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* AuthN Mapping spec cleanup to match implementation by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Fix compress call by therve in
* Add cls to the list of keywords by therve in
* Fix additionalProperties on SyntheticsAPITestResultData by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Fix synthetics vitals type by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add connection to synthetics assertion type enum by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add grpc subtype to synthetics tests by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add support for `zstd1` Content-Encoding by jirikuncar in
* Add include descendants to monthly and hourly usage attribution APIs by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add v2 endpoints for Opsgenie Integration by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add distribution points intake endpoint by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add height and width params to graph snapshot by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add support for defining histogram requests in Distribution widgets by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add DowngradeOrg endpoint by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add new options for new value detection type on security monitoring rules by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add ci execution rule in Synthetics options by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add SLO Search API endpoint by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Remove unstable marker from SLO corrections API by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Remove unstable/beta note since Metrics Without Limits is GA by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Refactor API client by therve in
* Remove unstable marker on security list signal endpoint by api-clients-generation-pipeline in

New Contributors
* jybp made their first contribution in

**Full Changelog**:


* Remove duplicated lazy imports by therve in
* Remove unused pararameter from authn mapping by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Expose v2 usage endpoint for application security monitoring by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add `rehydration_max_scan_size_in_gb` field to Logs Archives by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add `mute_first_recovery_notification` option to downtime by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add lambda traced invocations usage endpoint by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Expose new usage field for react sessions by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add missing option and enum value for SecurityMonitoringRule by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Adds docs for metric estimate endpoint by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Allow additional log attributes by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add v2 endpoint for submitting series by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add `ci-tests` monitor type by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add RUM settings schema to synthetics tests by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add v1 signal triage endpoints by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Deprecate old usage apis by api-clients-generation-pipeline in

**Full Changelog**:


* Fix type for `date` field in `LogsByRetentionMonthlyUsage` by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Fix org name maximum by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Fix pagination for top avg metrics endpoint by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Rename models and operations with mixed cases by therve in
* Fix generation of oneOf types by jirikuncar in
* Allow bool coercion/conversion by therve in
* Fix type of nullable additionalProperties by jirikuncar in
* Make type optional for synthetics basic auth model by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Fix camel case version of `ListSLOs` by jirikuncar in
* Serialize body in async client by therve in
* Set correct type for `tags` property by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add impossible travel detection method by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add CI App usage endpoint and usage summary columns by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* [RUM] Add search endpoints by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add support for getting online archive usage by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add endpoint for retrieving audit logs by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add support for Error Tracking monitors by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add support for `ci-pipelines` monitor using Formulas and Functions by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add aggregate endpoint for RUM by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add `median` aggregation functions to RUM and logs by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add endpoint for validation of existing monitors by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Create new ListStreamSource types in order to deprecate ISSUE_STREAM by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* [Query Value Widget] Add the timeseries background by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add `restricted_roles` to Synthetics tests and private locations by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add v2 SAML config IdP Metadata upload endpoint by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Support pagination in Python by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add Usage API endpoint for observability-pipelines and add properties to v1 GetUsageSummary by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add Historical Chargeback Summary endpoint by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Move shared modules outside of versions by therve in
* Bump minimum python by therve in
* Migrate to a global configuration by therve in
* Remove `lambda_usage` and `lambda_percentage` from usage API by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* [dashboards] Removed `issue_stream` type from `ListStreamSource` by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* [monitors] Deprecate `locked` property and clarify documentation for `restricted_roles` by api-clients-generation-pipeline in

New Contributors
* juan-fernandez made their first contribution in

**Full Changelog**:


* Add missing type to enum by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add nullable user relationships to incidents and use this relationship schema for `commander_user` by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Fix event intake response by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Use custom generator by therve in
* [Synthetics] Add missing option for SSL tests by api-clients-generation-pipeline in

**Full Changelog**:


* Add missing type to `CloudWorkloadSecurityAgentRuleAttributes` by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add organization metadata to additional Usage API responses by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add support for formula and function in monitors by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add endpoint for managing SAML AuthN mappings by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* [Synthetics] Add `isCritical` to browser test steps by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add metrics bulk-config endpoint by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add support for "estimated usage attribution" by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add org metadata for all hourly usage endpoints by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add CSPM usage fields and change properties to nullable doubles by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Add synthetics test result failure field by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Fix funnel steps definition by api-clients-generation-pipeline in
* Store unknown model properties in `_data_store` map by therve in
* Extract incident meta object by api-clients-generation-pipeline in

**Full Changelog**:


* [Added] Add `filter[deleted]` parameter for searching recently deleted dashboards. See [787](
* [Added] Add support for authentication and proxy options in Synthetics. See [742](
* [Added] Support formulas and functions in Treemap Widget. See [782](
* [Added] Add Cloud Workload Security Agent Rules API. See [769](
* [Added] Add `offset` and `limit` parameters to usage listing endpoint. See [774](
* [Added] Add monthly usage attribution API spec. See [754](
* [Added] Add missing hosts metadata fields. See [747](
* [Added] Add `replay_session_count ` and update documentation for `rum_session_count`. See [773](
* [Added] Add retry options for a step in Synthetics multistep test. See [758](
* [Added] Document `author_name` in dashboard response. See [755](
* [Added] Add organization metadata for RUM sessions usage and expose `rum_browser_and_mobile_session_count`. See [748](
* [Added] Add endpoint to retrieve hourly usage attribution. See [724](
* [Added] Add support for scoped application keys. See [705](
* [Added] Add endpoint for cloning roles. See [732](
* [Added] Add organization metadata for audit logs, CWS, CSPM, DBM. See [740](
* [Added] Add `ci-pipelines alert` to monitors enum. See [731](
* [Added] Add support for sunburst widget in dashboard. See [736](
* [Added] Add async client to Python. See [737](
* [Fixed] Clarify required fields for `SyntheticsAPIStep`, `SyntheticsAPITest`, and `SyntheticsBrowserTest`. See [667](
* [Fixed] Fixes to Cloud Workload Security API. See [785](
* [Fixed] Make downtime weekdays nullable. See [761](
* [Fixed] Do type conversion all the time in Python. See [757](
* [Fixed] Fix a typo in an incident field attribute description. See [713](
* [Fixed] Fix `SecurityMonitoringSignal.attributes.tags` type. See [716](
* [Changed] Remove read only fields in `EventCreateRequest`. See [783](
* [Changed] Change pagination arguments for querying usage attribution. See [753](
* [Deprecated] Remove session counts from RUM units response. See [728](
* [Removed] Remove deprecated AgentRule field in Security Rules API for CWS. See [746](


* [Added] [dashboards formulas and functions] Add formulas and functions support to change widget. See [567](
* [Added] Add RUM Units to usage metering API. See [657](
* [Added] Add trigger synthetics tests endpoint. See [642](
* [Added] [Synthetics] Add support for UDP API tests. See [662](
* [Added] Add support for `websocket` synthetics tests. See [674](
* [Added] Add support for profiled Fargate tasks in Usage API. See [670](
* [Added] Add 429 error responses. See [675](
* [Added] Document query in `MonitorSearchResult`. See [690](
* [Added] Expose `public_id` and `org_name` in Usage API response. See [692](
* [Added] Add endpoint to get corrections applied to an SLO. See [689](
* [Added] Expose estimated logs usage in Usage Attribution API. See [700](
* [Added] Add Limit Note for Hourly Requests. See [699](
* [Fixed] Fix type for `ratio_in_month` in usage metering. See [652](
* [Fixed] Change `UsageNetworkFlowsHour.indexed_event_count` to match actual API. See [661](
* [Fixed] SLO Correction attributes `rrule` and `duration` can be nullable. See [665](
* [Fixed] Mark `batch_id` in Synthetics Trigger CI response as nullable. See [677](
* [Fixed] Remove event title length constraint. See [682](
* [Fixed] Fix monitor `timeout_h` example and limits. See [687](
* [Fixed] Be more resilient to plain text errors. See [696](
* [Fixed] Make python fail properly on invalid header. See [711](
* [Fixed] Remove python unused conversion arguments calls. See [714](
* [Changed] [Synthetics] Fix required target in assertions and type in step results. See [666](
* [Changed] Reorganize python params_map. See [710](


