Changelogs » Django-pipeline

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  * Adding **Django 3.1** compatibility.
  * CachedStaticFilesStorage is removed from Django. Add a check
  of the current version to prevent error while importing. Thank to vmsp
  * Context in django.template.base is removed from Django and
  not used anymore in django-pipeline.
  * Fixing widgets tests of django-pipeline due to Media.render_js change in
  Django. More information in Django ticket 31892


  * Adding **css-html-js-minify** support to compress JS and CSS.
  * Update compressors documentation with css-html-js-minify.
  * Create tests for css-html-js-minify compressor.
  * Optimization by grouping the tests yuglify compressor.


  * Remove futures from pipeline **** requirements.


  * Fix Middleware to properly decode HTML. Thank to gatsinski
  * Keep mimetypes as str. Thank to benspaulding
  * Based on 642 add 'NonPackagingPipelineManifestStorage' and update
  the documentation: **storages.rst**. Thank to kronion


  * Add subclass of ManifestStaticFilesStorage. Thank to jhpinson
  * Change the documentation to use PipelineManifestStorage in configuration
  instead of PipelineCachedStorage now deprecated.
  * Change import MutableMapping from Thank to colons


  * **Definitely drop the support of Python 2**.
  * Drop support for Python 3.5 (not compatible with PEP 498).
  * Remove '' how was used for backward compatibility
  between python 2 and 3 for metaclass inheritance on PipelineFormMedia.
  * Replace 'format' by 'fstring' (PEP 498: Literal String Interpolation).
  * Remove of old imports form 'django.utils.six' and these fixes (1.7.0).
  * Remove tests of uncovered versions of Python and Django.
  * Replace tests for Pypy by Pypy3.
  * Explicitly specify when files are read / write in binary mode.
  * Set opening files for tests to deal with universal newlines.
  * Upgrade documentation version to 2.0 to follow the project version.


  * Release the last major version of django-pipeline working on Python 2.
  * Thank you for all the modifications made since version 1.6.14, which we cannot quote.
  * Apply an optimization to save time during development. Thank to blankser
  * Edit to follow the recommendation of the documentation. Thank to shaneikennedy
  * Add tests for Django 3.0 and Python 3.8
  * Add alternatives imports for django.utils.six, who has been removed in Django 3.0


  * Fix packaging issues.


  * Fix forward-slashed paths on Windows. Thanks to etiago
  * Fix CSS URL detector to match quotes correctly. Thanks to vskh
  * Add a compiler_options dict to compile, to allow passing options to custom
  compilers. Thanks to sassanh
  * Verify support for Django 1.11. Thanks to jwhitlock


  * Supports Django 1.11
  * Fix a bug with os.rename on windows. Thanks to wismill
  * Fix to view compile error if happens. Thanks to brawaga
  * Add support for Pipeline CSS/JS packages in forms and widgets. Thanks to chipx86


  * Fix performance regression. Thanks to Christian Hammond.


  * Added Django 1.10 compatiblity issues. Thanks to Austin Pua and Silvan Spross.
  * Documentation improvements. Thanks to Chris Streeter.


  * Various build improvements.
  * Improved classifiers. Thanks to Sobolev Nikita.
  * Documentation improvements. Thanks to Adam Chainz.


  * Made templatetags easier to subclass for special rendering behavior. Thanks
  to Christian Hammond.
  * Updated the link to readthedocs. Thanks to Corey Farwell.
  * Fixed some log messages to correctly refer to the new PIPELINE settings
  tructure. Thanks to Alvin Mites.
  * Changed file outdated checks to use os.path methods directly, avoiding
  potential SuspiciousFileOperation errors which could appear with some django
  storage configurations.


  * Add a view for collecting static files before serving them. This behaves like
  django's built-in ``static`` view and allows running the collector for
  images, fonts, and other static files that do not need to be compiled. Thanks
  to Christian Hammond.
  * Update documentation for the ES6Compiler to clarify filename requirements.
  Thanks to Nathan Cox.
  * Add error output for compiler errors within the browser. This provides for a
  much better experience when compiling files from the devserver. Thanks to
  Christian Hammond.
  * Make unit tests run against Django 1.6 and 1.7. Thanks to Sławek Ehlert.


  * Fix filtering-out of files which require a finder to locate.
  * Allow compilers to override the output path.
  * Fix error reporting when a compiler fails to execute.
  * Fix IOErrors when running collectstatic with some nodejs-based compilers and
  compressors. Thanks to Frankie Dintino.
  * Fix compatibility of unit tests when running on Windows. Thanks to Frankie
  * Add unit tests for compilers and compressors. Thanks to Frankie Dintino.


  * Fix Django < 1.8 compatibility. Thanks to David Trowbridge.
  * Allow to disable collector during development. Thanks to Leonardo Orozco.


  * Fix compressor subprocess calls.


  * Fix compressor command flattening.


  * Remove subprocess32 usage since it breaks universal support.


  * Fix path quoting issues. Thanks to Chad Miller.
  * Use subprocess32 package when possible.
  * Documentation fixes. Thanks to Sławek Ehlert and Jannis Leidel.


  * Add full support for Django 1.9.
  * Drop support for Django 1.7.
  * Drop support for Python 2.6.
  * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** : Change configuration settings.