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  *Release date: Oct 25, 2020*
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.36.0
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-rc.40
  - **FIXED:** fixed compatibility with Django Rest Framework 3.12
  - **FIXED:** fixed compatibility with Python 3.9 typing generics
  - **FIXED:** dropped support for obsolete ``django.conf.settings.LOGOUT_URL`` (:pr:`646`)
  | **Support was dropped for Python 2.7, DRF 3.8, DRF 3.9.**
  | **Requirements are now: Python>=3.6, Django>=2.2, DRF>=3.10**
  The 1.18 and 1.19 series was skipped to avoid confusion with the drf-yasg2 fork. I would also like to take this
  opportunity to extend my apologies to the community at large for the large gap in the maintenance of drf-yasg
  and the problems it has caused.


  *Release date: Feb 17, 2020*
  - **FIXED:** fixed compatibility issue with CurrentUserDefault in Django Rest Framework 3.11
  - **FIXED:** respect `USERNAME_FIELD` in `generate_swagger` command (:pr:`486`)
  **Support was dropped for Python 3.5, Django 2.0, Django 2.1, DRF 3.7**


  *Release date: Oct 03, 2019*
  - **ADDED:** added `JSONFieldInspector` for `JSONField` support (:pr:`417`)
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.23.11
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-rc.14 (:issue:`398`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed a type hint support issue (:pr:`428`, :issue:`450`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed packaging issue caused by a missing requirement (:issue:`412`)


  *Release date: Jul 16, 2019*
  - **IMPROVED:** better enum type detection for nested `ChoiceField`\ s (:pr:`400`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed DRF 3.10 compatibility (:pr:`408`, :issue:`410`, :issue:`411`)


  *Release date: Jun 13, 2019*
  - **ADDED:** added `reference_resolver_class` attribute hook to `SwaggerAutoSchema` (:pr:`350`)
  - **ADDED:** added `operation_keys` attribute to `SwaggerAutoSchema`, along with `__init__` parameter (:pr:`355`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed potential crash on `issubclass` check without `isclass` check


  *Release date: Jun 13, 2019*
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.22.3
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-rc.8-1
  - **FIXED:** fixed an issue with inspection of typing hints on Python 2.7 (:issue:`363`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed an issue with inspection of typing hints on Python 3.7 (:issue:`371`)
  **Python 3.4 support has been dropped!**


  *Release date: Apr 01, 2019*
  - **ADDED:** added ``is_list_view`` and ``has_list_response`` extension points to ``SwaggerAutoSchema`` (:issue:`331`)
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.22.0
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-rc.4
  - **FIXED:** ``ListModelMixin`` will now always be treated as a list view (:issue:`306`)
  - **FIXED:** non-primtive values in field ``choices`` will now be handled properly (:issue:`340`)


  *Release date: Mar 04, 2019*
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.21.0
  - **FIXED:** implicit ``ref_name`` collisions will now throw an exception
  - **FIXED:** ``RecursiveField`` will now also work as a child of ``ListSerializer`` (:pr:`321`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed ``minLength`` and ``maxLength`` for ``ListSerializer`` and ``ListField``
  - **FIXED:** the ``items`` property of ``Schema``, ``Parameter`` and ``Items`` objects was renamed to ``items_``; this
  is a *mildly breaking change* and was needed to fix the collision with the ``items`` method of ``dict`` (:pr:`308`)
  - **REMOVED:** the ``get_summary`` and ``get_description`` methods have been removed (previously deprecated in 1.12.0)


  *Release date: Jan 29, 2019*
  - **IMPROVED:** type hint inspection is now supported for collections and ``Optional`` (:pr:`272`)
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.20.5
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-rc.2
  - **DEPRECATED:** quietly dropped support for the ``flex`` validator; it will still work if the library is installed,
  but the requirement was removed and the validator will be silently skipped if not installed (:issue:`285`)


  *Release date: Dec 28, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-rc.0
  - **FIXED:** management command will now correctly fall back to ``DEFAULT_VERSION`` for mock request
  - **FIXED:** fixed bad "raised exception during schema generation" warnings caused by missing ``self`` parameter


  *Release date: Dec 23, 2018*
  - **ADDED:** ``get_security_definitions`` and ``get_security_requirements`` hooks to ``OpenAPISchemaGenerator``
  - **ADDED:** added ``get_summary_and_description`` and ``split_summary_from_description`` extension points to
  ``SwaggerAutoSchema`` to allow for better customisation
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.20.4
  - **IMPROVED:** paginator ``next`` and ``previous`` fields are now marked as ``x-nullable`` (:issue:`263`)
  - **IMPROVED:** added the ``tags`` argument to ``swagger_auto_schema`` (:pr:`259`)
  - **IMPROVED:** type of ``enum`` will now be automatically detected from ``ChoiceField`` if all ``choices`` values
  are objects of the same Python class (:pr:`264`)
  - **IMPROVED:** ``SwaggerValidationError`` details will now be logged and shown in the exception message
  - **FIXED:** user implementations of ``get_queryset``, ``get_parsers`` and ``get_renderers`` will no longer be bypassed
  - **FIXED:** fixed handling of lazy objects in user-supplied values
  - **FIXED:** ``read_only`` serializer fields will be correctly ignored when generating form parameters (:issue:`261`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed incorrect return type from ``UIRenderer`` (:pr:`268`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed incosistent ordering of global ``securityDefinitions`` and ``security`` objects
  - **DEPRECATED:** the ``get_summary`` and ``get_description`` extension points have been deprecated in favor of the
  new ``get_summary_and_description``, and will be removed in a future release
  Starting with this version, the ``setup_requires`` argument was dropped from ```` in favor of
  ``build-system.requires`` in ``pyproject.toml`` . This means that for correctly building or installing from sdist,
  you will need to use a PEP517/PEP518 compliant tool (tox>=3.3.0, setuptools>=40, pip>=10.0, or manually
  install the build requirements yourself (just ``setuptools`` and ``setuptools-scm``, for now).
  Additionally, for correct package version detection, a full git checkout is required when building (this was always the
  case). Building without ``.git`` or without ``setuptools-scm`` will result in a distribution with a version like


  *Release date: Nov 29, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.20.1
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-alpha.41
  - **FIXED:** ``minLength`` and ``maxLength`` will now also work for ``ListSerializer`` in addition to ``ListField``
  - **FIXED:** ``MultipleChoiceField`` will now use the ``multi`` ``collectionFormat`` where appropriate (:issue:`257`)
  - **FIXED:** the ``format``, ``pattern``, ``enum``, ``min_length`` and ``max_length`` attributes of
  ``coreschema.Schema`` will now be persited into the converted ``openapi.Parameter`` (:issue:`212`, :pr:`233`)


  *Release date: Oct 14, 2018*
  settings and related javascript implementation for persisting authentication data to swagger-ui localStorage
  - **IMPROVED:** UI-enabled views will now no longer generate the full specification document twice; the HTML part
  of the view will only generate a barebones ``Swagger`` object with no ``paths`` and ``definitions``
  - **IMPROVED:** added the ``FETCH_SCHEMA_WITH_QUERY`` setting to enable fetching of the schema document using
  query parameters passed to the UI view (:issue:`208`)
  - **IMPROVED:** added support for the very common ``x-nullable`` extension (:issue:`217`)
  - **IMPROVED:** extensibility of some classes was improved by adding more extension points, together with more blocks
  for ``swagger-ui.html``/``redoc.html`` and some JavaScript hooks in ``swagger-ui-init.js``
  - **FIXED:** removed usage of ``inspect.signature`` on python 2.7 (:issue:`222`)


  *Release date: Sep 13, 2018*
  - **ADDED:** added the ``DISPLAY_OPERATION_ID`` ``swagger-ui`` setting
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-alpha.38
  - **IMPROVED:** Operation summary will now be parsed from multi-line view method docstrings (:issue:`205`)
  - **IMPROVED:** ``pattern`` will now work on any field with a ``RegexValidator``
  (would previously not appear on fields with special formats such as ``EmailField``)
  - **FIXED:** fixed an issue with ``RelatedFieldInspector`` handling of nested serializers
  - **FIXED:** fixed handling of ``reverse_lazy`` in URL settings (:issue:`209`)


  *Release date: Sep 10, 2018*
  - **ADDED:** added the ``SPEC_URL`` setting for controlling the download link in ``swagger-ui`` and ``ReDoc``
  - **ADDED:** updated ``ReDoc`` settings (added ``NATIVE_SCROLLBARS`` and ``REQUIRED_PROPS_FIRST``)
  - **ADDED:** added ``extra_styles`` and ``extra_scripts`` blocks to ui templates (:issue:`178`)
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.18.2
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-alpha.37
  - **FIXED:** stopped generating invalid OpenAPI by improper placement of ``readOnly`` Schemas
  - **FIXED:** fixed broken CSS when ``USE_SESSION_AUTH=False``
  - **FIXED:** fixed implementation of ``operation_summary`` and ``deprecated`` (:pr:`194`, :pr:`198`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed a bug related to nested ``typing`` hints (:pr:`195`)
  - **FIXED:** removed dependency on ``future`` (:issue:`196`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed exceptions logged for fields with ``default=None`` (:issue:`203`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed ``request_body=no_body`` handling and related tests (:issue:`188`, :issue:`199`)


  *Release date: Aug 08, 2018*
  - **ADDED:** added ``EXCLUDED_MEDIA_TYPES`` setting for controlling ``produces`` MIME type filtering (:issue:`158`)
  - **ADDED:** added support for ``SerializerMethodField``, via the ``swagger_serializer_method`` decorator for the
  method field, and support for Python 3.5 style type hinting of the method field return type
  (:issue:`137`, :pr:`175`, :pr:`179`)
  *NOTE:* in order for this to work, you will have to add the new ``drf_yasg.inspectors.SerializerMethodFieldInspector``
  to your ``DEFAULT_FIELD_INSPECTORS`` array if you changed it from the default value
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.18.0
  - **IMPROVED:** added support for Python 3.7 and Django 2.1 (:pr:`176`)
  - **IMPROVED:** ``swagger_schema_fields`` will now also work on serializer ``Field``\ s (:issue:`167`)
  - **IMPROVED:** ``ref_name`` collisions will now log a warning message (:issue:`156`)
  - **IMPROVED:** added ``operation_summary`` and ``deprecated`` arguments to ``swagger_auto_schema``
  (:issue:`149`, :issue:`173`)
  - **FIXED:** made ``swagger_auto_schema`` work with DRF 3.9 ``action`` mappings (:issue:`177`)


  *Release date: Aug 03, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.17.6
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-alpha.32
  - **IMPROVED:** added ``--api-version`` argument to the ``generate_swagger`` management command (:pr:`170`)
  - **FIXED:** corrected various documentation typos (:pr:`160`, :pr:`162`, :issue:`171`, :pr:`172`)
  - **FIXED:** made ``generate_swagger`` work for projects without authentication (:pr:`161`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed ``SafeText`` interaction with YAML codec (:issue:`159`)


  *Release date: Jun 30, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** added a ``swagger_fake_view`` marker to more easily detect mock views in view methods;
  ``getattr(self, 'swagger_fake_view', False)`` inside a view method like ``get_serializer_class`` will tell you if the
  view instance is being used for swagger schema introspection (:issue:`154`)
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.17.1
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-alpha.25
  - **FIXED:** fixed wrong handling of duplicate urls in urlconf (:pr:`155`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed crash when passing ``None`` as a response override (:issue:`148`)


  *Release date: Jun 16, 2018*
  - **ADDED:** added ``DEFAULT_GENERATOR_CLASS`` setting and ``--generator-class`` argument to the ``generate_swagger``
  management command (:issue:`140`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed wrongly required ``'count'`` response field on ``CursorPagination`` (:issue:`141`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed some cases where ``swagger_schema_fields`` would not be handlded (:pr:`142`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed crash when encountering ``coreapi.Fields``\ s without a ``schema`` (:issue:`143`)


  *Release date: Jun 01, 2018*
  - **ADDED:** added a :ref:`swagger_schema_fields <swagger_schema_fields>` field on serializer ``Meta`` classes for
  customizing schema generation (:issue:`132`, :pr:`134`)
  - **FIXED:** error responses from schema views are now rendered with ``JSONRenderer`` instead of throwing
  confusing errors (:pr:`130`, :issue:`58`)
  - **FIXED:** ``readOnly`` schema fields will now no longer be marked as ``required`` (:pr:`133`)


  *Release date: May 14, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.14.2
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-alpha.20
  - **FIXED:** ignore ``None`` return from ``get_operation`` to avoid empty ``Path`` objects in output
  - **FIXED:** request body is now allowed on ``DELETE`` endpoints (:issue:`118`)


  *Release date: May 12, 2018*
  - **FIXED:** views whose ``__init__`` methods throw exceptions will now be ignored during endpoint enumeration


  *Release date: May 12, 2018*
  - **FIXED:** fixed generation of default ``SECURITY_REQUIREMENTS`` to match documented behaviour
  - **FIXED:** ordering of ``SECURITY_REQUIREMENTS`` and ``SECURITY_DEFINITIONS`` is now stable


  *Release date: May 05, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.14.1
  - **IMPROVED:** set ``swagger-ui`` ``showCommonExtensions`` to ``True`` by default and add
  ``SHOW_COMMON_EXTENSIONS`` setting key
  - **IMPROVED:** set ``min_length=1`` when ``allow_blank=False`` (:pr:`112`, thanks to :ghuser:`elnappo`)
  - **FIXED:** made documentation ordering of ``SwaggerDict`` extra attributes stable


  *Release date: Apr 27, 2018*
  - **ADDED:** added integration with `djangorestframework-recursive <>`_
  (:issue:`109`, :pr:`110`, thanks to :ghuser:`rsichny`)
  *NOTE:* in order for this to work, you will have to add the new ``drf_yasg.inspectors.RecursiveFieldInspector`` to
  your ``DEFAULT_FIELD_INSPECTORS`` array if you changed it from the default value
  - **FIXED:** ``SchemaRef`` now supports cyclical references via the ``ignore_unresolved`` argument


  *Release date: Apr 25, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.13.6
  - **IMPROVED:** switched ``ReDoc`` to version 2.0.0-alpha.17 (was 1.21.2); fixes :issue:`107`
  - **FIXED:** made documentation ordering of parameters stable for urls with multiple parameters (:issue:`105`, :pr:`106`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed crash when using a model ``ChoiceField`` of unknown child type


  *Release date: Apr 01, 2018*
  - **ADDED:** added ``SUPPORTED_SUBMIT_METHODS`` ``swagger-ui`` setting


  *Release date: Mar 24, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** ``OAUTH2_REDIRECT_URL`` will now default to the built in ``oauth2-redirect.html`` file


  *Release date: Mar 18, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.13.0
  - **FIXED:** fixed a crash caused by ``serializers.OneToOneRel`` (:pr:`81`, thanks to :ghuser:`ko-pp`)


  *Release date: Mar 12, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** ``serializers.HiddenField`` are now hidden (:issue:`78`, :pr:`79`, thanks to :ghuser:`therefromhere`)
  *NOTE:* in order for this to work, you will have to add the new ``drf_yasg.inspectors.HiddenFieldInspector`` to your
  ``DEFAULT_FIELD_INSPECTORS`` array if you changed it from the default value
  - **IMPROVED:** type of model field is now detected for ``serializers.SlugRelatedField`` with ``read_only=True``
  (:issue:`82`, :pr:`83`, thanks to :ghuser:`therefromhere`)


  *Release date: Mar 05, 2018*
  - **FIXED:** prevent crashes caused by attempting to delete object attributes which do not exist in the first place


  *Release date: Mar 05, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.12.0
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 1.21.2


  *Release date: Mar 05, 2018*
  - **FIXED:** fixed an issue with modification of ``swagger_auto_schema`` arguments in-place during introspection, which
  would sometimes cause an incomplete Swagger document to be generated after the first pass (:issue:`74`, :pr:`75`)


  *Release date: Feb 26, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** ``type`` for ``ChoiceField`` generated by a ``ModelSerializer`` from a model field with ``choices=...``
  will now be set according to the associated model field (:issue:`69`)
  - **FIXED:** ``lookup_field`` and ``lookup_value_regex`` on the same ``ViewSet``  will no longer trigger an exception


  *Release date: Feb 22, 2018*
  - **FIXED:** added a missing assignment that would cause the ``default`` argument to ``openapi.Parameter.__init__`` to
  be ignored


  *Release date: Feb 22, 2018*
  - **FIXED:** fixed a bug that causes a ``ModelViewSet`` generated from models with nested ``ForeignKey`` to output
  models named ``Nested`` into the ``definitions`` section (:issue:`59`, :pr:`65`)
  - **FIXED:** ``Response`` objects without a ``schema`` are now properly handled when passed through
  ``swagger_auto_schema`` (:issue:`66`)


  *Release date: Feb 21, 2018*
  - **FIXED:** the ``coerce_to_string`` is now respected when setting the type, default value and min/max values of
  ``DecimalField`` in the OpenAPI schema (:issue:`62`)
  - **FIXED:** error responses from web UI views are now rendered with ``TemplateHTMLRenderer`` instead of throwing
  confusing errors (:issue:`58`)
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.10.0
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 1.21.0


  *Release date: Feb 04, 2018*
  - **ADDED:** added settings for OAuth2 client configuration in ``swagger-ui`` (:issue:`53`)
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.9.3


  *Release date: Jan 24, 2018*
  - **FIXED:** fixed a bug that would sometimes cause endpoints to wrongly be output as form operations (:issue:`50`)
  - **IMPROVED:** added generation of ``produces`` based on renderer classes
  - **IMPROVED:** added generation of top-level ``consumes`` and ``produces`` based on


  *Release date: Jan 23, 2018*
  - **ADDED:** security requirements are now correctly set and can be customized; this should fix problems related
  to authentication in ``swagger-ui`` Try it out!  (:issue:`50`, :pr:`54`)
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.9.2
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``ReDoc`` to version 1.20.0
  - **FIXED:** fixed an exception caused by a warning in get_path_from_regex (:pr:`49`, thanks to :ghuser:`blueyed`)


  *Release date: Jan 12, 2018*
  - **FIXED:** djangorestframework>=3.7.7 is now required because of breaking changes
  (:issue:`44`, :pr:`45`, thanks to :ghuser:`h-hirokawa`)


  *Release date: Jan 12, 2018*
  - Fixed deployment issues


  *Release date: Jan 12, 2018 (missing from PyPI due to deployment issues)*
  - **ADDED:** ``basePath`` is now generated by taking into account the ``SCRIPT_NAME`` variable and the
  longest common prefix of API urls (:issue:`37`, :pr:`42`)
  - **IMPROVED:** removed inline scripts and styles from bundled HTML templates to increase CSP compatibility
  - **IMPROVED:** improved validation errors and added more assertion sanity checks (:issue:`37`, :issue:`40`)
  - **IMPROVED:** improved handling of NamespaceVersioning by excluding endpoints of differing versions
  (i.e. when accesing the schema view for v1, v2 endpoints will not be included in swagger)


  *Release date: Jan 02, 2018*
  - **FIXED:** schema view cache will now always ``Vary`` on the ``Cookie`` and ``Authentication`` (the
  ``Vary`` header was previously only added if ``public`` was set to ``True``) - this fixes issues related to Django
  authentication in ``swagger-ui`` and ``CurrentUserDefault`` values in the schema


  *Release date: Jan 01, 2018*
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.8.1
  - **IMPROVED:** removed some unneeded static files


  *Release date: Dec 27, 2017*
  - **ADDED:** :ref:`generate_swagger management command <management-command>`
  (:issue:`29`, :pr:`31`, thanks to :ghuser:`beaugunderson`)
  - **FIXED:** fixed improper generation of ``\Z`` regex tokens - will now be repalced by ``$``


  *Release date: Dec 27, 2017*
  - **ADDED:** added support for APIs versioned with ``URLPathVersioning`` or ``NamespaceVersioning``
  - **ADDED:** added ability to recursively customize schema generation
  :ref:`using pluggable inspector classes <custom-spec-inspectors>`
  - **ADDED:** added ``operation_id`` parameter to :func:`swagger_auto_schema <.swagger_auto_schema>`
  - **ADDED:** integration with `djangorestframework-camel-case
  <>`_ (:issue:`28`)
  - **IMPROVED:** strings, arrays and integers will now have min/max validation attributes inferred from the
  field-level validators
  - **FIXED:** fixed a bug that caused ``title`` to never be generated for Schemas; ``title`` is now correctly
  populated from the field's ``label`` property


  *Release date: Dec 23, 2017*
  - **FIXED:** Swagger UI "Try it out!" should now work with Django login
  - **FIXED:** callable ``default`` values on serializer fields will now be properly called (:pr:`24`, :issue:`25`)
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.8.0
  - **IMPROVED:** ``PrimaryKeyRelatedField`` and ``SlugRelatedField`` will now have
  appropriate types based on the related model (:pr:`26`)
  - **IMPROVED:** mock views will now have a bound request even with ``public=False`` (:pr:`23`)


  *Release date: Dec 18, 2017*
  - **FIXED:** fixed a crash caused by having read-only Serializers nested by reference
  - **FIXED:** removed erroneous backslashes in paths when routes are generated using Django 2
  `path() <>`_
  - **IMPROVED:** updated ``swagger-ui`` to version 3.7.0
  - **IMPROVED:** ``FileField`` is now generated as an URL or file name in response Schemas
  (:pr:`21`, thanks to :ghuser:`h-hirokawa`)


  *Release date: Dec 16, 2017*
  - **FIXED:** fixed improper generation of YAML references
  - **ADDED:** added ``query_serializer`` parameter to
  :func:`swagger_auto_schema <.swagger_auto_schema>` (:issue:`16`, :pr:`17`)


  *Release date: Dec 15, 2017*
  - **FIXED:** fixed bug that caused schema views returned from cache to fail (:issue:`14`)
  - **FIXED:** disabled automatic generation of response schemas for form operations to avoid confusing errors caused by
  attempting to shove file parameters into Schema objects


  *Release date: Dec 13, 2017*
  - First published version