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  * Always allow practice attempts to trigger grade/credit/certificate updates


  * Instructor dashboard view should redirect to review url for PSI exam attempts


  * Bug fix to redact video url from raw data in exam review


  * Add GH action for migrations tests.
  * Add test for `_register_proctored_exam_attempt`.
  * Capture video review url in software secure review and encrypt before saving

4.0.4 not secure

  * Switched from jsonfield2 to jsonfield as the earlier one has archived and merged back in the latter one.

4.0.2 not secure

  * Batch of refactorings to use format strings/lazy string formatting for logging calls

4.0.1 not secure

  * Bug fix for student onboarding statuses by course. If learner has multiple attempts, return non-reset attempt status if possible.

4.0.0 not secure

  * BREAKING CHANGE: Upgraded dependency pyjwt[crypto] to 2.1.0, which introduces its own breaking changes that may affect consumers of this library. Pay careful attention to the 2.0.0 breaking changes documented in

3.24.6 not secure

  * Upgrade edx-lint for linting
  * Update code style
  * Handler test refactor

3.24.5 not secure

  * Add management command for updating an attempt status based on its associated review

3.24.4 not secure

  * Add testing for exam attempt email failure and related logging
  * Fix signal handler connection

3.24.3 not secure

  * Get verified name enabled from name affirmation service.

3.24.2 not secure

  * Add exception handler and logging to proctored exam attempt emails. This prevents user errors
  if the email is not able to be sent.

3.24.1 not secure

  * Bug fix for exam registration

3.24.0 not secure

  * Re-added code for using a verified name for a proctored exam attempt that had been reverted.
  Replaced with signal emitters, which will allow name affirmation to contain the logic for deciding
  when a verified name should be created or updated. Also restructured signal files to differentiate
  between signal senders and signal receivers.

3.23.8 not secure

  * Fix the template on bulk exam allowance view where username is used for DOM id

3.23.7 not secure

  * Fix error in onboarding status panel rejected filter

3.23.6 not secure

  * Fix error where course staff were unable to add allowances.

3.23.5 not secure

  * Fix a 500 error which would occur on stage when submitting an allowance.

3.23.4 not secure

  * Change instructor onboarding API to fetch all onboarding profiles from the proctoring provider
  instead of making mulitple calls to the proctoring provider to assembke the full data set.
  * Add logging statements to better evaluate performance of the endpoint.

3.23.3 not secure

  * Remove the old allowance code entirely, so only the bulk allowance modal is used.

3.23.2 not secure

  * Change errors on the bulk allowance modal so they appear on their associated field.

3.23.1 not secure

  * Fixes bug that occurs when a proctoring vendor returns onboarding information that includes user IDs that represent
  learners that are not returned by the edX API as being enrolled in the course in a proctoring eligible mode.
  * Adds logging statement to enable further investigation.

3.23.0 not secure

  * Add simple history to proctored exam attempt, writing both old and new model for now. Includes admin view.
  * Update documentation and makefile targets for a clear path from clone to running tests.

3.22.1 not secure

  * Add edit button to grouped allowances, which allows instructors to edit the value of a single allowance.

3.22.0 not secure

  * If verified name functionality is enabled through the "name_affirmation" runtime service,
  use it in proctored exam attempt creation. (see
  * When updating a proctored exam attempt to "verified" status, update the user's verified
  name status, if verified name functionality is enabled and they have one linked to that
  exam attempt.


  * Removed name field in proctored exam attempt from the DB.

3.21.0 not secure

  * Added feature behind the bulk allowance waffle flag that groups allowances by users.
  * Updated the UI so allowances are under dropdown for each user

3.20.6 not secure

  * Removed use of name field in proctored exam attempt admin.

3.20.5 not secure

  * No changes, gets tag and internal version in sync


  * Removed use of name field in proctored exam attempt.

3.20.2 not secure

  * Removed IP fields in proctored exam attempt from the DB
  * Made name field in proctored exam attempt nullable

3.20.1 not secure

  * Removed use of IP fields in proctored exam attempt.

