Changelogs » Django-yamlconf

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* Dropped explicit dependency on Django for package.  Overall project
  should include Django but also allows usage of package outside of a
  Django project.
  * Update to support Django 3.0 (staticfiles -> static in template)
  * Added Django 3.0 example (polls)
  * Removed the Django 1.x example (polls)


* Fix generation of the long description for the package.


* Updates to support Django 3.0: Simply use "`six`" instead of the
  support "`django.utils.six`" package and use "`render`" instead of
  *  `ycsysfiles` should generate executable files if the source template
  file is executable.
  * Ensure the absolute path is used when searching for YAML control
  files.  This issue is seen when running Django apps under uWSGI
  * Added the built-in attribute `CPU_COUNT` (primarily for use in uWSGI
  ini files) giving the number of available CPUs.


* Handle stricter loading for newer versions of PyYAML.  The warning
  "YAMLLoadWarning: calling yaml.load() without Loader=... is deprecated" is
  generated referring to for full details.  The
  YAML load now specified Loader=FullLoader.
  * The `defined_attributes` function now returns a dictionary with additional
  keys if the attribute defined is a nested dictionary, the top level
  dictionary from the setting file is now also added, e.g., if
  "DATABASES.default" is defined, the value returned will now have have a
  "DATABASES" key.
  * Added `docs` directory and Sphinx infrastructure to support publishing
  * Added support for a final, environment defined, YAML file defined
  via the environment variable `YAMLCONF_CONFFILE`


Initial public release
  0.x - 2018-08-07
  Internal VMware releases