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The major new feature in this snapshot is an in-circuit elliptic curve and matching Python and Solidity implementations, this allows signatures to be generated and verified across multiple implementations. However, this is still a work-in-progress.
  In this snapshot the following changes have been introduced:
  * Imported Baby JubJub in-snark curve code
  * Solidity implementation of Baby JubJub curve
  * EdDSA Python implementation
  * Pedersen Hash Python implementation
  * Python support for extended twisted Edwards, Edwards YZ and Montgomery XZ coordinates
  * Reduce gas of LongsightL round function
  * End-to-end tests for Miximus
  * Fixed security bug in MiMC-p/p
  * Fixed security big in Miximus


In this snapshot the following changes have been introduced:
  * Faster build times, by compiling only a subset of `libff`
  * DEBUG and `assert` enabled by default, catches programming errors
  * Fixed bug with `bit_list_to_ints()`
  * Builds on OSX working again
  * Added `FQ` class for the in-snark scalar curve
  * Updated the python Shamir's secret sharing scheme implementation (needs more work)
  * Initial 'incremental merkle mountain range' implementation
  * MiMC / LongsightL implementation
  * Miyaguchi-Preneel OWF construct
  * LongsightL + Miyaguchi-Preneel, field-native merkle tree
  * Cleaned up Miximus + tests to use new merkle tree


Examples of prover built with NodeJS.