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  - :issue:`366`: Add :class:`factory.django.Password` to generate Django :class:`~django.contrib.auth.models.User`
  - Add support for Django 3.2
  - Do not override signals receivers registered in a :meth:`~factory.django.mute_signals` context.
  - :issue:`775`: Change the signature for :meth:`~factory.alchemy.SQLAlchemyModelFactory._save` and
  :meth:`~factory.alchemy.SQLAlchemyModelFactory._get_or_create` to avoid argument names clashes with a field named
  - :class:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory` will stop issuing a second call to
  :meth:`` on the created instance when :ref:`post-generation-hooks` return a value.
  To help with the transition, :class:`factory.django.DjangoModelFactory._after_postgeneration` raises a
  :class:`DeprecationWarning` when calling :meth:``. Inspect your
  :class:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory` subclasses:
  - If the :meth:`` call is not needed after :class:`~factory.PostGeneration`, set
  :attr:`factory.django.DjangoOptions.skip_postgeneration_save` to ``True`` in the factory meta.
  - Otherwise, the instance has been modified by :class:`~factory.PostGeneration` hooks and needs to be
  :meth:``\ d. Either:
  - call :meth:`` in the :class:`~factory.PostGeneration` hook that modifies the
  instance, or
  - override :class:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory._after_postgeneration` to
  :meth:`` the instance.
  - Drop support for Django 3.0


  - Add support for Django 3.1
  - Add support for Python 3.9
  - Drop support for Django 1.11. This version `is not maintained anymore <>`__.
  - Drop support for Python 3.5. This version `is not maintained anymore <>`__.
  - :func:`factory.use_strategy`. Use :attr:`factory.FactoryOptions.strategy` instead.
  The purpose of :func:`~factory.use_strategy` duplicates the factory option. Follow :pep:`20`: *There should be
  one-- and preferably only one --obvious way to do it.*
  :func:`~factory.use_strategy()` will be removed in the next major version.
  *Bug fix:*
  - :issue:`785` :issue:`786` :issue:`787` :issue:`788` :issue:`790` :issue:`796`: Calls to :class:`factory.Faker`
  and :class:`factory.django.FileField` within a :class:`~factory.Trait` or :class:`~factory.Maybe` no longer lead to
  a ``KeyError`` crash.


  - Allow all types of declarations in :class:`factory.Faker` calls - enables references to other faker-defined attributes.


  *Bug fix:*
  - :issue:`769`: Fix ``import factory; factory.django.DjangoModelFactory`` and similar calls.


  Breaking changes
  The following aliases were removed:
  | Broken alias                                   | New import                                        |
  | ``from factory import DjangoModelFactory``     | ``from factory.django import DjangoModelFactory`` |
  | ``from factory import MogoFactory``            | ``from factory.mogo import MogoFactory``          |
  | ``from factory.fuzzy import get_random_state`` | ``from factory.random import get_random_state``   |
  | ``from factory.fuzzy import set_random_state`` | ``from factory.random import set_random_state``   |
  | ``from factory.fuzzy import reseed_random``    | ``from factory.random import reseed_random``      |
  - Drop support for Python 2 and 3.4. These versions `are not maintained anymore <>`__.
  - Drop support for Django 2.0 and 2.1. These versions `are not maintained anymore <>`__.
  - Remove deprecated ``force_flush`` from ``SQLAlchemyModelFactory`` options. Use
  ``sqlalchemy_session_persistence = "flush"`` instead.
  - Drop deprecated ``attributes()`` from :class:`~factory.Factory` subclasses; use
  ``factory.make_factory(dict, FactoryClass._meta.pre_declarations)`` instead.
  - Drop deprecated ``declarations()`` from :class:`~factory.Factory` subclasses; use ``FactoryClass._meta.pre_declarations`` instead.
  - Drop ``factory.compat`` module.
  - Add support for Python 3.8
  - Add support for Django 2.2 and 3.0
  - Report misconfiguration when a :py:class:`~factory.Factory` is used as the :py:attr:`~factory.Factory.model` for another :py:class:`~factory.Factory`.
  - Allow configuring the color palette of :py:class:`~factory.django.ImageField`.
  - :py:meth:`get_random_state()` now represents the state of Faker and ``factory_boy`` fuzzy attributes.
  - Add SQLAlchemy ``get_or_create`` support
  - :issue:`561`: Display a developer-friendly error message when providing a model instead of a factory in a :class:`~factory.declarations.SubFactory` class.
  *Bug fix:*
  - Fix issue with SubFactory not preserving signal muting behavior of the used factory, thanks `Patrick Stein <>`_.
  - Fix issue with overriding parameters in a Trait, thanks `Grégoire Rocher <>`_.
  - :issue:`598`: Limit ``get_or_create`` behavior to fields specified in ``django_get_or_create``.
  - :issue:`606`: Re-raise :class:`~django.db.IntegrityError` when ``django_get_or_create`` with multiple fields fails to lookup model using user provided keyword arguments.
  - :issue:`630`: TypeError masked by __repr__ AttributeError when initializing ``Maybe`` with inconsistent phases.