* [Added] Add support for Azure `automute` option. See [647](
* [Added] Add v2 intake endpoint. See [640](
* [Added] Add support for RRULE fields in SLO corrections. See [600](
* [Added] Add aggregations attribute to v2 metric tag configuration. See [577](
* [Added] Add `apm_stats_query` property to `DistributionWidgetRequest`. See [628](
* [Fixed] Use plural form for dbm hosts usage properties. See [611](
* [Fixed] Make monitor properties `priority` and `restricted_roles` nullable. See [627](
* [Changed] Update Synthetics CI test metadata. See [610](
* [Deprecated] Update property descriptions for Dashboard RBAC release. See [639](


* [Added] Add `type` and `is_template` properties to notebooks. See [615](
* [Added] Add `renotify_occurrences` and `renotify_statuses` monitor options. See [613](
* [Added] Add `servername` property to SSL Synthetics tests request. See [603](
* [Added] Document encoding in metrics intake. See [604](
* [Added] Add support for formulas and functions in the Scatterplot Widget for dashboards. See [587](
* [Added] Add support for gzip and deflate encoding. See [593](
* [Added] Add information about creator to Synthetics tests details. See [596](
* [Added] Add support for funnel widget in dashboards. See [590](
* [Added] Add formula and function APM resource stats query definition for dashboards. See [582](
* [Added] ApmDependencyStatsQuery for formulas and functions dashboard widgets. See [581](
* [Fixed] Fix handling of primitive types in oneOfs. See [621](
* [Fixed] Remove event title length constraint. See [598](
* [Fixed] Allow nullable date in notebook cells. See [607](
* [Fixed] `IncidentFieldAttributesMultipleValue` can be nullable. See [602](
* [Fixed] Fix incidents schemas. See [601](
* [Fixed] Make sure that OpenAPI definition are valid with real server responses. See [595](
* [Fixed] Fix typo in usage attribution field names for profiled containers. See [597](
* [Fixed] Make the name property required for APM Dependency Stat Query widget. See [586](
* [Fixed] Mark SLO Correction Type as required. See [568](
* [Changed] Enable compression in responses. See [612](
* [Changed] Use AVG aggregation function for DBM queries. See [592](

1.4.O / 2021-09-14

* [Added] Add restricted roles for Synthetics global variables. See [550](
* [Added] Add events data source to Dashboard widgets. See [545](
* [Added] Add support for security monitoring rule `type` property. See [544](
* [Added] Add `batch_id` to the synthetics trigger endpoint response. See [556](
* [Added] Add `audit alert` monitor type. See [559](
* [Added] Add DBM usage endpoint. See [546](
* [Added] Add config variables to Synthetics browser test config. See [563](
* [Added] Add `available_values` property to template variables schema. See [564](
* [Added] Add `follow_redirects` options to test request in Synthetics. See [571](
* [Fixed] Minor fixes of the incident schema. See [552](
* [Fixed] Make SLO history metadata unit nullable. See [555](
* [Fixed] Fix python unparsed serialization. See [569](
* [Fixed] Fix SLO history error response type for overall errors. See [570](
* [Changed] Fix SLO history schema for groups and monitors fields. See [575](
* [Changed] Remove metadata from required list for metric SLO history endpoint. See [579](


* [Added] Add Webhooks integration support. See [549](
* [Added] Add missing synthetics variable parser type `x_path`. See [548](
* [Added] Add `audit_stream` to `ListStreamSource`. See [536](
* [Added] Add percentile to dashboard `WidgetAggregator` schema. See [532](
* [Added] Add `id_str` property to Event response. See [538](
* [Added] Add edge to Synthetics devices. See [542](
* [Added] Add endpoints to manage Service Accounts v2. See [523](
* [Added] Add `new_group_delay` and deprecate `new_host_delay` monitor properties. See [535](
* [Added] Add `include_descendants` param to usage attribution API. See [540](
* [Added] Update to latest openapi generator image. See [528](
* [Added] Add support for list widget in dashboards. See [504](
* [Added] Extend table widget requests to support formulas and functions. See [526](
* [Added] Add CSPM to usage attribution. See [518](
* [Added] Add support for dashboard bulk delete, restore endpoints. See [501](
* [Added] Add support for audit logs data source in dashboards. See [521](
* [Added] Add `allow_insecure` option for multistep steps in Synthetics. See [515](
* [Fixed] Improve resiliency of the Python SDK. See [531](
* [Fixed] Fix serialization of query metrics response containing nullable points. See [516](
* [Fixed] Fix `status` property name for browser error status in Synthetics. See [517](
* [Changed] Add separate schema for deleting AWS account. See [513](
* [Removed] Remove deprecated endpoints `/api/v1/usage/traces` and `/api/v1/usage/tracing-without-limits`. See [519](


* [Added] Add support for `GET /api/v2/application_keys/{app_key_id}`. See [502](
* [Added] Add `meta` property with pagination info to SLOCorrectionList endpoint response. See [499](
* [Added] Add support for treemap widget. See [494](
* [Added] Add missing properties `query_index` and `tag_set` to `MetricsQueryMetadata`. See [468](
* [Added] Add missing fields `hasExtendedTitle`, `type`, `version` and `updateAuthorId` for Security Monitoring Rule endpoints. See [483](
* [Added] Dashboard RBAC role support. See [478](
* [Added] Add missing fields in usage billable summary keys. See [477](
* [Fixed] Remove US only constraint for AWS tag filtering. See [490](
* [Fixed] Add BDD tests to synthetics. See [489](
* [Fixed] Fix Python type checking. See [487](
* [Fixed] Handle null in query metrics unit. See [486](
* [Changed] Specify format of `report_id` parameter. See [510](
* [Changed] Remove Synthetics tick interval enum. See [488](


* [Added] Add CWS to usage metering endpoint. See [458](
* [Added] Add endpoint to list Synthetics global variables. See [459](
* [Added] Add monitors search endpoint. See [455](
* [Added] Add `tag_config_source` to usage attribution response. See [449](
* [Added] Add endpoints to configure Security Filters. See [440](
* [Added] Add `active_child` nested downtime object to `Downtime` component for downtime APIs. See [434](
* [Added] Add audit logs to usage endpoints. See [466](
* [Added] Add `override_label` and `is_hidden` attribute for `WidgetCustomLink`. See [438](
* [Added] Add monitor `name` and `priority` attributes to synthetics test options. See [473](
* [Fixed] Fix type of day/month response attribute in custom metrics usage. See [471](
* [Fixed] Fix handling of log aggregation `oneOf`. See [463](
* [Fixed] Make `assertions` field optional for multistep synthetics tests, and add `global` config variable type. See [457](
* [Fixed] Properly mark monitor required fields. See [448](
* [Fixed] Rename `incident_integration_metadata` to `incident_integrations` to match API. See [444](
* [Fixed] Properly mark several synthetics attributes as read only. See [437](
* [Fixed] Fix paging attributes of usage attribution endpoints. See [435](
* [Changed] Rename `compliance` to `CSPM` in usage endpoint. See [466](


* [Added] Notebooks Public API Documentation. See [432](
* [Added] Add `logs_by_retention` usage property and `GetUsageLogsByRetention` endpoint. See [425](
* [Added] Add anomaly detection method to `SecurityMonitoringRuleDetectionMethod` enum. See [424](
* [Added] Add `with_configured_alert_ids` parameter to get a SLO details endpoint. See [421](
* [Added] Add `setCookie`, `dnsServerPort`, `allowFailure ` and `isCritical` fields for Synthetics tests. See [418](
* [Added] Add `metadata` property with pagination info to `SLOList` endpoint response. See [414](
* [Added] Add new properties to group widget, note widget and image widget. See [412](
* [Added] Add support for a `rate` metric type in manage metric tags v2 endpoint. See [409](
* [Added] Add support for ICMP Synthetics tests. See [406](
* [Added] Add vSphere usage information. See [402](
* [Added] Mark metric volumes and ingested tags endpoints as stable. See [396](
* [Added] Add `filter[shared]` query parameter for searching dashboards. See [390](
* [Added] Add profiling product fields in usage metering endpoint. See [389](
* [Added] Add `title` and `background_color` properties to dashboard group widget. See [388](
* [Added] Add `marker`, `xaxis` and `yaxis` properties on distribution widgets. See [400](
* [Fixed] Remove default value of `is_column_break` layout property of dashboard. See [431](
* [Fixed] Remove nulltype. See [401](
* [Changed] Enumerate accepted values for fields parameter in usage attribution requests. See [428](
* [Changed] Add new enum value for tick interval and remove `request` as required field from synthetics test. See [426](
* [Deprecated] Deprecate `legend_size` and `show_legend` properties on distribution widgets. See [400](
* [Removed] Remove deprecated Synthetics methods `CreateTest` and `UpdateTest`. See [403](


* [Added] Add `reflow_type` property to dashboard object. See [372](
* [Added] Add security track and formulas and functions support for geomap dashboard widget. See [370](
* [Added] Generate intake endpoints. See [367](
* [Added] Add endpoint for listing all downtimes for the specified monitor. See [361](
* [Added] Add `modified_at` attribute to user response v2 schema. See [352](
* [Added] Add default environment loading in clients. See [347](
* [Added] Add `passed`, `noSavingResponseBody`, `noScreenshot`, and `disableCors` fields to Synthetics. See [346](
* [Added] Add compliance usage endpoint and compliance host statistics. See [342](
* [Added] Add tag filter options for `/api/v{1,2}/metrics`. See [340](
* [Added] Add usage fields for Heroku and OpenTelemetry. See [337](
* [Added] Add `global_time_target` field to SLO widget. See [335](
* [Added] Add method to export an API test in Synthetics. See [334](
* [Added] Add metadata to usage top average metrics response. See [333](
* [Added] Add median as valid aggregator for formulas and functions. See [328](
* [Fixed] Fix Python template for exclusiveMinimum/Maximum. See [377](
* [Fixed] Make python fail properly when invalid key is passed. See [350](
* [Fixed] Fix parsing of `oneOf` attributes. See [344](
* [Fixed] Browser Test message required. See [330](
* [Changed] Return correct object in `GetBrowserTest` endpoint. See [359](
* [Changed] Change python API model. See [351](
* [Changed] Add agent rules in security monitoring rules queries. See [336](


* [Added] Add `legend_layout` and `legend_columns` to timeseries widget definition. See [320](
* [Added] Add support for multistep tests in Synthetics. See [313](
* [Added] Add core web vitals to synthetics browser test results. See [308](
* [Added] Add v2 metric tags and metric volumes endpoints. See [307](
* [Added] Add new endpoints for browser and API tests in Synthetics. See [301](
* [Added] Add `groupby_simple_monitor` option to monitors. See [300](
* [Added] Allow formula and functions in query value requests. See [299](
* [Added] Allow formula and functions in toplist requests. See [298](
* [Added] Add slack resource. See [292](
* [Added] Add `detectionMethod` and `newValueOptions` fields to security monitoring rules. See [290](
* [Added] Expose "event-v2 alert" monitor type. See [289](
* [Added] Add new US3 region. See [288](
* [Added] Add `org_name` field to usage attribution response. See [287](
* [Changed] Make query name required in formulas and functions queries. See [311](
* [Changed] Rename objects for formulas and functions to be more generic. See [294](
* [Changed] Update response schema for service level objective operation `GetSLOHistory`. See [319](


* [Added] Add profile_metrics_query properties to dashboard widget requests. See [282](
* [Added] Add geomap widget to dashboards v1. See [278](
* [Added] Add v2 API for metric tag configuration. See [277](
* [Added] Add Lambda invocations usage to response. See [276](
* [Added] Remove unstable flag for logs apis. See [268](
* [Added] Add restricted roles to monitor update. See [255](
* [Added] Add endpoint for IoT billing usage. See [251](
* [Added] Add query parameters for SLO search endpoint. See [249](
* [Added] Add fields for formula and function query definition and widget formulas. See [245](
* [Added] Add global_time to time_window slo widget. See [243](
* [Added] Update required fields in create and update SLO correction requests. See [235](
* [Added] Add docs for log index creation. See [232](
* [Added] Add SLO Corrections. See [226](
* [Fixed] Add missing tlsVersion and minTlsVersion to Synthetics assertion types. See [284](
* [Fixed] Rule: all nested objects in arrays must be defined on top-level. See [279](
* [Fixed] Add support for DD_SITE in examples. See [271](
* [Fixed] Change dashboards analyzed_spans to spans. See [270](
* [Fixed] Fix AWS tag filter delete request. See [266](
* [Fixed] Remove an unnecessary field from TimeSeriesFormulaAndFunctionEventQuery. See [265](
* [Fixed] Fix unit format in SLO history response. See [260](
* [Fixed] Change dashboards group_by from object to list of objects. See [259](
* [Fixed] Fix monitor location of restricted roles. See [254](
* [Fixed] Format the python client using black. See [252](
* [Fixed] Fix paging parameter names for logs aggregate queries. See [248](
* [Fixed] Update to latest apigentools image. See [230](
* [Fixed] Add additionalProperties: false to synthetics target field. See [228](
* [Changed] Fix integer/number formats in Logs and Synthetics endpoints. See [229](


* [Added] Add new live and rehydrated logs breakdowns to Usage API. See [223](
* [Added] Add support for Synthetics variables from test. See [214](
* [Added] Add filters to rule endpoints in security monitoring API. See [209](
* [Added] Add Azure app services fields to usage v1 endpoints. See [208](
* [Added] Add mobile RUM OS types usage fields. See [207](
* [Added] Add config variables for synthetics API tests. See [206](
* [Added] Add endpoints for the public API of Logs2Metrics. See [203](
* [Added] Add endpoints for API Keys v2. See [200](
* [Added] Add javascript value to synthetics browser variable types. See [197](
* [Added] Add synthetics assertion operator. See [186](
* [Changed] Extract enum to specific schema in incidents endpoint. See [222](
* [Changed] Extract key sorting enum to a specific schema in key management endpoints. See [218](
* [Changed] Rename `list_sl_os` to `list_slos`. See [216](
* [Removed] Remove Synthetic resources property. See [201](


* [Added] Add Application keys v2 API. See [182](
* [Added] Mark Usage Attribution endpoint as public beta. See [170](
* [Added] Add AWS filtering endpoints. See [168](
* [Added] Add limit parameter for get usage top average metrics. See [166](
* [Added] Add endpoint to fetch process summaries. See [165](
* [Added] Add synthetics private location endpoints. See [164](
* [Added] Add user_update, recommendation and snapshot as event alert types. See [163](
* [Added] Add Usage Attribution endpoint. See [161](
* [Added] Add new API for incident management usage. See [159](
* [Changed] Mark request bodies as required or explicitly optional. See [176](
* [Changed] Mark query field as optional when searching logs. See [158](
* [Deprecated] Deprecate subscription and billing fields in create organization endpoint. See [167](
* [Removed] Remove org_id parameter from Usage Attribution endpoint. See [172](


* [Added] Add the incident schema. See [154](
* [Added] Add IP prefixes by location for synthetics endpoints. See [149](
* [Added] Add filter parameter for listing teams and services. See [148](
* [Added] Add restricted roles to monitor create and edit requests. See [146](
* [Added] Add 3 new palettes to the conditional formatting options. See [141](
* [Fixed] Quota & retention are now editable fields in log indexes. See [150](
* [Fixed] Add patch to support validating nullable values. See [144](
* [Changed] Change event_query property to use log query definition in dashboard widgets. See [155](
* [Changed] Rename tracing without limits and traces usage endpoints. See [145](


* [Added] Add missing synthetics step types. See [129](
* [Added] Add include_tags in logs archives. See [126](
* [Changed] Change teams and services objects names to be incident specific. See [134](
* [Removed] Remove `require_full_window` client default value for monitors. See [135](


* Initial beta release of this client