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- Dagit now defaults to --watch; run dagit --no-watch to disable (process-based) autoreloading.


- API Additions and Changes:
- ExecutionMetadata has been renamed to RunConfig
- throw_on_user_error no longer top level argument to execute_pipeline. Part of InProcessExecutorConfig
- We no longer include values of configs in config parsing error exception to prevent
accidental logging of sensitive information that might be in config files.
- Dagit improvements
- Show total execution time at the bottom of the execution pane
- Remove extra scrollbars in Windows and Mac with external mouse
- New dynamics for multiple runs in dagit; run history; better tabbing behavior.
- Dagstermill improvements
- Repo registration is now optional; "Hello, World" examples are now boilerplate free.


- New features
- Dagit can launch Jupyter to explore and execute Dagstermill output notebooks.

- API Additions and Changes
- Removed ``step``, ``environment_config``, ``event_callback``, ``has_event_callback``,
``persistence_strategy``, ``events``, and ``execution_metadata properties`` from user-facing
context objects.
- Removed ``solid_subset`` parameter to ``execute_pipeline``.
- ``check.inst`` and associated methods take type tuples.

- Bug fixes
- 849: Dagit watches fewer files and runs faster.
- 856: Execution steps are displayed in order in Dagit.
- 863, 865: Dagstermill errors are reported.
- 873: Dagit provides visual feedback as soon as pipelines are executed.
- 871: Pipeline validation errors appear in Dagit.
- 872: Dagit logs stream reliably.

- GraphQL schema changes
- ``StartSubplanExecutionInvalidStepsError`` and ``InvalidSubplanExecutionError`` replaced
with more exact ``StartSubplanExecutionInvalidStepError`` and


- New features
- Link to output notebook rendered in dagit when dagstermill solids are executed.
- Dagstermill solids now required reduced scaffolding.

- API Additions and changes
- The ``info`` object passed to transform and expectation functions has been renamed to ``context``.
All fields that were previously available on the ``info.context`` object are now hoisted to the
top level ``context`` object. Additionally an alias for ``config`` has been introduced: ``solid_config``.
So where you would have written ``info.config`` it is now ``context.solid_config`` Logging should be
done with the top-level property ``context.log``. The ``context`` and ``config`` properies on this
new context object are deprecated, will warn for now, and be eliminated when 0.4.0 is released.
- The ``info`` object passed context and resource creation functions is now named ``init_context`` by convention.
- PipelineExecutionResult's (returned from execute_pipeline)
``result_list`` property has been renaming to ``solid_result_list``
- execute_pipeline_iterator now returns an iterable of ExecutionStepEvent instead of SolidExecutionResult
- Breaking: All arguments named ``environment`` to ``execute_pipeline`` and its variants has
been renamed to ``environment_dict``.
- Breaking: Types of objects flows as argument one of context, resource, transform, and expectation functions have been
renamed. If you do instanceof checks on these objects, they will fail. Property-level compatibility has not changed
and should not require code changes.

- Bug fixes
- 792: execute_pipeline_iterator now properly streams results at step-event granularity.
- 820: Unbreak config scaffolding within dagit.

- GraphQL Schema Changes
- ``StepResult`` has been renamed to ``StepEvent``.
- ``stepResults`` property on ``startSubplanExecution`` has been renamed to ``stepEvents``.
- ``StepSuccessResult`` is now ``SuccessfulStepOutputEvent``
- ``StepFailureResult`` is now ``StepFailureEvent``
- Added ``UNMARSHAL_INPUT`` and ``MARSHAL_OUTPUT`` values to the ``StepKind`` enumeration. Marshalling steps are now
implemented as execution steps themselves.


- New Features
- Dagit: Execute tab now supports partial pipeline execution via a solid selector in the bottom left.
- Dagstermill has a dramatically improved parameter passing experience and scaffolding and is ready for broader consumption.
- Dagit: Dagit execute button is redesigned, indicates running state, and is unpressable when the dagit process is dead.
- Dagit: The config editor now offers autocompletion for enum values.

- Bug fixes
- 598: Correctly display input and output schemas for types in dagit
- 670: Internal system error "dagster.check.CheckError: Invariant failed. Description: Should not be in context" raised when user throwing error during transform. Now the appropriate user error should be raised.
- 672: Dagit sometimes hangs (TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for -: 'float' and 'NoneType' in console log)
- 575: Improve error messaging by masking anonymous type names

- API Additions and Changes
- New decorated-based resource API as a more concise alternative to ResourceDefinition
- Dagster config type system now supports enum types. (dagster.Enum and dagster.EnumType)
- New top level properties ``resources`` and ``log`` on info.
- The context stack in RuntimeExecutionContext is no longer modify-able by the user during a transform. It has been renamed to 'tags'.
- ReentrantInfo has been renamed to ExecutionMetadata

- GraphQL Schema Changes
- GraphQL queries and mutations taking a pipeline name now take both a pipeline name and an optional
solid subset and have slightly improved call signatures.
- The config and runtime type system split is now reflected in the GraphQL frontend. This was the infrastructure
piece that allowed the fix to 598. runtimeTypeOrError, configTypeOrError are now top level fields, and there
are configTypes and runtimeTypes fields on Pipeline. Top-level field type and types property on Pipeline has
been eliminated.
- StepTag has been renamed to StepKind
- Added startSubplanExecution to enable pipeline execution at step subset granularity
- Deprecated in favor of ExecutionStep.key
- Added isBuiltin to RuntimeType