Changelogs » Djiffy




* Now supports Django 1.11 through 3.0; dropped support for Django 1.10



* Update for pytest 5.x and mysql change on Travis-CI



* Fix pytest version requirement for failing build on Travis-CI



* New method on Manifest object to get text label for rights license


* Fix a git merge issue that resulted in some code not being merged into master


* Canvas now has extra_data field to capture additional manifest information
(currently `rendering`) as part of the import.
* Canvas has `plain_text_url` property to supply url for plain-text
transcription/OCR if available from manifest.



* Import script now supports updating previously imported manifests;
use `--update` option.
* Import script now allows manifests with viewing hint 'individuals'
as well as paged.
* Manifest object now has properties for logo, license, and id
* Canvas short id logic can be customized in ManifestImporter subclasses
* Project app verbose name is now 'IIIF Content' for listing in Django
admin, so it will be more meaningful & recognizable to users
* Minor template improvements
* bugfix: ManifestSelectWidget now handles empty string



* Support for optional configurable per-domain auth tokens, to
allow retrieving restricted IIIF manifests.  (See documentation
in the README for **DJIFFY_AUTH_TOKENS** format.)
* New custom Django view permissions for manifests and canvases.
* Now supports Django 1.11.
* Manifest extra data is restructured and includes seeAlso URLs even
if content is not included locally.
* Canvas autocomplete view powered by django-autocomplete-light, to support
selecting canvases in admin forms without loading all canvases in
the database.



* Simple database models for caching IIIF Manifest and Canvas information
intended to support paged content
* Basic manifest and canvas views to navigate and view content;
manifest/canvas templates adapted from `Readux`_
* Manage command for importing IIIF Collections and Manifests into the
local database, designed to be extended to support customized import

.. _Readux: