * Fix urls generated by from `image_url`. Thanks tsiaGeorge.
  * Add job provider for ``th_TH``. Thanks mesodiar.
  * Add phone number provider for ``th_TH``. Thanks zkan.
  * Add bank provider for ``pl_PL`` locale. Thanks andrzej3393.
  * Add lorem provider for ``pl_PL`` locale. Thanks andrzej3393.
  * Add Postcode and City format for ``de_DE`` provider. Thanks Newman101.
  * Add ``vat_id`` to ``ssn`` providers for ``bg_BG``, ``cs_CZ``, ``de_AT``,
  ``de_CH``, ``de_de``, ``dk_DK``, ``el_CY``, ``el_GR``, ``en_GB``, ``en_IE``,
  ``es_ES``, ``et_EE``, ``fi_FI``, ``fr_CH``, ``fr_FR``, ``hr_HR``, ``hu_HU``,
  ``it_IT``, ``lb_LU``, ``lt_LT``, ``lv_LV``, ``mt_MT``, ``nl_BE``, ``nl_NL``,
  ``no_NO``, ``pl_PL``, ``pt_PT``, ``ro_RO``, ``sk_SK``, ``sl_SI`` and
  ``sv_SE``. Thanks mastacheata.
  * Add ``postcode`` and ``city_with_postcode`` for ``cs_CZ``. Thanks Newman101.
  * Add ``postcode`` and ``city_with_postcode`` for ``de_AT``. Thanks Newman101.
  * Add ``license_plate`` for ``ru_RU``. Thanks codaver.
  * Remove incorrect phone number formats from ``en_US``. Thanks stephenross.
  * Add job provider for ``bs_BA``. Thanks elahmo.
  * Add ``hostname`` provider. Thanks ediblesushi.
  * Add license plates for ``sv_SE``. Thanks vilhelmmelkstam.
  * Allow ``uuid4`` to return a ``UUID`` object. Thanks ediblesushi.


* Add company names to ``pl_PL`` provider. Thanks twkrol.
  * Add replacements for non-ascii characters in ``pt_BR``. Thanks clarmso.
  * Add some more placeholder image services. Thanks clarmso.
  * Separate male name and female name formats in ``cs_CZ`` provider.
  Thanks clarmso.
  * Add second level domains (mostly provinces) for ``cn`` top level domain.
  Thanks clarmso.
  * Add ``fr_FR`` localization to ``lorem`` provider. Thanks tristandeborde.
  * Lots of work on internal cleanup and optimizing the CI. Thanks jdufresne.
  * Add ``flake8`` to the CI. Thanks andrzej3393.


* Fix missing and misplaced comma's in many providers. Thanks 153957.
  * Refactor IPv4 address generation to leverage ``ipaddress`` module.
  Thanks maticomp.
  * An ``en_NZ`` provider for addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
  Thanks doctorlard.
  * Add ``unique`` argument to ``words()`` for returning unique words.
  Thanks micahstrube.
  * Allow US territories to be excluded from ``state_abbr()`` for ``en_US``
  provider. Thanks micahstrube.
  * Add support for Python 3.7. Thanks michael-k.


  * ``.random_sample()`` now returns a list of unique elements instead of a set.
  * ``.random_sample_unique()`` is removed in favor of ``.random_sample()``.
  * Added ``random_choices()``, ``random_elements()`` and ``random_letters()``.
  * Added ``faker.utils.distribution.choices_distribution_unique()``.
  * ``words()``, ``password()``, ``uri_path`` and ``pystr()`` now use the new the
  ``random_choices()`` method.


* Change blood group from ``0`` (zero) to ``O`` (capital letter O). Some
  locales do use 'zero', but ``O`` is more common and it is the medical
  standard. Thanks mohi7solanki.
  * Fix alpha-2 country code for Haiti. Thanks sevens-ef for the report.
  * Fix abbreviation for Nunavut. Thanks straz for the report.
  * Standardized ``postcode`` in address providers. Now all locales are
  guaranteed to have a ``postcode`` method and may have a localized alias for
  it (eg: ``zipcode``). Thanks straz for the report.
  * Fix typo in ``pt_BR`` Person perovider. Thanks Nichlas.
  * Fix timezone handling. Thanks Fraterius.
  * Use tzinfo when provided in ``date_of_birth``. Thanks Kelledin.


* Add ``ein``, ``itin`` and refactored ``ssn`` Provider for ``en_US``.
  Thanks crd.
  * Add ``job`` provider for ``zh_CN``. Thanks ramwin.
  * Add ``date_of_birth`` provider. Thanks cdr.
  * Add alpha-3 representation option for ``country-code`` provider. Thanks cdr.


* Fix test for CPF (Brazilian SSN). Thanks Rubens Takiguti Ribeiro.
  * Fix Canadian SIN generation. Thanks crd.
  * Fix Norwegian SSN date portion. Thanks frangiz.
  * Add ``start_datetime`` argument for ``unix_time()``. Thanks crd.


* Change logging level to ``DEBUG``.


* Add possibility to make artificial ssn numbers for ``FI_fi``. Thanks kivipe.
  * Update ``ko_KR`` person data based on statistics. Thanks unace.
  * Improved logging. Thanks confirmationbias616.


* Add ``no_NO`` bank provider. Thanks cloveras.
  * Add ``ipv4_network_class``, ``ipv4_private``, ``ipv4_public`` providers.
  Thanks ZuluPro.
  * Add ``address_class`` and ``private`` arguments to ``ipv4`` provider.
  Thanks ZuluPro.
  * Add ``currency``, ``currency_name``, ``cryptocurrency``,
  ``cryptocurrency_code`` and ``cryptocurrency_name`` to currency provider.
  Thanks ZuluPro.
  * Add automotive provider for ``de_DE``. Thanks gsilvan.
  * Fix edgecases for Finnish ``ssn`` provider. Thanks sanga.
  * Add job provider for ``pt_BR``. Thanks paladini.
  * Add ``unix_device`` and ``unix_partition`` to ``file`` provider.
  Thanks ZuluPro.
  * Add ``random_lowercase_letter`` and ``random_uppercase_letter`` to the base
  provider. Thanks ZuluPro.
  * Clarify CLI help. Thanks confirmationbias616.


* Fix issue with ``cx_Freeze``. Thanks sedominik.
  * Add dutch ``nl_NL`` bank provider. Thanks PatSousa.
  * Add ``distrito`` and ``freguesia`` to ``pt_PT`` ``address`` provider.
  Thanks ZuluPro.
  * Fix  unicode issues with the ``person`` provider. Thanks karthikarul20.
  * Add ``en_SG`` ``person`` provider. Thanks karthikarul20.
  * Add street names to the Ukrainian address provider. Thanks cadmi.
  * Add ``de_AT`` address provider. Thanks bessl.
  * Fix credit card prefixes. Thanks jphalip.
  * Fix capitalization in ``no_NO`` address provider. Thanks cloveras.
  * Fix deprecated syntax for raw strings. Thanks dchudz.
  * Add ``latitude`` and ``longitude`` to ``de_AT`` ``address`` provider.
  Thanks bessl.
  * Fix incorrect value in list of middle name for locale ``ru_RU``.
  Thanks damirazo.


* Add scheme selection for internet ``url`` provider. Thanks ProvoK.
  * Increase lower bound on AD date generation. Thanks prophile.
  * Add the ability to specify the min and max age for some ssn locales.
  Thanks frangiz.


  * Pass ``python_requires`` argument to ``setuptools``. Thanks jdufresne.
  * Remove some words from ``en_US`` lorem ipsum provider. Thanks Pomax.


* Remove support for Python 3.3. Thanks jdufresne.
  * Allow past dates within a second. Thanks DanEEstar.
  * Added phone number formatting to ``en_GB`` localisation to ensure no genuine
  phone numbers are generated. Thanks TheSapper.
  * Added ``en_GB`` localisation for SSN (UK National Insurance Number).
  Thanks TheSapper.
  * Added ``ro_RO`` person Provider. Thanks vasilesmartup.
  * Added ``domain`` argument to ``email`` provider. Thanks lcd1232.


* made ``seed_instance`` return ``self`` for chainability.
  * Add ``en_US`` locale for ``lorem``. Thanks shacker.
  * ``fi_FI`` gender specific data added. Thanks mikkhola.
  * ``fi_FI`` address and job lists updated. Thanks mikkhola.
  * Add ``iban`` provider. Thanks cdaller.


* Corrected some issues with the Hungarian (``hu_HU``) providers, such as
  incorrectly capitalized company suffixes, street/road type names and place
  names. Thanks chrisvoncsefalvay.
  * The Hungarian locale's ``providers.job.job`` provider now returns Hungarian
  job names, taken from the Hungarian National Statistical Office (KSH)'s 2008
  survey nomenclature of employment (FEOR '08). Thanks chrisvoncsefalvay.
  * Added ``he_IL`` locale. Thanks bjesus.
  * Fix possible infinite loop in ``random_sample_unique``. Thanks 153957.
  * Add aliases to make ``pt_BR`` address provider compatible ``with en_US``.
  Thanks diegoholiveira.
  * Fix ResourceWarning in ````. Thanks jdufresne.
  * Update test requirements.


* Replace ``unidecode`` dependency in favor of ``text-unidecode``. Faker now
  requires [text-unidecode](


* Add ASCII emails. Thanks barseghyanartur.
  * Add ``id_ID`` Providers. Thanks Sidi Ahmad.
  * Fix ``date_time.time_series()`` to ensure start and end bounds are inclusive.
  Thanks bijanvakili.
  * Create a provider to Brazilian license plates. Thanks diegoholiveira.
  * Use a proper international format for Ukrainian phone numbers.
  Thanks illia-v.
  * Faker now requires [Unidecode](


* Move ``email_validator`` to ``test_requires`` and unpinned the
  version number.
  * Date feature parity with datetime. Thanks noirbizarre.
  * Add ``MSISDN`` in the ``phone_number`` provider. Thanks patrickporto.
  * Add Arabic locales. Thanks ahmedaljazzar.
  * Fix datetime issue on Windows. Thanks kungfu71186.


* Fix release build.


* Revert name change of ``faker.generator.random``. Thanks adamchainz.
  * Document the global shared ``random.Random`` and ``seed_instance()``.
  Thanks adamchainz.


* Rolled back breaking change in ``randomize_nb_elements``.


* Add ``identity_card_number`` for ``pl_PL`` ``person`` provider. Thanks pdaw.
  * More descriptive error message when a formatter is not found.
  Thanks fcurella.
  * Add ``time_series`` provider. Thanks fcurella.
  * Add per-instance seeding via ``.seed_instance`` method. Thanks reverbc.
  * Fix ``tz_TW`` ``address`` provider. Thanks clarmso.


* Generate proper dates before 1970. Thanks kungfu71186.
  * Made it possible to seed ``.binary()``. Thanks kungfu71186.
  * Add color names for ``hr_HR``. Thanks mislavcimpersak.
  * Add implementation of ``ssn`` provider for the ``pl_PL`` locale.
  Thanks pdaw.
  * Add ``pt_BR`` colors localization. Thanks ppcmiranda.
  * Create a method for codes of cryptocurrencies in the currency provider.
  Thanks illia-v.
  * Fix female name format typo in ``hu_HU`` person provider. Thanks swilcox.
  * Fix deprecated usage of ``print`` statement in README. Thanks cclauss.
  * Add gender-specific names for ``sv_SE`` person provider. Thanks swilcox.
  * Add an implementation of `regon` for ``pl_PL`` company provider.
  Thanks pdaw.
  * Addi an implementation of ``local_regon`` for ``pl_PL`` company provider.
  Thanks pdaw.
  * Replace deprecated ``getargspec`` on py3. Thanks fcurella.
  * Add new ``automotive`` provider. Thanks zafarali.
  * Add an implementation of ``company_vat`` for ``pl_PL`` company provider.
  Thanks pdaw.
  * Add Taiwan/Traditional character support for internet and lorem providers.
  Thanks bearnun.
  * Use ``random.choices`` when available for better performance.
  Thanks catleeball.
  * Refactor RGB color methods. Thanks catleeball.


* Fix a timezone issue with the ``date_time_between_dates`` provider.


* fix timezone issues with ``date_time_between`` provider.
  * Add ``ext_word_list`` parameter to methods in the ``Lorem`` generator.
  Thanks guinslym.


* fix start and end date for datetime provider methods.


* fix ``future_date``, `and ``past_date`` bounds.


* Remove capitalisation from ``hu_HU`` addresses. Thanks Newman101.
  * Add ``et_EE`` (Estonian) provider: names and ssn. Thanks trtd.
  * Proper prefix for gender in ``pl_PL`` names. Thanks zgoda.
  * Add DateTime provider for ``pl_PL``. Thanks zgoda.
  * Add ``pl_PL`` internet data provider. Thanks zgoda.
  * Fix diacritics in ``pl_PL`` street names. Thanks zgoda.
  * Add ``future_date``, ``future_datetime``, ``past_date`` and ``past_datetime``
  to DateTime Provider


* Add Japanese lorem provider. Thanks richmondwang.
  * Add ``hr_HR`` names of month and names of days. Thanks mislavcimpersak.
  * Add ``sl_SI`` names of month and names of days. Thanks mislavcimpersak.
  * Update the provider ``user_agent``. Thanks illia-v.
  * Add russian words for date_time. Thanks iskhomutov.
  * Add Georgian (``ka_GE``) person and address providers.
  Thanks GeorgeLubaretsi.
  * Add company provider to hu_HU locale. Thanks Newman101.
  * Allow subdomains for ``domain_name`` provider. Thanks hiagofigueiro.
  * Implement hu_HU months + days. Thanks Newman101.
  * Replacement rules for emails à->a, è->e in ``de_DE`` internet provider.
  Thanks Bergil32.


  * Added french words for days and months. Thanks sblondon.
  * Reorganized tests. Thanks grantbachman.
  * Added file path provider. Thanks diegommarino.
  * Fixed packaging issue with tests module. Thanks eukreign for the report.


  * Add ISBN-10 and ISBN-13. Thanks grantbachman.
  * Add colors for ``fr_FR``. Thanks sblondon.


* Fix packaging issue. Thanks jorti.


* Add a Russian language to color provider. Thanks kotyara1005.
  * Correct UnboundLocalError in Finnish SSN generator. Thanks lamby.
  * Create internet IT provider. Thanks GlassGruber.
  * Add ``fix_len`` parameter to ``random_number``. Thanks vlad-ki.
  * Support zh_CN lorem. Thanks yihuang.
  * Customize chinese word connector. Thanks yihuang.
  * Add more company data to ``fa_IR``. Thanks aminalaee.
  * Python 3.6 support. Thanks stephane.
  * Add ``hu_HU`` providers. Thanks chrisvoncsefalvay.
  * Fix tests failures.


* Fix ``no_NO`` postcodes. Thanks kdeldycke.
  * Fix ``fa_IR`` city generator. Thanks kdeldycke.


  * Fix packaging issue with ``docs`` directory. Thanks wyattanderson.


* Deprecate ``fake-factory`` package on PyPI.


  * Add Ukrainian ``address`` provider. Thanks illia-v.
  * Add Ukrainian ``internet`` provider. Thanks illia-v.
  * Middle name support for ``person.ru_RU`` provider. Thanks zeal18.
  * Add ``address``, ``company``, ``internet`` ans ``SSN`` provider for
  ``ru_RU``. Thanks zeal18.
  * Improved ``address.pl_PL`` provider. Thanks pkisztelinski.
  * Add date and time object providers. Thanks jtojnar.
  * Refactor Korean address methods. Thanks item4.
  * Add provider for locale `nl_BE` (address, phone, ssn). Thanks vema.
  * Add additional job titles. Thanks wontonst.
  * Add Ukrainian color provider. Thanks illia-v.
  * Add support to brazilian company IDs (CNPJ). Thanks lamenezes.
  * Improve the Internet provider. Thanksillia-v.
  * Improve the Ukrainian person provider. Thanks illia-v.
  * Improve some SSN providers. Thanks illia-v.
  * Improve code samples in `README.rst` and `docs/index.rst`. Thanks illia-v.
  * Improve the method `locale`. Thanks illia-v.
  * Fix `pyfloat`. Thanks illia-v.
  * Allow left/right_digits=0 for pyfloat. Thanks mnalt.
  * update fa_IR person names and phone numbers. Thanks aminalaee.


* ``date_time_this_century`` now returns ``datetime`` s outside the current
  decade. Thanks JarUrb.
  * Add support for localized jobs for ``hr_HR``. Thanks mislavcimpersak.
  * Adding support for Croatian ``hr_HR`` ssn (oib). Thanks mislavcimpersak.
  * Rename PyPI package to ``Faker``.


  * Dropped Python 2.6 support


* Add optional parameter `sex` to `profile` and `simple_profile`.
  Thanks navyad.
  * Fix whitespace in dk_DK provider last_names/last_name. Thanks iAndriy.
  * Fix utf8 coding issue with ``address/fi_FI`` provider. Thanks delneg.
  * ! Latest version to support Python 2.6


* Fix random_sample_unique. Thanks cecedille1.


* Add more ``pt_BR`` names. Thanks cuducos.
  * Added ``en_GB`` names. Thanks jonny5532.
  * Add romanized internet provider for ``zh_CN``.
  * Add ``fr_CH`` providers. Thanks gfavre.


* Improve CLI output and help. Thanks cbaines.
  * Update ``en_US`` anmes to be more realistic. Thanks dethpickle.
  * Modify pystr provider to accept a minimum number of characters.
  Thanks tamarbuta.
  * Add `job` Provider for ``zh_TW``. Thanks weihanglo.
  * Modify ``zh_TW`` phone number for a more valid format. Thanks weihanglo.
  * Reduce the maximum value of start timestamps. Thanks cbaines.
  * Add `random_sample` and `random_sample_unique`. Thanks bengolder.


* Repackage to resolve PyPI issue.


* Add date handling for datetime functions. Thanks rpkilby.
  * Discern male and female first names in pt_BR. Thanks gabrielusvicente.


* Specify help text for command line. Thanks cbaines.


* Expose Provider's random instance. Thank gsingers for the suggestion.
  * Make sure required characters are in the password. Thanks craig552uk.
  * Add ``internet`` and ``job`` Providers for ``fa_IR``. Thanks hamidfzm.
  * Correct Poland phone numbers. Thanks fizista.
  * Fix brittly tests due to seconds elapsed in-between comparison
  * Allow unicode in emails and domains. Thanks zdelagrange for the report.
  * Use ``dateutil`` for computing next_month. Thanks mark-love, rshk.
  * Fix tests module import. Thanks jorti for the report.
  * Handle unexpected length in ``ean()``. Thanks michaelcho.
  * Add internet provider for ``ja_JP``. Thanks massa142.
  * Add Romanized Japanese person name. Thanks massa142.
  * Add tzinfo support to datetime methods. Thanks j0hnsmith.
  * Add an 'office' file extensions category. Thanks j0hnsmith.
  * Generate name according to profile's sex. Thanks Dutcho for the report.
  * Add ``bs_BA`` phone number and internet provider. Thanks elahmo.
  * Add a SSN provider for ``zh_CN``. Thanks felixonmars.
  * Differentiate male and female first names in ``fr_FR`` locale.
  Thanks GregoryVds
  * Add Maestro credit card. Thanks anthonylauzon.
  * Add ``hr_HR`` localization. Thanks mislavcimpersak.
  * Update ``de_DE`` first names. Thanks WarrenFaith and mschoebel.
  * Allow generation of IPv4 and IPv6 network address with valid CIDR.
  Thanks kdeldycke.
  * Unittest IPv4 and IPv6 address and network generation. Thanks kdeldycke.
  * Add a new provider to generate random binary blob. Thanks kdeldycke.
  * Check that randomly produced language codes are parseable as locale by the
  factory constructor. Thanks kdeldycke.
  * Fix chinese random language code. Thanks kdeldycke.
  * Remove duplicate words from Lorem provider. Thanks jeffwidman.


* Added ``company_vat`` to company ``fi_FI`` provider. Thanks kivipe.
  * Seed a Random instance instead of the module. Thanks Amy Hanlon.
  * Fixed en_GB postcodes to be more realistic. Thanks mapleoin for the report.
  * Fixed support for Python 3 in the python provider. Thanks derekjamescurtis.
  * Fixed U.S. SSN generation. Thanks jschaf.
  * Use environment markers for wheels. Thanks RonnyPfannschmidt
  * Fixed Python3 issue in ``pyiterable`` and ``pystruct`` providers.
  Thanks derekjamescurtis.
  * Fixed ``en_GB`` postcodes to be more realistic. Thanks mapleoin.
  * Fixed and improved performance of credit card number provider. Thanks 0x000.
  * Added Brazilian SSN, aka CPF. Thanks ericchaves.
  * Added female and male names for ``fa_IR``. Thanks afshinrodgar.
  * Fixed issues with Decimal objects as input to geo_coordinate. Thanks davy.
  * Fixed bug for ``center`` set to ``None`` in geo_coordinate. Thanks davy.
  * Fixed deprecated image URL placeholder services.
  * Fixed provider's example formatting in documentation.
  * Added en_AU provider. Thanks xfxf.


  * Added ``uuid4`` to ``misc`` provider. Thanks Jared Culp.
  * Fixed ``jcb15`` and ``jcb16`` in ``credit_card`` provider.
  Thanks Rodrigo Braz.
  * Fixed CVV and CID code generation in `credit_card` provider.
  Thanks Kevin Stone.
  * Added ``--include`` flag to command line tool. Thanks Flavio Curella.
  * Added ``country_code`` to `address`` provider. Thanks elad101 and Tobin Brown.


  * Fixed egg installation. Thanks David R. MacIver, kecaps
  * Updated person names for ``ru_RU``. Thanks mousebaiker.
  * Updated ko_KR locale. Thanks Lee Yeonjae.
  * Fixed installation to install importlib on Python 2.6.
  Thanks Guillaume Thomas.
  * Improved tests. Thanks Aarni Koskela, kecaps, kaushal.
  * Made Person ``prefixes``/``suffixes`` always return strings.
  Thanks Aarni Koskela.
  * ``pl_PL`` jobs added. Thanks Dariusz Choruży.
  * Added ``ja_JP`` provider. Thanks Tatsuji Tsuchiya, Masato Ohba.
  * Localized remaining providers for consistency. Thanks Flavio Curella.
  * List of providers in compiled on runtime and is not hardcoded anymore.
  Thanks Flavio Curella.
  * Fixed State names in ``en_US``. Thanks Greg Meece.
  * Added ``time_delta`` method to ``date_time`` provider. Thanks Tobin Brown.
  * Added filename and file extension methods to ``file`` provider.
  Thanks Tobin Brown.
  * Added Finnish ssn (HETU) provider. Thanks kivipe.
  * Fixed person names for ``pl_PL``. Thanks Marek Bleschke.
  * Added ``sv_SE`` locale providers.
  Thanks Tome Cvitan.
  * ``pt_BR`` Provider: Added ``catch_phrase`` to Company provider and fixed
  names in Person Provider. Thanks Marcelo Fonseca Tambalo.
  * Added ``sk_SK`` localized providers. Thanks viktormaruna.
  * Removed ``miscelleneous`` provider. It is superceded by the
  ``misc`` provider.


  * Localized providers
  * Updated ``ko_KR`` provider. Thanks Lee Yeonjae.
  * Added ``pt_PT`` provider. Thanks João Delgado.
  * Fixed mispellings for ``en_US`` company provider. Thanks Greg Meece.
  * Added currency provider. Thanks Wiktor Ślęczka
  * Ensure choice_distribution always uses floats. Thanks Katy Lavallee.
  * Added ``uk_UA`` provider. Thanks Cyril Tarasenko.
  * Fixed encoding issues with README, CHANGELOG and
  Thanks Sven-Hendrik Haase.
  * Added Turkish person names and phone number patterns. Thanks Murat Çorlu.
  * Added ``ne_NP`` provider. Thanks Sudip Kafle.
  * Added provider for Austrian ``de_AT``. Thanks Bernhard Essl.


* Fixed setup


* Added MAC address provider. Thanks Sébastien Béal.
  * Added ``lt_LT`` and ``lv_LV`` localized providers. Thanks Edgar Gavrik.
  * Added ``nl_NL`` localized providers. Thanks LolkeAB, mdxs.
  * Added ``bg_BG`` localized providers. Thanks Bret B.
  * Added ``sl_SI``. Thanks to janezkranjc
  * Added distribution feature. Thanks to fcurella
  * Relative date time. Thanks to soobrosa
  * Fixed ``date_time_ad`` on 32bit Linux. Thanks mdxs.
  * Fixed ``domain_word`` to output slugified strings.


* Modified en_US ```` to ouput female and male names.
  Thanks Adrian Klaver.
  * Added SSN provider for ``en_US`` and ``en_CA``. Thanks Scott (milliquet).
  * Added ``hi_IN`` localized provider. Thanks Pratik Kabra.
  * Refactoring of command line


* New provider: Credit card generator
  * Improved Documentor




* PEP8 style conversion (old camelCased methods are deprecated!)
  * New language: ``pt_BR`` (thanks to rvnovaes)
  * all localized provider now uses ``from __future__ import unicode_literals``
  * documentor prints localized provider after all defaults
  * FIX tests for python 2.6


* 3 major enhancements:
  * Added Lorem to generate fake Latin
  * Added secondary_address to Address, and made inclusion of
  secondary address in street_address optional (false by
  * Added UK address methods [Caius Durling]


* 1 major enhancement:
  * Dropped facets to avoid conflict with ActiveSupport
  * 2 minor enhancements:
  * Changed the output of user_name to randomly separate with a . or _
  * Added a few tests


* New providers: ``Python``, ``File``
  * Providers imported with ``__import__``
  * Module is runnable with ``python -m faker [name] [*args]``
  * Rewrite fake generator system (allow autocompletation)
  * New language: French
  * Rewrite module ``__main__`` and new Documentor class


* First release


* 1 major enhancement:
  * Initial release