Changelogs » Django-djaken

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  - FIXED: correct compatible versions of Django to <2.0.


  - FIXED: reST markup fixed in 'README.rst'.


  - CSS improvements for 'view_note'; add support for tables,
  add scrollbars to literal blocks and code blocks.


  - FIXED: Exception 'DoesNotExist:Image matching query does not exist' after ain 'Image Attach' save_note.
  - FIXED: 'Attach Image' workflow now has proper state control (buttons).
  The note models' non-DB-members were persistent, so a reset is needed in __init__.
  - ENHANCEMENT: Only attach image during a save triggered from the image preview save button.


  - Replace Markdown with reStructuredText.
  - Move inline images to seperate model (DB) field,
  thus avoiding search and markup processing on bulky image data.
  It also takes away the encoded image data from the markup text.
  - GUI: several improvements (HTML templates and CSS).
  - GUI: Edit Note; change "Save and Close" button to icon and have all three
  save and close permutations at top and bottom of note.
  - CODING: Change 'Generic Views' back to regular/full Django views.
  - FIXED: Page reload after going back to unlock encrypted note re-submits
  encryption key (password).
  - Disable browser caching as much as possible.


  * FIXED: added missing initial migrations


  * FIXED: encrypted notes; unlock_note url without form data ('get' instead
  of 'post') should redirect to view_note instead of generating a
  django error.
  DJAKEN_MARKDOWN_AUTO_ADD_LINK_TAGS are now set to False by default.
  This is due to the required text analysis can cause performance issues
  with large inline attached images. To keep the same behaviour, the
  option(s) will need to be set to True in the projects


  * FIXED: **CRITICAL BUG**; changing relevancy on encrypted notes causes note to be
  unable to unlock.
  * FIXED: unwanted space under info / warning / error notifications.
  * FIXED: more space needed above h1 elements (markdown title).
  * FIXED: turn off client-side caching for notes pages (view_note and edit_note).
  * FIXED: auto http link tagging should not apply to code blocks.