  - Add support for Python 3.7
  - Add support for Django 2.1
  - Add :attr:`~factory.fuzzy.FuzzyChoice.getter` to :class:`~factory.fuzzy.FuzzyChoice` that mimics
  the behavior of ``getter`` in :class:`~factory.Iterator`
  - Make the ``extra_kwargs`` parameter of :meth:`~factory.faker.Faker.generate` optional
  - Add :class:`~factory.RelatedFactoryList` class for one-to-many support, thanks `Sean Harrington <>`_.
  - Make the `locale` argument for :class:`~factory.faker.Faker` keyword-only
  *Bug fix:*
  - Allow renamed arguments to be optional, thanks to `Justin Crown <>`_.
  - Fix `django_get_or_create` behavior when using multiple fields with `unique=True`, thanks to `YPCrumble <>`


  *Bug fix:*
  - Fix passing deep context to a :class:`~factory.SubFactory` (``Foo(x__y__z=factory.Faker('name')``)


  *Bug fix:*
  - Fix :class:`~factory.fuzzy.FuzzyFloat` to return a 15 decimal digits precision float by default
  - :issue:`451`: Restore :class:`~factory.django.FileField` to a
  :class:`~factory.declarations.ParameteredAttribute`, relying on composition to parse the provided parameters.
  - :issue:`389`: Fix random state management with ``faker``.
  - :issue:`466`: Restore mixing :class:`~factory.Trait` and :meth:`~factory.post_generation`.


  *Bug fix:*
  - :issue:`443`: Don't crash when calling :meth:`factory.Iterator.reset()` on a brand new iterator.
  - :issue:`397`: Allow a :class:`factory.Maybe` to contain a :class:`~factory.PostGenerationDeclaration`.
  This also applies to :class:`factory.Trait`, since they use a :class:`factory.Maybe` declaration internally.


  *Bug fix:*
  - Fix declaration corruption bug when a factory defined `foo__bar__baz=1` and a caller
  provided a `foo__bar=x` parameter at call time: this got merged into the factory's base


  *Bug fix:*
  - Fix packaging issues (see
  - Don't crash when debugging PostGenerationDeclaration


  This version brings massive changes to the core engine, thus reducing the number of
  corner cases and weird behaviors.
  - :issue:`275`: `factory.fuzzy` and `factory.faker` now use the same random seed.
  - Add :class:`factory.Maybe`, which chooses among two possible declarations based
  on another field's value (powers the :class:`~factory.Trait` feature).
  - :class:`~factory.PostGenerationMethodCall` only allows to pass one positional argument; use keyword arguments for
  extra parameters.
  - `factory.fuzzy.get_random_state` is deprecated, `factory.random.get_random_state` should be used instead.
  - `factory.fuzzy.set_random_state` is deprecated, `factory.random.set_random_state` should be used instead.
  - `factory.fuzzy.reseed_random` is deprecated, `factory.random.reseed_random` should be used instead.


  *Bug fix:*
  - Fix packaging issues.


  - :issue:`240`: Call post-generation declarations in the order they were declared,
  thanks to `Oleg Pidsadnyi <>`_.
  - :issue:`309`: Provide new options for SQLAlchemy session persistence
  *Bug fix:*
  - :issue:`334`: Adjust for the package change in ``faker``


  - :pr:`267`: Add :class:`factory.LazyFunction` to remove unneeded lambda parameters,
  thanks to `Hervé Cauwelier <>`_.
  - :issue:`251`: Add :ref:`parameterized factories <parameters>` and :class:`traits <factory.Trait>`
  - :pr:`256`, :pr:`292`: Improve error messages in corner cases
  - :pr:`278`: Formally drop support for Python2.6
  .. warning:: Version 2.7.0 moves all error classes to
  `factory.errors`. This breaks existing import statements
  for any error classes except those importing
  `FactoryError` directly from the `factory` module.


  - :pr:`262`: Allow optional forced flush on SQLAlchemy, courtesy of `Minjung <>`_.


  - Add :attr:`factory.FactoryOptions.rename` to help handle conflicting names (:issue:`206`)
  - Add support for random-yet-realistic values through `fake-factory <>`_,
  through the :class:`factory.Faker` class.
  - :class:`factory.Iterator` no longer begins iteration of its argument at import time,
  thus allowing to pass in a lazy iterator such as a Django queryset
  (i.e ``factory.Iterator(models.MyThingy.objects.all())``).
  - Simplify imports for ORM layers, now available through a simple ``factory`` import,
  at ``factory.alchemy.SQLAlchemyModelFactory`` / ``factory.django.DjangoModelFactory`` / ``factory.mongoengine.MongoEngineFactory``.
  *Bug fix:*
  - :issue:`201`: Properly handle custom Django managers when dealing with abstract Django models.
  - :issue:`212`: Fix :meth:`factory.django.mute_signals` to handle Django's signal caching
  - :issue:`228`: Don't load :func:`django.apps.apps.get_model()` until required
  - :pr:`219`: Stop using :meth:``, deprecated 4 years ago.


  *Bug fix:*
  - Add support for Django 1.7/1.8
  - Add support for mongoengine>=0.9.0 / pymongo>=2.1


  *Bug fix:*
  - Respect custom managers in :class:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory` (see :issue:`192`)
  - Allow passing declarations (e.g :class:`~factory.Sequence`) as parameters to :class:`~factory.django.FileField`
  and :class:`~factory.django.ImageField`.


  - Add support for getting/setting :mod:`factory.fuzzy`'s random state (see :issue:`175`, :issue:`185`).
  - Support lazy evaluation of iterables in :class:`factory.fuzzy.FuzzyChoice` (see :issue:`184`).
  - Support non-default databases at the factory level (see :issue:`171`)
  - Make :class:`factory.django.FileField` and :class:`factory.django.ImageField` non-post_generation, i.e normal fields also available in ``save()`` (see :issue:`141`).
  *Bug fix:*
  - Avoid issues when using :meth:`factory.django.mute_signals` on a base factory class (see :issue:`183`).
  - Fix limitations of :class:`factory.StubFactory`, that can now use :class:`factory.SubFactory` and co (see :issue:`131`).
  - Remove deprecated features from :ref:`v2.4.0`
  - Remove the auto-magical sequence setup (based on the latest primary key value in the database) for Django and SQLAlchemy;
  this relates to issues :issue:`170`, :issue:`153`, :issue:`111`, :issue:`103`, :issue:`92`, :issue:`78`. See for technical details.
  .. warning:: Version 2.5.0 removes the 'auto-magical sequence setup' bug-and-feature.
  This could trigger some bugs when tests expected a non-zero sequence reference.
  .. warning:: Version 2.5.0 removes features that were marked as deprecated in :ref:`v2.4.0 <v2.4.0>`.
  All ``FACTORY_*``-style attributes are now declared in a ``class Meta:`` section:
  .. code-block:: python
  Old-style, deprecated
  class MyFactory(factory.Factory):
  FACTORY_FOR = models.MyModel
  FACTORY_HIDDEN_ARGS = ['a', 'b', 'c']
  class MyFactory(factory.Factory):
  class Meta:
  model = models.MyModel
  exclude = ['a', 'b', 'c']
  A simple shell command to upgrade the code would be:
  .. code-block:: sh
  sed -i: inplace update
  grep -l: only file names, not matching lines
  sed -i 's/FACTORY_FOR =/class Meta:\n        model =/' $(grep -l FACTORY_FOR $(find . -name '*.py'))
  This takes care of all ``FACTORY_FOR`` occurrences; the files containing other attributes to rename can be found with ``grep -R  FACTORY .``


  *Bug fix:*
  - Fix overriding deeply inherited attributes (set in one factory, overridden in a subclass, used in a sub-sub-class).


