Changelogs » Django-markup

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  - Dropped support for Django <=1.11 and Python <=3.5.
  - Python 3.8 compatibility and tests.
  - Django 3.0 compatibility and tests.
  - bleach-whitelist dependency is no longer necessary as tags are now shipped
  with the built-in markdown filter.
  - Uses pytest for testing.


  - Markdown's safe_mode was deprecated and no longer functional, it's behavior
  was replaced with bleach_.
  - Pipfile support for local development and general code cleanup.
  .. _bleach:


  - Python 3.6 and 3.7 compatibility and tests.
  - Django 2.0 and 2.1 compatibility and tests.
  - The package setup script now provides the ability to install all filter
  dependencies automatically. See the installation Readme for details.


  - Django 1.10 compatibility and tests.
  - Updated all filter dependencies. most notably SmartyPants to v2.0
  which changed it's API, so your project dependencies need to update it
  as well.


  - The Markdown filter has the ``safe_mode`` option enabled by default.
  - The RestructuredText filter has the file and raw content inclusion
  disabled by default.


  - Removed some 5 year old dust
  - Django 1.8+ compatible
  - Tests
  Backwards incompatible changes:
  - Removed Pygments highlighting in the Markdown and RestructuredText filter.
  - Removed CreoleParser library in favor of a pypi package.
  - Removed Lightbox filter.
  - The RestructuredText filter now renders level 1 and 2 headers.
  See Github `Issue 14`_ for details and a backwards compatible workaround.


  - Added a widont filter
  - MarkupField is South compatible.
  - Tested with Django 1.3


  django-markup now ships with a builtin creole parser. Advantage is, that
  the recently used Creoleparser library needs the Genshi lib, which needs
  a c-compiler and so on. The builtin creole parser is a pure python library
  without any dependencies and follows the specifications.
  django-markup uses the `WikiCreole library`_.
  .. _WikiCreole library:
  .. _Issue 14: