Changelogs » Datasette-upload-csvs

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- Now protected by the `upload-csvs` permission. Run `datasette --root` to sign in as the `root` actor which is automatically granted that permission. 10
  - `/-/upload-csv` renamed to `/-/upload-csvs` (with a redirect). 13
  -  Now compatible with Datasette 0.44+ thanks to upgraded CSRF protection. 11


* Support for dragging and dropping a CSV onto the upload page 3
  * Upload progress bar 4
  * Server-side processing of CSV now happens in a background thread 6
  * Progress bar showing server-side processing of CSV 7


Now depends on Datasette 0.37 for the new `.execute_write_fn()` method. First version I've considered "production ready". See [Weeknotes: Datasette Writes](


Now uses templates for the UI, which looks much nicer.


Initial alpha release.