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  * Update tests for current versions of Django and to use py.test
  * Import taskresult module from eullocal, for storing and displaying
  information related to celery tasks.
  * Code cleanup based on report.
  * Configured continuous integration on Travis-CI and code health
  and requirements status scans.  (Available via badges in README)


  * Custom auth decorators in :mod:`eulcommon.djangoextras.auth.decorators`
  now have the capacity to take additional view parameters, with fallback
  to old behavior for compatibility


  * :mod:`~eulcommon.searchutil` can now parse **field:value** pairs in
  search term strings.  See
  :meth:`~eulcommon.searchutil.parse_search_terms`.  The existing
  search term parsing method,
  :meth:`~eulcommon.searchutil.search_terms`, should continue to work
  as before.
  * :mod:`eulcommon.binfile` has been moved into the new
  :mod:`bodatools`; it will remain in :mod:`eulcommon` for the
  upcoming release as deprecated, and then be removed at a later date.


  * Add missing pagination template to install


  * Add missing pagination template to sdist


  * Parsing for quotable search strings
  * Utility to limit pagination display to nearby pages


  * Split out and re-organized common, useful components
  (:mod:`~eulcommon.binfile`, :mod:`~eulxml.djangoextras`) from
  :mod:`eulcore` into :mod:`eulcommon` for easier re-use.