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  .. Note::
  Docutils 0.15.x is the last version supporting Python 2.6, 3.3 and 3.4.
  Docutils 0.16.x supports Python 2.7 and Python >= 3.5 natively,
  without the use of the ``2to3`` tool.
  * reStructuredText:
  - Keep `backslash escapes`__ in the document tree. This allows, e.g.,
  escaping of author-separators in `bibliographic fields`__.
  __ docs/ref/rst/restructuredtext.htmlbibliographic-fields
  * LaTeX writer:
  - Informal titles of type "rubric" default to bold-italic and left aligned.
  - Deprecate ``\docutilsrole`` prefix for styling commands:
  use ``\DUrole`` instead.
  - Fix topic subtitle.
  - Add "latex writers" to the `config_section_dependencies`.
  - Ignore classes for `rubric` elements
  (class wrapper interferes with LaTeX formatting).
  * tools/
  - New option "--html-writer" allows to select "html__" (default),
  "html4" or "html5".
  __ html: docs/user/html.htmlhtml
  * docutils/
  - Remove the `handle_io_errors` option from io.FileInput/Output.
  * docutils/
  - If `auto_id_prefix`_ ends with "%", this is replaced with the tag name.
  .. _auto_id_prefix: docs/user/config.htmlauto-id-prefix
  * Various bugfixes and improvements (see HISTORY_).


  .. Note::
  Docutils 0.14.x is the last version supporting Python 2.4, 2.5,
  3.1, and 3.2.
  Docutils 0.15.x is compatible with Python versions 2.6, 2.7 and 3.3 to 3.5
  (cf. `Python 3 compatibility`_).
  * reStructuredText:
  - Allow embedded colons in field list field names (before, tokens like
  ``:this:example:`` were considered ordinary text).
  - Fixed a bug with the "trim" options of the "unicode" directive.
  * languages: Added Korean localisation (ko).
  * Bugfixes (see HISTORY_).


  * docutils/docs/ref/docutils.dtd:
  - Enable validation of Docutils XML documents against the DTD:
  * docutils/parsers/rst/:
  - Added functionality: escaped whitespace in URI contexts.
  - Consistent handling of all whitespace characters in inline markup
  recognition. (May break documents that relied on some whitespace
  characters (NBSP, ...) *not* to be recognized as whitespace.)
  * docutils/utils/
  - Update quote definitions for et, fi, fr, ro, sv, tr, uk.
  - Add quote definitions for hr, hsb, hu, lv, sh, sl, sr.
  - Differentiate apostrophe from closing single quote (if possible).
  - Add command line interface for stand-alone use (requires 2.7).
  * docutils/writers/_html_base:
  - Provide default title in metadata.
  - The MathJax CDN shut down on April 30, 2017. For security reasons, we
  don't use a third party public installation as default but warn
  if `math-output` is set to MathJax without specifying a URL.
  See math-output_ for details.
  * docutils/writers/html4css1:
  - Respect automatic table column sizing.
  * docutils/writers/latex2e/
  - Handle class arguments for block-level elements by wrapping them
  in a "DUclass" environment. This replaces the special handling for
  "epigraph" and "topic" elements.
  * docutils/writers/odf_odt:
  - Language option sets ODF document's default language
  - Image width, scale, ... set image size in generated ODF.
  * tools/
  - New front-end ````.


  * docutils/writers/html5_polyglot
  - New HTML writer generating `HTML 5`_.
  .. _HTML 5:
  * tools/
  - New front-end ````.
  * languages: persian/farsi (fa) and latvian (la) mappings.
  * change default base url for :rfc: to
  * tables accept widths, a list and align
  * latex2e: Fix admonition width, remove deprecated options,
  better tablewidth auto, ...
  * rst.el: The problem with ``electric-indent-mode`` has been fixed.


  Small changes only, release current state


  * General
  - Apply [ 2714873 ] Fix for the overwritting of document attributes.
  - Support embedded aliases within hyperlink references.
  - Fix [ 228 ] try local import of docutils components (reader, writer, parser,
  language module) before global search.
  * docutils/parsers/rst/directives/
  - Fix [ 210 ] Python 3.3 checks CVS syntax only if "strict" is True.
  * docutils/writers/html4css1/
  - Fix [ 3600051 ] for tables in a list, table cells are not compacted.
  - New setting `stylesheet_dirs` (see above).
  Now, it is easy to add a custom stylesheet to Docutils' default
  stylesheet with, e.g., ``--stylesheet_path='html4css1.css, mystyle.css'``
  Changed behaviour of the default settings:
  if there is a file ``html4css1.css`` in the working directory of the
  process at launch, it is used instead of the one provided by Docutils
  in the writer source directory.
  - New default for math-output_: ``HTML math.css``.
  - Avoid repeated class declarations in html4css1 writer
  (modified version of patch [ 104 ]).
  .. _math-output: docs/user/config.htmlmath-output
  * docutils/writers/latex2e/
  - Drop the simple algorithm replacing straight double quotes with
  English typographic ones.
  Activate the SmartQuotes_ transform if you want this feature.
  - New setting `stylesheet_dirs`: Comma-separated list of directories
  where stylesheets are found. Used by `stylesheet_path` when expanding
  relative path arguments.
  .. _SmartQuotes: docs/user/config.htmlsmart-quotes
  * docutils/writers/
  - Fix [3607063] handle lines starting with a period.
  - Fix option separating comma was bold (thanks to Bill Morris).


  .. Note::
  Docutils 0.9.x is the last version supporting Python 2.3.
  Docutils 0.10 is compatible with Python versions from 2.4 to 3.2
  (cf. `Python 3 compatibility`_).
  * General:
  - SmartQuotes transform for typographic quotes and dashes.
  - ``docutils/math``, ``docutils/``, and
  ``docutils/`` moved to the utils package.
  Code importing these modules needs to adapt, e.g.::
  import docutils.math as math
  except ImportError:
  import docutils.utils.math as math
  - enhanced math and error handling.
  * docutils/
  - FileInput/FileOutput: no system-exit on IOError.
  The `handle_io_errors` option is ignored.
  .. _Python 3 compatibility: README.htmlpython-3-compatibility
  * docutils/writers/html4css1/
  - Use ``<code>`` tag for inline "code",
  do not drop nested inline nodes (syntax highlight tokens).
  - Customizable MathJax URL (based on patch by Dmitry Shachnev).
  - No line break after opening inline math tag.
  * docutils/writers/latex2e/, docutils/writers/xetex/
  - Fix section numbering by LaTeX.
  * docutils/writers/s5_html/
  - Fix [ 3556388 ] Mathjax does not work with rst2s5.


  * General:
  Several fixes for Python 3 usage.
  * docutils/
  - Fix [ 3527842 ]. Under Python 3, converted tests and tools were
  installed in the PYTHONPATH. Converted tests are now
  stored in ``docutils/test3/``, tools no longer need conversion.
  If you installed one of Docutils versions 0.7 ... 0.9 with
  `` install`` under Python 3, remove the spurious
  ``test/`` and ``tools/`` directories in the site library root.


  * General:
  - reStructuredText "code" role and directive with syntax highlighting
  by Pygments_.
  - "code" option of the "include" directive.
  .. _Pygments:
  - Fix [ 3402314 ] allow non-ASCII whitespace, punctuation
  characters and "international" quotes around inline markup.
  - Fix handling of missing stylesheets.
  - Fix [ 2971827 ] and [ 3442827 ]
  extras/ moved to docutils/utils/
  * docutils/ -> docutils/utils/
  - docutils.utils is now a package (providing a place for sub-modules)
  * docutils/writers/html4css1/
  - change default for `math-output` setting to MathJax
  * docutils/writers/latex2e/
  - Support the `abbreviation` and `acronym` standard roles.
  - Record only files required to generate the LaTeX source as dependencies.
  - Use ``\setcounter{secnumdepth}{0}`` instead of ``*``-versions
  when suppressing LaTeX section numbering.


  * General:
  - Fix [ 3364658 ] (Change last file with Apache license to BSD-2-Clause)
  and [ 3395920 ] (correct copyright info for rst.el).
  * docutils/writers/latex2e/
  - Clean up Babel language setting. Restores Sphinx compatibility.


  - Some additions to the Docutils core are released under the 2-Clause BSD
  * General:
  - Handle language codes according to `BCP 47`_.
  - If the specified langauage is not supported by Docutils,
  warn and fall back to English.
  - Math support: reStructuredText "math" role and directive,
  ``math`` and ``math_block`` doctree elements.
  - Orphaned "python" reader and "newlatex2e" writer moved to the sandbox.
  .. _BCP 47:
  * reStructuredText:
  - most directives now support a "name" option that attaches a
  reference name. So you can write ::
  .. figure:: image.png
  :name: figure name
  as a short form of ::
  .. _figure name:
  .. figure:: image.png
  * Added lithuanian mappings.
  * HTML writer:
  - New setting "math-output" with support for HTML, MathML, and LaTeX.
  * LaTeX2e writer:
  - Convert image URI to a local file path.
  - Apply [ 3148141 ] fix multicolumn support when a colspanning cell
  has more than one paragraph (Wolfgang Scherer).
  * XeTeX writer:
  - New writer generating LaTeX code for compiling with ``xelatex``.
  XeTeX uses unicode and modern font technologies.
  * and fixes and enhancements here and there.


  * HTML writer:
  - Support SVG and SWF images (thanks to Stefan Rank).
  - Generate valid XHTML for centered images with targets.
  Use CSS classes instead of "align" tags for image alignment.
  * LaTeX2e writer:
  - Use the ``\url`` command for URLs (breaks long URLs instead of writing
  into the margin).
  - Preserve runs of spaces in 'inline literals'.
  - Deprecate ``figure_footnotes`` setting.
  - Rename ``use_latex_footnotes`` setting to `docutils_footnotes`__.
  - New ``latex_preamble`` setting.
  - Use PDF standard fonts (Times/Helvetica/Courier) as default.
  - `hyperref` package called with ``unicode`` option (see the
  `hyperref config tips`__ for how to override).
  - Drop the special `output_encoding`__ default ("latin-1").
  The Docutils wide default (usually "UTF-8") is used instead.
  __ docs/user/config.htmldocutils-footnotes
  __ docs/user/latex.htmlhyperlinks
  __ docs/user/latex.htmloutput-encoding
  * manpage writer:
  - Titles level 1, that is ``.SH``, always uppercase.
  - Apply patch from mg: literal text should be bold in man-pages.
  * io.FileInput opens files as text files with universal newline support
  (mode "rU", configurable with the new optional argument "mode").
  - Python 3 support: copy test/ and tools/ to the build-dir
  and convert Python sources with 2to3.


  .. Note::
  Docutils 0.5 is the last version supporting Python 2.2.
  Docutils 0.6 is compatible with Python versions from 2.3 up to 2.6
  and convertible to 3.1 code.
  .. note::
  The "newlatex" writer is orphaned.
  The recommended way to generate PDF output is to use either the
  LaTeX2e writer or one of the alternatives listed at
  * reStructuredText:
  - Allow length units for all length specifications.
  - Allow percent sign in "scale" argument of "figure" and "image" directives.
  - Bugfix: The "figalign" argument of a figure now works as intended
  (aligning the figure not its contents).
  - Align images with class "align-[right|center|left]"
  (allows setting the alignment of an image in a figure).
  - Hard tabs in literal inclusions are replaced by spaces. This is
  configurable via the new "tab-width" option of the "include" directive
  (a negative tab-width prevents tab expansion).
  * HTML writer:
  - ``--stylesheet`` and ``--stylesheet-path`` options now support a comma
  separated list of stylesheets.
  * LaTeX2e writer:
  - New defaults:
  - font-encoding: "T1" (formerly implicitely set by 'ae').
  - use-latex-toc: true (ToC with page numbers).
  - use-latex-footnotes: true (no mixup with figures).
  - Float placement defaults to "here definitely" (configurable).
  - Align of image in a figure defaults to 'center'.
  - Use class defaults for page margins ('typearea' now optional).
  - Support LaTeX packages as ``--stylesheet`` arguments.
  - Use ``bp`` for lengths without unit or unit ``pt``,
  do not convert ``px`` to ``pt``.
  - Do not use 'ae' and 'aeguill' packages if font-encoding is set to ''.
  - Set sub- and superscript role argument as text not math.
  - Support custom roles based on standard roles.
  - Load packages and define macros only if required in the document.
  - All Docutils specific LaTeX macros are prefixed with ``DU``.
  - Better conformance to Docutils specifications with "use_latex_toc".
  - If 'sectnum_xform' is False, the 'sectnum' directive triggers
  section numbering by LaTeX.
  - Use default font in admonitions and sidebar.
  - Typeset generic topic as "quote with title".
  - Use template (file and configuration option).
  - Render doctest blocks as literal blocks (indented).
  * ODT writer:
  - moved from sandbox to Doctutils core.
  * manpage writer:
  - moved from sandbox to Doctutils core.


  * HTML writer.
  - Dropped all ``name`` attributes of ``a`` elements (``id`` is
  universally supported now).
  * LaTeX2e writer:
  - Better bibTeX citation support.
  - Add ``--literal-block-env``
  * PEP writer:
  - Changed to support new website structure and
  * Changed the directive API to a new object-oriented system.
  (Compatibility for the old, functional-style directive interface is
  retained.)  See the updated `Creating reStructuredText Directives`__
  __ docs/howto/rst-directives.html
  * Allow ``+`` and ``:`` in reference names requested for citations.
  * Added `Deploying Docutils Securely`__
  __ docs/howto/security.txt
  * Added hebrew mappings.
  * Configuration files are now assumed and required to be
  * Added docutils/writers/html4css1/template.txt.
  * Enhance emacs support.


  .. Note::
  Docutils 0.4.x is the last version that will support Python 2.1.
  Docutils 0.5 will *not* be compatible with Python 2.1; Python 2.2
  or later will be required.
  Docutils 0.4.x is the last version that will make compromises in
  its HTML output for Netscape Navigator 4.  Docutils 0.5 will
  require more up-to-date browsers (the exact definition is to be
  * Added an `S5/HTML writer`__ and the rst2s5.py__ front end:
  multi-platform, multi-browser HTML slide shows.
  __ docs/user/slide-shows.html
  __ docs/user/tools.htmlrst2s5-py
  * The newlatex2e writer is nearing completion.
  * Added a DocTree reader, ``publish_doctree`` and
  ``publish_from_doctree`` convenience functions, for document tree
  extraction and reprocessing.
  * Added directives: "container__" (generic block-level container),
  "default-role__" (role used for \`backtick\` syntax), "title__"
  (document title metadata), and "date__" (generate the current local
  date, for substitution definitions).
  __ docs/ref/rst/directives.htmlcontainer
  __ docs/ref/rst/directives.htmldefault-role
  __ docs/ref/rst/directives.htmltitle
  __ docs/ref/rst/directives.htmldate
  * Length units are now supported for image__ sizes.
  __ docs/ref/rst/directives.htmlimage
  * Added `standard definition files`__ for special characters etc.
  __ docs/ref/rst/definitions.html
  * Added Japanese and Simplified Chinese language mappings, and support
  for double-width CJK-characters in tables and section titles.
  * Added a `guide for distributors`__ (package maintainers) and a
  `guide for developers`__.
  __ docs/dev/distributing.html
  __ docs/dev/hacking.html
  * Added significant `Emacs support for reST`__.
  __ docs/user/emacs.html
  * Added a `--strip-comments`__ option.
  __ docs/user/config.htmlstrip-comments
  * `--embed-stylesheet`__ is now the default for the HTML writer
  (rather than --link-stylesheet).
  __ docs/user/config.htmlembed-stylesheet


  * Added "file_insertion_enabled__" and "raw_enabled__" settings.
  __ docs/user/config.htmlfile-insertion-enabled
  __ docs/user/config.htmlraw-enabled
  * Added `auto-enumerated lists`__.
  __ docs/ref/rst/restructuredtext.htmlenumerated-lists
  * Added `"header" and "footer"`__ directives.
  __ docs/ref/rst/directives.htmldocument-header-footer
  * Added "list-table__" directive.
  __ docs/ref/rst/directives.htmllist-table
  * Added support for `section subtitles`__.
  __ docs/user/config.htmlsectsubtitle-xform
  * Added "field_name_limit__" and "option_limit__" settings to HTML writer.
  __ docs/user/config.htmlfield-name-limit
  __ docs/user/config.htmloption-limit
  * Added "cloak_email_addresses__" setting to HTML writer.
  __ docs/user/config.htmlcloak-email-addresses
  * UTF-8 BOMs are now removed from the input stream.


  * A special "`line block`__" syntax has been added.  (Also see the
  `quick reference`__.)
  __ docs/ref/rst/restructuredtext.htmlline-blocks
  __ docs/user/rst/quickref.htmlline-blocks
  * Empty sections are now allowed.
  * A "raw__" role has been added.
  __ docs/ref/rst/roles.htmlraw
  * The LaTeX writer now escapes consecutive dashes (like "--" or "---")
  so that they are no longer transformed by LaTeX to en or em dashes.
  (Please see the FAQ__ for how to represent such dashes.)
  __ FAQ.htmlhow-can-i-represent-esoteric-characters-e-g-character-entities-in-a-document
  * A `dependency recorder`__ has been added.
  __ docs/user/config.htmlrecord-dependencies
  * A directive has been added for `compound paragraphs`__.
  __ docs/ref/rst/directives.htmlcompound-paragraph


  * Improved, extended and reorganized the documentation__.
  __ docs/index.html
  * Added "csv-table__" directive.
  __ docs/ref/rst/directives.htmlcsv-table