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* Bump django version number


* More indexing


* Index Persons table
  * Fix thumbnail uploading bug


* Improved indexing for articlecs


Remove buggy model constraints etc.
  Sufficiently dramatic change to models cannot guarantee backwards compatibility


* Update Django version for security reasons

1.3.15 not secure

Bump djangorestframework

1.3.14 not secure

* Removed outdated coverage report from travis pipeline
  * Bumped Django version

1.3.13 not secure

Allow compatibility between Dispatch and Django's default admin

1.3.12 not secure

Removed "magazine" logic from Dispatch (at Peter Siemens' request)


- added try catch block for convertFromHTML

1.3.10 not secure

* Patch get_absolute_url for Subsections

1.3.9 not secure

* Remove high-coupling logic from custom Publishable Manager class

1.3.8 not secure

Minor bump from last release

1.3.7 not secure

* Remove dangerous method

1.3.6 not secure

* Altered Article get_absolute_url in case of special 'guide' articles

1.3.5 not secure

- Fixed bug with videos page

1.3.4 not secure

- fixed smart quote functionality to accomodate different styling

1.3.3 not secure

* Patch out unnecessary version number variables for static files

1.3.2 not secure

-Patch extracting of Youtube IDs out of URLs to use regular expressions
  -Fix error when typing single or double quote when the paragraph is empty

1.3.1 not secure

- fix smart quote issue

1.3.0 not secure

- Added smart quote functionality for dispatch-editor.

1.2.1 not secure

-Patch version numbers back into alignment

1.2.0 not secure

- Revamped interactive map

1.1.0 not secure

- Drop cap function added
  Set to use Python3 interpreter

1.0.2 not secure

Update Django & Django REST Framework
  Change how Travis deploys so it needs fewer tools

1.0.1 not secure

patch version variables, add minor helpful comments
  Dramatic changes to how dispatch interacts with other apps. Previously a lot of information would be communicated by importing
  Now, Dispatch has been turned into a Django app for greater portability. Information such as the directory of the frontend templates and such are to be communicated to another app like it woulde for any other such app: by using an AppConfig class, here called DispatchConfig

0.8.1 not secure

Fix internal version variables