Changelogs » Django-simple-history



- Fixed `bulk_create_with_history support` for HistoryRecords with `relation_name` attribute (gh-591)
- Added support for `bulk_create_with_history` for databases different from PostgreSQL (gh-577)
- Fixed `DoesNotExist` error when trying to get instance if object is deleted (gh-571)
- Fix `model_to_dict` to detect changes in a parent model when using
`inherit=True` (backwards-incompatible for users who were directly
using previous version) (gh-576)
- Use an iterator for `clean_duplicate_history` (gh-604)
- Add support for Python 3.8 and Django 3.0 (gh-610)


- Fixed BigAutoField not mirrored as BigInt (gh-556)
- Fixed most_recent() bug with excluded_fields (gh-561)
- Added official Django 2.2 support (gh-555)


- Fixed ModuleNotFound issue for `six` (gh-553)


- Added the possibility to create a relation to the original model (gh-536)
- Fix router backward-compatibility issue with 2.7.0 (gh-539, gh-547)
- Fix hardcoded history manager (gh-542)
- Replace deprecated `django.utils.six` with `six` (gh-526)
- Allow `custom_model_name` parameter to be a callable (gh-489)


- \* Add support for ``using`` chained manager method and save/delete keyword argument (gh-507)
- Added management command ``clean_duplicate_history`` to remove duplicate history entries (gh-483)
- Updated most_recent to work with excluded_fields (gh-477)
- Fixed bug that prevented self-referential foreign key from using ``'self'`` (gh-513)
- Added ability to track custom user with explicit custom ``history_user_id_field`` (gh-511)
- Don't resolve relationships for history objects (gh-479)
- Reorganization of docs (gh-510)

\* NOTE: This change was not backward compatible for users using routers to write
history tables to a separate database from their base tables. This issue is fixed in


- Add ``app`` parameter to the constructor of ``HistoricalRecords`` (gh-486)
- Add ``custom_model_name`` parameter to the constructor of ``HistoricalRecords`` (gh-451)
- Fix header on history pages when custom site_header is used (gh-448)
- Modify ``pre_create_historical_record`` to pass ``history_instance`` for ease of customization (gh-421)
- Raise warning if ``HistoricalRecords(inherit=False)`` is in an abstract model (gh-341)
- Ensure custom arguments for fields are included in historical models' fields (gh-431)
- Add german translations (gh-484)
- Add ``extra_context`` parameter to history_form_view (gh-467)
- Fixed bug that prevented ``next_record`` and ``prev_record`` to work with custom manager names (gh-501)


- Add ``'+'`` as the ``history_type`` for each instance in ``bulk_history_create`` (gh-449)
- Add support for  ``history_change_reason`` for each instance in ``bulk_history_create`` (gh-449)
- Add ``history_change_reason`` in the history list view under the  ``Change reason`` display name (gh-458)
- Fix bug that caused failures when using a custom user model (gh-459)


- Add ability to cascade delete historical records when master record is deleted (gh-440)
- Added Russian localization (gh-441)


- Add pre and post create_historical_record signals (gh-426)
- Remove support for ``django_mongodb_engine`` when converting AutoFields (gh-432)
- Add support for Django 2.1 (gh-418)


- Add ability to diff ``HistoricalRecords`` (gh-244)


- Add ability to specify alternative user_model for tracking (gh-371)
- Add util function ``bulk_create_with_history`` to allow bulk_create with history saved (gh-412)


- Fixed out-of-memory exception when running populate_history management command (gh-408)
- Fix TypeError on populate_history if excluded_fields are specified (gh-410)


- Add ability to specify custom ``history_reason`` field (gh-379)
- Add ability to specify custom ``history_id`` field (gh-368)
- Add HistoricalRecord instance properties ``prev_record`` and ``next_record`` (gh-365)
- Can set admin methods as attributes on object history change list template (gh-390)
- Fixed compatibility of >= 2.0 versions with old-style middleware (gh-369)


- Added Django 2.0 support (gh-330)
- Dropped support for Django<=1.10 (gh-356)
- Fix bug where ``history_view`` ignored user permissions (gh-361)
- Fixed ``HistoryRequestMiddleware`` which hadn't been working for Django>1.9 (gh-364)


- Use ``get_queryset`` rather ``than model.objects`` in ``history_view``. (gh-303)
- Change ugettext calls in to ugettext_lazy
- Resolve issue where model references itself (gh-278)
- Fix issue with tracking an inherited model (abstract class) (gh-269)
- Fix history detail view on django-admin for abstract models (gh-308)
- Dropped support for Django<=1.6 and Python 3.3 (gh-292)


- Add ``--batchsize`` option to the ``populate_history`` management command. (gh-231)
- Add ability to show specific attributes in admin history list view. (gh-256)
- Add Brazilian Portuguese translation file. (gh-279)
- Fix locale file packaging issue. (gh-280)
- Add ability to specify reason for history change. (gh-275)
- Test against Django 1.11 and Python 3.6. (gh-276)
- Add ``excluded_fields`` option to exclude fields from history. (gh-274)


- Add Polish locale.
- Add Django 1.10 support.


- Clear the threadlocal request object when processing the response to prevent test interactions. (gh-213)


- History tracking can be inherited by passing ``inherit=True``. (gh-63)


- Add ability to list history in admin when the object instance is deleted. (gh-72)
- Add ability to change history through the admin. (Enabled with the ``SIMPLE_HISTORY_EDIT`` setting.)
- Add Django 1.9 support.
- Support for custom tables names. (gh-196)


- Respect ``to_field`` and ``db_column`` parameters (gh-182)


- Use app loading system and fix deprecation warnings on Django 1.8 (gh-172)
- Update Landscape configuration


- Fix OneToOneField transformation for historical models (gh-166)
- Disable cascading deletes from related models to historical models
- Fix restoring historical instances with missing one-to-one relations (gh-162)


- Add support for Django 1.8+
- Deprecated use of ``CustomForeignKeyField`` (to be removed)
- Remove default reverse accessor to ``auth.User`` for historical models (gh-121)


- Fix a bug when models have a ``ForeignKey`` with ``primary_key=True``
- Do NOT delete the history elements when a user is deleted.
- Add support for ``latest``
- Allow setting a reason for change. [using option changeReason]


- Fix migrations while using ``order_with_respsect_to`` (gh-140)
- Fix migrations using south
- Allow history accessor class to be overridden in ``register()``


- Additional fix for migrations (gh-128)


- Removed some incompatibilities with non-default admin sites (gh-92)
- Fixed error caused by ``HistoryRequestMiddleware`` during anonymous requests (gh-115 fixes gh-114)
- Added workaround for clashing related historical accessors on User (gh-121)
- Added support for MongoDB AutoField (gh-125)
- Fixed CustomForeignKeyField errors with 1.7 migrations (gh-126 fixes gh-124)


- Extended availability of the ``as_of`` method to models as well as instances.
- Allow ``history_user`` on historical objects to be set by middleware.
- Fixed error that occurs when a foreign key is designated using just the name of the model.
- Drop Django 1.3 support


- Fixed error that occurs when models have a foreign key pointing to a one to one field.
- Fix bug when model verbose_name uses unicode (gh-76)
- Allow non-integer foreign keys
- Allow foreign keys referencing the name of the model as a string
- Added the ability to specify a custom ``history_date``
- Note that ``simple_history`` should be added to ``INSTALLED_APPS`` (gh-94 fixes gh-69)
- Properly handle primary key escaping in admin URLs (gh-96 fixes gh-81)
- Add support for new app loading (Django 1.7+)
- Allow specifying custom base classes for historical models (gh-98)



- Fixed bug when using ``django-simple-history`` on nested models package
- Allow history table to be formatted correctly with ``django-admin-bootstrap``
- Disallow calling ``simple_history.register`` twice on the same model
- Added Python 3 support
- Added support for custom user model (Django 1.5+)



- Fixed packaging bug: added admin template files to PyPI package



- Added tests
- Added history view/revert feature in admin interface
- Various fixes and improvements

Oct 22, 2010

- Merged from Klaas van Schelven - Thanks!

Feb 21, 2010

- Initial project creation, with changes to support ForeignKey relations.