Changelogs » Domains-api

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  - hotfix for version file not found


  - getopt --> argparser
  - version constant for


  - re-add -l --load-user opt
  - skip user creation for --help --ip & --load_user opts
  - stop double check bug
  - add script to path
  - delete user logging bugfix


  - format code
  - refactor

  - fixed bug causing -f opt not to fire


  - added '-f' or '--force' option to force api call even if recorded IP hasn't changed.


  - reinstated check if ip changed before API call since refactoring.
  - fixed logging bug re failed emails

  - fixed inheritance bug (domains api not being called)
  - relative imports


  - more modular: added IPChecker parent class and BaseUser parent class
  - can be used independent of a domain name to send email notifications.
  - updated README


  - Fixed twitchy email notification bug

  - Fixed email outbox (too many emails being sent)
  - Updated README
  - Consistent exit codes
  - Clear logs after 100 lines (keep the last 10 lines)
  - Try/except for permissions (instead of if/else)
  - Other bugfixes/refactoring

  - Fixed relative import
  - Changed directory to `/var/www/domains-api/`
  - Updated readme
  - Fixed duplicate loggers

  - Refactored all file/log handling methods into file_handlers.FileHandlers
  - Fixed permissions issues (better than before) - run package with sudo the first time to initialize files.
  - Changed posix directory for logs and user files to `domains_api/.domains/`
  - `save_user`/`load_user` and `delete_user` methods are now part of the FileHandlers class.

  - Added email outbox for offline messages

  - Fixed PermissionError when working with Apache2 & Django (must run script first as www-data e.g: "sudo -u www-data /venv/bin/python -m domains_api" - this will allow the apache server to be the owner of the log/user files when they are set up with least hassle. Missing this set the server will fail with an EOF error, as input is needed to initialize the first User instance. - bear in mind that running the script as a different user in the same environment will fail unless you change permissions on the log/user file located in the package directory)
  - Fixed absolute paths in `User.load_user()` and `User().save_user()` functions.
  - Updated README with Django/Apache2 example.

  - Updated GitHub url and long description / readme.
  - Added option to show ip (only) from command line (domains_api -i --ip).
  - Added test function to master branch: simulate change in ip (commented in
  - Minor bugfixes


  - First Release
  - Code review from: