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- Handle `inst2head_rotmat`, this includes an API change:
  - `body2head_vec` and `body2head_rotmat` have been replaced by
  `inst2head_vec` and `inst2head_rotmat`, respectively.
  - Also you must use `dat.set_inst2head_rotmat` now (don't set it directly as `dat.props['inst2head_rotmat'] = ...`)
  - Stricter handling of `dat.props` (e.g., don't allow `dat.props['coord_sys'] = 'inst'`)


- Handle echo (0x1c) and bottom-track (0x17) Nortek Signature pings
  - Handle corrupted timestamps in Nortek Signature pings (assign NaN)
  - Bugfix for files that have missing pings at the start of the file
  - Handle rotations of angrt and accel for `_bt` and `_b5` pings
  - Add quaternion data from Nortek Signatures with AHRS
  - AD2CP index files include burst version and hw_ensemble counter, include versioning


- Remove the keep_orient_raw option, and just put instrument h,p,r into `dat['orient']['raw']`


- Use dat.set_declination() to set the declination
  - new defs for heading, pitch, roll (+docs)
  - new order of euler2orient inputs (h,p,r)
  - dropped heading, pitch, roll from data; unless user specifies
  keep_orient_raw=True in ``, in which case the data is
  stored in orient.raw
  - New definitions/tools for 'principal coordinate system'
  - switched from using principal_angle to principal_heading
  - removed `calc_principal_angle` method
  - added `calc_principal_heading` function
  - principal rotations only from earth
  - ad2cp earth2principal rotations now supported
  - Major improvements to documentation of rotations (Thanks Michelle Fogarty!)


- Add the `.shortcuts` property
  - Read userdata.json files for ADPs
  - Account for declination in ADP data processing
  - Add function for calculating orientation matrix of RDI ADPs
  - Support motion-correction of ADV data in non-inst frames


- Major reorg
  - Switch to Apache 2.0 License
  - Major documentation overhaul
  - Add more tests


- Changed the io layer to use pyDictH5 for hdf5 files. This is another
  project of mine. The two data formats are not the same, but -- for
  the time being -- DOLfYN will read the old file formats as well.
  - The package is now py3 compatible
  - Add continuous integration on Appveyor, Travis-ci, codecov
  - Added a universal 'read' function.
  - Add capability to read AD2CP files.
  - Changed back to a Apache license (CC4.0 isn't quite right for software)


- Test reorg. (17)
  - Move test and data into pkg.
  - Update manifest and todo
  - Switch to pkg_resources
  - Now make this an option in the file.
  - Move binary-files to example_data folder
  - Fixes for test-reorg rebase
  - Fixes to Nortek Signature I/O.


- Improve winriver I/O.


- Fix declination handling in rotations.
  - Read WinRiver files, and add a test.
  - Add a test for AWAC file I/O.
  - More py3 fixes.
  - Add support for Nortek Signature (.ad2cp) files.


- Fix 7f79 bug (issue 7)
  - Add `<source_name>.userdata.json` files
  - Changed to a Creative Commons 4.0 license.


- Rename `_u` to `vel`.
  - Fix windows read-bug (issue 6)
  - More Python 3 fixes.
  - Add tests for ADP files.
  - Fix inst2earth rotations, and add reverse (earth2inst).


- Added a test for reading an RDI ADCP file.
  - The ADV module is now Python 3 compatible.
  - Add motion correction flags to ADV output files.
  - Add the changelog!