Changelogs » Django-countries

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  - Nothing changed yet.


  - Fix Latin translations.


  - Allow the character field to work with custom country codes that are not 2
  characters (such as "GB-WLS").
  - Fix compatibility with ``django-migrations-ignore-attrs`` library.


  - Allow customising the ``str_attr`` of Country objects returned from a
  CountryField via a new ``countries_str_attr`` keyword argument (thanks C.
  - Add ``pyuca`` as an extra dependency, so that it can be installed like
  ``pip install django-countries[pyuca]``.
  - Add Django 3.2 support.


  - Add ``name_only`` as an option to the Django Rest Framework serializer field
  (thanks Miguel Marques).
  - Add in Python typing.
  - Add Python 3.9, Django 3.1, and Django Rest Framework 3.12 support.
  - Drop Python 3.5 support.
  - Improve IOC code functionality, allowing them to be overridden in
  ``COUNTRIES_OVERRIDE`` using the complex dictionary format.


  - Update flag of Mauritania.
  - Add flag for Kosovo (under its temporary code of XK).


  - Fix Python 3.5 syntax error (no f-strings just yet...).


  - Change ISO country import so that "Falkland Islands  [Malvinas]" => "Falkland Islands (Malvinas)".


  - Add a GraphQL object type for a django ``Country`` object.


  - Make DRF CountryField respect ``blank=False``. This is a backwards incompatible change since blank input will now
  return a validation error (unless ``blank`` is explicitly set to ``True``).
  - Fix ``COUNTRIES_OVERRIDE`` when using the complex dictionary format and a single name.
  - Add bandit to the test suite for basic security analysis.
  - Drop Python 2.7 and Python 3.4 support.
  - Add Rest Framework 3.10 and 3.11 to the test matrix, remove 3.8.
  - Fix a memory leak when using PyUCA. Thanks Meiyer (aka interDist)!


  - Django 3.0 compatibility.
  - Plugin system for extending the ``Country`` object.


  - Renamed Macedonia -> North Macedonia.
  - Fix an outlying ``makemigrations`` error.
  - Pulled in new translations which were provided but missing from previous
  - Fixed Simplified Chinese translation (needed to be ``locale/zh_Hans``).
  - Introduce an optional complex format for ``COUNTRIES_ONLY`` and
  ``COUNTRIES_OVERRIDE`` to allow for multiple names for a country, a custom
  three character code, and a custom numeric country code.


  - Add test coverage for Django Rest Framework 3.9.


  - Tests for Django 2.1 and Django Rest Framework 3.8.


  - Fix ``dumpdata`` and ``loaddata`` for ``CountryField(multiple=True)``.


  - Iterating a ``Countries`` object now returns named tuples. This makes things
  nicer when using ``{% get_countries %}`` or using the country list elsewhere
  in your code.


  - Ensure Django 2.1 compatibility for ``CountrySelectWidget``.
  - Fix regression introduced into 5.1 when using Django 1.8 and certain queryset
  lookup types (like ``__in``).


  - Fix some translations that were included in 5.1 but not compiled.


  * Tests now also cover Django Rest Framework 3.7 and Django 2.0.
  * Allow for creating country fields using (valid) alpha-3 or numeric codes.
  * Fix migration error with blank default (thanks Jens Diemer).
  * Add a ``{% get_countries %}`` template tag (thanks Matija Čvrk).


  * No longer allow ``multiple=True`` and ``null=True`` together. This causes
  problems saving the field, and ``null`` shouldn't really be used anyway
  because the country field is a subclass of ``CharField``.


  * Use transparency layer for flag sprites.


  * Fix invalid reStructuredText in CHANGES.


  * Add a ``CountryFieldMixin`` Django Rest Framework serializer mixin that
  automatically picks the right field type for a ``CountryField`` (both single
  and multi-choice).
  * Validation for Django Rest Framework field (thanks Simon Meers).
  * Allow case-insensitive ``.by_name()`` matching (thanks again, Simon).
  * Ensure a multiple-choice ``CountryField.max_length`` is enough to hold all
  * Fix inefficient pickling of countries (thanks Craig de Stigter for the report
  and tests).
  * Stop adding a blank choice when dealing with a multi-choice ``CountryField``.
  * Tests now cover multiple Django Rest Framework versions (back to 3.3).


  * Change rest framework field to be based on ``ChoiceField``.
  * Allow for the rest framework field to deserialize by full country name
  (specifically the English name for now).


  * Fix for broken CountryField on certain models in Django 1.11.
  Thanks aktiur for the test case.
  * Update tests to cover Django 1.11


  * Handle "Czechia" translations in a nicer way (fall back to "Czech Republic"
  until new translations are available).
  * Fix for an import error in Django 1.9+ due to use of non-lazy ``ugettext`` in
  the django-countries custom admin filter.
  * Back to 100% test coverage.


  * Add sprite flag files (and ``Country.flag_css`` property) to help minimize
  HTTP requests.


  * Better default Django admin filter when filtering a country field in a
  * Fix settings to support Django 1.11
  * Fix when using a model instance with a deferred country field.
  * Allow ``CountryField`` to handle multiple countries at once!
  * Allow CountryField to still work if Deferred.
  * Fix a field with customized country list. Thanks pilmie!


  * Fix tests for ``COUNTRIES_FIRST_SORT`` (feature still worked, tests didn't).




  * Fix minor packaging error.


  * Extend test suite to cover Django 1.8
  * Fix XSS escaping issue in CountrySelectWidget
  * Common name changes: fix typo of Moldova, add United Kingdom
  * Add ``{% get_country %}`` template tag.
  * New ``CountryField`` Django Rest Framework serializer field.

3.3 not secure

  * Add the attributes to ``Countries`` class that can override the default
  * CountriesField can now be passed a custom countries subclass to use, which
  combined with the previous change allows for different country choices for
  different fields.
  * Allow ``COUNTRIES_ONLY`` to also accept just country codes in its list
  (rather than only two-tuples), looking up the translatable country name from
  the full country list.
  * Fix Montenegro flag size (was 12px high rather than the standard 11px).
  * Fix outdated ISO country name formatting for Bolivia, Gambia, Holy See,
  Iran, Micronesia, and Venezuela.

3.2 not secure

  * Fixes initial iteration failing for a fresh ``Countries`` object.
  * Fix widget's flag URLs (and use ensure widget is HTML encoded safely).
  * Add ``countries.by_name(country, language='en')`` method, allowing lookup of
  a country code by its full country name. Thanks Josh Schneier.

3.1.1 not secure

  * Packaging fix (``CHANGES.rst`` wasn't in the manifest)

3.1 not secure

  * Start change log :)
  * Add a ``COUNTRIES_FIRST`` setting (and some other related ones) to allow for
  specific countries to be shown before the entire alphanumeric list.
  * Add a ``blank_label`` argument to ``CountryField`` to allow customization of
  the label shown in the initial blank choice shown in the select widget.

3.0.2 not secure

  * Fix ``CountrySelectWidget`` failing when used with a model form that is
  passed a model instance.

3.0.1 not secure

  * Revert descriptor to always return a Country object.
  * Fix the ``CountryField`` widget choices appearing empty due to a translation
  change in v3.0.

3.0 not secure

  Django supported versions are now 1.4 (LTS) and 1.6+
  * Add ``COUNTRIES_ONLY`` setting to restrict to a specific list of countries.
  * Optimize country name translations to avoid exessive translation calls that
  were causing a notable performance impact.
  * PyUCA integration, allowing for more accurate sorting across all locales.
  Also, a better sorting method when PyUCA isn't installed.
  * Better tests (now at 100% test coverage).
  * Add a ``COUNTRIES_FLAG_URL`` setting to allow custom flag urls.
  * Support both IOC and numeric country codes, allowing more flexible lookup of
  countries and specific code types.
  * Field descriptor now returns ``None`` if no country matches (*reverted in

2.1.2 not secure

  * Fix Python 3 compatibility.

2.1.1 not secure

  * Fix issue with translations getting evaluated early.

2.1 not secure

  * Add IOC (3 letter) country codes.
  * Fix bug when loading fixtures.

2.0 not secure

  This is the first entry to the change log. The previous was 1.5,
  released 19 Nov 2012.
  * Optimized flag images, adding flags missing from original source.
  * Better storage of settings and country list.
  * New country list format for fields.
  * Better tests.
  * Changed ``COUNTRIES_FLAG_STATIC`` setting to ``COUNTRIES_FLAG_URL``.


* Drop legacy code
  * Fix tests, 100% coverage
  * IOS / OSX unicode flags function
  * Fix widget choices on Django 1.9+
  * Add ``COUNTRIES_FIRST_SORT``. Thanks Edraak!