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* Improved login logic: instance and endpoint defaults accepted.
  * See the [login method documentation](


* Improved login error messages when there are missing credentials
  * Updated docs about login
  * Added DSL grammar for DSL V2.0


* Support for multiple API endpoints (V1 / V2)
  * Support for parallel querying of distinct Dimensions servers
  * CLI: `.record_notebook` utility removed. Use instead `.export_as_jupyter`


* DSL grammar updated for version 1.31 (2021-05 release)


* DSL grammar updated for version 1.30 (2021-03 release)


* CLI - new `export_gist` command to export query as a Github Gist
  * Fix for `extract_affiliations` UTF-8 bug


* Improve warning messages for deprecated modules
  * Add cumulative warnings to `Dsl.query_iterative`
  * Fix for dimcli CLI not showing records previews correctly


* Dimcli module level documentation vastly updated
  * See
  * new `utils` module: misc utilities all grouped under `dimcli.utils`
  * `dimcli.shortcuts` is deprecated in favor of `dimcli.utils`
  * the pyvis wrapper is now located at `dimcli.utils.networkviz`
  * new magic commands:
  * `%%dslgsheets`
  * `%%dslloopgsheets`
  * `%%extract_concepts`
  * `%%identify_experts`
  * new DSL functions Python wrappers:
  * `extract_affiliations`
  * `identify_experts`
  * `build_reviewers_matrix`
  * CLI - command line tool options improved
  * options `-w` for webapp search, `-i` for webapp object ID resolver


* Gsheets export shortcuts
  * Export DSL results to gsheets: `DslDataset.to_gsheets()`
  * CLI command: `.export_as_gsheets`
  * `utils.export_as_gsheets` accepts both API JSON and (any) pd.DataFrame
  * DSL grammar updated for version 1.28 (2020-09 release)
  * Bug fix: json_normalize errors when creating
  * Updated DSL grammar for dimcli CLI autocomplete
  * fix bug caused by new `_copyright` in JSON response
  * `to_json_file` replaces `DslDataset.save_json`


* DSL grammar updated for version 1.27 (2020-08 release)
  * Refactoring of grammar objects
  * Added methods to save/load JSON data from DslDataset object
  * `DslDataset.load_json_file` (class method) and `DslDataset.save_json` (object method)
  * `Dsl.query_iterative` takes an extra argument `maxlimit` forcing to stop the iteration when N results have been extracted


* Improve support for iterative queries using DSL `unnest` operator
  * Time elapsed info


* DSL grammar updated for version 1.26 (2020-07 release)


* refactored functions wrappers location `dimcli.core.functions.*` but can be imported using `dimcli.shortcurts`


* `DslDataset.as_dataframe_concepts()` method: refactoring so to handle latest concept scores
  * `shortcuts.extract_concepts` method: wrapper for DSL function
  * `shortcuts.extract_classification` method: wrapper for DSL function
  * `shortcuts.extract_grants` method: wrapper for DSL function


* improved login feedback message
  * automated check for latest Dimcli version at login
  * `dimcli.DslDataset`  is the new name of dimcli.Dataset, to avoid conflicts with Dataset documents in Dimensions
  * DSL grammar updated for version 1.25 (2020-05-28 release)
  * CLI: new command `export_as_jupyter`


* DSL grammar updated for version 1.24 (2020-05-11 release)
  * fix bug caused by new `_version` and `_notes` key in JSON response
  * support for key-based authentication methods


* `df_grant_investigators_affiliations` new dataframe shortcut for grants results
  * `dsl_escape` accepts boolean arg for escaping any special character (by default it escapes only `"`)
  * `dsl.query_iterative` new argument: `force`: if any error if encountered during the extraction of a batch, it forces the iteration to continue
  * CLI: pretty printing for `.json_compact` command


* CLI: new categories autocomplete, for Units of Assesment and Sustainable Development Goals
  * CLI: barchart export `export_as_bar_chart`
  * CLI: html export includes API endpoint information, for better traceability
  * `Dataset.as_dataframe_concepts()` method: improved metrics and performance


* remove legacy `Dsl.login()` method (should use `dimcli.login` instead)
  * fixed BUG in repl that prevented autocompletion of non-filter fields
  * remove Warning by updating `pandas.json_normalize` import
  * project docs via sphinx
  * CLI command `record_notebook` turns latest queries into jupyter notebook


* grammar for new source `Datasets`
  * improved `dsl_escape` method desc, when a query with quotes needs to be escaped


* Refactor command line options. Try it with `dimcli -h`
  * New command for resolving Dimensions IDs into URLs `dimcli -id [value]`
  * Grammar for DSL V 1.22
  * Refactor login: invalid credentials raise an error (previously just a message)
  * Refactor query_iterative: error while looping provides better infos


* `dimcli.Dataset`  is the new name of dimcli.Result  and is available at module level
  * methods to build `Dataset` from raw data (instead of from a query) so to reuse as_dataframe() methods etc:  `Dataset.from_publications_list(data)`
  * data can be from list of dictionaries
  * or data can be a dataframe (eg obtained from previous query operations)
  * experimental feature `Dataset.as_dimensions_url()`
  * `dimcli.login()` method now accepts an optional argument `verbose=True/False` to enable/suppress feedback
  * `Dsl.query_iterative` takes an extra argument `pause` determining iteration break length (default = 1.5 seconds)
  * added more utility functions to `dimcli.shortcuts` module
  * new method `Dataset.as_dataframe_concepts()` for publications and grants. Returns a full list of all concepts, including position, score (in the context of a publication/grant) and frequency (across records).
  * fixed error with `as_dataframe_investigators`
  * fixed error with `limit` keyword wrongly found in iterative_query
  * fixed error with verbose flag lost after queries with 403s or automatic retries
  * improved autocomplete after magic command %dsl


* fix for double-printed error messages in CLI
  * removed deprecated magic commands
  * improved printouts on magic methods
  * ensuring magic methods with dataframe work only with `search` queries


* Query Warnings and Error messages printed out by default in Jupyter environments
  * Added `verbose` option to suppress all messages (default = True)
  * `dsl = dimcli.Dls(verbose=False)`: global
  * `dsl.query(q, verbose=False)`: local for a specific query
  * Improved `query_iterative` to handle max 50k results and timeouts (from too many queries)
  * Refactored CLI module and imports


* `dsl_escape` util
  * `api.Result.errors` helper method
  * improved integration with Google Colab
  * `%load_ext google.colab.data_table` ran by default
  * CLI: improved autocomplete with `[fieldname1+fieldname2]` syntax
  * cleanup of `Dsl` object


* dimcli CLI
  * simplified html output of `export_as_html` command
  * '.show_json_compact' and '.show_json_full' commands renamed to `.json_compact` and `.json_full`
  * removed `json2html` dependency
  * couple of utility methods for data analysis
  * dimcli.core.utils.dimensions_url for generating valid Dimensions webapp URLs from object IDs
  * dimcli.core.utils.google_url for generating a google search URL from a string
  * command line utils to check if a newer version of the library is available
  * `dimcli -v` or `dimcli --versioncheck`
  * run by default when CLI starts as well
  * query results exports now go to `~/dimcli-exports` folder (instead of `.dimensions`)


* downgraded dependencies versions, to allow Dimcli to work better with [Google Colab](
  * `ipython >=5.5.0`, `prompt-toolkit>=1.0.16`  (instead of `ipython>=7.2.0`, `prompt-toolkit>=2.0.9`)
  * users of the CLI can upgrade on demand
  * CLI has now autocomplete on category fields: `category_rcdc`, `category_hrcs_rac`, `category_hrcs_hc`, `category_hra`, `category_bra`, `category_for`

* fixed bug with dimcli shell
  * fixed issue with UTF-8 encoding of queries


* refactored login approach: `dimcli.login(username, password)` is now the main method that should be used
  * various improvements to ensure dimcli login works seamlessly in jupyter notebooks
  * refactored magic command names `%dsl`, `%dslloop`, `%dsldocs` and also `%dsldf`, `%dslloopdf`,
  * basic DSL language autocomplete enabled on magic commands (both query and docs)


* documentation of DSL updated to v1.19
  * prototype autocomplete within jupyter magic commands
  * methods total_count and errors_string to API result object


* dataframe helper methods for grants: `as_dataframe_funders` and `as_dataframe_investigators`
  * magic methods `%%dsl_query_as_df` returning a dataframe