3.20.0 not secure

  * Added Django 3.0, 3.1 & 3.2 Support

3.19.0 not secure

  * Updated allowance modal to allow bulk allowances to be added.
  * Added waffle flag to enable/disable bulk allowances feature.

3.18.0 not secure

  * Remove old proctored exam attempt url.
  * Fix onboarding link generation in proctored exam attempt view when exam attempt is in
  onboarding errors status, don't return the link to exams that are not accessible to user.
  * Update onboarding link url in student onboarding status view to link
  to the learning mfe page instead of LMS.

3.17.3 not secure

  * Add missing get_proctoring_config method to base backend provider class.

3.17.2 not secure

  * Updated ProctoredExamAttempt view to use the content id from the query.

3.17.1 not secure

  * Fix JSON parse failure when error response from course onboarding status endpoint does not
  return valid JSON.

3.17.0 not secure

  * Replace internal logic for determing learners' onboarding statuses for the course onboarding API
  with provider onboarding API.

3.16.0 not secure

  * Created a GET api endpoint which groups course allowances by users.

3.15.1 not secure

  * Fix a bug in exam attempt API where total time allowed for the exam would not include allowance time.
  * Add `test_plan` document to describe key features and test cases
  * Update `developing` document with the instructions for frontend-lib-special-exam local development setup

3.15.0 not secure

  * Created a POST api endpoint to add allowances for multiple students and multiple exams at the same time.

3.14.0 not secure

  * When an exam attempt is finished for the first time, mark all completable children in the exam as complete
  in the Completion Service using the Instructor Service. If the Completion Service is not enabled, nothing
  will happen.

3.13.2 not secure

  * Extend exam attempt API to return total time left in the attempt
  and a link to the onboarding exam in case user tries to take proctored
  exam when they haven't passed required onboarding exam.
  Modify API to check if exam has passed due date.

3.13.1 not secure

  * If an attempt transitions from `ready_to_submit` back to `started`, the proctoring provider
  backend function `start_exam_attempt` will not be called.

3.13.0 not secure

  * If the Django setting `PROCTORED_EXAM_VIEWABLE_PAST_DUE` is false, exam content will not be viewable past
  an exam's due date, even if a learner has acknowledged their status.
  * Extend exam attempt API to return exam type and to check if
  user has satisfied prerequisites before taking proctored exam.
  * Extend proctoring settings API to return additional data about proctoring
  * Add API endpoint which provides exam review policy for specific exam.
  Usage case is to provide required data for the learning app MFE.

3.12.0 not secure

  * If the `is_integrity_signature_enabled` waffle flag is turned on, do not render the ID verification
  template for proctored exams.

3.11.6 not secure

  * Add logging for attempt status transitions caused by a time out or reattempt

3.11.5 not secure

  * Fix a bug where we are to pass to vendor javascript a value in milliseconds, instead of just seconds

3.11.4 not secure

  * Use the same DEFAULT_DESKTOP_APPLICATION_PING_INTERVAL_SECONDS interval to start the exam and ping the
  proctoring desktop applicaiton

3.11.3 not secure

  * Fix a bug where the Learning Sequences API does not have a schedule for a sequence, which can occur
  when a sequence is unavailable to a learner, and the learner should not know of the existence of the sequence
  (e.g. when a sequence is content gated by enrollment track and the learner is not in the requisite enrollment track).

3.11.2 not secure

  * Add allow-list to prevent nonexistent backend configurations from causing errors

3.11.1 not secure

  * Fix for onboarding status API endpoint. The endpoint requires an obscured user id.

3.11.0 not secure

  * Add ability to get onboarding statuses from a proctoring provider API endpoint
  * Extend the learner onboarding status API to determine whether the only onboarding exam or all
  onboarding exams are past due and past an "onboarding_past_due" flag in the response. modify
  the API to not return a link to the onboarding exam if the onboarding exam should not be
  accessible by the learner (i.e. it is to be released or is past due).
  * Modify the display behavior of the learner onboarding panel to display "Onboarding Past Due"
  if the only onboarding or all onboarding exams are past due.

