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  * Moved CI tests to Travis:


  * Backported a change from Django trunk that prevents openening too
  many files at once when running the ``collectstatic`` management


  * Added ``STATICFILES_IGNORE_PATTERNS`` setting to globally ignore
  files when running the ``collectstatic`` management command.
  * Refactored ``CachedFilesMixin`` and management command to only
  post process the collected files if really needed.
  * Added support for URL fragment to the ``CachedStaticFilesStorage``.
  * Stopped using versiontools_ again as it caused installation time issues.


  * Fixed a minor bug in how `django-appconf`_ was used.


  * Fixed resolution of relative paths in ``CachedStaticFilesStorage``.
  * Started to use `django-appconf`_ and versiontools_.
  .. _`django-appconf`:
  .. _versiontools:


  * Pulled all changes from upstream Django:
  * ``static`` template tag to refer to files saved with the
  ``STATICFILES_STORAGE`` storage backend. It’ll use the storage ``url``
  method and therefore supports advanced features such as serving files
  from a cloud service.
  * ``CachedStaticFilesStorage`` which caches the files it saves (when
  running the ``collectstatic`` management command) by appending the MD5
  hash of the file's content to the filename. For example, the file
  ``css/styles.css`` would also be saved as ``css/styles.55e7cbb9ba48.css``
  * Added a ```` instance of the
  configured ``STATICFILES_STORAGE``.
  * ``--clear`` option for the management command which clears the
  target directory (by default ``STATIC_ROOT``) before collecting
  * Stop trying to show directory indexes in the included ``serve`` view.
  * Correctly pass kwargs to the URL patterns when using the static URL
  patterns helper.
  * Use sys.stdout in management command, not self.stdout which was only
  introduced in a later Django version.
  * Refactored AppSettings helper class to be only a proxy for Django's
  settings object instead of a singleton on its own.
  * Updated list of supported Django versions: 1.2.X, 1.3.X and 1.4.X
  * Updated list of supported Python versions: 2.5.X, 2.6.X and 2.7.X


  * Fixed an encoding related issue in the tests.
  * Updated tox configuration to use 1.3 release tarball.
  * Extended docs a bit.


  .. note:: ``django-staticfiles`` is a backport of the staticfiles app in
  Django contrib. If you're upgrading from ``django-staticfiles`` < ``1.0``,
  you'll need to make a few changes. See changes below.
  * Renamed ``StaticFileStorage`` to ``StaticFilesStorage``.
  * Application files should now live in a ``static`` directory in each app
  (previous versions of ``django-staticfiles`` used the name ``media``,
  which was slightly confusing).
  * The management commands ``build_static`` and ``resolve_static`` are now
  called ``collectstatic`` and ``findstatic``.
  * The setting ``STATICFILES_RESOLVERS`` was removed, and replaced by the new
  * The default for ``STATICFILES_STORAGE`` was renamed from
  ```` to
  * If using ``runserver`` for local development (and the setting
  ``DEBUG`` setting is ``True``), you no longer need to add
  anything to your URLconf for serving static files in development.


  * Minor documentation update.


  .. warning:: django-staticfiles was added to Django 1.3 as a contrib app.
  The django-staticfiles 0.3.X series will only receive security and data los
  bug fixes after the release of django-staticfiles 1.0. Any Django 1.2.X
  project using django-staticfiles 0.3.X and lower should be upgraded to use
  either Django 1.3's staticfiles app or django-staticfiles >= 1.0 to profit
  from the new features and stability.
  You may want to chose to use django-staticfiles instead of Django's own
  staticfiles app since any new feature (additionally to those backported
  from Django) will be released first in django-staticfiles.
  * Fixed an issue that could prevent the ``build_static`` management command
  to fail if the destination storage doesn't implement the ``listdir``
  * Fixed an issue that caused non-local storage backends to fail saving
  the files when running ``build_static``.


  * Minor cosmetic changes
  * Moved repository back to Github:


  * Added Sphinx config files and split up README.
  Documetation now available under
  ` <>`_


  * Added resolver API which abstract the way staticfiles finds files.
  * Added staticfiles.urls.staticfiles_urlpatterns to avoid the catch-all
  URLpattern which can make top-level slightly more confusing.
  From Brian Rosner.
  * Minor documentation changes
  * Updated testrunner to work with Django 1.1.X and 1.2.X.
  * Removed custom code to load storage backend.


  * Renamed build_media and resolve_media management commands to build_static
  and resolve_media to avoid confusions between Django's use of the term
  "media" (for uploads) and "static" files.
  * Rework most of the internal logic, abstracting the core functionality away
  from the management commands.
  * Use file system storage backend by default, ability to override it with
  custom storage backend
  * Removed --interactive option to streamline static file resolving.
  * Added extensive tests
  * Uses standard logging


  * Fixed a typo in
  * Fixed a conflict in build_media (now build_static) between handling
  non-namespaced app media and other files with the same relative path.


  * Added README with a bit of documentation :)


  * Initial checkin from Pinax' source.
  * Will create the STATIC_ROOT directory if not existent.