Changelogs » Eea-app-visualization

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  * Change: load customized collective.js.jqueryui on eea context for view pages
  [ichim-david refs 91577]


  * Change: Replace eeacms/zptlint with eeacms/plone-test:4 zptlint
  [avoinea refs 90415]


  * Change: Remove Sphinx generated documentation
  [petchesi-iulian refs 88212]


  * Bug fix: added missing glyphicons-halflings.png to correct path
  [zoltan_andras refs 84486]


  * Change: fixed PyLint warnings and errors
  [valipod refs 84949]


  * Change: fixed PyLint warnings and errors
  [eduard-fironda refs 84949]


  * Change: updated package information


  * Bug fix: Move zope.formlib to extra_require


  * Bug fix: Add missing dependency to zope.formlib


  * Change: Add more info on JSON UnicodeDecodeError
  [voineali refs 79895]


  * Change: Replace misused logger.exception with logger.warn
  [voineali refs 75388]


  * Bug fix: accept % and  in id of columns as some charts need
  to have these characters
  [ichim-david refs 75896]


  * Bug fix: Fixed profiles version


  * Bug fix: Fix pylint warnings
  [chiridra refs 71940]


  * Feature: html body field for daviz and gis application
  - added new field "body"
  - modified the view template
  [chiridra refs 70146]


  * Bugfix: Fixed order of column labels when labels are numbers
  [szabozo0 refs 69360]


  * Task: Improve DaViz Filter design/display
  clean up unused CSS rule.
  [chiridra refs 31309]
  * Bug: DaViz: Color picker missing in GC
  add en language on google.api to fix daviz color picker
  [lucas refs 68198]


  * Task: Improve DaViz Filter design/display
  [chiridra refs 31309]


  * Change: check if DavizEdit.Events exists before overriding it withing js files
  in case DavizEdit isn't found and is constructed
  [ichimdav refs 27220]
  * Bug fix: use evnetlet to prevent hanging out connection
  [lucas refs 29063]


  * Bug fix: fixed data format popup which was hidden by the data cells
  [ichimdav refs 27889]
  * Bug fix: Auto-include zcml within plone context in order to make this package
  work without having to add it within buildout zcml directive.


  * Change: daviz-edit.css uses content-box box-sizing property since
  Google charts styles doesn't cope with border-box. This allows us
  to use newer versions of Bootstrap which contains box-sizing
  [ichimdav refs 25986]
  * Bug fix: Always use https protocol for


  * Bug fix: fixed unicode error when guessing columns type
  [ghicaale refs 26068]


  * Bug fix: fixed image viewing of preview images when they are referenced by the
  [ichimdav refs 25835]
  * Change: year and date types now have an lower and upper bounds of 1500-2500.
  This loosens the previous restriction of 1900-2200 for valid year values
  [ichimdav refs 25502]


  * Bugfix: Removed default data provenance for blobs
  [szabozo0 25341]


  * Bug fix: condition chart-tabs for existance.
  This way we avoid a js error when no charts are added.
  [ichimdav refs 22901]
  * Cleanup: Removed fallback images from ZODB
  [voineali refs 24901]


  * Change: Switched to curl in the jenkins builds install script
  [olimpiurob refs 22402]
  * Change: Changed fetch url for jenkins builds install script to the install
  script from the main EEA CPB repository
  [olimpiurob refs 22402]


  * Bug fix: Optimize edit form by not calling editform 3 times only to tal condition


  * Change: Fixed tests for xml download


  * Bug fix: Removed hard dependency to Products.EEAContentTypes
  [voineali thanks to Nuno Zimas]


  * Feature: added belowcontenttitle.documentbyline viewlet to be visible under "Edit Visualizations" tab
  [ghicaale refs 21457]


  * Change: Cleanup memcache invalidation code as it's already handled by
  eea.cache (7.0+)
  [voineali refs 20678]


  * Change: Moved tutorials to eea.daviz


  * Bug fix: Increase the sample file data to 4096 due to csv sniffer unable to
  properly guess the csv dialect from a sample data of 2048 characters.
  [olimpiurob refs 19732]


  * Bug fix: Added delimiter restrictions to CSV dialect detection. Valid CSV
  delimiters are: {tab}, {space}, ;, ,, :
  [olimpiurob refs 19535]
  * Feature: Added test for missing values in json boolean fields and downloading
  as tsv
  [olimpiurob refs 19206]
  * Change: Use null for missing values in boolean fields when downloading csv,tsv
  and json
  [olimpiurob refs 19206]
  * Feature: Add InternalData utility that recognize and internal URL and bypass
  security (if needed) in order to get visualization data
  [voineali refs 19075]


  * Bug fix: Fix date and year column converters by skipping missing values
  instead of converting them to current year/date
  [voineali fixes 19235]
  * Change: WebDav lock object when a visualization is edited (edit visualization)
  [voineali refs 19172]
  * Change: Added possibility to hide rename option on spreadsheet,
  Added warning on rename on the Data settings
  [szabozo0 refs 19149]
  * Feature: Added screencasts tutorial page
  [szabozo0 refs 18400]


  * Fixed version in metadata.xml


  * Feature: Use FontAwesome icons on Data Settings and Exhibit facets configuration
  [batradav refs 17861]


  * Bug fix: Fix big header on "Edit Visualisations"
  [soniaand refs 17970]
  * Feature: adding Sphinx-generated documentation in Page Template format
  [batradav refs 9502]
  * Bug fix: Updated old URLs pointing Trac
  [ghicaale refs 18003]


  * Bugfix: Fixed adding data from URL


  * Feature: Allow query in the url after the hash with the chart id
  [szabozo0 refs 17066]


  * Bug fix: Fixed modal's close button ui issues
  [tiberich 16928]


  * Change: Removed eea.jquery.js from jsregistry as it's no more required in Plone 4.3


  * Bugfix: Increased max_length for column names; Added migration step
  [szabozo0 refs 16684]


  * Feature: Package localization enhanced [lepri]
  * Feature: Changed data provenance to allow multiple data provenances
  [szabozo0 9561]


  * Bug fix: Added CSV UnicodeWriter as by default python csv module doesn't
  know how to write unicode (see
  [voineali refs 14360]
  * Feature: Also support content-type='text/html' as some external JSON/TSV
  external URLs doesn't correctly set response headers
  [voineali refs 14360]
  * Feature: Removed lovely.memcached dependency
  [voineali refs 14343]


  * Bug fix: Redirect to daviz-edit.html only when users add new visualizations
  * Bug fix: Wrap visualization info and download section within daviz-view.html
  with a div container in order to easily customize theme these sections


  * Bug fix: Remove collective.js.jqueryui < 1.9 pin as it make this package
  unusable with Plone 4.3+


  * Change: Moved eea.exhibit specific code to eea.exhibit package and added API
  to easily insert HTML code within daviz-view.html head element.
  See IVisualizationViewHeader
  [voineali refs 14003]
  * Feature: Support all Simile Exhibit facets
  [voineali refs 10007]


  * Feature: added information for contributors
  [ciobabog refs 13892]
  * Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on
  upgrade button available for
  * Feature: Possibility to disable daviz views per Content-Type. See
  Site Setup > Daviz Visualization > Enable / Disable
  * Change: Refactoring ZCML slugs for daviz:view and daviz:edit. See for examples.
  * Change: Refactoring "Data settings" as a daviz:view in order to easily
  disable it if necessary
  * Change: Use jQuery tabs for "Daviz Visualization Settings"
  within Plone ControlPanel
  * Bug fix: Fix "embed" and "export to png" buttons CSS
  * Bug fix: Improved CSV dialect detection for files with a lot of missing values
  [voineali fixes 13851]
  * Bug fix: Fixed daviz.json for uploaded files (.tsv, .csv)
  * Feature: Upgraded to Simile Exhibit 3.0
  [voineali refs 13807]


  * Feature: Handling specific annotations for data values
  [voineali refs 9558]


  * Bug fix: Fixed fix_column_labels upgrade step from version 6.2
  * Bug fix: Fixed table layout


  * Feature: Added italian translations


  * Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on
  upgrade button available for
  * Change: Moved data annotations to Daviz settings Control Panel
  [voineali refs 9558]
  * Change: Cleanup old 'sections' code
  * Feature: Added confirm dialog in order to prevent accidentally disable of
  [voineali refs 9572]
  * Feature: Support non-ASCII datasets (column headers and body)
  [voineali refs 9610, 10168]
  * Bug fix: Fixed download.(csv, tsv, html) methods for non-ASCII data
  [voineali refs 9610, 10168]
  * Change: Move column label settings from facet annotations directly to JSON
  [voineali refs $9610]
  * Feature: On saving a chart, copy the generic chart image in the visualization
  [szabozo0 refs 10019]
  * Change: Added a common.js and common.css in order to reuse common components
  [voineali refs 9610]
  * Bug fix: add namespace declaration for exhibit (makes Chameleon happy) [simahawk]


  * Feature: Added i18n translations
  * Feature: Display image when javascript is disabled
  [szabozo0 refs 9562]
  * Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on
  upgrade button available for
  * Feature: Added utilities to get and convert external URL to
  data ready for visualization
  [voineali refs 9576]
  * Feature: Added "year" column type in order to format dates columns as years
  [voineali refs 9583]
  * Change: Use SlickGrid jQuery plug-in to manipulate data table within
  Edit Visualization > Data settings Tab
  [avoinea refs 5599, 5625]
  * Bugfix: Fixed KSS issues in daviz controlpanel
  [szabozo0 refs 5616]
  * Feature: Made plone collection as daviz data source
  [avoinea refs 5604]
  * Bug fix: Fixed 'Enable View' button CSS


  * Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on
  upgrade button available for
  * Feature: Added API for Visualization data source provenance
  [voineali refs 5490]
  * Change: Merged daviz-view.json and daviz-relateditems.json into one single
  json file called daviz.json
  [voineali refs 5449]
  * Bug fix: fixed visualisation tabs layout when many tabs spanning
  several rows are made.
  * Feature: migrate daviz settings from portal_properties to portal_daviz
  * Bug fix: Fixed columnTypes in table header using :type syntax
  [voineali refs 5511]
  * Change: Added IVisualizationData and IVisualizationJson adapters API
  in order to dynamically provide data sources for visualization
  [voineali refs 5511]
  * Bug fix: Allow changing of column types within
  Edit Visualization > Data settings if data source is copy & pasted
  [voineali refs 5511]
  * Feature: Added an easy way to register Google Maps key when using without
  Plone by adding 'google_key' property on context (parents) or by providing
  a utility (see
  [voineali refs 5420, 5421]
  * Feature: Added an easy way to plugin CSS/JS resources by simply providing
  some utilities (see
  [voineali refs 5420]
  * Feature: Made this package Plone independent (Zope2 minimal requirements)
  [voineali refs 5420]


  * Bug fix: Skip invalid or empty cells on conversion to daviz-json instead
  of falling back to 0.
  [voineali refs 5453]


  * Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on
  upgrade button available for
  [voineali refs 5419]
  * Feature: Removed p4a.z2utils dependency
  [voineali fixes 5419]
  * Feature: Improved UX of daviz regarding errors
  [szabozo0 5372]
  * Bugfix: Fixed columns order
  [szabozo0 5137]


  * Bug fix: Fixed 'Data settings' table when there are many columns by adding a
  bottom scrollbar
  [voineali refs 5363]
  * Change: Moved 'Data settings' tab to the end as it seems it confuses users
  about the next steps they have to take in order to create new visualizations
  [voineali refs 5363]
  * Bug fix: Made table's columns headers editable within 'Data settings' panel in
  order to be able to edit them without having to add an Exhibit View
  [voineali refs 5363]


  * Change: Improved the labelling and display of downloadable data.
  * Bug fix: Added list type in 'Data table (preview)' in order to be used with
  Exhibit framework and also fix detection of columns that explicitly define
  column type in header using ':' syntax (e.g. topics:list)
  [voineali refs 5316]
  * Bug fix: Fixed auto-detection of numbers by lowering boolean priority
  [voineali refs 5316]
  * Bug Fix: Fixed i18n missing tags and i18n:domain in .pt files
  [prospchr refs 5162]


  * Bug fix: Fixed 'unicode' object has no attribute 'get' error on download.json
  [voineali fixes 5223]
  * Bug fix: fixed markup of HISTORY.txt file
  [ciobabog refs 5231]
  * Feature: Allow the user to confirm and adjust auto-detected column types
  [voineali refs 5024]
  * Upgrade step: Within "Plone > Site setup > Add-ons" click on
  upgrade button available for
  * Feature: Added unique URLs for tabs in view mode in order to easily bookmark
  and share them. Also support browser history (back and forward buttons)
  [voineali refs 4851]


  * Feature: Made Visualization data downloadable (HTML, CSV, TSV, JSON,
  XML, XML with Schema)
  [voineali 5038]
  * Bug fix: Use non- version of daviz-relateditems.json in order to easily cache
  and purge it using
  [voineali 5074]


  * Bug fix: Invalidate memcache on ObjectModifiedEvent for all
  IVisualizationEnabled objects
  [voineali 5074]
  * Bug fix: Use converter fallback for table cells that doesn't contain valid
  numbers, dates, etc in order to minimize errors
  [voineali 4934]


  * Initial release: Moved eea.daviz core API to this package in order to make
  the visualization libraries usable as standalone packages outside
  eea.daviz bundle
  [voineali 4996]