Changelogs » Django-localized-recurrence

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Feature/API Stable release
  Version 1.0.0 reaches feature stability. It removes the sub-recurrence API and code, and adds Quarterly and Yearly intervals as options.
  This major release also includes a bugfix for the behavior of recurrences at the end of a given month.


Documentation is now hosted on Read the Docs at .
  This includes method level documentation, as well as a neat interface for navigating other sections of the docs. As a result the readme page on github can be trimmed down significantly.


Add south migrations to ease the install process.


Version 0.2 suports "multi-object-recurrences" that is, single recurrences that can track the notification state of a variety of objects.
  With this are a number of new methods, but most notable is the `check_due` method to localized recurrence, which takes a list of objects (which can be a heterogeneous list of `django.db.models.Model` instances) and returns only those objects who are due to be acted upon based on the given recurrence.
  This release also includes the ability to update a recurrence's schedule directly from the recurrence's object. Also, as part of the "mulit-object-recurrences" interface, all update methods take an optional `for_object` method which will update the schedule of the given object, rather than the master recurrence's schedule.


This first release of django-localized-recurrence includes all the functionality needed to start using the project:
  1) Create recurrences.
  2) Check when they are due.
  3) Be sure that things are happening consistently in users local time.
  Other features: 100% test coverage, good documentation, an active team that can respond to issues.