3.10.2 not secure

  * Use onboarding status API endpoint for student onboarding info panel

3.10.1 not secure

  * Add ability to get onboarding statuses from a proctoring provider API endpoint
  * Add API endpoint which provides proctoring generic and backend specific
  instructions for the proctoring exam. Usage case is to provide required data
  for the learning app MFE.

3.10.0 not secure

  * Add by-backend configurability of the link which shows on the onboarding panel


  * Fix a bug in processing onboarding exams in StudentOnboardingStatusView,
  resulting in an incorrect list of accessible onboarding exams.

3.9.3 not secure

  * Fix styling on allowance dropdown to prevent overflow for long exam names.

3.9.2 not secure

  * Remove the hide condition for onboarding exam reset by student. Roll out Proctoring Improvement Waffle Flag

3.9.1 not secure

  * Add the backend model field is_resumable to the ProctoredExamStudentAttempt model.
  * Expose the is_resumable property to the UI so users can resume exam attempts when that property is set

3.9.0 not secure

  * Add API endpoint which provides sequence exam data with current active attempt.
  Usage case is to provide required data for the learning app MFE.
  * Moved StudentProctoredExamAttemptCollection collecting attempt data logic
  to a separate standalone `get_exam_attempt_data` function.

3.8.9 not secure

  * Update language on proctored exam info panel if learner has
  a verified onboarding attempt

3.8.8 not secure

  * Add detailed logging of ping failures
  * Expose ping timeout value to external javascript worker
  * Add documentation for javascript worker development

3.8.7 not secure

  * Add pyjwt as explicit dependency to edx-proctoring library.
  * Pin version of pyjwt to less than 2.0.0.

3.8.6 not secure

  * Fix JWT encoding bug introduced by version 2.0.1 of pyjwt[crypto] library.
  * Add RST validator

3.8.5 not secure

  * Add handling of the "onboarding_reset" attempt status to the
  StudentOnboardingStatusByCourseView view and the StudentOnboardingStatus
  panel in the Instructor Dashboard.

3.8.4 not secure

  * Add the request username to the proctoring info panel, allowing course staff to masquerade as
  a specific user.

3.8.3 not secure

  * Use exam due_date or course end date to evaluate the visibility of the onboarding status panel

3.8.2 not secure


3.8.1 not secure

  * Increase ping interval from 30 to 60 seconds.

3.8.0 not secure

  * Remove exam resume waffle flag references and fully roll out exam resume and grouped attempt features.

3.7.16 not secure

  * Reduce time for ping interval from 120 to 30 seconds.

3.7.15 not secure

  * Improved learner messaging on onboarding panel and submitted interstitial.

3.7.14 not secure

  * Fix issue where a course key object was being passed in to `get_proctoring_escalation_email`,
  rather than a string.

3.7.13 not secure

  * Update proctored exam error message to remove statement that the user must restart their exam
  from scratch, and include a proctoring escalation email rather than a link to support if

3.7.12 not secure

  * Update the onboarding status to take into account sections that are not accessible to the user
  or has a release date in the future. For sections with release dates in the future,
  that date will now be shown to the learner.
  * Fixed accessibility bug on Special Exam Attempts panel on instructor dashboard

3.7.9 not secure

  * Update onboarding status logic such that 'approved in another course' will take precedence over
  a non verified state in the requested course.

3.7.8 not secure

  * Add enrollment mode column to onboarding status panel on instructor dashboard

3.7.7 not secure

  * Add loading spinner for searching to onboarding attempt and special attempts sections on the
  instructor dashboard

3.7.6 not secure

  * Fix bug with StudentProctoredExamAttempt put handler where course_id was being incorrectly determined,
  preventing course staff from marking learners' attempts as "ready_to_resume".

3.7.5 not secure

  * Add more useful attributes to log messages, in a key=value format that is easier to extract, and reduce
  duplicate exception logs.
  * Update private.txt file path in developer docs

3.7.4 not secure

  * Show "approved in other course" status for learner who has a valid verified onboarding attempt in another course,
  on the instructor's student onboarding status panel

3.7.3 not secure

  * Change use of get_active_enrollments_by_course method of the LMS Enrollments service to
  get_enrollments_can_take_proctored_exams, which is more performant. This shifts the responsibility
  of checking learners' ability to access proctored exams to the LMS, allowing the LMS to construst a
  bulk query for all learners in a course with active enrollments instead of needing to execute multiple
  queries on a per learner basis.

3.7.2 not secure

  * Refactor the proctoring API function to get all verified onboarding attempts of a group of learners.

3.7.1 not secure

  * Update table on instructors dashboard to add accordian for multiple attempts

3.7.0 not secure

  * Update the learner onboarding status view to consider verified attempts from other courses.

3.6.7 not secure

  * Fix requirements file

3.6.6 not secure

  * Revert jsonfield PR

3.6.5 not secure

  * Bug fix to allow course staff to reset attempts

3.6.4 not secure

  * Switched from jsonfield2 to jsonfield as the earlier one has archived and merged back in the latter one.

3.6.3 not secure

  * Add a script to generate obscure_user_ids for proctoring vendors to use.
  * Update the logic for the instructor dashboard onboarding view to match the learners' view,
  so that multiple onboarding exams for the same course can be considered.

3.6.2 not secure

  * Change learner onboarding status from "proctoring_started" to "onboarding_started"
  to more clearly describe the learner's onboarding status.


  * Add time_remaining_seconds field of ProctoredExamStudentAttempt model to readonly_fields in
  Django admin page so it is not required when editing the model.
  * Update reference to Exception.message to use string representation of the exception, as message
  is no longer an attribute of the Exception class.

3.6.0 not secure

  * Do not override exam view for a learner taking a practice exam when the learner does
  not have access to proctoring. This allows the learner to see the exam content and does
  not allow the learner access to the proctoring software.

3.5.1 not secure

  * Add missing `rejected` status to list of onboarding attempt statuses.

3.5.0 not secure

  * Add new UI for instructor dashboard that groups attempts for each user and exam.
  * Add endpoint that returns a list of most recent attempts for each user and exam. Each
  attempt that is returned contains additional data on the past attempts
  associated with the user/exam.

3.4.1 not secure

  * Restrict the resume option on the instructor dashboard to attempts that are
  in an "error" state and are not for onboarding or practice exams.

3.4.0 not secure

  * Add a new interstitial for exam attempts in the "ready_to_resume" state to
  indicate to learner that their exam attempt is ready to be resumed and to
  prompt the learner to resume their exam.

3.3.0 not secure

  * Add learner onboarding view to instructor dashboard.

3.2.1 not secure

  * bugfix to 500 errors from proctored exam attempt status endpoint used by the LMS to drive timer functionality

3.2.0 not secure

  * Update to update_attempt_status function to account for multiple attempts per exam
  * Update to grade, credit, and status email updates based on multiple attempts

3.1.0 not secure

  * Add endpoint to return onboarding status information for users in a course.

3.0.0 not secure

  * Update the secret key to the proctoring specific one so we are fixing for the learners being impacted by rotated django secret.

2.6.7 not secure

  * Bug fix for onboarding info panel showing for all proctoring backends, independent of support for onboarding exams

2.6.6 not secure

  * Bug fix for issue that prevented exam resets

2.6.5 not secure

  * Update error interstitial to use the reset_exam_attempt flow that is used for other
  onboarding attempt reset

2.6.4 not secure

  * Fix bug that was preventing exams from being reset
  * Add exam removal endpoint to be used on the instructor dashboard in place of the
  current exam attempt reset endpoint as we now have multiple attempts. This new
  endpoint is only accessible to course and edX staff

2.6.3 not secure

  * Update the learner onboarding status panel on "submitted" state so learner knows they need to wait
  * Added npm-shrinkwrap.json to pin the graceful-fs to version 4.2.2 to solve "primordials" exception during gulp test

2.6.2 not secure

  * Update endpoint that returns onboarding exam status to account for
  users enrollment mode.

2.6.1 not secure

  * Add a dropdown component.
  * If the "data-enable-exam-resume-proctoring-improvements" data attribute on the element of the ProctoredExamAttemptView
  Backbone is true,
  * use the dropdown menu component on the Instructor Dashboard Proctored Exam Attempt panel for proctored exam attempts in the error state, providing the following options:
  * Resume, which transitions the exam attempt into the ready_to_resume state.
  * Reset, which behaves the same as the previous reset functionality, originally exposed via the [x] link.
  * change the [x] link to Reset for exam attempts in other states.
  * If the "data-enable-exam-resume-proctoring-improvements" data attribute on the element of the ProctoredExamAttemptView Backbone is
  false there is no change.

2.6.0 not secure

  * Replace Travis CI with Github Actions.
  * If a course has a proctoring escalation email set, emails that are sent when an
  exam attempt is verified or rejected will contain that email address rather than a
  link to support.

2.5.13 not secure

  * Allow staff users to modify another user's exam attempt status via the
  the StudentProctoredExamAttempt view's PUT handler only when the action is
  "mark_ready_to_resume" and the user ID is passed in via the request data.

2.5.12 not secure

  * Allow blank fields in Django admin for `external_id`, `due_date`, and `backend`
  in proctored exams.

2.5.11 not secure

  * Added ProctoredExam to django admin

2.5.10 not secure

  * Added management command to update `is_attempt_active` field on review models

2.5.9 not secure

  * Added `is_attempt_active` field to ProctoredExamSoftwareSecureReview and
  ProctoredExamSoftwareSecureReviewHistory models to note if the attempt for
  that review has been archived. When an attempt is archived and if it is associated
  with a review, this field will be set to False

2.5.8 not secure

  * Ignore the `ProctoredExamStudentAttemptHistory` table when viewing onboarding status.
  This fixes a bug where the status would return `verified` even after all attempts had
  been deleted.

2.5.7 not secure

  * Allow the creation of multiple exam attempts for a single user in a single exam, as long
  as the most recent attempt is `ready_to_resume` or `resumed`. When an exam is resumed, the
  time remaining is saved to the new attempt and is used to calculate the expiration time.

2.5.6 not secure

  * Updated the StudentProctoredExamAttempt view's PUT handler to allow for a
  new action "mark_ready_to_resume", which transitions exam attempts in the "error" state
  to a "ready_to_resume" state.

2.5.5 not secure

  * Cover `Start System Check` button on the proctoring instruction page with the
  conditions software download link is provided by the proctoring provider,
  since some providers do not has that step in the onboarding process.
  * Changed handler for exam ping to remove learner from the exam on 403 error.
  * Added `time_remaining_seconds` field to the exam attempt model in order to
  allow the remaining time on an exam attempt to be saved after it enters an
  error state.
  * Fix bug allowing learners access to onboarding setup after exam due date.

2.5.4 not secure

  * Minor template fix

2.5.3 not secure

  * Upgrade celery to 5.0.4


  * Fixed bug for proctoring info panel

2.5.1 not secure

  * Add endpoint to expose the learner's onboarding status

2.5.0 not secure

  * Changed behavior of practice exam reset to create a new exam attempt instead
  of rolling back state of the current attempt.
  * Added new proctoring info panel to expose onboarding exam status to learners
  * Added option to reset a failed or pending onboarding exam.

2.4.9 not secure

  * Fix unbound local variable issue in api.get_attempt_status_summary
  * Added new action to student exam attempt PUT allowing users
  to reset a completed practice exam.

2.4.8 not secure

  * Created a separate error message for inactive users. Refined the
  existing error message to only show for network error or service disruption.

2.4.7 not secure

  * Removed the rpnowv4_flow waffle flag to cleanup code
  For details of changes prior to this release, please see
  the `GitHub commit history`_.
  .. _GitHub commit history: