Changelogs » Django-auditlog

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This release adds support for Django 3.0, and drops support for Python 2 and unsupported Django versions (most notably Django 1.11).
  Overview of changes:


Added support for Django 2.0, along with a number of bug fixes.


Release notes to be added soon.


  - Fixes cricital bug in admin mixin making the library only usable on Django 1.11 (thanks, audiolion)


_As it turns out, haste is never good. Due to the focus on quickly releasing this version a nasty bug was not spotted, which makes this version only usable with Django 1.11 and above. Upgrading to 0.4.3 is not only encouraged but most likely necessary. Apologies for the inconvenience and lacking quality control._
  - Models can be registered with decorators now (thanks skorokithakis)
  - A lot, yes, [_really_ a lot](, of fixes for the admin integration, with thanks to Kurocon, chris-griffin, fernandoe, skorokithakis and fsniper.
  - Flush command fixed for Django 1.10 (thanks goodmase)


  - Improved Django Admin pages (thanks, robguttman)
  - Fixed multithreading issue where the wrong user was written to the log (thanks, Isszul and eugene-daragan-codex)


**Breaking changes**
  - Dropped support for Django 1.7
  - Updated dependencies - _please check whether your project works with these higher versions_
  **New features**
  - Management command for deleting all log entries
  - Added admin interface (thanks, crackjack)
  - Compatibility with Django 1.10
  - Updated dependencies
  - Solved migration error for MySQL users


  - `unregister` method (thanks, kbussell)
  - `LogEntry.objects.get_for_objects` works properly on PostgreSQL (thanks, justinlittman)
  - Added index in 0.3.2 no longer breaks for users with MySQL databases
  **Important notes**
  - The `object_pk` field is now limited to 255 chars


**New functionality**
  - Compatibility with Django 1.9 (thanks to grendel513 and others)
  - Tests passing with Django 1.9a1
  - Enhanced performance for non-integer primary key lookups (thanks to 7wonders)


  - Auditlog data is now correctly stored in the thread. Thanks to 7wonders for noticing!


**Breaking changes**
  Support for out-of-date Django versions is dropped as of this release. At minimum Django version 1.7 is required. This also means that South is no longer supported.
  **New functionality**
  - Workaround for many-to-many support
  - Additional data
  - Support for both Python 2.7 and 3.4 (tested)
  - Better diffs
  - Remote address is logged through middleware
  - Better documentation
  - Compatibility with django-polymorphic


**New functionality:**
  - South compatibility for `AuditlogHistoryField`


Although this release contains mostly bugfixes, the improvements were significant enough to justify a higher version number. Also, less changes to the API are expected.
  - Signal disconnection fixed
  - Model diffs use unicode strings instead of regular strings
  - Tests on middleware


**New functionality:**
  - Utility methods for using log entry data
  - Only save a new log entry if there are actual changes
  - Better way of loading the user model in the middleware


First beta release of Auditlog.