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  - Added the "findlibs" module
  - ECC-1226: Python3 bindings: Typo causes AttributeError when calling codes_index_get_double


  - Added test for multi-field GRIBs
  - Fix deprecation warning: `np.float` is a deprecated alias for the builtin `float`
  - Experimental feature: grib_nearest_find


  - ECC-1171: Performance: Python bindings: remove assert statements
  - ECC-1161: Python3 bindings: Do not raise exception on first failed attempt
  - ECC-1176: Python3 bindings: float32 recognised as int instead of float
  - GitHub pull request 41: Remove the apparent support for Python 2
  - GitHub pull request 44: Fix CFFI crash on windows
  - GitHub pull request 42: Add unit testing with GitHub actions (linux, macos and windows)


  - ECC-1143: CMake: Migration to ecbuild v3.4
  - ECC-1133: C API: Propagate const char* for codes_index_new_from_file and codes_index_select_string


  - Support for ecmwflibs. An additional way to find ECMWF libraries (if available)
  - ECC-1140: Segfault from invalid pointer reference in grib_set_double_array()


  - ECC-1110: Removed obsolete function codes_close_file()
  - Provide missing argument to exceptions
  - Fix codes_set_definitions_path() typo
  - Fix grib_get_double_element(). Missing last argument
  - Add more tests to increase coverage
  - GitHub pull request 15: Add .__next__() method to eccodes.CodesFile class
  - ECC-1113: Python3 bindings under Windows: codes_get_long_array returns incorrect values
  - ECC-1108: Python3 bindings under Windows: use of handle causes crash
  - ECC-1121: Segfault when closing GribFile if messages are closed manually


  - Update Copyright notices
  - Function-argument type checks: Improve error message
  - Fix C function calls for codes_gribex_mode_on/codes_gribex_mode_off


  - ECC-1029: Function-argument type-checking should be disabled by default.
  To enable these checks, export ECCODES_PYTHON_ENABLE_TYPE_CHECKS=1
  - ECC-1032: Added codes_samples_path() and codes_definition_path()
  - ECC-1042: Python3 interface writes integer arrays incorrectly
  - ECC-794: Python3 interface: Expose the grib_get_data function


  - Added new function: codes_get_version_info
  - ECC-753: Expose the codes_grib_nearest_find_multiple function in Python
  - ECC-1007: Python3 interface for eccodes cannot write large arrays


  - New exception added: FunctionalityNotEnabledError
  - BUFR decoding: support for multi-element constant arrays (ECC-428)


  - All ecCodes tests now pass
  - Simplify the xx_new_from_file calls
  - Fix for grib_set_string_array
  - Use ECCODES_DIR to locate the library
  - Remove the new-style high-level interface. It is still available in
  `cfgrib <>`_.


  - ``codes_get_long_array`` and ``codes_get_double_array`` now return a ``np.ndarray``.
  See: `3 <>`_.


  - Declare the project as **Beta**.


  - First public release.