  - Add support for :attr:`factory.fuzzy.FuzzyInteger.step`, thanks to `ilya-pirogov <>`_ (:pr:`120`)
  - Add :meth:`~factory.django.mute_signals` decorator to temporarily disable some signals, thanks to `ilya-pirogov <>`_ (:pr:`122`)
  - Add :class:`~factory.fuzzy.FuzzyFloat` (:issue:`124`)
  - Declare target model and other non-declaration fields in a ``class Meta`` section.
  - Use of ``FACTORY_FOR`` and other ``FACTORY`` class-level attributes is deprecated and will be removed in 2.5.
  Those attributes should now declared within the :class:`class Meta <factory.FactoryOptions>` attribute:
  For :class:`factory.Factory`:
  * Rename :attr:`~factory.Factory.FACTORY_FOR` to :attr:`~factory.FactoryOptions.model`
  * Rename :attr:`~factory.Factory.ABSTRACT_FACTORY` to :attr:`~factory.FactoryOptions.abstract`
  * Rename :attr:`~factory.Factory.FACTORY_STRATEGY` to :attr:`~factory.FactoryOptions.strategy`
  * Rename :attr:`~factory.Factory.FACTORY_ARG_PARAMETERS` to :attr:`~factory.FactoryOptions.inline_args`
  * Rename :attr:`~factory.Factory.FACTORY_HIDDEN_ARGS` to :attr:`~factory.FactoryOptions.exclude`
  For :class:`factory.django.DjangoModelFactory`:
  * Rename :attr:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory.FACTORY_DJANGO_GET_OR_CREATE` to :attr:`~factory.django.DjangoOptions.django_get_or_create`
  For :class:`factory.alchemy.SQLAlchemyModelFactory`:
  * Rename :attr:`~factory.alchemy.SQLAlchemyModelFactory.FACTORY_SESSION` to :attr:`~factory.alchemy.SQLAlchemyOptions.sqlalchemy_session`


  *Bug fix:*
  - Fix badly written assert containing state-changing code, spotted by ``chsigi`` (:pr:`126`)
  - Don't crash when handling objects whose ``__repr__`` is non-pure-ASCII bytes on Python 2,
  discovered by `mbertheau <>`_ (:issue:`123`) and `strycore <>`_ (:pr:`127`)


  - Add :class:`~factory.fuzzy.FuzzyText`, thanks to `jdufresne <>`_ (:pr:`97`)
  - Add :class:`~factory.fuzzy.FuzzyDecimal`, thanks to `thedrow <>`_ (:pr:`94`)
  - Add support for :class:`~mongoengine.EmbeddedDocument`, thanks to `imiric <>`_ (:pr:`100`)


  *Bug fix:*
  - Fixed sequence counter for :class:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory` when a factory
  inherits from another factory relating to an abstract model.


  *Bug fix:*
  - Removed duplicated :class:`~factory.alchemy.SQLAlchemyModelFactory` lurking in :mod:`factory`
  - Properly handle sequences within object inheritance chains.
  If ``FactoryA`` inherits from ``FactoryB``, and their associated classes
  share the same link, sequence counters will be shared (:issue:`93`)
  - Properly handle nested :class:`~factory.SubFactory` overrides
  - The :class:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory` now supports the ``FACTORY_FOR = 'myapp.MyModel'``
  syntax, making it easier to shove all factories in a single module (:issue:`66`).
  - Add :meth:`factory.debug()` helper for easier backtrace analysis
  - Adding factory support for mongoengine with :class:`~factory.mongoengine.MongoEngineFactory`.


  - The :class:`~factory.Factory.ABSTRACT_FACTORY` keyword is now optional, and automatically set
  to ``True`` if neither the :class:`~factory.Factory` subclass nor its parent declare the
  :class:`~factory.Factory.FACTORY_FOR` attribute (:issue:`74`)


  *Bug fix:*
  - Properly retrieve the ``color`` keyword argument passed to :class:`~factory.django.ImageField`


  - Add :class:`~factory.fuzzy.FuzzyDate` thanks to `saulshanabrook <>`_
  - Add :class:`~factory.fuzzy.FuzzyDateTime` and :class:`~factory.fuzzy.FuzzyNaiveDateTime`.
  - Add a :attr:`~factory.builder.Resolver.factory_parent` attribute to the
  :class:`~factory.builder.Resolver` passed to :class:`~factory.LazyAttribute`, in order to access
  fields defined in wrapping factories.
  - Move :class:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory` and :class:`~factory.mogo.MogoFactory`
  to their own modules (:mod:`factory.django` and :mod:`factory.mogo`)
  - Add the :meth:`~factory.Factory.reset_sequence` classmethod to :class:`~factory.Factory`
  to ease resetting the sequence counter for a given factory.
  - Add debug messages to ``factory`` logger.
  - Add a :meth:`~factory.Iterator.reset` method to :class:`~factory.Iterator` (:issue:`63`)
  - Add support for the SQLAlchemy ORM through :class:`~factory.alchemy.SQLAlchemyModelFactory`
  (:pr:`64`, thanks to `Romain Commandé <>`_)
  - Add :class:`factory.django.FileField` and :class:`factory.django.ImageField` hooks for
  related Django model fields (:issue:`52`)
  *Bug fix*
  - Properly handle non-integer primary keys in :class:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory` (:issue:`57`).
  - Disable :class:`~factory.RelatedFactory` generation when a specific value was
  passed (:issue:`62`, thanks to `Gabe Koscky <>`_)
  - Rename :class:`~factory.RelatedFactory`'s ``name`` argument to ``factory_related_name`` (See :issue:`58`)


  - When :attr:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory.FACTORY_DJANGO_GET_OR_CREATE` is
  empty, use ``Model.objects.create()`` instead of ``Model.objects.get_or_create``.


  - Don't push ``defaults`` to ``get_or_create`` when
  :attr:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory.FACTORY_DJANGO_GET_OR_CREATE` is not set.


  - Allow overriding the base factory class for :func:`~factory.make_factory` and friends.
  - Add support for Python3 (Thanks to `kmike <>`_ and `nkryptic <>`_)
  - The default :attr:`~factory.Sequence.type` for :class:`~factory.Sequence` is now :obj:`int`
  - Fields listed in :attr:`~factory.Factory.FACTORY_HIDDEN_ARGS` won't be passed to
  the associated class' constructor
  - Add support for ``get_or_create`` in :class:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory`,
  through :attr:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory.FACTORY_DJANGO_GET_OR_CREATE`.
  - Add support for :mod:`~factory.fuzzy` attribute definitions.
  - The :class:`Sequence` counter can be overridden when calling a generating function
  - Add :class:`~factory.Dict` and :class:`~factory.List` declarations (Closes :issue:`18`).
  - Remove associated class discovery
  - Remove :class:`~factory.InfiniteIterator` and :func:`~factory.infinite_iterator`
  - Remove :class:`~factory.CircularSubFactory`
  - Remove ``extract_prefix`` kwarg to post-generation hooks.
  - Stop defaulting to Django's ``Foo.objects.create()`` when "creating" instances
  - Remove STRATEGY_*
  - Remove :meth:`~factory.Factory.set_building_function` / :meth:`~factory.Factory.set_creation_function`


  .. warning:: This version deprecates many magic or unexplicit features that will be
  removed in v2.0.0.
  Please read the :ref:`changelog-1-3-0-upgrading` section, then run your
  tests with ``python -W default`` to see all remaining warnings.
  - **Global:**
  - Rewrite the whole documentation
  - Provide a dedicated :class:`~factory.mogo.MogoFactory` subclass of :class:`~factory.Factory`
  - **The Factory class:**
  - Better creation/building customization hooks at :meth:`factory.Factory._build` and :meth:`factory.Factory.create`
  - Add support for passing non-kwarg parameters to a :class:`~factory.Factory`
  wrapped class through :attr:`~factory.Factory.FACTORY_ARG_PARAMETERS`.
  - Keep the :attr:`~factory.Factory.FACTORY_FOR` attribute in :class:`~factory.Factory` classes
  - **Declarations:**
  - Allow :class:`~factory.SubFactory` to solve circular dependencies between factories
  - Enhance :class:`~factory.SelfAttribute` to handle "container" attribute fetching
  - Add a :attr:`~factory.Iterator.getter` to :class:`~factory.Iterator`
  - A :class:`~factory.Iterator` may be prevented from cycling by setting
  its :attr:`~factory.Iterator.cycle` argument to ``False``
  - Allow overriding default arguments in a :class:`~factory.PostGenerationMethodCall`
  when generating an instance of the factory
  - An object created by a :class:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory` will be saved
  again after :class:`~factory.PostGeneration` hooks execution
  Pending deprecation
  The following features have been deprecated and will be removed in an upcoming release.
  - **Declarations:**
  - :class:`~factory.InfiniteIterator` is deprecated in favor of :class:`~factory.Iterator`
  - :class:`~factory.CircularSubFactory` is deprecated in favor of :class:`~factory.SubFactory`
  - The ``extract_prefix`` argument to :meth:`~factory.post_generation` is now deprecated
  - **Factory:**
  - Usage of :meth:`~factory.Factory.set_creation_function` and :meth:`~factory.Factory.set_building_function`
  are now deprecated
  - Implicit associated class discovery is no longer supported, you must set the :attr:`~factory.Factory.FACTORY_FOR`
  attribute on all :class:`~factory.Factory` subclasses
  .. _changelog-1-3-0-upgrading:
  This version deprecates a few magic or undocumented features.
  All warnings will turn into errors starting from v2.0.0.
  In order to upgrade client code, apply the following rules:
  - Add a ``FACTORY_FOR`` attribute pointing to the target class to each
  :class:`~factory.Factory`, instead of relying on automatic associated class
  - When using factory_boy for Django models, have each factory inherit from
  - Replace ``factory.CircularSubFactory('some.module', 'Symbol')`` with
  - Replace ``factory.InfiniteIterator(iterable)`` with ``factory.Iterator(iterable)``
  - Replace ``factory.post_generation()`` with ``factory.post_generation``
  - Replace ``factory.set_building_function(SomeFactory, building_function)`` with
  an override of the :meth:`~factory.Factory._build` method of ``SomeFactory``
  - Replace ``factory.set_creation_function(SomeFactory, creation_function)`` with
  an override of the :meth:`~factory.Factory._create` method of ``SomeFactory``


  - Add :class:`~factory.CircularSubFactory` to solve circular dependencies between factories


  *Bug fix:*
  - Fix :class:`~factory.PostGenerationDeclaration` and derived classes.


  - Add :meth:`~factory.use_strategy` decorator to override a
  :class:`~factory.Factory`'s default strategy
  - Improve test running (tox, python2.6/2.7)
  - Introduce :class:`~factory.PostGeneration` and


  *Bug fix:*
  - Fix packaging rules


  - Add :class:`~factory.Iterator` and :class:`~factory.InfiniteIterator` for :class:`~factory.Factory` attribute declarations.
  - Provide :func:`~factory.Factory.generate` and :func:`~factory.Factory.simple_generate`, that allow specifying the instantiation strategy directly.
  Also provides :func:`~factory.Factory.generate_batch` and :func:`~factory.Factory.simple_generate_batch`.


  - Add :func:`~factory.Factory.build_batch`, :func:`~factory.Factory.create_batch` and :func:`~factory.Factory.stub_batch`, to instantiate factories in batch


  - Improve the :class:`~factory.SelfAttribute` syntax to fetch sub-attributes using the ```` syntax;
  - Add :class:`~factory.ContainerAttribute` to fetch attributes from the container of a :class:`~factory.SubFactory`.
  - Provide the :func:`~factory.make_factory` helper: ``MyClassFactory = make_factory(MyClass, x=3, y=4)``
  - Add :func:``, :func:`~factory.create`, :func:`~factory.stub` helpers
  *Bug fix:*
  - Allow ``classmethod``/``staticmethod`` on factories
  - Auto-discovery of :attr:`~factory.Factory.FACTORY_FOR` based on class name is now deprecated


  - Improve the algorithm for populating a :class:`~factory.Factory` attributes dict
  - Add ``python test`` command to run the test suite
  - Allow custom build functions
  - Introduce :data:`~factory.MOGO_BUILD` build function
  - Add support for inheriting from multiple :class:`~factory.Factory`
  - Base :class:`~factory.Factory` classes can now be declared :attr:`abstract <factory.Factory.ABSTRACT_FACTORY>`.
  - Provide :class:`~factory.django.DjangoModelFactory`, whose :class:`~factory.Sequence` counter starts at the next free database id
  - Introduce :class:`~factory.SelfAttribute`, a shortcut for ``factory.LazyAttribute(lambda o:``.
  *Bug fix:*
  - Handle nested :class:`~factory.SubFactory`
  - Share sequence counter between parent and subclasses
  - Fix :class:`~factory.SubFactory` / :class:`~factory.Sequence` interference


  - Introduce :class:`~factory.SubFactory`


  - Allow :class:`~factory.Factory` inheritance
  - Improve handling of custom build/create functions
  *Bug fix:*
  - Fix concurrency between :class:`~factory.LazyAttribute` and :class:`~factory.Sequence`


  - First version of factory_boy
  See :doc:`credits`.
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