Changelogs » Dj-saml-idp

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  * Allow a `redirect_to` parameter to be passed to the logout view to redirect
  the user to after succesful logout instead of showing the logout page.
  * Introduce logging through `structlog` and provide more informative logging
  out put to make SAML flows easier to debug. Log messages are all logged under
  the `saml2idp` logger now.
  * Adding a new-style processor that carries a `name` attribute which allows
  custom templates for each processor during the SSO process. Custom templates
  are optional and will default to the same templates as before. The change is
  backwards compatible and handles old-style processors as previously.


  * Switched from `django.utils.importlib` to Python's standard `importlib` to
  work with Django 1.9.
  * Update the test setup to run tests against Django 1.9 in addition to all
  other versions of Django.