Changelogs » Dnstap-receiver

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- uses the new external python library dnstap_pb
  - support external configuration file with docker
  - new input tcp client 2
  - new dnstap output
  - framestream improvements - support multiple content types and uses the new python library fstrm.
  - fix hardcoded retry value in log message
  - new input sniffer
  - source-ip/port field renamed to query-ip/port
  - no more compute timestamp in isoformat during dnstap decoding
  - pps and rps new metrics added
  - benchmark results updated
  - remove dnspython dependency, performance improved
  - new feature to compute latency in real time
  - display unknown value (-) if no latency is computed
  - fix bad retrieving in metrics for servfail
  - no metrics for: dnstap_responses_refused 19
  - test with unbound 1.13
  - fix issue 20 - bad latency with unbound
  - searches for a file named dnstap.conf in /etc/dnstap_receiver/


- statistics - new latency metrics and counters
  - only one output is working at a time - enhancement 18
  - some improvements in swagger.yml
  - default number of items to return in tables add in settings file
  - Merge pull request 16 from ExaneServerTeam/bugfix/fix-tcp-output
  - Support Cache Hits on dnsdist - documentation - pull request 17
  - extract latency from response, added in logs
  - dns flags added in logs messages
  - new option to log raw dnstap message, only for development
  - fix to avoid memory usage when no outputs are enabled
  - benchmark chapter added in documentation
  - force qname to use lowercase in statistics 15
  - fix performance issue issue 12 - slow response during retrieve metrics
  - fix issue 11 - command line argument not overlapped config settings
  - fix metric type with qps, change counter to gauge
  - fix to support NOTIMP response code properly
  - statistics - new counters total of bytes queries and answers


- http api: new swagger available
  - geoip support added 7
  - updated
  - fix to support CoreDNS
  - add prometheus support metrics in http api 10
  - http api: /count endpoint renamed to /counters and /top to /tables
  - basic auth support on http api
  - http api: new statistics available with top tlds
  - http api: return top domains in queries by default
  - http api: /tables schema updated
  - code cleanup - codec folders renamed to codecs


- support log file in metrics output, default is stdout
  - code factory to init outputs
  - feature 8 implemented - new output to file
  - new logger for main app, logs can be redirected to a file or stdout
  - rest api - new urls endpoints to get dns statistics
  - some keys renamed: code -> rcode, query-name to qname and query-type to rrtype
  - default password for rest api updated
  - documentations updated
  - fix issue 9 - regression in build process because of a code factory


- new rest api to interact with the dnstap receiver
  - dnslib replaced by dnspython, better performance
  - new dockerhub  worflow for automatic publication
  - remove uneeded pycache file, gitignore file added for tests folder
  - removed, merge in dockerfile
  - build workflow updated, only executed after testing workflow
  - fix typo, and remove log collectors chapters in
  - corrected an obvious typo in DNSTAP_TYPE merge 5
  - family string replaced from IP4/6 to INET/INET6
  - updated according to 4
  - fix issue 6


- support acl on tcp input
  - new setting to disable stdout output
  - test with unbound 1.12
  - replace dnstap identify by a dash if not provided
  - new metrics output
  - cumulative option on metrics output
  - updated
  - new testunit for unix socket
  - code cleanup, cert removed


- remove assignment := to support python < 3.8
  - protobuf3 library removed, replaced by protobuf
  - new build and testing github workflow
  - no more use print function and update logging handler to stdout
  - new testunits for tcp listening mode


- fix 3 unix socket asyncio start server params
  - new syslog output handler
  - support retry reconnect on syslog or tcp remote output handler
  - new configuration file format
  - Windows support platform
  - README updated


- add tls support
  - qname filtering feature
  - filtering feature by dnstap identity
  - support external config file
  - support incoming dnstap from tcp sender
  - identity added in message
  - dnstap identity and version added in debug log
  - tested with bind, nsd, pdns-recursor
  - README updated
  - support text and yaml output formats
  - verbose mode added
  - protobuf3 library replaced by the official one from google
  - support all dnstap type messages
  - support empty dns response
  - ipv6 support on address
  - timestamp shall be represented as ISO
  - fix issue 1


- beta release